TV Ratings: ‘NCIS’ Ties ‘Glee’; ‘No Ordinary Family’ & ‘V’ In Trouble [Updated]

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glee ncis ratings february 22 TV Ratings: NCIS Ties Glee; No Ordinary Family & V In Trouble [Updated]

[ UPDATE: Fox reached out to us and provided updated Nielsen ratings where it shows that NCIS & Glee actually tied each other in the 18-49 demo.]

CBS won Tuesday night’s ratings race as usual, but the long-running NCIS beat tied Glee in the all-important 18-49 demographic – something that hasn’t happened in quite some time. Additionally, science fiction shows No Ordinary Family and V are floundering on ABC.

The NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service and NCIS: Los Angeles lineup is a hard one to beat in overall numbers. The original show has averaged 20 million viewers a week for its eighth season, while its western cousin has averaged 16.5 in its second.

But the most impressive number from Tuesday isn’t the totals, it’s the 18-49 demographic. The Navy-themed cop show and Fox’s Glee pulled in 4.4 million viewers in the target market. Glee received 10.5 million views overall, but considering that the show has been garnering a higher ad-rate than NCIS (almost twice as much per 30 second post) because of their dedicated adolescent following , the executives at CBS will most certainly be happy to see these new numbers.

Fans of ABC’s science fiction block have reason to worry: No Ordinary Family and V showed depressing viewership for their latest episodes. No Ordinary Family scored 4.7 million overall viewers with just 1.4 in the key demo, its lowest-rated episode yet. The reboot of V, now in its second season, was flat at 5.1 million and 1.9 million viewers respectively. ABC finished in fifth place for the night, behind CBS, Fox, NBC… and the Spanish-language channel Univision.

Fox’s comedies showed solid gains. Raising Hope, recently renewed for a second season, gained 14% for a total viewership of 6.2 million. Newcomer Traffic Light (Fox’s midseason replacement for Running Wilde) showed a 20% increase to an even four million. The sitcoms scored 2.7 and 2.1 in the key demographic.

NBC finished in the money with a reality-focused lineup. A plus-sized two-hour episode of The Biggest Loser: Couples scored 7.5 million viewers while the 1-hour drama Parenthood gained 11% for 5.4 million.

no ordinary family series premiere TV Ratings: NCIS Ties Glee; No Ordinary Family & V In Trouble [Updated]

The news of No Ordinary Family and V‘s uninspiring viewership won’t sit well with sci-fi fans – though airing the series opposite the blockbuster NCIS franchise and periodic American Idol episodes was bound to result in this outcome eventually.

No Ordinary Family is in particular trouble, since it’s now drawing less than half the viewers it had for its pilot episode in September. V is holding steady, but a boost in its final episodes couldn’t hurt its chances for renewal. The season finale for No Ordinary Family should air on March 8th (though the schedule is not set), with V‘s finale following a week later on the 15th.


NCIS airs Tuesday nights at 8 PM on CBS.

Glee airs at 8 PM on Fox, and will return Tuesday, March 8th.

ABC’s Tuesday lineup stars with No Ordinary Family at 8 PM, followed by V at 9.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Glee may not be top in ratings but it’s got some crazy fans, and mention that the show may be cut back at all and all hell would break loose with the fans.

    And I don’t care if No Ordinary Family gets cut, I saw the first episode and it sucked

  2. YAH! NCIS!!

  3. How’d The Good Wife do?

    And how long has Screenrant been covering ratings? This is the first I’ve noticed.

    • It scored 11.5 million viewers with only 1.9 in the target demo. THR covered it in the source link.

      We keep an eye on the ratings, but we really only report stuff like this when interesting changes happen – like NCIS tying Glee, or when a show crashes and burns.

      • Thanks for the update.

  4. I enjoy NOF though I don’t expect everyone to.
    I can’t see the attraction of Glee though. It’s very fruity.

  5. You know, I’ve tried giving V a chance with being a typical sci-fi nerd, but it seems ABC is trying to get this show canceled, or just not really in touch with the sci-fi type demographic. For season 2 they pulled it off of Hulu, strange considering that ABC is usually one of the best networks for seeing shows online.

    Now I know that Hulu and other online sources doesn’t count towards the Nielsen rating, but seriously….the people MOST likely to watch this show are also MOST likely to also use their computers and online viewing options a lot. Yes, this might be hearsay, but you would think that a network work approve of a viral or internet-based fan following of a science fiction show…
    Just my 2 cents…

  6. Love that you guys are covering this I’d love to see more of these. It’s nice to not have to go digging for ratings results.

    I wish more people would give No Ordinary Family a chance. The show honestly gets better and better every week. First two episodes were just meh at best not great, but I was so desperate for a super hero show after losing heroes that I kept watching. With each new episode it got better and better and as of two episodes ago I’m hooked. The show has actually gotten pretty good. Sad to see that the ratings are on such a steep decline. It was not only nice to have a Hero show, but nice to have Chickless back on a regular airing show since The Shield ended.

    V has got to be one of the worst shows on TV currently despite having so many actors that I have loved in previous things. Only show mentioned above that I can say for sure is worse is Glee.

    • I absolutely agree with you on NOF, but I disagree on V. It started out like NOF, only OK, but I have really gotten into V. Also like you, I’m not getting the fascination with Glee. I also don’t get the love for reality shows.

      • V has improved so much since the first season it’s almost unbelievable. It’s now astonishingly paced generally, nuanced and twists every couple of minutes. ABC will be re-visiting NBC’s 1969 idiocy if they cancel this show at this particular point. before would have made sense and no one can read the future. A cancellation now would mean their programmers need suicide counseling.

        Advice for ABC/producers: renew and begin season 3 with an episode that allows people to easily pick up the storyline as though the show is just premiering (easy to do in science fiction) and – this will sound like a joke but I mean it – have a scene with implied nudity of Anna in the first episode of season 3. The problem is not that this show is too slow, it’s that it lacks superficial stupidity. Add a little Anna nudity to acquire the latter element and watch the show skyrocket.

        This show was slow as growing grass in season 1, but now, V is, IMO, easily the best of any genre-based show on TV right now. Considering ABC is in the ratings sewer overall, it wouldn’t hurt to give this show a slight, racier makeover and allow it to keep otherwise doing what it’s doing now: be the ugly duckling that turned into a beautiful swan. It would be extremely unwise for them to axe their one decent developing property.

        As for Glee, that show is simply predicated on the old adage that no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public. It’s really a parody of a send-up of itself, and not a funny one. basically, with the fat girl being chased by the smolderingly handsome lad and the rest, it’s a quasi-reality fantasy show for life’s sad but arrogant losers, which is how so many of the characters play on-screen. They should axe this 10-year-old appealing junk and keep V, because the writing is on the wall: v is improving vastly and Glee is already starting to feel like a stale, stupid novelty that never should have been considered long-term viable in the first place.

  7. Daniel i agree that NOF has turned a corner but I think itwas to little to late the last two episodes where pretty good. Howvere I disagree with you on V , that show has really picked up speed over the last 4 episodes and is really starting to find a stride, if it continues to move in this direction it will be ashame if it gets cancelled

  8. I think the problem with both No Ordinary Family and V is they are in the wrong time slots. They are being pitted against Juggernauts like NCIS and The Biggest Loser. I would actually give No Ordinary Family shot if it didn’t compete with NCIS.

    As for V……..I tried getting into this show. I loved the original, campy version, I like some of the Actors and even the characters. The show however just comes off feeling more like a generic terrorist show rather than us against a reptilian, alien race trying to covertly invade Earth under a flag or truce. I guess it’s just way too much human vs human and not enough alien and scifi tech for me.

    They have already played one trump card by the inclusion of Jane Badler so maybe they need to play all their cards and bring Marc Singer back.

    • That’s just it though, we don’t know what Diana’s agenda is. She comes off like she is for humans and all, but when you look at her, you’re wondering if she doesn’t have something else up her scaly sleeves. I would really hate for this show to get canceled before her true intent is revealed.

  9. Marc Singer is returning the season finale of V as the head of a high-ranking government agency that is investigating the visitors. Though it is difficult to follow V now that it is off of Hulu, it has become one of the few shows that I watch at home faithfully. As far as the anti-terrorist aspects of the show are concerned, it brings a fresh spin to an alien concept that has been generalized and degraded by countless attempts of replication. The cast is incredibly strong and the plotlines continue to become more intricate as the weeks pass. I’m lobbying for a continuation into a new season.

    • @Tyler Van Lul

      I’m lobbying for a continuation into a new season

      Just show me where to sign.

    • If what you say it true then indeed the other shoe has dropped and they are pulling out all the stops now to keep interest up. Not the best sign when only in season 2 but……

  10. NOF has grown on me as well. Heck, my wife even likes it. The last two episodes were very good. The chemistry between George and Jim is great! They crack me up even if the George is your typical comic relief token character.
    I’m up and down on V. I watch it and would be kinda pissed if it went poof, simply because there are no other Sci Fi shows on.
    I’m trying very hard to remember any Sci Fi shows that have lasted more than 3 seasons in the last 10 years on network TV

    • Thinking real hard………LOST (can be certainly categorized as SciFi), The new Dr. Who, Andromeda, Smallville, Earth: The Final Conflict, and…..that’s all I can think of in the last 10 years.

      Compared with the 90′s, the last 10 years haven’t been all that great. At least we have the SciFi channel.

      • @Mongoose,
        Hey! Doctor Who is on which channel? “Earth Final conflict lasted exactly 5 season.
        Smallville and Supernatural are the only ones who’ve lasted and Smallville needs to end.
        I don’t remember Andromeda kinda sucked in my opinion. Lexa Diog was the only thing I watched it for. LOL!