TV News & Notes: Dollhouse, Lie To Me & More

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the office TV News & Notes: Dollhouse, Lie To Me & More

We here at Screen Rant have so much TV news that we need to break it up into a few articles this week.

With that said, I thought in this extra chapter (or off-shoot of my weekly article), I’d bring some early news and information about Dollhouse, 24 and Lie To Me. I’ve also got some bits of news about the FX network shows Damages & Lawman.  I finally wrap it up with some King of the Hill info, The Office news and a question to you, our faithful readers.


This is an FYI to the faithful fans of Dollhouse:  The 13th episode, called “Epitaph One” is now available on the US and Canadian iTunes sites.

More Battlestar Galactica Cast on 24

Watch out Jack, a Cylon is coming your way!

Callum Keith Rennie, (The Cylon Leoben Conoy from Battlestar Galactica) has been cast as Vladimir Laitana, a Russian mobster who shows up around episode 6 or so in the upcoming new season of Fox’s 24.

Vladiir is expected to team up with another mobster named Bazhaev, played by Jurgen Prochnow.

Source:  TV Guide

Lie To Me

lie to me cast TV News & Notes: Dollhouse, Lie To Me & More

In the first season of Lie To Me, we watched the show develop its legs and tell us the tale of Cal Lightman, (played by the ingenius Tim Roth) the human lie detector, and his work group.  We came to understand the science behind the premise of the show.

This upcoming season, show runner Shawn Ryan (The Unit) has come on board and will be taking the show towards a more character driven story. Some of the things coming up in relation to the character developments, or what we’ll learn more about are:

  • Lightman’s past.
  • The [Gillian] Foster-[Cal] Lightman relationship.
  • Foster’s (Kelli Williams) divorce, and her continued pursuit of the adoption process.
  • Lightman’s ex-wife (Jennifer Beals), will be back for a few episodes.
  • Mekhi Phifer will return as a series regular.

Lie to Me is inspired by the scientific discoveries of psychologist Dr. Paul Ekman, who can read body language clues to determine the truth of the matter in criminal investigations as we follow Dr. Cal Lightman, the world’s leading deception expert, as he solves cases.

Source:  Chicago Tribune

FX Network Understands Nielsen Methodologies

If you remember, I loved the insidious nature of the legal drama Damages with Glenn Close.  It was even recognized as an Emmy nominee.  Yet the week-to-week ratings were low and FX president John Landgraf recognizes that people play catch up with their recording instrument of choice.  Unfortunately, Nielsen doesn’t even acknowledge shows that are watched outside of a 7-day window.  Other than that, he didn’t say much more, but I have to wonder if that was a precursor to kissing Damages goodbye?  I hope not, I do happen to really enjoy that show!

Aside from that, FX is looking to extend their episode order of Rescue Me to a 22 episodes while they push more into a comedy based line-up for other nights and time slots.  They seem prompted in this direction by the success they’ve had with of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which is starting its 5th season.

Personally, I think Sunny is a great fluke of comedic writing that’s pulled together and delivered by a great group of actors.  I’m not sure they’re going to get more out other comedies.  We’ll see what they have up their funny sleeves!

lawman on fx TV News & Notes: Dollhouse, Lie To Me & More

Despite their new comedy-based focus, they are looking to launch a new drama called Lawman starring Timothy Olyphant.  Lawman is based on the Elmore Leonard stories and follows a U.S. Marshal who returns home to Kentucky after spending time in Miami.

Source:  Variety

King of the Hill

FYI:  King of the Hill is coming to a close after a 13-season run and its final episode will be a 1-hour series finale that will air on Sunday, September 13th.

Source:  TV Guide

The Office

During a recent media get together, NBC let out some snippets of info about The Office.

Finally – Pam and Jim are going to head down the aisle after how long?  5 years!  In fact, it’s going to happen pretty quickly and take place in the 4th episode of the new season.

The sixth season of The Office begins September 17 at 9/8c on NBC.

Now you know!

Source:  E! Online

ABC’s Defying Gravity

I’ve completely overlooked the ABC sci-fi effort called Defying Gravity.  I mean completely overlooked it as in not even watched it yet.

The show is set in the near future where 8 astronauts from 5 different countries are on a 6-year mission that covers an 8 billion mile journey.

I actually have a question for you, our readers!  Has anyone taken a gander at this show?  What’s your opinion?  I’d love to hear if I should change my viewing habits to catch some episodes or not.  Now’s your chance to give us at Screen Rant a review on Defying Gravity.

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  1. I have been avoiding Defying Gravity like the plague.
    I just have a bad feeling about it .
    Maybe it has something to do with my hearing one of the stars of the show on the radio a few days before it premiered ,
    describing it as “Greys Astronomy” and “Melrose Space.”
    I could do without a show with those descriptions.
    Sorry to hear abot Damages .
    It was appointment TV for me.

  2. I’m going to miss King of the Hill, I thought that was a pretty darn good show I’ll tell ya what,,, :-)

    I have some inside sources related to 24 and all I can say is the show is re-inventing itself and has a great story going for it next season.

    My only concern is that there will be a strike on Iran (in real life) that could seriously screw up the vibe of the story. (No spoilers)

    So along with peace in the middle east, let’s hope that Israel holds off an attack on Iran til at least say, episode 10 next season. That would work out and help the show,,, thanks !!!
    After that do what ya gotta do,,, ;-)
    However I would rule out tactical nukes and use conventional bombs.
    Thanks again,,,

    (Sarcasm alert)

  3. 790,
    you let a spoiler slip!
    The robot from Lost In Space is going to be on 24 next season !
    sorry,I just couldnt resist!
    speaking of spoiller madness ,
    Somebody I know on another website was “very Concerned that the Writers of 24 were apparently replacing Cherry Jones with an arab President .
    apparently he didnt know Iran has a president too!
    Cherry of course will be back as our favorite Chief Executive with an Iranian counterpart..

  4. Robbie the Robot is involved with the new CTU, but that’s all I’m saying,,,

  5. Defying gravity is like a slow train wreck. Its a complete mockery of what Ron Moores virtuality tried to be. The writing is weak, the acting less entertaining than watching T.R. Knight pretending to have fake BAD sex with Katherine Heigle. My big issue with it is how technically inaccurate Defying Gravity is compared to Virtuality when it comes to procedure and saftey (NEVER EVER LET THE COMPUTER CONTROL THE AIRLOCKS). I might be a little biased tho, cause i just finished watching From the Earth to the Moon series in honor of the apollo 11 anniversary, which was an amazingly good series that was well thought out and not some excuse for a network to have a reason to depict space sex (altho a naked tom hanks wouldnt be bad either).

  6. Rescue Me is one of the greatest shows currently on TV I just love it. I also really like Always Sunny. I am going to miss The Shield so much it was a brilliant show and will be very missed. I can not for the life of me get in to damages it just bores me to tears trying to watch it. The only person I even remotely enjoy on the show is Ted Danson (sp?) which is odd. Don’t get me started on that new biker show ugh. FX was putting out quality TV and lately the shows have seemed to go down hill.

  7. Defying Gravity isn’t action based so much as character driven and in my opinions its been quite compelling so far with hints about nefarious plots orchestrated by an unknown. While at the same time the flashback sequences to the astronaughts personal lives are sometimes too undefined, as in you may not even realise its a flashback for a little while. Still I give the show a solid 7.5/10 and is worth a look.

  8. jim and pam are rushing the marriage cuz she is preggers

  9. I gave my thoughts last week on Defying Gravity and despite common sense I got back on that horse last Sunday. I’ll miss King Of The Hill. I rarely laughed at loud at the show but its always entertaining.

    I hope Damages returns its a quality show although some of the side stories are getting to be silly. I know Glen Close gets a big paycheck but I can only watch so much of her character deconstruct. I say keep her strong and mean.

  10. When I first heard about DEFYING GRAVITY, I instantly thought that someone grabbed the reins of a VIRTUALITY -like premise, saw how good that idea was, watched FOX FOXX it up, and went with it.

    It really didn’t draw me in, so I’ve not been compelled to watch it.

    So far, we seem to have 2 nay, 1 yay! Cool thoughts everyone, cool thoughts.

  11. I thought the first hour of the Defying Gravity pilot was quite good. The second hour got kinda cheesy. The second episode was ok but not must see TV. What keeps me interested in this show is the “secret”. A mysterious alien whose existence is hinted at in the first episode. Very few people are aware of it’s existence. Only the ship commander is in the loop and a few of the head honchos in mission control. It appears the ship and mission were created at the behest of this alien so that it can return to Venus along with a few well chosen (meat-puppets, food, sacrifices, ambassadors, future changelings) crew. The mystery is what makes this show worth watching. Remember this is ABC not HBO so sex in space is not a reason to watch this.

    On another topic, Damages is one of the best dramas on TV. If you haven’t watched it rent the first season on DVD. Once you start watching you won’t be able to stop.

  12. Daniel F

    I think you meant to say Rescue Me WAS one of the best shows. It has turned into a mess this season but like a bad addiction, I can’t stop watching it.

    Glad to see they’re bringing Shawn Ryan to Lie To Me. It’s amazing what Mr. Ryan has done with the Shield, one of the best shows I have ever seen. Lie To Me is also one of my new favorites; just acting alone on that show is above most TV.

    Of course can’t wait until the Office comes back, even though it’s loosing steam it’s still really good.

    And the one show that’s #1 on my most wanted is Sunny in Philly. Funniest show out there.

  13. The only show currently on the air I actually care about is Breaking Bad.

    And after the Season 2 finale, I’m dying to see what happens next.

    I’ve pretty much lost interest in 24. I may come back when they finally kill of Gerafalo’s character (the only character I ever PRAYED would get one in the temple). But until then, it’s gotten to liberal for my tastes.

    And ABC needs to give Better Off Ted a little more promotion for Season 2 (IF they bring it back)

  14. Matt M, totally agree on Breaking Bad. Have you checked out Dexter and Weeds? Also top notch.

    Always Sunny is also real good for laughs.

    None of those shows are on NBC.
    Lol! Nbc you suck!!

  15. I’ve watched Defying Gravity from the start and am really enjoying it. It’s not the hard core sci fi I was expecting but the “secret’ has me hooked. Most of the cast are great and engaging Livingston and Cox and Olsson especially, and its likely the heavy character development is front loaded because there’s so many of them. I expect we’ll learn more about them as it goes. I’m in, because I like the “lord of the flies” possibilities set against a NASA backdrop and I like trying to figure out what the hell is going on in that storage pod. And I watched virtuality…very different.

  16. DG is on Hulu if people want to watch it, i’ve been meaning to at least watch the first episode. I haven’t had the time to do so, it’s over my head.

  17. I’ve been watching Defying Gravity and it is a strangely enjoyable mix of Grey’s Anatomy, NASA and ‘Lost’… in Space (pardon the pun). It’s a tale of a group of astronauts on a mission, with something mysterious only some of them know about on board, controlling who is on the mission etc. There’s a conspiracy among some of the bosses on earth who know about the cargo and it does focus on the interplay with the human characters. The Lost aspect of it comes with the use of flashbacks to the training for the mission to underscore what it happening on the spaceship.

    It’s not hardcore Sci Fi, but is an enjoyable midway between sci fi and relationship drama. Plus it has ‘Plow Guy’ from Men in Trees. Bonus!

  18. Defying Gravity isn’t hard sci-fi as I know hard sci-fi, but so little of what makes it onto the small screen IS hard sci-fi. And I say that as a hard science fiction reader for more than three decades. Besides which, good drama is always as much character driven as it is action driven, so that part never bothers me.

    So far, I like Defying Gravity — a lot. I think the casting and the scripts are much better than Virtuality, which I found to be annoying in the extreme despite liking Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in New Amsterdam (I’d have preferred him to stay on that show and have it renewed than to have him abort in the misbegotten Virtuality). Just because Fox has Fringe and 24 doesn’t mean it can’t screw up. It can.

    In fact, I found Defying Gravity so far to be as compelling as Kings (another show I wish had been renewed). But I have to say that I also literally found the show absolutely by accident, in the print TV Guide listings just this week, and had to catch up by watching the first four episodes online. Don’t those twits at ABC know how to cross-promote a sci-fi show on other networks and cable, where sci-fi fans might learn about it?? I mean, really: those ads should be pasted all over SciFi Channel (whoops! I *really* hate the new spelling; dorks!) and USA Network, but also on, for example, HBO before and after episodes of True Blood — there’s a natural crossover audience there. Besides, there’s nothing about the ABC lead-in shows on Sunday night that would attract sci-fi fans. What idiot wants to spend time with a twit program like Shark Tank??! Also, why would sci-fi fans EVER watch Regis Philbin?? Seriously. And if someone had described Defying Gravity to me in advance as a cross between Gray’s Anatomy and ANYTHING else, I’d probably never have given it a chance. ABC screwed up big time in doing that.

    That said, I hope they keep the program on the schedule. In fact, I’d be happy to watch new episodes of Defying Gravity right after new episodes of Castle, another smart show. Perhaps the ABC programmers will take the hint …

  19. Well – I guess I’m not the only one: I really like Defying Gravity.

    I avoided it on purpose – just tired of getting interested in new shows that get yanked, and this show has early cancellation written all over it (as explained by webdiva).

    But, working late one night, I pulled up the on-line episodes and watched the first two. I finished the next three tonight (and checked the on-line guide that at least has the next two episodes scheduled for the next two Sundays @ 10pm).

    Why hasn’t this show received any review on this site?

  20. Because with everything else going on, I haven’t watched DEFYING GRAVITY yet MAKsys. That’s why I asked everyone’s take on the show… we got a sort of mini-review session going on here in the comments!

    Which we greatly appreciate everyone’s input on their takes on the show.

    Give me a bit… I might hit it up online too! No promises though.

  21. anyone know when season 2 starts? would really like to know:p
    so if anyone got information, please feed me:o xD

  22. oh i ment season 2 of “Lie to me” :D thnx

  23. The season premiere of Lie To Me is next monday Sept28th at 9pm .

  24. alright, thnx:D looking forward to it:D its a great show:)