‘Tupac’ Biopic Launches Online Casting Search

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tupac Tupac Biopic Launches Online Casting Search

Any young black actors out there who want to break into the industry in a major way now have a chance to do so – by potentially being cast as one of the most iconic rappers of all time.

The powers behind Tupac, the upcoming biopic based on the life of Tupac Shakur, are taking to the Web to find someone who can embody the larger-than-life personality of the late rapper, and they are literally taking all comers. Today we’ll let you know how you can snag one of the most controversial and coveted roles to come along in years…from the comfort of your home.

In a joint press release from Morgan Creek Productions, Skee.tv (as in the famous DJ Skee) and Karmaloop.tv (as in the concert culture promoter), those hoping to land the role of Tupac are instructed to do the following:

The casting call begins on Friday, March 18 and allows individuals who exemplify Tupac to upload their video audition to InSearchofTupac.com. Fans and entrants are encouraged to check the website often, as important announcements and additional opportunities will be unveiled during the course of the month-long audition.

“We’re looking for someone with the right mix of raw charm and charisma for the role,” says producer David Robinson. “At this point, we’re more concerned about finding someone with the ability to give their entire heart into the performance more than just looks and personality.”

Here’s a trailer advertising the open casting call:

In addition to taking auditions, the InSearchofTupac.com site will also be updated with rare video footage and interviews with the late rapper.

Tupac is being directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) from a script by Oscar-nominated writing team Stephen J. Rivele and Chris Wilkinson. The writing duo have already penned one Oscar-nominated biopic about a famous African-American figure – the Will Smith vehicle, Ali.

Last time we reported on the status of this Tupac biopic, it set off a sudden and unexpected wildfire in our comments section. Say what you will about the Tupac – and depending on who you ask you’ll hear everything from rapper to poet to philosopher, activist, rapist, thug, murderer and actor – if that last post we wrote is any indication, the late Shakur is still a very complex and important figure in contemporary American life. (Note: I say “important” in the sense that he still elicits strong reactions from people, rather than having faded into obscurity.)

As for casting an unknown in a role as coveted as this… Well, I’m always up for seeing new talent be discovered (True Grit would’ve only been half as good without its young unknown, Hailee Steinfeld, in the lead). But on the other hand, there are plenty of young black actors already working who could tackle the role. Marlon Wayans would be a great dark horse candidate for the part in my opinion, and Anthony Mackie already did a pretty solid job playing Shakur in the Biggie Smalls biopic, Notorious.

Speaking of that other movie about a famous rapper slain during the mid ’90s East Coast / West Coast beef: Notorious also took the approach of casting an unknown to play an iconic figure. And while that actor, Jamal Woolard, did a pretty solid job playing Biggie, speaking as a film critic, it was clear at many points throughout the film that he was still a novice. With material as complex, layered and controversial as Tupac’s life story is, the person playing the role actually needs a fairly strong array of acting tools under their belt – “spirit” and looks won’t be enough.

Tupac is likely to be released sometime early in 2013. We’ll keep you posted on the film’s development.

Source: Morgan Creek Productions via Coming Soon

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  1. Good idea. I couldn’t think of a mainstream actor who could pull of the role. To bad I’m vietnamesse/Irish or I would send in a tape lol.

    • I fully agree. I’ve been following the journey of this Tupac biopic, from early world soon after he was murdered, up through now.

      And I had long thought that a Tupac one would come out before one on Biggie. But the Notorious biopic did show one thing — that it’s likely best to get an unknown to play him. Ironically, the first-time actor they got to play Biggie was the most persuasive, even going up against all the other actors, many of whom are Hollywood vets.

      As much as I like Anthony Mackie, he was was wrong for Tupac in the Biggie biopic. It looked like he was playing dress-up.

      Whomever they eventually choose needs to have Tupac’s charisma and energy, even more than looking just like him, although that would help. He can’t look very different from Tupac or it won’t work.

      If I had to choose a well-known actor to play Tupac, I would choose Columbus Short (who was in Cadillac Records, and Stomp the Yard).

      • *oops, I mean to say from “early word” of a biopic soon after he was murdered….

      • Columbus short does not look anything like Tupac.I mean,not at all.

  2. @Kofi Outlaw, hmmm, Marlon Wayans. I never thought of him for the Tupac role. And while part of me says, it could be hard to not think “That’s Marlon playing Tupac,” he could actually do a good job even though he doesn’t look like Tupac.

    They were good friends, so he could perhaps bring nuances and personal experiences that others who didn’t know Tupac couldn’t.

  3. funny how you can possibly say that anthony mackie did a good job as pac. the man has talent. but not in that role.. he made tupac look like an idiot. yes.. unfortunately.. i watched that vomit worthy movie notorious just to see what was brought to the table. the only good acting was from ms. wallace and biggie himself to a certain extent. heck even lil kim was ok. her slutty antics were well portrayed and believable. but of course as expected, they mixed the whole story up and made biggie look like the good guy involving pacs death. wich to me as a tupac fan is ridiculous and offensive. i’ve been waiting for a pac movie to finally come to life and since i heard Fuqua was eager to do it.. i already saw it going in a good direction. but i only hope that they do their best in finding someone that’ll portray pac the right way. the way the legend is deserved. if they can lock that then things will be on the right foot.. and of course it has to be well written and intruiging.. then im truly sold and will be anxiously awaiting its release

    • I think thisbsh

  4. While i think Anthony Mackie is a good actor…i dident feel like i was watching Tupac on screen in Notorious. Im also hesitent about marlon wayans playing Pac but i would be willing to give him a chance.

    My casting picks for Tupac would be a young actor…maybe chris brown or mechad brooks from true blood. I also like Brandon T. Jackson from lottery ticket and tropic thunder. another guy i would wanna see in a screen test is Damon wayans Jr. (he seems to have alot of charisma and charm) and last but not least i would audition donald glover from the community.

    • What do you think of Columbus Short as Tupac? After seeing him as Lil Walter in Cadillac Records, I think he could pull off playing Tupac. But, anyway, I guess we’ll have to wait and see since they’re choosing an unknown to play Tupac.

  5. Tupac is too of a complex character. good luck to whoever plays him.

  6. I think I can pull it off….as long as I don’t have to use profanity, hit women, kill police officers, lose 150 pounds, and grow younger. :-)

    • Tupac didnt hit women -_-

  7. Gee. Can I play the guy that shoots him?

    • Sure, why not. That guy who shot Tupac also got shot and killed. I want to play the part of the guy who shoots the guy who shot Tupac.

      • I’d like to play the cop that arrests the guy that shot the guy that shot Tupac. I also take out 6 other gang rappers at the same time. :)

        • I think now is the proper time to quote the great actor Kirk Lazarus: “I’m a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude.” :D

  8. Gee, who gets the part that does him in? I want that one.

  9. Yawn.

    “You ain’t no messiah. You’re a movie of the week…a frickin’ t-shirt. At best.”

  10. The guy who played Tupac in Notorious had the spirit of it, but I couldn’t believe he was Tupac. While I am on the subject though, I think think Derek Luke did a better Puffy than Sean Combs.

    In any case, they should hire the Mexican guy who looks exactly like Tupac if he were Mexican – thug life tattoo and all. lol, but seriously whoever gets it better do a great job.

  11. This video actually made me smile. I hope he gets the part.

  12. I’ve always felt Romany Malco (weeds, 40 Year Old Virgin) was perfect for Tupac. I think he can play it big enough, looks similar and has some actual rap skills.

  13. I am from greenville il and have a friend that looks a lot like tupac. Years ago we had people at a cardinals game approaching him thinking that he was tupac. If interested contact me at the above email

  14. can’t wait for the movie to come out! Love tupac and what he stood for,if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have realised how corrupt the world is, he opened my eyes. Hope to god that the actor does him justice.

  15. I’m perfect for the part in playing 2pacs body gaurd

  16. To whom it may concern! My name is Dontain, 2kleva, Williams! And i auditioned for the staring role to hopefully play tupac shakur in his up and coming new movie. And i just wanted to know when will hear back from someone at morgan creek? To let me know if i was choosen for the part and when is the movie coming out? If someone can contact me i would greatly appreciate it n thx for this huge opportunity n the luv n support!!!

  17. I can play the part..

  18. Pple say I lookk likke him everywhere I go without my rag lookk me up on facebook as sharmell randle

  19. Check my instagram at #stopbotheringme im trying to be cast as the next tupac click on the link on my instagram page and look at my Facebook

  20. I would love to be cast in the next movie please check my instagram out @stopbotheringme

  21. Dahsack looks like tupac check his audition out on youtube he should get the movie role.

  22. Donferquan bka quan who had a song with nas back in the day should play tupac, check his instagram @ donferquan


  24. Yeah quan can rap,sing,and can truly relate to tupac, for me there like night and day.

  25. Will they need a kid to play his child life im 13 and i really want a role in this upcoming movie im a great actor

  26. This dude is the perfect person for the Tupac role check him out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXgm6x60bTE&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  27. Check this dude Dahsack out he should play Tupac he has the whole package. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltFd35JjPt0&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  28. I think Romany Malco from 40 year virgin he is a good actor and has lots of energy and good swag and he’s not crazy famous

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