Three New ‘True Grit’ Television Spots And Posters

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True Grit Three New True Grit Television Spots And Posters

New television spots and character posters have been released for the Coen brothers remake of the classic John Wayne Western True Grit. Joel and Ethan Coen directed, from a script they penned based on the novel by Charles Portis.

Jeff Bridges stars as Marshal Reuben J. Cogburn, a hardened and deadly U.S. Marshal who agrees to help a young girl, Mattie Ross (played by Hailee Steinfeld) find her father’s murderer and avenge his death. Matt Damon plays La Beouf, a Texas Ranger who joins Cogburn and young Miss Ross on their hunt. Josh Brolin rounds out the cast as the hunted murderer, Tom Chaney.

As the winter months progress we look forward to the release of several, last minute, Academy Awards contenders. True Grit, Black Swan and The King’s Speech are the three films that I am anticipating with the greatest hopes. The team behind True Grit are certainly well acquainted with Oscar.

Joel and Ethan Coen won best picture, best director/s and best screenplay for their opus to greed and violence No Country For Old Men (among other nominations and wins); Josh Brolin was nominated for his role in Milk; Matt Damon was nominated last year for his role in Invictus, in addition to his win for best screenplay with co-writer Ben Affleck for Good Will Hunting; and of course, Jeff Bridges won best actor last year for his portrayal of the tormented, and self-destructive, country music star Bad Blake in Crazy Heart.

From what we have seen, True Grit looks to fulfill the promise of the assembled talent, especially if the latest True Grit trailer is an indicator.

Take a look at the new television spots below:

The Western, which was once a studio staple, has traveled rocky box office terrain for the past several decades. Director Jon Favreau explains that Cowboys & Aliens was a chance for him to explore the Western genre while still accommodating current audience appetites; which tend to crave alien invasion pictures.

It will be interesting to see how audiences respond to this raw, and yes, gritty Western drama. There is something so primal and satisfying about a genuine tale of retribution; a tale of retribution that involves a mans love for a daughter figure often evokes an even more visceral response.

True Grit seems to take a tale of a daughters deep love for her father, as Matty sets out for revenge, and then translate it to a mans love for a daughter figure, in the relationship between the avenging Marshal Cogburn and young Mattie Ross.

Though the emotional tone of the film looks to be as gruff, and rough edged, as the characters.

In addition to the television spots, new character posters were recently released. Take a look below:

True Grit Matt Damon Three New True Grit Television Spots And Posters

True Grit Jeff Bridges Three New True Grit Television Spots And Posters

True Grit Hailee S Three New True Grit Television Spots And Posters

True Grit Josh Brolin Three New True Grit Television Spots And Posters

True Grit is scheduled for release on December 22nd.

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  1. PG-13 :(

    • That’s not a bad thing.

    • Nothing wrong with PG13 geez I’ll never understand that.

      Yay means they can focus on story instead of going over board and sight gags and eye porn.

      • It’s time for one of our classic disagreements here Daniel. The Old west was not a PG-13 era at all, anyone that thinks that is blind to the brutality of that time period.

        • Anthony no time period is PG13 be it old west or 2010 try walking down the street I hear more F words than in any rated R flick.

          A film saying f or S alot and a bunch of blood and guts doesn’t suddenly make it good in fact most films tend to over use those things and it takes away from the quality. Rated R films more often than not use the R rating as a crutch thinking they can get the gore loving, nudity loving curse word fans rather than telling a well crafted story. I know your a fan of QT, but for evidence of my argument look no further than his films. He uses gore as a crutch big time more so than any other director I’ve seen. I’d rather see a well crafted story with excellent acting than see blood and guts flying all over the place in what is merely an average story.

          Also by the way how much do you know about the original True Grit? Have you looked up the rating for it? Or even seen it. That wouldn’t qualify as rated R in todays standards and very few people would question the authenticat-ness of it. The film can feel like the old west with out going over board. In PG 13 they can still use a fair amound of curse words and can even say the F word once. They can also show a moderate amount of blood which in hollywood standars means realistic amount of blood because Rated R films tend to show blood and guts far to excessively which is more often than not far worse than it actually looks in reality. Some of the greatest western films of all time in todays world wouldn’t be rated r and even in their own time wouldn’t have such a harsh rating.

          • I’ve actually seen the John Wayne version quite a bit. I don’t think it was R. And I’m sorry I’m so sorry Daniel, but I stand by my statement whether you agree or not, I couldn’t care less. The tone of this film wont hold true to the West at all in my opinion. Do you think that Ron Howards The Missing should have been PG-13 then?? What about Unforgiven? Or even open Range.I never said this had to have bood and gore either or even F-bombs, I don’t know where you got that idea that that’s where I was headed. Tone has a big part in ratings. If you dont believe me, Read Kings The dark Tower series. Then when the films and TV series come out, come back and tell me different. Anyway, you got me angry now, so this is where I’ll let you get in the last jab. :)

            • The dark tower will have to be R rated for sure Ants, no argument there.

            • Angry? I hope that’s you being playful cause it’s hardly something worth getting angry over. 😛

              The point is anthony that the first wasn’t an R film and wouldn’t be in todays society either and if you liked it there is no reason why you wouldn’t like this.

              I’m not saying your obsessed with blood, gore, sex and f bombs I’m saying that’s what most films need to be rated R. I’ve seen some pretty dark twisted gritty stuff getting a PG13 because it didn’t show the gore or drop the F bombs. Take TDK as one example it was pretty twisted at times certainly very dark in tone yet was PG13 add one F word and maybe a shot of someones guts and suddenly it’s rated R. It wouldn’t make the film any better at all, but would simply change the rating and chase a few people away from watching it.

              Tone may play a huge part in what YOU think of a film, but it really plays very little part in the ratings. Back to TDK for instance. When it first came out there were people clamoring that the film should of been R and that it was far to dark for the PG13 rating it was given, but it was justified by the lack of sex drugs and rock and roll IE sex, gore and f bombs.

              I’m not saying you find those things important I’m simply saying that I don’t think you full understand the rating system it really is a simple as Sex Violence and language. Some of the greatest films of all time have managed to be very dark, gritty, violent and award winning even with a PG13 rating. I agree that in general PG13 lends a film to be less realistic than an R because I dare anyone not to curse when you have a fully loaded gun at your face or you have someone stalking you with a knife. Still it’s true with any film and not just the western. It’s a sacrifice we have to make it’s nothing new and it’s never gonna chance. I’d prefer if language didn’t play a part of ratings. People tend to cry about an F bomb here and there, but at the end of the day it’s just a word like Church, Cat or mom we just like to pretend like it’s this dark evil thing.

              Anyway the point is that PG13 films tend to still be very good and based on the idiotic rating system we live in the only way to make your film rated R is to include sex gore or language and why go out of your way doing that when it adds nothing to the story and chases away a portion of your audience ?

            • Anthony well my comment got posted in auto moderation so it’s gonna be awhile before you see it I think I used the S . E. X word a few to many times lol.

              Anyway it’s all civil and in good fun no need to get angry I still consider you one of my fave people on Screen rant.


              How funny is it that my comment about over censorship in society and a poor rating system got caught in auto moderation lol

      • But I love eye porn! Lol. Just kidding :)

  2. I’m still laughing from the trailers for this film. Jeff Bridges is trying too hard to be John Wayne.

    • I don’t see that. It seems that he’s just playing himself.

      I am a diehard Wayne fan and was at first upset at the idea of a remake, but after watching the trailers, I cannot wait for it to come out.

  3. Are the trailers not showing up for anyone else?

    • words,

      Maybe it’s one of those US-only things? That’s out of our hands.


      • I’m in Oregon and it’s not showing up for me neither.

        • I know the feeling Sully. I find that half the time trailers posted on here don’t show up for me.. Usually if I refresh about 5 or 6 times eventually they will show.

          However these ones are not playing properly. Its showing up for me, but the play back is terribly choppy and unwatchable had to go to Youtube and the official site to try and find it.

    • yh not showin up for me either

  4. Looks really good..

  5. Gonna be so dope! Can’t wait!

    • Well, the cast has a few dopes, I’m sure. I’m still salty at the fact it’s PG-13 though :(

      • Yeah I know, the Coens usually don’t hold back on ratings but I still wanna see it. Bridges and Brolin are always good.

      • How do you feel about Tron: Legacy being PG? I’m with you on those ratings though, man. It’s disappionting but I’m sure they’ll both be great movies!(Hopefully)

        • Considering Tron isn’t really a dark world, say like a Matrix type setting, I’m fine with it being a PG rating. As far as the over use of slo-mo stuff I am seeing, not really a fan of that.

  6. I want one of those posters! Retribution!

  7. Meh it looks ok not spectacular, but watchable at some point. I don’t get the massive hype for it. I really like Matt Damon, and Jeff Bridges is usually, but not always good. Josh Brolin tends to suck though so I’m unsure on it. Overall the trailer looks decent, but like I said nothing special.

  8. Daniel F 3 hours ago

    Meh it looks ok not spectacular, but watchable at some point. I don’t get the massive hype for it. I really like Matt Damon, and Jeff Bridges is usually, but not always good. Josh Brolin tends to suck though so I’m unsure on it. Overall the trailer looks decent, but like I said nothing special.

    • Why did you copy and paste my comment?

  9. fdsa…what was your point in Daniels response? just to repeat it? lol

  10. One word puts me off this on principal;


    Therefore will give this an instant miss.

    • Well technically it’s an adaptation not a remake, there was a book first.

      Plus it’s the Coen Brothers and they have never made a bad film IMO.

      DSB, have you seen the original?

      • I must confess that I haven’t seen the original, or at least not that I remember, I’ve seen a few of Wayne’s westerns, I might have seen it and forgotten.

        I just think this; surely if you are as talented as The Coen Bros. why not make an original film? Why do a remake?