‘True Detective’ Season 2 Story & Character Details Revealed?

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True Detective Season 2 Characters Story Setting True Detective Season 2 Story & Character Details Revealed?

Following the finale of Breaking Bad this spring, HBO’s crime drama, True Detective offered us a much-needed fix of intense, well-made, character driven, psychological television. Starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as two Louisiana detectives searching for a serial killer thought to have been caught seventeen years earlier, the show won over critics and audiences with its dark occultist overtones, intricate narratives, deep characters and twisted plot – to the point where the season’s finale crashed HBO’s on-demand streaming site, HBO Go.

Rumors about True Detective season 2 have been around for months, basically starting up as soon as the first season ended. From McConaughey’s possibly returning to the show (and then not), to Jessica Chastain possibly playing the female lead (and then not), to the number of leads, to even the number of seasons, the pace at which these rumors are being delivered and then discounted only shows the fervor fans have for this show. But there are some pieces of gossip that seem slightly more stable than others.

Early last week we reported that Colin Farrell had been offered the role as the ‘older male lead’ and that Taylor Kitsch (Battleship) was being eyed for the role as the ‘younger male lead.’ Now, on the tail of that, there is word that the setting, characters and plot have been firmly established. Needless to say, POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOLLOW.






True Detective S1 True Detective Season 2 Story & Character Details Revealed?

True Detective Season 2 will allegedly be set in a fictional southern California city, and feature three main leads, two men and a woman. According to FilmDivider, where these rumors originate:

“I can tell you now that these [Farrell and Kitsch] would make up two corners of the series’ central triangle of investigators, two men and a woman from different Californian cities and their own distinct branches of the State’s law enforcement bodies, coming together to uncover a whole mess of corruption.

The third corner will be a woman, a character in her 30s. She’s a Monterey Sherrif with – as you might well expect – trouble in her past and problems in her day-to-day.

Her issues are with alcohol and gambling. Farrell’s character has terrible problems with cocaine and anger management. The young guy, a member of the California Highway Patrol, has been suspended for sexually exploiting a young woman he pulled over. Nobody is clean. It’s still True Detective.

The new mystery is to be kickstarted by the murder of Ray Caspar, City Manager of a fictional Californian city. From what I can gather, the new, partly invented map that Pizzolatto is drawing will be essential to his new story. As he teased, some months ago, part of the mystery will involve California’s transportation systems. This plot will involve a corrupt scheme to link North and South California with a high speed train, all in pursuit of profitable land ownership and lucrative federal grants.”

Much like season 1, there will supposedly be heavy references to the occult – but only around the “edges of the picture.” Meaning there won’t necessarily (or very likely) be anything supernatural actually occurring. There are many other plot details – to find out about them, head over to FilmDivider.

True Detective Title Sequence Image True Detective Season 2 Story & Character Details Revealed?

While this seems to support and broaden showrunner Nic Pizzolatto’s earlier statements about season 2, everything remains in the realm of rumors. There is very little that confirmed or concrete at this point. The only thing that we seem to know for sure is what’s not going to happen: McConaughey won’t be returning as Rust Chole, Jessica Chastain won’t be playing the female lead, but the most troubling denial is that Cary Fukunaga Won’t be directing every episode for season 2, as he did for season 1. Instead there will be multiple directors, each talking an episode or two. While this is how the vast majority of series these are directed and produced, it does have some fans worried that without a singular directorial voice to guide the show, the sinew of the narrative and the ambiance of the story will be lost.

Matthew McConaughy Open to a True Detective Return True Detective Season 2 Story & Character Details Revealed?

Season 1 of True Detective hinged strongly on the performance by McConaughey; while not everyone loved his waxing philosophical monologues, they were the story’s driving force, and the relationship between McConaughey’s Rust Cohle and Harrelson’s Marty Hart was the show’s lifeblood. Given all the changes that seem to be coming down the pipes, can season 2 hit the fairly high benchmark that season 1 has left for it?


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  1. Thought this might be of interest to you and your network.

    We’re sort of like PeaceCorps for filmmakers. We send filmmakers/educators overseas to teach filmmaking to underserved kids in Honduras, Cambodia, Nepal, Kenya, and more!


    - The FWB Team

  2. This sounds fantastic already, especially if they have some sort of Bohemian Grove place mentioned or hinted at due to the conspiracies about high ranking people attending meetings there and untoward things happening. Only thing I worry about with that is the inevitable facepalm when I read whackos trying to point to it as “proof they’re giving us subliminal messages” (case in point, one ridiculous thing I read this week was by someone who thought The LEGO Movie was trying to tell us about Hell being unleashed via secret government rituals).

    Can’t wait to find out the music they use too because season 1 had an amazing soundtrack.

  3. I don’t want Colin Farrell or Taylor Kitsch.

    Colin is a decent enough actor, but doesn’t seem like True Detective material.
    And I’m not a fan of Taylor, and I don’t know anybody who is.

    Brad Pitt would’ve been cool I guess.
    But there are tons of other guys, like James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling, Tom Hardy, Jake Gyllenhall or Joseph Gordon-Levitt, all of whom could do the show justice.
    My favorite picks would be McAvoy and Fassbender (haven’t seen Days of Future Past yet, but their chemistry in First Class was pretty good, and their individual acting skills are top-notch).

    Any other guys come to mind?

    • Colin Farrell is as good, if not better, than those actors you listed. He’s pretty much in the same position Matthew Mcconaughey was before TD and Dallas Buyers. Let’s not forget, as BC Edwards mentioned above, Mcconaughey was nowhere near the level he’s on now when this show went into production. Heck, he was doing entirely panned rom-coms for the most part. Farrell is basically in the same position — a great actor that needs some good material. Farrell is perfect for this. Kitsch, the same applies to him. He put in work for FNL and Lone Survivor. Let’s see him get one last swing before writing him out.

    • Have you ever seen In Bruges?! Farrel was great in that. And if these rumors are true it even sounds like he will be playing a character very similar to that role. I think he can nail it, if the writing is good of course.
      Don’t agree with you about any of the actors you mention. Just to much “starpower” for me.
      Gyllenhall I would love though, because he has been amazing in the latest things he has done and shown how well he does the psychological thriller genre (Prisoners, Enemy).

  4. This sounds Awesome! Nic P is the star of the show. As long as he is still writing I’m on board.

  5. Uuuh, no? SR, I believe you have the wrong plot details. That’s not what I read here at this other highly credible source:

  6. I don’t liek this, this is not true detective ! Change the name of the show HBO. We have the first season, and it’s a masterpiece, this will be garbage.

    • do you know what an anthology series is, sir?

  7. Yes Tom Hardy would be great choice for season 2! If you keep comparing season 2 to season 1 then of course it wont be as good.Watch it on its own merits though and perhaps we might enjoy it just as much as the first! P.s How can anyone not like Matthew McConaugheys performance? Its what made that show so great.In fact i am getting a custom made figure of him done haha

  8. Ah… Collin Farrell.

    Redemption do exists…

  9. Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch would be great. I loved Friday Night Lights, in particular Taylor Kitsch. I really hope these rumours are true, I’ll be disappointed if they’re not now!

  10. It would be insane if Fincher directed an ep.

  11. Only reason I tuned in to TD from the start was because of the lead actors. It wasn’t just 2 big names, it was 2 big names I really wanted to see work together. I think they should target Gibson for 1 of the leads

  12. Yeah kitsch was great in Friday night lights. I think this would be perfect for him and a lot of people trashing his involvement in this will b eating those words later. My humble opinion. But I’ve been waiting for him to have another breakout role. As for farrel, he’s as talented as MM. It’s easy to say now that no one could replace him in this show, but even 3 years ago most people would pick Colin F over MM if given the choice. Just sayin.

  13. It will be really tough to surpass the first one. We’ll see.

  14. Colin? Show ruined. I’m out.

  15. Can’t imagine season 2 without mcconaghey and harrellson together. I probably won’t watch.

    • i totally agree i just binged on season one saw it in a day . brilliant harrelson and mc conaghey were the glue of the show. their characters fed off each other .they made the show. season two without them would do the show no justice. they had an onscreen chemistry that would be a very hard act to follow.
      some actors just have it others do not those two had it in bucket loads. like starsky and hutch the show was so so but those two complimented each other to no end.
      never too late to reconsider harrelson et al
      as far as american horror story season three is a bit flat jessica seems tired of it all

  16. Cannot believemMatthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are not in it. Wish i knew before i bought blur ay box set. ..only bought because of these two. I hate brad Pitt so won’t watch if he in, and Colin Farr ell is a good actor but in a different league to Matthew and Woody. Very disappointed. Think series wil decline now. Very sad … Walking dead only good one left now.

  17. I think Kevin Spacey, Steve Buscemi, or Edward Norton could’ve been good choices as well.

    • No one thinks Billy Bob Thornton would work well given the shows atmosphere?