‘True Detective’ Season 2: New Character and Setting Details

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True Detective Season 2 Characters story California True Detective Season 2: New Character and Setting Details

True Detective was, without a doubt, television’s dark horse winner for the fist half of 2014 – in just about every sense of the word. HBO’s high-art, neo-Noir spin on the police detective sub-genre became a bonafide cultural fixation for the entirety of its eight-episode run (a rarity in the days of delayed Netflix discovery), and served as a pretty strong showcase for lead actors Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.

That latter point has made the announcement of True Detective season 2 a bittersweet prospect, as we’ve learned that there will be major changes to the season 2 format. The show will embrace a true anthology structure, meaning season 2 will be a different story, following different characters; season 1 director Cary Fukunaga will not be returning as sole architect of season 2 (it will have multiple directors), and a new setting will be established. In fact, about the only thing that will remain constant is the presence of showrunner Nic Pizzolatto.

While the loss of something proven and familiar is always slightly jarring for fans of a TV show, the opportunity for something new and just as great (if not improved) offers a certain amount of intrigue, as well. The Web has been buzzing with such possibilities for new True Detective leads – and even when false, rumors of actors like Jessica Chastain possibly coming onboard excite the imagination.

True Detective Title Sequence Image True Detective Season 2: New Character and Setting Details

For his part, Pizzolatto has previously stated that a synopsis for season 2 would be, “hard women, bad men and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system.” Now he is stepping out to get ahead of the rumor mill, recently providing some concrete (if not vague) details about how True Detective season 2 is shaping up:

Speaking with the public radio program “To the Best of Our Knowledge” (via MTV), Pizzolatto revealed a bit more about the central characters we’ll see in season 2:

“Right now, we’re working with three leads… The characters are all new, but I’m deeply in love with each of them. We’ve got the entire series broken out with a couple of scripts, and we’ll probably start casting in earnest in the coming months.”

As for the new setting, it will move things from the southern coast to the western coast of the United States:

“…It takes place in California — not Los Angeles, but some of the much lesser known venues of California — and we’re going to try to capture a certain psychosphere ambiance of the place, much like we did in season one.”

Taking all of this info into account, it seems very likely that the female detective theory is a sound one – but it could possibly be complicated (in more ways than one) with the presence of a third party – be they male or female, cop, crook or civilian. Casting should soon reveal just how interesting this little Ménage á trois truly is…

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in True Detective True Detective Season 2: New Character and Setting Details

As for the location? Not being someone overly familiar with either the “psychosphere ambiance” of lesser-known California locales, or the occult conspiracy theories of the US transportation system,  I have little idea what Pizzolatto has in mind. I’m more concerned about certain staples of the show – like Rus Cohle’s Nietzschian philosophical rants – being forcibly recycled to (mis-)fit new characters. In other words: I’m more worried about the tone and atmosphere of season 1 being lost in translation to season 2, more so than I’m worried about what the actual investigation is about, or which actors are playing the cops. But that’s just me.

As stated, casting should soon reveal a great deal about the character dynamics in season 2 – and whether or not people will be satisfied (or not) with the actors brought in to replace McConaughey and Harrelson.


We’ll keep you updated on True Detective season 2 development as more details become available.

Source:  To the Best of Our Knowledge [via MTV]

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  1. I was as pleasantly surprised by this self-contained story as most others on here. I’m confident Pizzolatto has a clear vision of the next installment and is well aware of the possibility of veering into preposterous self-parody territory by merely rehashing the tropes and overall atmosphere typical of season one.

    • Imo female/male leads are boring in police roles. I prefer the good old buddy banter from male and male. Less PC and more interesting dialogue. Unless they are lesbian and cool like one of the boys which is almost never the case unless it’s Greggs from The Wire.

      • Women in the police force don’t have to be gay to be “one of the boys” for the kind of dialogue you’re after. How about the female cop in Predator 2 who wasn’t gay but had more balls than most of her colleagues?

      • Wow, you are sexist trash.

        • So? He’s right.

      • what the hell dude?

      • Bah. J said nothing sexist at all. He just explained his point of view. You hyper-sensitive types are way too used to crying foul at even the vaguest sense of the un-PC. There have been plenty of examples of the female/male detective combo at this point. Nobody is obligated to like them, especially if some are not very good. I’d say as long as Pizzolatto stays invested in it this show will stay exceptional, but excellent writing should not be under any sort of PC obligation. Nor should individual points of view.

    • I was a little annoyed at the thought of no more Rust and Marty. Seems a shame to have built up those complex characters to not use them in a second series. I could have done with another series with them. Oh well. The world still turns.

      • Same here…loved the serie and the characters.

  2. I echo your concern. Those philosophical rants were the best part of the show. They may not, and possibly should not transfer to other characters. But hopefully they’ll be replaced with equally intelligent and thought-provoking characterizations.

    The fact that season 1 had only 1 director was cool. Kept the vision unified. Changing to multiple directors could have a negative impact. Hopefully not.

  3. Hannibal was better in every way this season

    • Totally agree.

    • Well comparing show’s is very trivial as really are opinions. Like anytime I see someone saying such & such is the best show ever. Don’t get me wrong I love Game of Thrones, but sorry Breaking Bad is the best show ever. They are two different beasts though. The comparing of True Detective to Hannibal is Apples & Oranges. I personally enjoyed the first season of Hannibal more. I enjoy the questions True Detective asks more than Hannibal. I could re-watch True Detective right now, but Hannibal maybe never again.

      • I’d agree but then you said Breaking Bad was the best show ever and I have to politely disagree. I honestly don’t see what was so great about Breaking Bad.

        • That’s the problem you didn’t see it. Your mouth is now closed

    • Deluded hannibal knobbers

    • Really hannibal was better? this show was amazing, this show was an artistic masterpiece you must not be to bright its okay you can keep on watching under the dome and the last ship

  4. More like Turd Detective.

    That finale was awful and you all know it.

    • We do? News to me.

    • More like Troll Detective. Why because it wasn’t cookie cutter like everything else?

    • depend on the point of view…….imho, story was a painful yet beautifully carved friendship……serial killer part?!?!? just a tool……so, yes,,,splendid, humble and perfect finale….my 2 cents

  5. I don’t know man, seeing how good season 1 was, afraid that it wouldn’t do as good as its predecessor.

    Dark, edgy, gritty… Yet i always find the interaction between the two of them very hilarious and comical, laugh inducing. Like somehow they get into his philosopy talks and marty just went “What the **** are you talking about?” was GOLD.

    No i don’t want season 2 being made.

  6. Having loved the first season of True Detective, I wish that they had decided to keep the two detective model. I want to be able to talk about the pairs throughout the years.

    Hopefully two males and on female, and they nail it out of the park. Use Hollywood heavy hitters once again

    Jessica Chastain
    Joseph Gordon-Levitz
    Brad Pitt

    • Great idea about that lineup

  7. I think having one director for the duration of season 1 played a heavy hand in making the show so unified and solid. Multiple directors worries me. Then again, Game of Thrones has had multiple directors and that has worked out well.

    I would love to see them reunite Brad Pitt and Ed Norton for this one. And if the third was the female lead that played Marla from Fight Club, sorry don’t remember her name, that would he epic. I guess that’s just a Fight Club fanboys wet dream though.

    How about getting Juliette Lewis?! That would be epic! I miss her a bit. What about if they diversify the lead roles a bit and have Idris Elba or Angela Bassett? I’m so anxious to hear about the new cast!

    • I agree with you. Everyone seems to be focused on Pizzolato s writing. That in my opinion wont be a problem for season 2. Guy s a genius, he will deliver the writing.
      Yet just as you said , Fukunaga behind the camera for the entirety of the first season was a major element in the success of True Detective.
      Production was impeccable. Thanks to Fukunaga s craft. I ve seen all of his films before TD and it s no mystery that True Detective was so good.
      THe biggest challenge will be to manage to make a show as homogenous as the first one which is not going to be easy with different directors helming it.

      The woman playing Marla Singer, her name would be Helena Bonam Carter (Tim Burton s wife ) ! Would be a good idea indeed to reunite these three…
      Idriss Elba is definitely a winning card too. Would love to see him. Michael K Williams maybe ?… Oh ! Ben Mendelsohn would be great !
      Yet we know so little about the story set for Season 2.

      But we can hope.
      I m looking forward to that show ! Have seldom been anticipating a TV show that much these past few years.

  8. its gonna be pretty hard to top the first season

  9. I’m onboard, I really enjoyed S1. I like that each season is a world unto itself, all brand new. Matthew and Woody raised the bar pretty high though, they’re going to need a great S2.

  10. I’m sure Season 2 will be awesome, but I don’t see how the first season can be topped. If this Pizzolato dude can pull it off, then he is a God.

  11. Here is the perfect scenario (at least for me) for season two http://n2history.com/2014/04/02/true-detective-cast-for-season-2/

  12. OMG “How can They Cant Top Season 1?” Who cares. Not a competition.This is all new Cast, New Directors, New city/Story. How do u know it cant top Season 1 with knowing Literally nothing about Season 2?
    Unrealistic: Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, Jessica Chastain.
    My Choice: Edward Norton, Guy Pearce, Eva Green.

  13. HBo and Nic dont’t understand what they had with Rust Cohle and the story from season 1. They should continue with that. Rust Cohle was one of the best characters on tv history ever. They will never top the first season, and no chance to top Rust Cohle. This is actually a different tv series, with different characters and story it will not be ”True detective”.

    • Funny that you say that – exactly THIS is TD..

      How could a story with Rust ever be as good as season 1? They are in the present & the character development he took at the end changed him a lot, too..
      Plus, they would not get Matthew again – however, I hope for a Prequel in latter seasons; Rust as Crash, the old junkie, in this biker gang e.g.

      It was always anounced as an anthology, the script seems to be off-the-charts – I seriously think, with a Writer like NP, the chance of hitting another home run is higher in a new setting and another bunch of complex characters!

  14. Two men and one woman, just no fighting over the woman b*******.

    I’d say a younger guy (Michael Pitt/Ben Foster, Emile Hirsch, Casey Affleck), an older, rookie guy (Sam Rockwell, Michael Shannon, Edward Norton) and an older, near retirement woman (CCH Pounder?).

    • Am I the only one who would love to see David Duchovney and Gillian Anderson as partners again? An occult theme would be perfect.

  15. I love that south Louisiana ooga-booga, voodoo stuff. Unique. California…meh. Sorry the cast will be changed loved them!! But am also keeping an open mind.

  16. I cannot believe that Matt and Woody are not in the next season. What!!! Will ditch this if they get someone else.

  17. I cannot believe that Matt and Woody are not in the next season. What!!! Will ditch this if they get someone else. Sorry. They make the show.

    • I totally feel the same way. Matt and Woody made the show what it was. I could not wait week to week to see the next episode and it is rare that I am glued to any t.v. for long periods of time. They had an awesome chemistry. Bring them back please. I may have to ditch the show as well if the new actors don’t bring the excitment that the firat season had.

  18. With a name like True Detective, I kind’ve always felt like it would be an anthology. As far as the cast is concerned how about Chris Evans, Terence Howard, and Jennifer Lawrence?

  19. I seriously can’t believe there is no more Matt & Woody what are they thinking!! If thats the case and they are no longer in it I wont be watching it anymore. Why, why change a good thing

    • Well, they’re probably thinking they want to continue with their film careers. And their storylines on TD are over. It was perfect and now it’s done. HBO says they’ve seen the first 2 scripts for next season and they’re even better! Sorry you won’t be watching. I can’t wait!

    • Did really nobody understand that it is a freaking anthology series since the first announcement?

      If it was not, Matt and Woody would not have signed for ONE season in the first place. They are hollywood actors and have a tight schedule – playing one complex characters development in a miniseries-like format is the only chance to get them!

      I personally am glad that it isn’t just a miniseries but an anthology, as we’ll get another great story of Nic Pizzolatto year after year – and probably more Hollywood actors playing TV-roles, which are much more complex and deep than the ones in a 2-hour movie!

  20. After hearing everything is changed I’m not really interested. Pretty disappointed with the change up. Occult conspiracy of transportation system kind of sounds VERY boring. Won’t be the same TD anymore.

  21. if Chloë Sevigny is one of the main characters i will watch this show again..otherwise it dragged..i wasn’t fixed to the screen and it was predictable..and as usual a put down of the deep south..

  22. Why not ask Keanu Reeves for True Detective next season? He is better than what the roles he got lately, just as Matthew McConaughey. It would be great!

  23. This is so wrong, I’m so disappointed that season II is not going to be a completion of season I. I want rust and marty to go after the rich guys, government leaders and crooked cops who covered up in the first place. I want the fat evangelist and the crooked sheriff in jail. I want another season of woody and matt to spend evenings with. Christina

  24. I say josh Brolin and Jeremy Renner if male/male and levitt/ a tough girl not just some looker

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