First Look at True Blood’s Vampire Queen

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true blood true blood bottle First Look at True Bloods Vampire Queen

If you haven’t been watching True Blood this season, you should start. The show is gaining momentum quicker than ever and it just keeps getting better and better.

The last two episodes in particular have both ended with big multiple major cliffhangers that have left fans dying for more. If you’re a fan, we’ve got something for you today – the very first look at Queen Sophie-Anne, the vampire Queen of Louisiana who will soon be making her reigning debut.

This image comes from Michael Ausiello’s column at Entertainment Weekly and depicts Evan Rachel Wood (The Wrestler, Across the Universe) in character as Queen Sophie-Anne.

true blood season 2 evan rachel wood queen sophie ann First Look at True Bloods Vampire Queen

The vampire queen makes her debut in episode 11 of this season, titled “Frenzy,” which airs August 30, 2009.

In describing the character, series creator Alan Ball says,

“Nobody’s ever entirely happy to see her… She’s very powerful, capricious and most likely insane.”

As for her role in the show, we only know that she’s likely up to no good with her own ambitions in mind. Ball hints at her purpose by revealing only that she “has more than one secret agenda… which we will slowly become aware of over season 3.”

True Blood incredible cast of growing stars includes Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Michelle Forbes, Nelsan Ellis, Sam Trammell, Deborah Ann Woll and Alexander Skarsgård.

Are you keeping up with True Blood? Where do you think the story’s heading with the Queen coming to town?

If you missed it, check out our coverage of the True Blood Comic-Con panel which talked about a lot of good stuff for the second half of season 2.

Source: EW

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  1. I don’t have HBO, so I haven’t gotten to see this show yet. My wife and I plan to buy it on DVD soon, though. Looks and sounds quite good. I’m a sucker for vampire films/shows.

  2. @ Bill Blume

    You’ll both love it :)

  3. Rob, don’t all the episodes end in cliffhangers??? Gads, I hate that!

    Bill: I got lucky and caught a free weekend of HBO… watched the first episode.. thinking I have all weekend. I didn’t leave my damn couch until the end of the day after watching all of season 1. Ack!

    A buddy of mine started netflix’ing it after I goaded him to and he was a few hours late to work because of it yesterday. LOL.

    Just be sure you don’t have any little kids around… you might find yourself explainging things a lot earlier in their lives than you had planned! LOL.

  4. @ Bruce,

    Well most story-arc shows like end with a lead-in to the next, but we’re talking actual “OMG, wtf is going to happen” cliffhangers over the last two eps ;)

    And ya, I watched the entire first season in one go to. It was great to watch all together, not having to wait.

  5. And ya, heavily adult-oriented, that’s for sure.

  6. Love this series. I won’t read the books because I want to see it unfold. I hope they do the Eric-Sookie-Bill love triangle. Would love to see a three way happen, nudge nudge wink wink.

  7. This should be pretty interesting, to say the least..

    *Potential Spoiler Warning*

    I’m guessing that the Queen will be brought in to set things straight between Bill and Eric. It’s been kind of cloudy what Eric’s intentions with Sookie are, but I think he really wants her. I know in the books an eventual love triangle evolves, but it’s unclear if Alan Ball will follow that in the show. He’s already hinted at Eric’s intentions, though. I’m probably way off.. guess we’ll have to wait and find out!

  8. Almost every episode in season 1 was an OMG cliff hanger for me. That’s why I couldn’t “:put it down.”

  9. Where is it going? That’s the beauty of how this show has gone. It has paralleled the book but it never a copycats – leaving those of us who have read all the books still not sure where it’s going.
    Although it could be more like the book in making Tara more in the background than she is on the show. Her character annoys me to no end.

  10. I love Tara, she’s the only one who seems to think and have a brain – at least some times. She at least questions things.

    But I think every character is well acted. Even Hoyt and Jessica, Sarah the preachers wife and especially Lorena – Bill’s maker. Smaller characters who are giving great performances.

  11. I’m sorry. . . Tara seems to think and have a brain??? Have you watched this season so far?

  12. This show is amazing. If anyone is interested in reading the books, I HIGHLY recommend it. The books are just as good as the show. Some of the stories having to do with the other characters besides Sookie aren’t in the books because they are in Sookie’s perspective. But there’s definitely plenty of things going on in Sookie’s world to keep interest.

  13. Hi,

    I love the series and I just watched entire season I on DVD. I’m getting HBO this week, and I was wondering if there is a way to watch all episodes shown so far on season II to catch up? Anyone has HBO on Demand?

  14. JalexM: For me, I can watch HBO on Demand, IF I subscribe to it… You’ll just have to check out the TV Series section of your In or On Demand section of your cable or dish provider and see what’s up.

  15. Heck I don’t know where this show is headed. I was sad to see what happened to that character last week that I enjoyed watching. MMM eye candy! And yeah, this show is certainly not for kids lol.

  16. I think she is in town to get bill out of the way so sexy eric can make his move. I do not think the queen is intentionally doing this for eric but it will set up the beginning of the love triagle!

    Team Eric all the way!

  17. I love True Blood! Eric is one of the best most refreshing characters in recent years imo.

    Im excited to see the queen and how she affects the fanged cast members as there seems to be a great hierarchy of power and respect in the vampire world in true blood

  18. Lol, wow and i thought i was crazy one! haha. Well I agree with those who are true blood addicts, lol, Every Saturday I can not go to sleep cause i am so excited that True blood will come on, on Sunday! It’s the most amazing show that I have ever watched in my life. I do hate when they leave us in suspense like that, cause some people can’t even go to sleep. Lol. I want to go on a strike, to make true blood a 2 hour show lol. I enjoy watching all the main characters, they are very talented. But the most character i like and really enjoy watching is Sam, he is a very lovable character! Eric is very mysterious, he is also an incredible actor. But anyways I can’t wait till Next Sunday!

  19. Oh yeah btw lol. I do think there is some sexual tension with Sookie and Eric! lol Come on! I totally see them together later on.Lol. I also think Eric is in love with Sookie, but we shall see! :)

  20. I dont think there is tension on Sookie’s end for Eric – He just wants to overpower her and she really is in love with Bill and her character is a loyal one. I think that she will turn into the stronger of the 2 (she and Bill) more and more – protecting him more emotionally than not…

    So – what about poor Jessica’s issue!!!?!?!? wow – i didnt even see that coming but it makes sense… that poor girl and just when Hoyt finds someone he can feel good around (even tho he IS 10 years old technically)… I hope they can be mature about it and she doesnt turn more evil/bratty becuase of this…

  21. Sam–Okay I had to comment on this one–how is Sookie even remotely loyal to Bill?? In at least two episodes of Season 1 after she proclaimed to love Bill, she’s off having a snog with Sam Merlotte! The second time was when he went off to get judged for defending Sookie for crying out loud! She is not loyal by any means.

    I am rooting for Eric to be her maker!

  22. My husband and I are huge fans of the show… We’re at the point we are tired of MaryAnn.. I wish that part would just come to an end already.. I feel they have dragged that on far to long. Outside of that we love it! Its so frustrating at the end of the hour.. and its at a good part, then you need to wait a whole week.. We live for Sunday’s. I am bummed we need to wait so long between seasons..

    Can’t wait to start the books…

  23. leech – haha
    good point… but i think her loyalties are there – she is just immature and i even had a thought last night when she was saying “you are ALWAYS there for me when i need you”… yeah she kinda forgot about her complaining to Sam on their drive mid 1st season that he hadnt come to protect her and blah blah blah… but i kinda saw that as a brat – immature moment… her character is evolving a bit much for the amount of camera time i think…

    btw – even tho they are updating people’s looks this season – Eric looks awesome in his new look – but Sookie looks like they are trying to add 10 years to the girl… hahaha
    Bill looks darker and more depressed or something… i enjoy that Eric is more focused on this season – he rocks.

  24. sookie should not be loyal to bill. if they go the direction of the books and don’t chicken out b/c bill is well liked by viewers. there will be many men who are all as intriguing as bill, if not more so, on the horizon for sookie.

  25. I love Eric, Sam and Bill. All three of them are great, but I would like to see Sookie finally get with Sam. People aren’t always loyal, but love is and Sam’s love for Sookie is.

    I agree with Cinnamon-girl. Michelle Forbes has always been one of my least liked actress’s and I’m tired of seeing her shake and shimmer! Her character has grown very stale.

  26. My least liked character is Sookie. Maybe if it wasn’t Anna Paquin she wouldn’t be as annoying but whatev. Sam and Eric make up for it.
    I want more Sam time!

  27. Why is the season so frikken short?

  28. annotch you are obviously loving the guys. I am all about Sookie. Anna Paquin’s sex scenes are awesome. There is just something about her that just so irresistible.

  29. Does anyone have HBO or know where i can get VHS tapes of True Blood from websites like Ebay etc?