‘True Blood’ Season 6 Details Revealed – Who is Warlow?

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Now that the True Blood season 5 finale has set things in motion for an extremely exciting sixth season, it’s time to find out what exactly we can expect as our stay in Bon Temps is extended one more year.

True Blood’s bloody finale left fans wanting answers to even more questions, chomping at the bit to find out the more about the mysterious Warlow. With almost a year’s wait until True Blood season 6, series creator Alan Ball exits the series by revealing some things that fans can expect to see next season.

Speaking with TV Line, Ball brings some hope to Bill’s (currently) bleak situation, throws a twist in Pam and Tara’s relationship, explains the type of man vampire Eric Northman truly is, while also providing some answers as to why a fan favorite character (Hoyt) was written off the show. If you’re hoping for more visual True Blood extras, you can check out the bonus scene from the True Blood season 5 finale (above). Picking up in the Vampire Authority elevator, we see Jason and everyone attempting to make their exit – but not before the name “Warlow” comes up.

After seeing Bill bloodily transform into Bill/Lilith (Bililith?), everyone is wondering exactly what kind of monster Sookie and friends will have to deal with in season 6. Though Bill showed a brief bit a fear before spontaneously exploding, his demeanor after being reborn was anything but friendly.  Touching about this aspect, Ball hints that Bililith may not be completely gone, even if he is terrifying:

“Who’s to say what Lilith really is? He is still Bill but he is something different.

It is Bill, but it is a transformed Bill. He is not a completely new person. It’s not like his memories or his experiences have been left out and he’s just a baby.

Is he going to be evil? What does he want? What is he going to do? Will he be able to revert back to Bill? That’s for future seasons. The implication, certainly, is that he is more ferocious.”

Though having to fight the always present supernatural inhabitants of Bon Temps, perhaps a former lover turned vampire god isn’t the best thing to have hanging around Sookie. While there’s no doubt that Bill will somehow have to fight off the power that Lilith’s blood brings him, we can only guess how much destruction will have come before that moment. And even if Bill somehow rights himself, there’s still one mysterious name left to deal with: M. Warlow.

Ball will only say that Warlow will play a big part of True Blood season 6. Even fans of the books are left in the dark on this mystery, as Sookie’s parents were murdered by a pair of fairies in the novel, and the name “M. Warlow” never comes up. That being said, there were still a few hints given about what type of creature Warlow might be. Having been able to present himself to Sookie, it’s clear that Warlow has some kind of supernatural power, likely fairy. Combine that with the fact that we already know he’s a vampire and there’s a very good chance that Warlow is some kind of vampire-fairy hybrid.

true blood season 6 bill lilith True Blood Season 6 Details Revealed   Who is Warlow?

Taking a turn for the romantic, the surprising relationship between Tara and Pam caught many off guard. As many will wait and see what comes from television’s most powerful women coupling, Ball quickly puts a stop to any type of “happily every after” the future lovebirds may have:

“They both were, if not full-on lesbians, than bisexual. They both were characters with real attitude. And they both hate each other — at least they did at the beginning of the season. And that, to me, felt like it could create a lot of tension that could turn romantic towards the end.

…here’s the thing with relationships on True Blood: Once they happen then you have to throw a monkey-wrench into them, because to have people be happy is not that exciting.”

Now that Bill is an evil vampire god, the heroic light is shining even greater on the one-time villainous Eric. Putting a different spin on the former vampire Sheriff, Ball reveals what his longtime stance has been on the allusive Northman:

“Eric was kind of like a mischievous cad, but I don’t think he was ever, like, a true villain the way that Russell was or the way that Maryann was. And he’s done a lot of really heroic things himself. So I never really looked at Eric as the bad guy and Bill as the good guy – at least not since the very early seasons.”

true blood season 6 eric sookie True Blood Season 6 Details Revealed   Who is Warlow?

Essentially bringing any True Blood season 6 information to an end, Ball talks about one of the great losses from this season. As one of Bon Temps fan favorites, fans couldn’t help but mourn the departure of Hoyt Fortenberry. Though still very much alive, Ball reveals why he decided to write Hoyt off his series:

“I felt like we had told his entire story. There weren’t many places we could go with him that we hadn’t been, but I love that character and I love Jim [Parrack] so much I didn’t want to kill him. He’s always been such a good soul. I wanted to have the possibility for him to return as well. But he fell in love and he couldn’t let go.”

To wrap things up, Ball gives his final thoughts on working on True Blood, and why he decided to move on.

“It’s bittersweet. It’s been such a big part of my life for so long; of course it’s hard to step away. But running that show is such a huge job and I’ve been doing it for five years straight. I just don’t think I have another season left in me. I need to re-charge. And then I’m interested in doing something new — something with different characters and a different tone. As a writer, it’s fun to create. And once you get into a long-running show with very established characters and a very established tone and format, after a while it’s a really great job but that’s what it is — a job. You’re just continuing to create the same show. I’m at the point in my life where I don’t want to work as hard. Actually, I’ve had to take a good hard look at workaholism and it’s effect on one’s mental health. [Laughs] And, also, there are things I want to do that are different. I want to try something completely different.”

True Blood season 6 premieres on HBO in 2013.


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Source: TV Line

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  1. This show jumped the shark last night…but I still can’t wait for season 6.

    • The show jumped the shark this entire SEASON, but the finale was definitely the silliest. I found myself laughing out loud at the situations, the dialogue, and some the over-the-top ridiculous effects (head exploding due to a shifter changing from a fly back to human in a vampire’s mouth, anyone?). I’ll give season 6 a chance with new writers and all, but if it doesn’t reel itself in at least a little bit from the unbelievable outrageousness of season 5, I won’t be finishing it.

      • I agree with both of you…..But this show needs a total overhaul from start to finish if it’s ever going to redeem itself…..

      • I think maybe Anna being pregnant might have made a difference they couldn’t really have bill and Erik around sookie the whole time like past seasons without any love making. I think if she wasn’t pregnant the story might have been a little different because they never really focused on sookie for a long period of time like they used to and the love story between the three of them kind of had to be put on hold now that she will have deliveredby next season we might see ore of her and her interacting with Erik and the other characters more. Without so much of them together they had to make more story lines to take up more time. Just my thought though I could be totally wrong :)

        • They hid it pretty well….I didn’t even notice it….Had no idea…..I thought they just took a lot of focus off her because of all the intense crap going on with Bill and Eric……I still don’t think she had her mind into it as much this season though…..Seemed a bit subdued compared to other seasons

    • Alan Ball really left this show in a mess

  2. please i beg you bring out season 6 before 2013 it is such a suspensful series and each episode is enthrawling your imagination is fantastic its nothing like twighlight i love how it has the combination of sex horror and utter blood thirsty gore … this has been one of the only tv series that actually captivates my interest .. please bring it out before 2013

    • you are right. I want more befor 2013. When I thought that they killed bill I was very angery, now i am just… I dont know.I am sad that they did this to bill (even though i ama eric fan) but i am happy too cuz i know that they have to make the next season really good. I do really hope that it comes befor 2013. I want to know more. rate now all i can think about is dose both of them get out safe or dose bill get to them. What is going to happen to bill. So please bring it back befor 2013 please!

  3. The show can only get better with Ball’s departure. The Writing as been mediocre the last couple of years with characters scattered all over until the end of the season. Why can’t the ensemble work together ala Vampre Diaries?

    • LOL, Vampire Diaries is your example of a good show? perhaps if I wanted to see a childish love storie that misserably ripped off True Blood and Buffy The Vampire Slayer then I would msot certainly go for Vampire Diaries.

    • I found myself disappointed with Season 5 and being such a fan, that truly surprised me. It seemed a bit desparate. Hopefully, Season 6 will eat the shark!

  4. thank gosh Hoyt is gone. Now they need to just write off 3-4 more characters not named eric, bill, sookie, pam, jessica, jason, nora, lafayette, and tara, and this show wil get better.

  5. The show’s stock has been bouncing up and down from “completely sucks now” to “eh I guess there might be a little spark left” since the beginning of S4. Point is, yeah, we can see he’s wore out and needs to recharge. 6 will tell us if it was a case of Allan not putting his heart into it or if the show just really has nowhere else to go. Of course, I think there’s plenty left to make a great story, what with Monster Bill, the Warlow mystery, and the fairy world we STILL have yet to fully dive into.

    Best of luck, new writers and showrunner. Don’t let us down.

    P.S. Also please try to remember that Sookie is the protagonist/lead and not a guest star. There is a character hierarchy. All characters are NOT worthy of equal screentime. If we end up with another smoke monster or haunted baby storyline so help me…

    • Amen…lol

  6. I absolutely love this show, I don’t think any other show vampire related is as good as this. This season was great! I am glad that Sookie & Jason are getting back to their roots and finding out what really happen to their parents. And Sookie got to connect with Gran again, I really enjoy her character. All in all can’t wait till 2013 season!!

    • Try Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and its spinoff, Angel). Now *there’s* a vampire show that’s hard to beat. True Blood can definitely be entertaining, really entertaining, but I don’t think anyone in their right mind would call it a masterpiece. Buffy was though. Highly recommended!

      • Amen!!
        Buffy was an amazing series, and I am sooo sick of Merlotte and his ridiculously behaved girlfriend getting all this air time.
        This whole season I’ve been waiting for something amazing to happen bc it seems they are trying to build up to something. But… Unfortunately.. It’s for a season 12 months from now.
        I’m ready to stop watching.

    • 30 Days Of Night…..One of the best vampire movies ever……No charm what so ever….Just hard core monster Vamps you’d never want around…

  7. In the words of a Star Wars character= “I hate long waits.” _ Han Solo,lol.

  8. I can’t stand Nora!
    I wish they killed her off. Why does she always look like she is about to cry?

  9. If you have watched the show from season 1 until now as I have, and you say the show has started to “suck” since season 4 then you my friend are not a true fan! Yeah, I do think HBO has been cutting the time on a lot of the episodes and whoever is in charge with that needs to fix that, maybe also do 2-hour season finales, yeah Im sure it takes a lot of hard work to make this show but you gotta give the fans what they want. Some of us pay for HBO just for True Blood and Game of Thrones (me). Also, the storyline and acting is great! You just give way too much away! I don’t know about anyone else but I totally knew Salome was a Sanguinista maybe the whole time. So all in all, I think one of my favorite shows, is doing a good job, it is a show I enjoy watching, no matter how over the top people think it is! If you don’t like it, don’t watch it!

  10. The show has its ups and downs. but it definatley has to get back to its roots. when it was at its best it was dark and funny and didnt take itself too seriously. now with warlow and Super Billith hopefully they can get back on track!

  11. I am a huge fan of the show!!! And my guess is that Bill is Warlow (hence bill’s long time position of ‘Sookie is mine’). Like some others have said though…some of the sideline stories are silly (I did actually like the Efrette one but the haunted doll/ghost storyline was definitely not interesting… even though Lafayette’s character IS extremely interesting… I wish the sideline stories for his character would get better).
    ALSO!!! (I know that I’m making this comment way too late but…)Is it just me or does anyone else think that most of the storyline for the werewolfs suck? Additionally the creature isn’t that interesting in the show and the characters in the show don’t really have much to offer… IF…. IF real werewolf form was used it would have made the creature much more interesting… does anyone else agree on that (and by REAL werewolf form of course I’m refering to the anthropomorphic wolf/man form featured in legend and movies [like in Underworld])? But… I suppose that would have upped production costs or something as it would probably cost more money to make it look real…this is the only imaginable reason why I think this was done. If anyone knows or cares about the answer to this please tell me… I’d love to know.

    • Agree.
      The werewolves (bar Robert Patrick) are terrible; the smoke monster, the faeiries, the shifters, it’s all gone just too much.
      And what the hell was up with Russell being killed off like that!!!

      I will give season 6 a chance, but it really needs to vastly improve to keep me watching.
      And Sam and that annoying girlfriend need to be written out

  12. Typo: “Balls reveals”. Pretty good one, too. ;)

    About the show: I wish Northman could just kill Bill. If it ends up being the other way around, they loose me as a viewer. As said in your review, Eric is a far more interesting character. This whole Billith thing seems to be a way for the showrunners to keep Moyer in the show, as people are loosing interest in his quite dull character. Maybe Paquin leaves if Moyer does… However, I don’t see where they’re going with this whole “what if God is a vampire” thing. Is it to poke quite a few religious people in the eye? I’m not really a religious type of person myself, so I can only imagine. To me, it seems it’s either that or a pseudo-intellectual version of our creation. Next to Matrix, or even Prometheus, it’s pretty bleak.

    On a side note: Didn’t Eric fly a couple of times in the first or second season? Why is it that he doesn’t do that anymore? It kinda bugs me, since it seems like a pretty decent way of escaping from certain situations he’s been in.

    • i totally agree with you about eric

    • Eric did fly in the episode when he killed the two men in the car that were escorting him and then he and his sister flew away

  13. I’m curious if Bill will be sporting the giant bush like Liliths ?

    Also, every episode ended with the lame cliffhanger that was completely lame the following episode. For example the 2nd last episode. They introduce that totally ridiculous elder fairy, I hope it wasn’t intentional but I found it hilarious how stupid the character was. They have Russell kill her off and then charge the fairies implying he’s going to get them all.

    Final episode… bam, eric shows up and steaks him in a flash like it was nothing. Hello? They blabber about how powerful he is this and that and Erics able to insta kill him. WTF is that B.S.

  14. Not Bililith…”Billith”!!!!!

    • I am and have been since season 1 an avid fan of True Blood. I love the twists and turns the writers and Alan Ball (so sad he’s leaving) have subjected us to. Bravo!! I am a Bill fan but I’m not going to bash Eric because I love his character as well. I have the luxury of never having read the books and being biased one way or another and I’m so glad that they’ve written in a character that isn’t in the books. I do love the Sookie dream where she asks Bill and Eric to be hers. (rawr) I will continue to watch True Blood for as long as it will run and if it EVER ends I will possibly read the books. I’m glad that Ball made it his. Its an absolute great watch and happy that there’s not just a Sookie storyline. Alcide’s storyline is rather dark at the moment, but it was necessary for him to be established as pack master. Lafayette is the absolute best, bitches!! (hehe) Arlene gets on my nerves! (ugh) She needs to be written off the show too. All in all, I love the show and every character in it becuase they are all essential to Sookie in keeping her character entertaining. Thank you for keeping me hooked on TB. Maybe a little more romance in season 6 would be a good thing!!

  15. There’s just so many things that point to a need for a total overhaual…First and foremost is seeing Ann Paquin basically appear to be bored with her character herself is a good indication that it was sliding further down the hill. Then was all the silly crap added all season….I think a lot of it was supposed to be comic relief….And some of Jason’s lines actually were damn funny (Although they had him go from somewhat dim witted to nearly full on learning disabled by the last episode…..Need to bring him back to the old Jason). They’ve had too many stories going on at the same time, and many of them really not making much sense to the over all story at all (Like the sherrif suddenly having an instant family from some fairy…..HUH?) They also had an interesting rescue of the little girl who is supposed to be a shape shifter, but apparently can only shift into a wolf pup..(Ok…Here’s a huge problem I have with their version of shape shifters…If you’re going to do fantasy….at least make it probable….If a full grown human becomes a mouse or even smaller….a fly….What happens to all that body mass? If there was such a thing as a shape shifter…It could only shift into something their own size…..)

    Hopefully they’ll come back with something that works, because I doubt another year like this last will keep the show afloat very much longer

    • I agree with you that the show has too many things going on at the same time. Some serious streamlining needs to happen in S6. It’s way too hard to stay interested in a show with so many characters that are all over the place. I like the integration of some other “supes” but remember when this was a show about vampires?

      On the subject of Emma, though, because her father was a wolf (Marcus) and her mother is a shifter (Luna), they were unsure which she would become. In S4, she transforms for the first time and they find out she’s a wolf.

    • Her family wasn’t sure what she, Emma, would become, either shapeshifter or werewolf. Clearly, she is a baby werewolf. It’s pretty clear.

      This is a great series. I immensely enjoy it, and all the twists. It makes your mind work, and the more boring sub-plots, seem to be fill-ins, or plot development, that make you yearn for the most lead plot.

      I really can’t pretend to be a Movie critic because I’ve never really agreed with the critics. I think the best critic is probably only the best writer. Hence, I would probably defer to someone like Steven King.

      I do know what I like though, and I love True Blood. I think Deborah Ann Woll is a absolutely gorgeous Red-Headed Goddess! Sookie is a doll. I’m heterosexual so the guys really don’t interest me. But, the male characters are funny and very entertaining, especially Jason and Lafayette. Can’t wait until Season 6!!!!

  16. Put me into the crowd that believes the show has steadily declined in the past few seasons. Russell’s death was remarkably unremarkable. It feels at times that the show is going in too many different directions at once with the introduction of fairies, different shifters, smoke monsters and Lillith. I enjoyed learning more about vampire history and culture but thought the whole Lillith thing was a bit too much. I made them popular in the first place, the vamps and their attempts to mains

  17. This show is freaking awesome, it is the only show I look forward to. I am mad as heck I have to wait another year for the next season. I love the show, to the point of why? Buffy was awesome for its time, Supernatural was awesome too, and the walking dead but true blood is the only one that has kept me waiting for the next episode. The others all faded away to ridiculousness but true blood keeps on flowing. It may not be as good as the first few seasons but this is a true life type series…actors get older, times change…people stop being afraid…and I just think its awesome how they can keep it going. I was really sad that Lafayette’s boyfriend was killed, I love him…he is soooo entertaining. All I have to say, is I hope we get more male nudity!!! We got a few peaks and it was awesome…Can’t wait to see what happens with the 4 baby girls…and what will happen that the authority is pretty much dead…Keep it coming!!! I hope it continues for a longgggggg time more!!

  18. I think warlow was banished to whatever realm the elder fae tried banishing russel to and I believe he is a vampire and the reason sookie was able to channel him or see him in her bathroom was because of the scare blood pact John stackhouse made. Sookie is obviously a descendant of John and we know John used his blood for the contract so maybe sookie and warlow are intertwind in a way? I can imagine him being any partofafairy because when he stopped their parents on the bridge it seemed he was longing for a faes blood if he were part fairy would he be feigning or attracted to fairy blood like other vamps? And if eIS part fairy what does he want with sookie? Maybe to mate? If that is the case would sookie be the only fairy human hybrid ever to exist after the contract? Has he made other contracts with other family’s that fae coupled with? What about Andy’s 4 newborns? They are fae human hybrid will he be after them? Barry’s? I can’t believe sookie is the only half fae warlow is looking for. Also another note to be pointed out!! We don’t know how old Claudine was but she DID know who warlow was ( why? Bc she was watching the stackhouse family for ever?) we KNOw Nora knows of him (why? Is he some legend to the vamps like Lilith?) and we know that maurella is older than Claudia and all of the fae who watch the stackhouses and it seems maurella doesn’t know of him when we see Nora’s reaction to the name we must wonder what he is to her or how she knows him. And IF maurella does NOT know him we can guess he is NOT a legend to the fairy like he is to the vamps meaning he more than likely is NOT a fairy hybrid of ANY kind. Even the elder who NEVER met sookie knew of her. And even John stackhouse and warlow. I think if he was some sort of fairy hybrid or god or the first fairy vamp I think the fae would have heard the legends of their past. But to me it seems warlow is as much of a mystery to them as well. And also the vampire that breached the fairyland was bill in season 3 when he met Claudine and she told him what sookie was.

  19. Another thing is what happened if john stackhouse never had a female here? Did warlow depend in recieving the female herre at some point? What bout any other female fairy herre there has to be more than just sookie in the world? Did warlow need it to be the stackhouse bloodline for some reason or could it be any female herre and did he make contracts with any other family’s in any other towns? Being powerful you would think he would be prepared for if John stackhouse infant never even produced any more children. Maybe it needs to be stackhouse blood female herre for whatever warlow needs to do with or whatever his reason being. He had to think about what if John never has a girl fairy herre then what happens? Nothing? What inf warlow is banished to whatever realm the elder tried banish Russell to or what if he met the true death before sookie was born? Would the contract be void if warlow is dead or is the contract so powerful and sacred it would resurrect him? Or bring him back from the realm? Warlow had to be pretty dam sure that he wouldn’t meet the true death before collecting the femaile fairy herre or what is the point?

  20. i have never heard as many untalanted opinions in my life. the shows has had some crap moments and had some bad writing here and there…but all shows do and the attacks are stupid….if the show jumped the shark why are you bothering watching it and commenting on it

    • Da………The finale jumped the shark…….The season was weak and silly, but many kept hoping something would change and get it back on track….but if you liked it…Then different strokes….I think a lot of us will continue to hang in there to see if the shake up will make it worth watching once again.

    • i agree if the show jumped the shark why are you watching and making idiotic comments and insults. turn. quit commenting in our forums…it’s sabotage. YOURE NOT TRUE FANS. get lost. let the rest of us enjoy the show without all the conjecture and idiotic theories. Bill is NOT Warlow and just because you like some character with his shirt off is not going to make them the center of the show…just because your brain cant handle multiple story threads is not going to make it the bill/eric/sookie twilight saga/vampire diarrhea. It’s a larger world about vamps coming to light and all the repercussions. no one wants this to be a some romantic drivel(and i like romance) but if you want that go watch twilight

      • I agree! I loved every episode. It’s all about suspense. I have never been more addicted to a show in my life and I was a sopranos junky. True blood is my all time favorite!

  21. Another important thing that no one seems to have mentioned is ALCIDES FATHER I can’t remember his name but when Martha brought ricki to the trailer they gave her some silver to push the V out of her system to detox her and ALCIDE mentioned if he could have got some of that silver in JD he could have had a fair fight for pack master and his dad said that JD was on some ” inferior s***” talking about the vamp blood JD was on. When in fact it was russels blood JD had been drinking for weeks. That intrigues me ALOT maybe ALCIDES DAD could have been talking about WARLOWS BLOOD? How could ALCIDES DAD be so CERTAIn that whatever blood he had in that vile would be so strong against JD? Strong enough that he said ricki and JD were on inferior s***. Also it made me think about why they even concentrated on that part maybe they had to add that scene so in season 6 they can introduce warlow from a certain character or storyline. It would make sense to have an already introduced character to tell the story of warlow to the other characters rather than just throwing him on the screen and being like bam! I’m warlow b****! Like ALCIDES asking his dad where he got the blood from and his dad telling him about a bad ass 5000 year old vampire or the king of all the vampires or something?????????????”???? im sooooo curious to ask WHAT DOES ANYONE ELSE THINK ABOUT THAT SCENE OR WHER ALCIDES DAD GOT THAT BLOOD IN THE VILE? Or maybe it wasn’t meant to be anything special justto show how they got to get ALCIDE as pack master?

  22. Here´s a little heads up for all of you: season 4 SUCKED, just plain sucked ass. Want to know why anyone complains about it? the sex/nudity scenes. Want to know why EVERYONE complains about season 5? Because it actually has an interesting plot that in some way needed all those story lines to have a strong ending and a lot of interesting material for upcoming seasons. I mean season 6 its just so umpredictable unlike season 5, with that ending it didn´t even took me 1 day to figure out that Russell was back and Eric and Bill were in big trouble because of Nan´s murder.

    If you want to watch nonsense vampire “fun” then I suggest switch to Vampire Diares, True Blood just might be too much for your little mind.

  23. There is a HUGE mountain to scale for TRUE BLOOD next season. There were great moments in this finale, but it didn’t add up to BE a finale. Russell’s wasted effort this season (oh how David and I were waiting for something extraordinary this season and still were when he was insta-staked – huh?) was a putter from what should have been a roaring V8 engine, and the billiard birthing scene – the drunken lady at the bar laughing and telling the characters “I’ve no idea what’s going on” was surely a little tip of the hat, because I surely don’t know what the hell has gone on this season or why that scene was supposed to be key to fulfillment this season. I want the black dramedy that got me originally to TRUE BLOOD, an we’ve skewed far from that. I’m eager to see what a “Ball-less” True Blood brings. I hope it has surprisingly more meat.

  24. So is season six when we finally see leprechauns and flying monkeys, or maybe some wild unicorns? The point some of you who are so taken up with the show that you won’t see anything but the show you liked frm the beginning. Is that it’s just continued to get silly and dumbed down. The first couple seasons it was much smarter? Hopefully with new people at the helm it will go into a much smarter direction……I like comic relief but they’re dumbing down to a point where it’s like He-Ha humor from twenty some years ago

  25. So since Lara shifted into Reverend Newlan does that mean he is dead? So many unanswered questions left to be seen in season 6. I wonder how Andy is going to take care of all 4 of his fairy babies now lol.

  26. I was so shocked by Tara and Pams kiss…and if you had told me 2 seasons ago they would be attracted to each other id have said it would NEVER work and now i will be absolutely HEARTBROKEN if Pam and Tara are not together and involved in a sick twisted clothes ripping passionate and epic romance. lord hear my prayers!!! lol

  27. I actually liked season 5. Some of the things that seemed jilted was Lafayette and Jesus… I think Jesus’ part went on a little too long after he was killed. Also, the whole scene with Terry Bellefleur and that other guy with the fire demon or whatever that was was a little over the top. Also, why bring back the super villain Edgington and kill him off almost immediately? Some parts of this season were all over the place, but I am looking forward to seeing how Warlow fits in and his role. I’m loving Tara as a vampire… much more interesting.

  28. I have always loved Eric. I hope so much Sookie and him get back together. I also think Jason has fairy tendencies that are just now coming out. After all, he talks to dead people. And I am also thinking Sookie in order for her to see out of the vampires eyes that killed her parents that she has already drank his blood. Possibly Bill or Eric…… And I love TARA! She rocks!!

    • One more thing….. How was it that Sookie was promised to a vampire over 300 years previously???? Did the fairies and the vamps have some sort of alliance centuries earlier to keep the vamps aways from the fairies? Why would her great great great great great grandfather make such a promise???

      • Maybe sookie was an experiement in genetics to allow vamps to walk in the light? Maybe her parents knew and were hiding her out from Warlow because they were not going to allow him to take her. Maybe that’s why he killed them –to claim his prize…After all, her gran knew. Remember the scroll under the bed???

        I want season 6 to hurry up and get here!!!!!!!!!!! true blood withdrawals.

    • I Agree with you, I wish to see Eric and Sookie get back together the beginning of S4 was great with them two but then in the end of the season they have to make Sookie dumped them both that was a little disappointing, I wish in S6 Eric and Sookie will find their way back to each other. I hope that Eric will still be the strongest Vamps then Bill and Bill somehow back to his old character maybe a bit more stronger with his new transform. My biggest hope is this S6 will bring all new and better show.

  29. … who else thinks that Marilyn Manson is very very similar to the M Warlo? Manson without makeup is the same shape of the lips and the same crooked nose …. watch photos online