‘True Blood’ Season 6 Shortened To 10 Episodes – Will It Help Or Hurt The Series?

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Season 6 of HBO’s gory, blood-sucking drama True Blood  may be nearly a year away, but departing  showrunner Alan Ball recently revealed that next season will cut out two episodes, leaving the total number at 10, instead of the typical 12. Could a shortened season 6 hurt the series, which is already abundant with characters and storylines?

Ball claims that next season will be reduced to 10 episodes partially because of star Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse), who is due to give birth to twins with onscreen love-interest and real life husband Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) this November. Additionally, Ball also noted that the episode order was cut for “economic” reasons (read: to save money).

Here’s what Ball had to say to TV Guide:

We’re moving production to January to accommodate her. And there will only be 10 shows next season partly because of Anna and partly because of the economics.

The burning question that’s likely on many fan’s minds is what does that mean for their treasured misadventures in Bon Temps next year? While nothing is yet set in stone, this cost-cutting episode reduction could mean that less important subplots could be reduced significantly, if not completely phased out.  Finding time for Alcide and his pack, or Andy and his fae babies, might become difficult come next year.

Ultimately, True Blood is a vampire-centric show, so the main focus of next season will likely be on the the rise of the new Bill/Lilith fusion (affectionately dubbed ‘Bilith’), as well as the exploration of the mysterious Warlow (who apparently “owns” Sookie). Though we’ll have to wait and see exactly how producers decide to approach next season, having to fit so many character stories in a shortened episode order could prove to be problematic for the series overall. Because if there’s one thing True Blood is already lacking, it’s time to include so many of its concurrent, over-arching narratives.

True Blood season 6 down two episodes Bilith True Blood Season 6 Shortened To 10 Episodes   Will It Help Or Hurt The Series?Behold ‘Bilith’

Then again, True Blood’s seasons have always feel a bit bloated, often leaving the season finales with a quick wrap-up and cliffhanger. If producers are able to provide a more succinct story, in fewer episodes, there’s a good chance that True Blood season 6 could help perfect the series’ ability to continue on into the future. Having already written off (or killed) more than a few familiar characters, producers have already begun trimming down the series – perhaps in a preemptive move to help the transition into next season easier.

All in all, True Blood season 6 will certainly be something for fans to keep an eye on. Whether this shortened season will be helpful or hurtful still remains to be seen. Either way, it’ll certainly add another level of intrigue to next season’s viewing (as if a god-like vampire and a mysterious vampire hybrid wasn’t enough).

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True Blood season 6 premieres summer 2013 on HBO.

Source: TV Guide.

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  1. There’s nothing you can say that will convince me that True Blood isn’t a massive, money making cash cow. Cutting the season short is going to hurt the series.

  2. I can totally understand it being an issue with Paquin cause of her wanting to have a life outside of Sookie but a “money saver” sounded off. I have always been a fan of this show but out of owning all the seasons this is not one I will buy (I don’t get HBO so I wait for the season to come out or watch it with a friend. TrueBlood 4 wine :) There’s just so much to cover and you get NO closure at all. I don’t think it could help because you have to cover so much.

  3. I talked with someone today who is very close with one of the main characters (stays at each other’s houses) and they said they were told Season 6 will be the last season.

    • Okay, I hardly believe you know someone who is really close to one of the stars , and secondly, Producer’s and such of true blood do not cut 2 parts out come on! we wait long enough for the series to come out don’t leave us hanging !!

  4. My sister watches this show so I rented the series and got caught up with her because I found it an interesting show. Love Sookie and Lafayette, Eric, Pam, Jason and Sam. Never cared for Bill he always seemed to be looking out for himself from the beginning. Tara as a vampire is kid of strange but better than a gay lover!! Not all the characters need to have drama to them just let them be regular people who go to work and keep a storyline as vamps living with the regular population of people and work in the other creatures out there the werewolves and shifters, fairies, the voodoo players. just6 bring these characters in when needed to solve a situation because they themselves do not need to have a drama situation of their own.

  5. I do not think that it being shortened because of “Sookie” would so much as hurt the show; but, your reasoning of economic does because there is no way this show has not made enough money to come back every season bigger and better for it’s fans. We are dedicated fans and have been very supportive. It is bad enough we wait so long for the new season to begin, now its going to be shorter to? I think you will begin to loose your audiences attention.

  6. I watch true blood I’m addicted ten ok I actually missed some of s5 episodes but found the script all over the place not the best season holding my breath for nxt yr s6, awwe bring on the fairies, vamps, take it to atleast season 10 please

  7. I watch true blood I’m addicted ten ok I actually missed some of s5 episodes but found the script all over the place not the best season holding my breath for next year s6, awwe bring on the fairies, vamps, take it to atleast season 10 please

  8. Less episodes means less Alcide/Werewolves and less Andy/Babies, I’m ok with this. (they can get rid of his PTSD Brother and his wife as well)

    • I agree with Mike on the less Andy/ Fae Babies and getting terry and his story line right out. Focus on the more prevalent characters. I would agree with Alcide and the werewolves but my fiance might die if she doesn’t see Alcide on the show. ha Damn wolves

  9. we want true blood soon , loved it and can wait for the new one. please hurry.

  10. i thought the season was to short only 12 episodes wow if next season is only 12 episode am not even going to watch it…..and i think but more details in each episode break it down

  11. I don’t suppose this means we will get a discount on the price of the Season 6 DVDs? If it is $40 for 12 episodes, we should only have to pay $33.34 for 10 episodes. Think that will happen? Yeah, right.

  12. Love this show, but its not the same as it once was…It really needs to end!!

  13. I’m a huge fan of the books and have also really loved the show. They’ve made it different enough to keep the readers guessing what’ll happen next! I look forward to each new season with great anticipation and celebration! Now, to hear it may only be 10 episodes long is a huge let down! I’d like to see each storyline fully played out. Loyal fans deserve to savor it as long as possible! I am so very happy for Anna and Stephen, so please don’t misunderstand. They deserve to bond with their twins, recuperate and adjust to this major life change. As a mom and grandmom, I can buy this better than “economics” as a reason to cut back the episodes on a series that is hugely popular with a loyal fan following. Surely you have enough income with this hit! I’d love to see my favorite stars continue to play out interesting and entertaining stories and to have more seasons left to resolve all the storylines with these wonderful characters! There’s potential to do anything with a supernatural story, right? All that can be imagined is possible. (Can’t wait to meet the new “Bill!” and to see more of Eric and Alcide – wink, wink!)

  14. ONLY 10? Are you kidding? 12 Wasn’t even enough..What happened to the old days when a season ran from Oct to May? Reruns in the summer..yes those where the days..we are so cheated. They should make each episode 90 minutes, instead of 45, like they usually pull on us! I don’t think Alan Ball cares anymore,,,SHAME on him.

    • You are thinking of regular TV. This is HBO. There are no commercials. All the episodes are 1 hour. All the shows have 10-12 episodes. Is this really a surprise? Alan Ball said previously that S5 was a very expensive season. The Vampire Authority set had its own budget. They hired better known actors to play vampires. I’m sure Chris Meloni didn’t come cheap. I don’t see anything shocking about HBO wanting to save a bit of cash on S6, and the cast and crew are taking advantage of Anna Paquin’s fortuitous pregnancy to take some family leave. The actors may get a hiatus, but the writers, directors, and the crew barely get any time off. Usually they start putting together the new season at the end of the previous one. I’m sure we’ll get the same high quality show that we always did in S6. It will just be 10 episodes instead of 12. And there is no reason for S6 to be the last season unless all the actors refuse to renew their contracts, which I don’t see happening. We are in the middle of Sookie’s journey. She’s not finished, and neither is True Blood.

  15. I wish the next season of true blood Sookie and Eric was don’t be together because i don’ think they good for each other. And i love Nora and she make Eric hot. I want they was stay together. I think Nora love Eric so much. And I think ten eppisodes is make season 6 not like every seasons of true blood. I am one big fan of true blood. I don’t watch all the seasons of true blood but i love this. I can’t stop thinking about next seasons

    • WTF did i just read? go back to school and learn to write you f****** retard.

      • By the grammer and their name I’m assuming English isn’t there first language so you need to calm the f*** down.

      • Really? You can stand the supernatural but have no tolerance for foreigners who are obviously trying to learn English. Your the one who needs to go back to school or maybe sensitivity classes or anger management. Most of the myths this series was based on aren’t even originated in America!! So who’s really the intellectually challenged one? Ignorance much?(in its dictionary definition, I mean)

  16. 12 episodes is already short, only 10? Fans will be highly disappointed, I know I am.

    • Iam disappointed myself I wanted 12 not 10

  17. I am a loyal fan and I to look forward to season 6. I am disappointed in the fact of having only 10 episodes but I will be watching. Congrats to Stephen(Bill) and Anna(Sookie), we all love ya. Ready to see Alcide we miss ya and love ya. I watch every episode, every season. Sorry to hear about the economic problems but please don’t stop this show. Me and my BFF (Tish) will be very upset if you don’t air the show, we love it!!!!Keep it up.

  18. I honestly believe that True Blood is on the way out. The show is awful now. Season Five was serious pathetic.

    Season 1 provided so much potential for success, but now the series needs to end for good

    • I agree!!! season 5 was AWFUL!! I watched the show just to see what all the hype was about and i feel in love with it , then comes season 4 ( getting pretty bad ) and season 5 was ust ridiculous… done with watching it if it stays the way its been going!

  19. I think TRUE BLOOD is the best show ever, I love all the characters thats in it and they play their parts very well. Now with every person commenting about s6 being shortened down to only 10 episodes, now thats a huge disappointment to all dedicated fans like me. I wish to see the seasons extending to at least 10 or 12 seasons because 12 episodes just isnt enough. we all need more, more, more,,,please!

  20. Season 2 was my all time favorite. I know they went TOO into detail for some of the lesser characters like Andy, Hoyt and other characters that leave small ripples in Bon Temp. Now its just all over the place and in season 5 it seems like they went TOO into detail about the Vampire League. What, is it now dismantled because of a few Bon Temp Vamps? They derived so far from the books its now confusing. I hope that if they do kill the show, they should do it while the poker is HOT.

  21. I don’t mean to disrespect the writers, but I feel that TB has so many subplots that I’m just not interested in. It’s not just that all of these new characters that bug me, it’s the fact that they barely ever cross paths. There also needs to be some sense of normal, like Sharon said. The show makes it seem as if most of the population is some sort of “supe”. Speaking of which, there wasn’t much of a story on how everyone came to know that there weren’t just vampires, but a plethera of supernatural creatures. I also hated that Eric and Sookie hooked up because he lost his memory, I would have much rathered that it be a result of the sexual tension between them since season 1. I used to really like how this show brought bits of satire; that even though it was a show about vampires, it felt more based in reality than most shows.

  22. This show has always been focused around Sookie per the books. Anna Pacquin is the show. Anna is now a mother. I’m a mother and I used to be an actress. No one want’s to roll around in blood with a bunch of monsters when they become a mother. You’re in protective mode. It’s just how it is. Why do this when They’re are a bunch of monster killing babies in real life that we have to protect our children from (Conneticut). Who wants to go to work & deal with that all day & then be freakin out about it in real life. Reality has gotten in the way of a really great show. Everything has a beginning and an end. This show will pass as all things do. And we’ll enjoy the heck out of it until it does.

  23. Who care if they are cutting the series short… for those of you who follow the books, they are not introducing Quin… he is a major player for a while in the books and… so disappointed…. this last season was bad… will not be watching the next one… I have cancelled HBO

  24. Allen Ball Said: but “there will only be 10 shows next season partly because of Anna and partly because of the economics.”

    First, only 10 episodes, the show in my opinion was always way to short, partly because HBO has always been to cheap to give its viewers what they want. The economics part, that’s just a load crap! Hollywood has more money then fort Knox, yet Hollywood complains all the time like a bunch of whiny little girls. Hollywood in general has always did what they wanted to, and never cared what the fans wanted. Things have changed so much over the years where great TV shows are given lesser budgets and and less Screen time. There seems to be more and more down time on shows these days, The CW takes more breaks then any other station, usually a 2 month break. HBO does not give us enough episodes and we all must wait out for 10 to 11 months before we can see our shows, that is way shows don’t last, people are getting tired of waiting and so they move on. I myself won’t even watch a show while it airs, I just wait till a season is over now and then I’ll watch it so I don’t have to deal with commercial breaks and the famous 2 month breaks in between. I think a lot of people are doing that now, they just download off Amazon and the networks sites as the episode becomes available, they save them to watch them later, so the ratings go down hill because enough people are not watching the shows when aired. Its too bad that HBO is cutting budget to a great show and because of that and a shorter season It won’t survive.

  25. i think it sould keep the 12episodes or more for that matter pay the money to the actors HBO its not like ur hurting for money they do this with every series dead wood oz an so on HBO doesn’t care about the fans of any show its all about gettin there poets filled but id still like to be a fang banged love the show hate HBO:-X………….

  26. I would be very ticked off if all the good parts are cut out I really would be. You guy’s have tons of fans, make a lot of money im sure, don’t cut out True blood please!!

  27. I think cutting the season short, for whichever reasons, is not a bad thing. I cant imagine budget $$ being an issue, but again the show sky rocketed and was so developed and mainstream, adding SO many characters (paid actors and upcoming actors who I’m sure ask for more money each season) in such short time.. I wouldn’t be surprised if payroll got a bit stressed..Ive been watching TRUEBLOOD since the very first episode when I stumbled upon it one Sunday night, and I was hooked ever since. I’m a big fan of the original.. Vampires and shapeshifters..little BonTemps and a bar. The third season started to be a bit much towards the end, there’s just so much going on. I was barely able to keep up with season 5, if I missed an episode I was completely lost. Making it 2 episodes shorter could be good, kind of keep the main focus on the original characters, or at least lesser stories. And stop subploting every character into its own mini episode. It’s too confusing! Either way- ill still watch it. LOVE THE SHOW! <3

  28. Season 5 already sucked. And just because Anna’s pregnant y’all gonna ruin it more? Wth?? She’s the worst actress on the whole show.. Should be Lafayettes Pam and Taras.. me and my husband.might just stop watching all together.

  29. Is sookie and eric going to be together I hope so everyone is voting on that.