‘True Blood’ Season 6, Episode 2 Review – The Best Fairy Grandfather

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true blood season 6 episode 2 sookie True Blood Season 6, Episode 2 Review   The Best Fairy Grandfather

Last week’s True Blood Season 6 premiere left off with a Billilith cliffhanger, teasing the fact that Bill (Stephen Moyer), while still very much present, is connected to the essence of Lilith in ways we are not yet aware of. And after this week’s episode, “The Sun”, written by former It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia executive producer Daniel Attias, we’re still not aware of Lilith’s intentions, or what they could mean for Bill.

Fortunately, Rutger Hauer returns and steals the show as the Stackhouse’s fairy great-grandfather (not Warlow). And that’s all that matters – no, really.

True Blood season 6 is still moving forward with its numerous, individual storylines, and each one makes some sort of progress in this week’s episode – though some more so than others. Here’s a brief roundup of the lesser stories: Andy Bellefleur (Chris Bauer) attempts to return his fairy children to the invisible fairy bar; Terry Bellefleur (Todd Lowe) deals with Patrick’s (Scott Foley) widow, thus wrapping up that storyline from last season; Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) plays nurse to a catatonic Bill Compton; Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) holds strong as Emma’s babysitter; and Sam (Sam Trammell) and Alcide (Joe Manganiello) face-off over who Emma should live with. Oh, and one of Michelle Tanner’s best friends from Full House appears as some sort of supernatural peace activist.

After that, this episode is essentially left with two core tales – Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) & Co. and Sookie (Anna Paquin) & Co. – and it’s these storylines which help hold things together, at least for now. Eric, who is now ready to bring an end to all this violence, attempts to go to the Governor and “glamour” him into backing off of the pursuit of vampires, while Sookie – who isn’t really the focus of any storyline – gets to play the supporting character to what is, essentially, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and Niall Brigant’s (Hauer) humorous and compelling duet.

true blood season 6 episode 2 governor True Blood Season 6, Episode 2 Review   The Best Fairy Grandfather

Though there’s not much story revealed in this week’s episode – just plot introductions, which will hopefully payoff in the end – both Eric and Jason’s storyline include fascinating elementals which, surprisingly, evolves the seemingly simple seasonal storylines and, more importantly, gives fans hope that, with Hauer’s help, or with humanities evolved defenses against vampires, True Blood is ready to take on the fight to earn its season 7 renewal – which at this point it just might have to.

Hauer’s familiar cadence and intense delivery is, without a doubt, the best thing to happen to True Blood in quite some time. As Jason continues to foil the world, and as an endless number storylines and characters pass by, Hauer’s presence on screen demands that you pay attention and, what’s more, the manner in which he can steal a scene with his calculated delivery allows viewers to focus on what’s going on, to the story that’s being told; instead of continuously trying to play a mental game of “catch-up” and/or “remember the reference”. With Hauer’s exposition-filled revelations of Warlow, the true nature of this season’s villain is revealed, allowing the masked vampire/fairy to stay in the shadows, for at least a few more episodes. But really, it’s Eric and the rest of the vampires at Fangtasia who helped drive the heart of this episode.

true blood season 6 episode 2 pam True Blood Season 6, Episode 2 Review   The Best Fairy Grandfather

At this point in the season, Eric and his ragtag group of vampires are the only ones who are actually invested in the tale at hand, and it’s through them that viewers are allowed to become emotionally invested in this season. As humanities aggression towards vampires escalates, essentially neutering these strong, formidable characters, they’re now forced to make emotionally-driven decisions in order to secure their survival. After so many chaotic plots, a bit of earnest emotion in this season is welcomed, and Eric, as well as Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Tara (Rutina Wesley), don’t disappoint.

But still, at the end of the day, True Blood is attempting to tell a tale with too many parts. Sure, a few select storylines can help audiences get from one episode to the next, but it still appears as if True Blood is shying away from fixing the actual problem with the series. It’s true that the operatic nature that this series has grasped hold of allows for a few issues here and there, but it doesn’t change the fact that even the writers are having difficulties accommodating its vast characters in each episode, and its quick jump-cuts only help make this issue that more obvious.

True Blood has a lot of things going for it, and its fans have stood by it through some tough times. Hopefully now, as the season progresses, and as Brian Buckner soon gets to reveal his episodes as a showrunner, a change will be noticeable and True Blood’s future will become clear.


True Blood returns next Sunday with “You’re No Good” @9pm on HBO. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:

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  1. Jessica…..mmm….

  2. I really really hope this was the end of the Terry, Patrick storyline.
    When that woman said she was his wife I literally screamed “oh, god no!!!” at my TV because I thought we were already done with it.
    With Dexter starting next week True Blood is moving to an OnDemand watch for me. I still want to see it through until the end but it’s just not a “must see” for me anymore. I used to really love this show but it’s getting harder and harder to stick with.

    • I had the same reaction when I saw Terry’s wife. As for Dexter, that’s another show that I used to love but it stopped being “must see” for awhile too. The sixth season of Dexter was one of the worst seasons of TV ever. However, Dexter finally got some of it’s footing back last season, so I do think it has a chance to go out with a bang. It kind of sucks that Dexter ending is being greatly overshadowed by Breaking Bad ending.

    • i totally agree with your “oh god no!” statement. i rolled my eyes and yelled at my husband “if they give this a drawn out story arc all season i will s***! literally i will s***!!!” my husbands response, “please don’t, it’ll set a bad example for the kid and dog.”

  3. I loved the scene where Bill drained the woman of her blood by seeing what pain she was in & the way her blood shot from her mouth into his. Even scared the crap outta Jessica,lol. It was the 2nd best kill on the show behind Sam killing Rosalyn at the end of season 5.

    • she was pop n locking…. i totally laughed.

      • It was like she was doin the Robot dance moves,lol. I just smiled & chuckled while Jessica saw the whole thing happen & Bill’s mouth shut when he was done. I wonder what Eric would be like if he was the one who drank Lilith’s blood & not Bill,lol.

  4. I feel like the cute half-fairy guy Sookie met is totally Warlow. They had a strange chemistry, and last season they said that Sookie would be drawn to Warlow because on some basic level she is his. I don’t think he means her any harm, other than wanting her as his bride which she may or may not be into despite the fact that he’ll be a very bad boy.

  5. @ Magneto

    I agree the half-fairy guy Sookie met is Warlow. In the upcoming previews, it looks as if Warlow attacks two fairies at the club in which Sookie gave him directions to. So im thinkin maybe he goes there to get revenge on those who sent him to that other dimension.

    Another thing on my mind is will he protect Sookie from Bill & the two of them go at each other.

    • Bill vs Warlow – I’d be excited to see that!

  6. Me too. I read Season 6 premiere had lower viewer ratings than Season 5. Reason could be Basketball games going on. It sounded like if Season 6 doesn’t do well then the show will be cancelled. I just hope they don’t cancel the show with a cliffhanger at the end of the season. That would tick me off.

  7. I like seeing all the anti-vampire tech — anti-glamour contacts and UV light bullets. But aren’t wood bullets more effective (and cheaper)?

    And if they had been studying vampires in order to fight them, how could they not know they can fly?

  8. @ BigNerd

    I liked seeing all the hi-tech weapons humans are packing now aswell. Wooden bullets are for killing. UV light bullets brings the vamps down & pretty much keeps them down,especially if they plan to pick them up to study upon later.

    I guess some guards weren’t briefed on vamps very well on what they could or Burrell underestimates what the elder vampires can do. So far id say neither side should underestimate each other on what they can do. Besides if the governor knew was Bill was capable of right now so far, humans would lose I think. Aswell as weres & Shifters.

  9. I disagree with the half fairy being Warlow as I seen a twitter of another actor that looks like he could fit the role. when asked who he was playing the actor commented that he always plays good bad guys. I liked the fact that they showed a picture of Niell as Warlow though, when I googled to find a picture of Warlow. Kept it open. I thought that Warlow reminded me of The Undertaker of wrestling fame. They also showed a picture of the scary vamp that was obsessed with Tara a few seasons ago as a possible actor for Warlow.

  10. Was anyone else bothered but the four hipsters that show up and know all? Can we have a season where more new characters aren’t introduced and conclude/drive the story with the ones we have or even the GOOD ONES FOR THAT MATTER? Loved the governors gotcha moment. Loved the 6-4-3/round the horn silioquy by Jessica at the end, and hey -lump on Tara writhing in pain and you’ve got a damn good step up in quality. However – only 8 episodes left. Time to get to it, True Blood!

  11. I wonder which main character dies this season. Any thoughts?

  12. personally, with so many storylines, they’ve made this show un-watchable