‘True Blood’ Season 5 Trailer Brings Explosions (And Vampires)

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true blood logo2 True Blood Season 5 Trailer Brings Explosions (And Vampires)

It’s time to get in that Bon Temps state of mind, as HBO has released the first official trailer for True Blood season 5.

Picking up from the True Blood season 4 finale, the 30-second trailer begins with Sookie digging a grave outside her house. Continuing with an unknown voice as voiceover, we’re met with a series of quick shots (largely involving vampires) as well as some explosions. Of course.

You can watch the True Blood season 5 trailer below:

For True Blood, season 5 may serve to be the eventual tipping point with the fans. While the last few seasons of the hit HBO series have been largely hit-or-miss in terms of execution, last season’s numerous concurrent storylines, ever-expanding cast and convoluted resolutions (or deaths – spoilers!) help secured the series a place in the soap opera category for many viewers.

This upcoming season of True Blood will both serve as the return of vampire nut Russell Edgington as well as the final season for series creator Alan Ball, so expect a few surprises along the way. And hopefully this season will find a way to turn things around for the long-running series.

burned russell edgington true blood season 5 True Blood Season 5 Trailer Brings Explosions (And Vampires)

Of course, the question still remains about the future of the series without Alan Ball in the mix. With each subsequent season of True Blood, the series cast has continued to expand, and so have the number of overall storylines. While both are truly lofty goals for any television series, True Blood has yet to prove its ability to competently present this type of storytelling. Well, not without a fairy battle and Quentin Tarantino sequence.

So, for all intents and purposes, unless True Blood can figure out a way to right itself during season 5, it’ll be extremely difficult to see what exactly could become of the series once the creator steps away from it.


True Blood Season 5 returns in June on HBO

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  1. Alan, I played Pearl with you at Tommy’s Playwright Theatre. I have changed my name…reach me at jemileevanzandt@yahoo.com…please. I have written some awesome scripts…inspired by you. Talk with you soon. Thanks. JLVZ

    • P.S. “Checkers” FSU.

  2. The guy narrating the trailer sounds like Christopher Heyerdahl

    • I thought the same thing. It would be awesome if he is involved this season

      • It was Christopher Heyerdahl. And he will be in at least one episode of next season, something to do with the Vampire Authority I think.

  3. Whoa the whacky anti-Vamp pasture is a Vampire….lol. Nice twist!

  4. I’m one of those fans who are at the tipping point.
    The last 2 seasons have had so many different storylines and characters running together that it’s bogged the show down.
    For ever character that dies it feels like 4 more are introduced.
    I’ll admit the pairing of this and Sorkins new show will make for an interesting Sunday night. Only to get more so when Breaking Bad starts. :)

  5. It’s not just new faces, but all these different supernatural creatures that come to play in this one location. Must be about the highest population of creatures in the country. But that does make the series come across as a bit corny.

    I do have an idea for the perfect ending of the series though….But I doubt it could be done…The last two episodes have Sam and Dean Winchester show up and start to eliminate all the creatures….Now that would be fun…..

  6. I think the best season was second season where there was awesome carater like Godric and stuff. They need to get into this vampire philosophy stuff, i am really bored about all the sex and “oh my god eric has so sexy butt” stuff. They should do something worthy…

    • The books are written by a woman and both the books and series seem to really pander to the women more than men. In fact I think pretty much all the vampire stuff now days is geared more towards females than males…Especially that Twilight and Vampire Diaries series…..Shows like Spartacus…is obviously directed towards men…Lots of sex and extreme violence that is occasionaly played back and forth in kind of a wierd sex and gore segment….When it comes to the supernatural I think most men prefer something with zombies or real nasty preditor vamps like in 30 Days Of Night…..Nothing sexy about any of those vampires……Those are some damn spooky vamps

  7. Quite frankly, I quit watching during season 3. They seemed to forget that the story was Sookie’s and how she was dealing with all these bizarre occurances in her life. So many other characters and events were thrown into the mix that I couldn’t figure out what was the point anymore. Even though I enjoyed some of the new directions, overall it was just too much. I’m wondering if maybe it could be as wonderful as it once was (in season 1) without Alan Ball.

  8. I wonder who’s grave Sookie’s digging. Debbie Pelts? No-way could it be for Tara unless Sookie & Lafeyatte had Bill give Tara his blood immediately & asked Bill to turn Tara into a vampire. I doubt it to be true i know. It’s just seeing the 2nd person w/ Sookie there by the grave. I know the wolf pack will be on Alcide’s back about Debbie gone missing so im goin with that grave being Debbie’s & Alcide might not know yet.

  9. I felt season 3 was the worst and season 4 went a long way to keep True Blood interesting. Now that we know what Sookie is I wonder what the next big mystery will be?!?

  10. I thought season 2 was the worst because the first half of the season seemed to drag with the whole Maryann/Fellowship Of The Sun stuff. But the finding Godric scenio helped pass the time during the rest of what was goin on till the 2nd half of season got better.

  11. Season 4 was pretty good, waaaaay better than season 2 with Maryann although kind, gentle Eric got on my nerves right quick as did the whole Crystal/panther clan and the possessed baby. Please oh please don’t revisit any of those sub-plots.
    I’m one of those fans on the fence about season 5. More than once I’ve almost quit watching the show due to muddy plots and too many characters and sub-plots – It’s frustrating trying to keep track. That said, I am buoyed by the return of the OTT Russell Edgington and the addition of Chris Meloni in season 5. Here’s hoping TB gets back to the basics.
    I didn’t realize this was Alan Ball’s last venture with TB. Honestly, I don’t see TB continuing without him, but time will tell.

    • @ Red

      I agree. I was on the fence about season 4,dealing with witches etc. but it turned out to be better than i thought it would. I didn’t mind Eric losing his memory cause i knew his bad attitude is inside him & he’ll still be himself when he gets his memory back. Maybe not fully, but cross him or tick him off, watch out! as we’ve seen. I do agree heartly not bring back that lost cause Crystal/panther clan of hers or Mabus. I’ll probly get bashed here but as the series goes on, subplots about Lafeyatte or Tara get lamer. I never read the books so it’s just me. Arlene i just find annoying all the time. Im excited to see Russell’s return in season 5 aswell as Chris Meloni’s part in the season.

      Can’t wait for season 5 & True Blood continues well without Alan Ball if they continue the series.

      • I haven’t read the books either, WallyWest, but I hear ya about Lafayette and Tara which breaks me heart to say because they’re both really strong actors and the characters, particularly in season one, were spectacular. I get the sense Alan Ball doesn’t know what to do with either one anymore due to too many sub-plots/characters.

  12. season 4 (whole thing) and the mary ann plot were my least favorite

  13. I wonder if there be mini-episodes included in the season 4 dvd boxset. One that shows Hoyt’s mother Maxine tried to kill Jessica. Anyone know?

  14. They need to quit with the True Bill show! It’s exhausting! We know who gets the girl…let’s get real! Eric Northman is Sookies happily ever after! <3

  15. They need to quit with the True Bill show! It’s exhausting! We know who gets the girl…let’s get real! Eric Northman is Sookies happily ever after!

  16. Hummm I don’t know if you are critics or regular people like myself but, I enjoyed every season ! My God its a fantasy!! I think it should be able to be expressed in any way possible because of this fact.Its called “keeping an open mind people.” I thoroughly enjoyed every episode of every season because I let the writer take me on a journey where he or she wanted too and didn’t try to take the episodes where (I) wanted them to go. It allowed me to have a really great experience watching each episode of True Blood. MORE!!!!!! PLEASE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. It’s time to get in that Bon Temps state of mind, as HBO has released the first official trailer for True Blood season 5.

  18. The only thing that would make me watch true blood again is if Allan ball is out of the picture! He’s ruined true blood, as a reader of the books I never wanted the show to be exactly like the books but for the life of me, what allan ball has made is horrendous, he’s gone to far , he is too infatuated by Bill and has turned this show into the true bill show, Eric Northman is a fan favorite and has been included in many list as one of tv favorite characters ranking way over bill Compton and his story line in the books is awesome and book Sookie is awesome but true blood Sookie is so lame, and so wrong that they had her ask Bill to forgive her?? Excuse me? Forgive her for what? For forgetting that he let her be beaten up?? So wrong…..what message are they sending to the audience with this? Another horrible mistake: having Eric remember everything! So lame and that ridiculous scene with the bathrobes was beyond horrible and so out of character from Eric. A 1000 years old vampire don’t change his personality after spending a couple of days with such stupid woman that does not deserve him, oh show Sookie is so annoying! The only thing that has made me watch the show up until now is Alexander skarsgard’s acting of Eric in spite of the crappy material he’s getting lately and I have no hope for season 5 because allan ball is still there so he is gonna go ahead transforming Eric northman the powerful vampire and one of best tv characters from all times in an uninteresting and boring character that will be kneeling before the King Bill, aghh I just can’t tolerate this any longer, I have nothing against Stephen Moyer, I actually love him as an actor and look forward to his other stuff and film parts but I’m just pissed off by what Allan Ball and his band of fanfic writers have done with the charlaine Harris books, if they had stuck tonthe books just adding some fun when was needed and I’m ok with the first season’s Lafayette and even Jessica but they have even made Lafayette into a witch, demon? possession? Medium? terrible terrible mistake and last but not less, Pam, what on earth have they done with Pam? She is being reduced to a cockroach? Able to betray Eric omg that’s so out of character. Well I better stop because it’s not worth it getting mad because this stupid writers will continue to do fuckery and won’t give a F about us fans so instead I just say good bye to true blood and f*** you Alan Ball!!