Russell Edgington Will Return in ‘True Blood’ Season 5

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russell edgington true blood season 5 Russell Edgington Will Return in True Blood Season 5

Even though the continuing adventures of Sookie Stackhouse in True Blood season 4 are just beginning, plans are already underway for the next season of HBO’s hit series – plans that include the long-awaited return of Russell Edgington.

Speaking with Film School Rejects, Denis O’Hare confirmed that he will be returning as the one-time vampire king of Mississippi when the fifth season of True Blood begins. As a fan-favorite character – and one of the few positives to come out of True Blood season 3 – viewers have been wondering if/when Russell Edgington would break free from the underground cement prison that was supposed to house him for the next 100 years.

Acknowledging that the producers had always planned on bringing his character back, O’Hare reveals that the return of Russell Edgington was never an “if”, but “when” scenario. With the fourth season of True Blood introducing many additional characters (not to mention witches), the producers were trying to decide whether or not it would be better to have Edgington’s return fall within the final episodes of season 4, or in the beginning of season 5.

Denis O’Hare says:

“They were definitely bringing me back, it was just a matter of if they wanted to bring me back the last couple episodes or bring me back at the beginning. So they decided to do it at the beginning of season 5.”

When we last left the crazed vampire king in the True Blood season 3 finale, Edgington was firmly cemented within the depths of yet unknown construction yard. With no available comparison to the events that occurred in “The Southern Vampire Mysteries” novels that the series is based on, it’s difficult to speculate exactly how Edgington will free himself – or who may help him accomplish that difficult task.

burned russell edgington true blood season 5 Russell Edgington Will Return in True Blood Season 5 Russell Edgington after a little too much sun

Considering Alcide (Joe Manganiello), Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) are the only three that know the whereabouts of Russell Edgington, one can rightfully suspect that it is one of these three characters behind Edgington’s return. While Alcide has been noticeably absent from True Blood season 4, you’ll be happy to hear that everyone’s favorite werewolf will be making a brief appearance in next week’s episode, “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?” – and for those that watch closely, you’ll find out exactly where Russell Edgington was buried.

No matter the reasoning behind Russell Edgington’s return, one thing is absolutely certain: when Edgington returns, he’s going to be crazier and angrier than ever before. Even though Edgington was supposed to sit for 100 years in his cement coffin, the two years that would have passed by the time True Blood season 5 premieres (barring any additional time jumps) must have completely decimated the already fragile psyche of Mississippi’s fallen royal.

Whether or not the True Blood season 4 premiere was to your liking, the prospect of Russell Edgington returning has to at least pique your interest for the True Blood season 5 premiere – if for no other reason than to see the craziness unfold.

True Blood airs Sundays @9pm on HBO

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Source: Film School Rejects

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  1. Funny, I was just thinking the other day,
    That’s what I would do for Season 5.

  2. He also said that Paramount is losing money on this investment now because they really have a lot of faith in the film as a summer blockbuster…- He also went on to say that he didnt like the death of Kirk in Star Trek Generations. Nothing Nimoy said is inconsistent with that because obviously the filmmakers did arrive at the conclusion that it couldnt work and Nimoy is saying this well after that decision is reached…Other significant items from TrekMovie that this Screenrant person missed ..QuoteFilm will have lots of action but is still mostly about relationships and not just about swords with lights on them referring back to earlier Star Trek v Star Wars discussion ..Star Trek will make the Trek universe feel real in a way it never has before…..Using the supreme court constitutional analogy your view on if the film fits within canon will depend on if you are a strict constructionist or believe in the spirit of the law..Any changes would be done after much consideration and no differences will be from ignorance of Trek lore…Of all the female characters Uhura Zoe Saldana is the female lead of the film and does a lot more than just answer the space phone……………………………………

    • Wrong article, Sir.

  3. Yessssss, I was hoping a return of Russell since i thought he was great throughout season 3. Dang it, i wished i had HBO to keep up with whats goin on instead of waiting for each box set. I hope Hoyt’s mother doesn’t harm Jessica w/ that rifle in season 4. Besides Anna Paquin, that girl beatiful herself, be a shame for her to be killed off especially after her getting toughed up in season 3.

  4. Where is russell burried? does anyone know? e mail me or just find me on facebook. My name is ryan nutton, my e mail is….

    • @ Ryan

      Russell is buried in a Parking lot structure of of one Alcide’s family construction sites.

  5. when does season 5 or true blood come outtt?? I freakin cant wait anymore.

    • @ Aleya

      Summer of 2012. June i think.

  6. I can’t wait either I wanna know what’s gonna happen with Tara…ugh wolf girl shot her in the back a the head :'(

    • @ lori

      I knew Debbie couldn’t be trusted. I wonder if they’ll bring her back somehow with magic but one of my friends told me before within the season one of the main characters would be killed off. Some thing i expected & some things i didn’t expect in the finale. I knew Nan Fanangan would get it sooner or later after seeing what Sookie the spell over Eric. But Steve Newlin a vampire? What the heck would be his motive i wonder. Can’t wait to see how that unfolds & see how Russell rose from his prison himself or if he had help. Best season finale yet imo, can’t wait to see what season 5 will unfold.

    • Which is funny, because I just finished it and yelled “Yes! Wolf girl shot Tara in the head!”

      Now maybe she won’t be ending up on the wrong side of these battles, and making the protags make stupid choices (not destroying the coven when they had the chance, choices like that).

      • @ scott

        Lol. In the first two seasons i have to admit i found Tara as one of annoying characters. At the sametime felt sorry her probly because she had a messed up mom who’s problems drove Tara nuts herself. But i find Arlene most annoying than Tara in every season. Imo, Tara got better in season 3 & 4.

        I can’t wait to see how Pam will be like next season. Eric really peeved her off. I wish there’s more than 12 episodes in each season,lol.

  7. i think pam might have releases russel because she feels so betrayed by eric.she wants sookie gone. what do you guys think. in the next book i know sookie isnt with either eric or bill she ends up with some other dude…. i havent fiished it yet lmao but she sure has been getting around lol

    • @ crystalt

      I think it’s a possibility Pam might of. My first guess though would be Debbie before she died & other wolves perhaps. But we’ll find out next season. What’s on my mind is what’s Steve Newlin’s motive to being a vampire? I know that saying, ” If you can’t beat them, Join them” but him becoming what he hated most is what i didn’t expect. I can’t wait to buy season 4 & for season 5 already,lol. I don’t get why it takes so long for 12 episode dvd box set to come out on dvd within 5 to 6 months atleast.

  8. This article is wrong. Bill, Eric, and Alcide weren’t the only ones who knew where Russell Edgington was buried. Did everyone forget that Pam is the one who got Eric out of the cement?

    • @ TrueBlonde

      I remember Bill tried to bury Pam aswell like he did Eric.

  9. im thinkin it was Nan who released Russell, after all before her Coupe du gra finale she swd she has friends in high places tryin to take down the authority with her, and who better than the Authority hatin Vampire king of Mississippi to help her on her way?

    • @ James Brewer

      It’s a possibility but part of me would like to think even Nan couldn’t be that dense to do somthing that stupid. Especially if she ordered Eric to kill Russell by any means or Eric will be killed. I know it’s a stretch but what about Steve Newlin being on Nan’s side? In episode 2 it was hinted that he was missing & in the season finale he shows up on Jason’s doorstep as a vampire while Nan is killed off. I can’t help wonder if Steve Newlin is in league w/ the Authority, or himself as a vampire with a agenda of his own. Maybe the Authority freed Russell? I can’t wait to see who it was. One thing is clear is that it was a vampire. I know Pam is ticked off at Eric, but still i cant see her being mad enough to free Russell to kill Eric after all the years they been through together. But then again, i remember how Bill had Sookie stake Loretta.