‘True Blood’ Season 5 Premiere Review & Discussion

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true blood season 5 premiere True Blood Season 5 Premiere Review & Discussion

An often action-packed thrill ride through the repercussions of the previous season, the True Blood season 5 premiere presents a thoroughly entertaining, though flawed, first installment for the series’ new year.

Picking up where the chaotic True Blood season 4 finale left, much of the premiere follows Sookie (Anna Paquin) and friends through the aftermath of their murderous escapades. Certainly a necessity given the numerous cliffhangers and unfinished stories that were left from last season, a noticeable divide presents itself in the premiere, where tying up loose ends with some characters is juxtaposed with new, compelling stories for others.

As Sookie and Lafayette “take care” of Tara and Debbie, Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) “take care” of  Nan Flanagan and the Vampire Authority, and Sam (Sam Trammell) and Alcide (Joe Manganiello) “take care” of Marcus and the pack, while Jason (Ryan Kwanten) is kicking things off with Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) and Jessica is trying to “find” herself. Oh, and Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) is back.

While separate and concurrent storylines aren’t inherently a poor trait, True Blood once began as a single story with many parts. Now many stories with their own individual elements muddle the narrative – each scene represents its own story with its own characters (which rarely overlap).

Aside from this trait making True Blood a truly active viewing experience (if you want to keep up with what’s going on), the lack of fluidity amongst the series’ many storylines makes it difficult to get an overall sense of what’s actually occurring in Bon Temps.

true blood season 5 premiere 2 True Blood Season 5 Premiere Review & Discussion

That being said, for those able to completely grasp hold of True Blood’s transition from its initial narrative to its current structuring, the season 5 premiere is a mixed bag of thoroughly enjoyable scenes and intriguing character moments.

With many of the best character moments coming from the likes of Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) and Terry (Todd Lowe), many of the other storylines present a more heightened emotional front, which can often become goofy or silly – while still remaining enjoyable.

Though teases of Russel Edgington and other impending challenges were interspersed throughout the premiere, there isn’t really a clear sense of where True Blood is heading as the season progresses. Having screened episodes beyond the premiere, it’s fair to say that some will be surprised to see what occurs by episode four. Of course, by now, this should be no surprise for fans of True Blood.

true blood season 5 premiere 3 True Blood Season 5 Premiere Review & Discussion

Having experienced previous seasons of Gods and witches, fans of the series should be up to speed with how the series reacts to outside entities trying to enter the story. Fortunately, True Blood season 5 appears to be trying to tell inclusive tales using many of the series’ familiar faces. While several new characters are added throughout, their inclusion feels more natural and overall advances the characters’ story nicely.

By turning Terra (Rutina Wesley) into a vampire, it certainly provides the series with a way to keep her around. More importantly, it allows the writers to tap into another side of the character. Giving the powers of a vampire to a woman who has largely been abused by the world, it’ll be interesting to see how she takes to her new affinity for the night time.

Finally touching upon Terry Bellefleur’s military past, the return of former platoon leader Patrick Devins (Scott Foley) presents an intriguing storyline for the typically quiet character. Though Devins’ introduction was masked by a confusing introduction that didn’t even make sense to Terry (let alone the audience), the overall intent of Devins wasn’t made as clear as it probably should have been.

Trying to incorporate so many individual storylines into a 60-minute television series is extremely difficult – something True Blood hopefully learned from last season. So while the True Blood season 5 premiere is an enjoyable collection of new and concluding story-arcs that, for those willing to give way to its quickened pace of storytelling, represents that beginning of what very well could be a completely entertaining season, that sentiment could unfortunately change at any moment.

Until the true intent of True Blood season 5 is revealed, the safest bet is to take it one episode at a time, because who knows when the next 10-minutes epic fairy war will break out.

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True Blood airs Sunday @9pm on HBO

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  1. Game of Thrones Season 3 please ? It can’t come fast enough. Guess I’ll have to tolerate this crap for the time being.

    • Yeah…I feel you there.

    • How about not watching it? Game of Thrones is my favorite television show right now, but complaining about True Blood is idiotic. It’s either you watch the show, or you don’t. Pathetic fanboys.

  2. I’ve been waiting a long time to see this. And I loved it. Tara a SPOILERS vampire??? Are you f****** kidding me? It felt again a bit like the first seasons. I’m definitely excited to see more of it!!

    • In the books Tara is barely even mentioned other then a few sentences. Lafayette is killed at the end of the first book. Its quite apparent the author is a white southern woman lol none of the african american characters have any depth. At least the show gave them some character.

      • omg dude.
        ….i was waitin for the whacko reverse racism comments. The world doesn’t owe you anything!!!!! Move on.
        You’re just every bit as bad as a radical white racist u piece of s***. Stop fueling racism!!!

  3. I know Sookie is the main character of the series but I truly hope that Eric and Bill are the main focus this season. Their characters are far more interesting than Sookie, especially since she is the dumbest heroine in television and literary history. The vampire authority seems the most intriguing as it was hinted at as fractured. This storyline will be the most interesting throughout the season.

  4. I’m curious to see what the writers do with Rikki (Kelly Overton).

  5. I dont know if its by design, but its interesting how similar GOT and TB are in the sense that they thrive off of multiple character story lines. Everyone develops their favorites (Tyrion and LaFayette) but enjoys enough of the other garbage (Sansa and Jason Stackhouse) to make it thru 60 minutes. Keep it coming HBO…

  6. I thought it was ok.
    I’ve said a few times on these boards that I enjoyed the series more when it was focused more on a few characters and Bon Temps but it’s still enjoyable.
    There were a few LOL moments in the episode…
    Reverend Steve’s “I love youuuu” when Jason took back his invitation.
    And Pam’s statement that Tara could wake up “****trarded” as a result if being shot before her change was my favorite line of the episode.

  7. True Blood went from being okay to extremely horrible. Why people still watch it is beyond me.

  8. Can’t wait

  9. I wish Tara would of stayed dead. I mean, she’s the character they throw all the really horrible s*** at each season. She deserves to be put to rest.

    • And what I mean by that is, I would want her to be dead rather than go through more horrible crap.

      • She is too boring…She should stay dead just for that reason alone.

  10. One of the value points of great television, is being able to weave true, valued characters and then often seeing the value of making them die/go-away/sleep with the fishes. Another valued trait is having some focus. True Blood has – in it’s first 57 minutes of season 5, showcased that it CAN’T DO EITHER.

    I’m not sure if it’s because they’ve built and continued to build a larger and larger cast every year, to which questions are asked/posited and never answered, or that I’m sadly an aging viewer that remembers better relevision, but this shotgun-flash pace, that never really allows anyone to say anything more than to provide shorty, threadless background on who they are as a new character is beyond hokey and frustrating.

    The first two, perhaps even three seasons of this program were much stronger in the realm of storytelling, and I wish it would find something “meaty” as we continue to add on more characters, more groupings, more showcasings oh, and brother sister humping? Sigh.

    Is it that Mr. Ball is leaving, that we’re forced to endure this?

    I guess the best part of this season will be the hour by hour review podcasts? Sadly as programs hit the oil slick of longevity, the perspective review value goes up because it’s time to let loose the chains of reviewdom.

    • Totally agree with this comment. The show has lost all coherence and characters all credibility. Sex and blood, its go-to devices are getting really cheap when there’s no real story or development to back them up

  11. “By turning Terra (Rutina Wesley) into a vampire…” the character’s name is Tara.

  12. NO way, do i agree that Tara should be a vamp, the moment i saw the trailer over a week ago where Lafayette & Sookie where digging the graves, i knew Tara is a vamp & that Pam made her, i can right better story lines than this. i like it much better when it comes out on DVD & i can skip through this s***t. Eric with his sister, who would have thought it lol Eric & the bromance he has with bill will keep me watching Lafayette & Tara well. i only like one of them, bring back Jesus I miss him already.

  13. Just another soap….Only with a lot of bloody violence added in that couldn’t be allowed on other soaps……That and the soft porn…..

    Still…My favorite character has to be Jason….Mainly because he’s the number one comic relief guy…..He’s one of these guys who just bounces through life not quite understanding what’s going on, but always lands on his feet anyway…..And often in a very funny way….

  14. it never ceases to surprise me how many people will take the time to complain about a show they say they dislike. it’s a fantasy show folks. it’s entertainment. that’s it. if it’s not ‘entertaining’ to you-then obviously, it’s time to tune out. that simple.

    that being said, i enjoyed the article and thanks for the review. i’ll be reading more of your posts.

    • I agree. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Seems pretty simple to me.

      If season 5 plays out close to the antics of season 1, I’ll keep watching. If not, I’ll be done with the series. So far, so good.

      I like the fact Tara may be around for a while, particularly as a vamp. I love a pi**ed off Tara; couldn’t stand sorrowful, scared Tara as she does anger soooo well.

      Loves me some Jason, best character on the show in my opinion – real!

  15. Out of all the story arcs I have to say Terry’s is the one I’m most interested in. I wanna know who’s killing off his platoon and what happened in Iraq

  16. I totally loved the episode, I hope they keep it the focus on the vamps and not the wolves

  17. I loved it! I would like to see more of Sookie and Bill as a couple again. Or maybe even a threesome with Eric. Lol.

  18. I agree with with – it u don’t like it, don’t watch it. It’s just that simple. No point in really wasting that much time to rant and complain about it. Obviously ur still watching it or u wouldn’t be on here reading or writing in the first place. U people crack me up. Find something better to do!!… That being said, this season is starting out better than the last couple season IMO. I’m curious to see if Tara is going to have a grudge against Sookie and Lafayette for wanting her turned into a vampire. She looked awful P.O.ed at the end of the episode. One thing that kinda through me off was the whole wolf pack story tho. Wtf?!?! Did they eat seriously just eat him? Lmao!! Anyway, this should be good season and hopefully HBO renews for a few more. One of my favorite shows still on TV.

  19. I have a right to comment negatively, I’ve watched each season at least 4 times! I don’t know. Perhaps I was spoiled with Season Two. The intrigue of Sookie and Bill’s relationship blossoming and the looking at Eric’s life history with Godric was more than enough to keep me hooked. Season Three was even more exciting. Sookie’s search for Bill; learning about Nazi werewolves; watching Eric’s transparent infatuation with Sookie; and Sookie’s near-death experience at the hands of Bill totally had me hooked. Season 4 was pretty complex and fascinating, especially with Eric’s new attitude (thanks to Marnie) and Bill’s struggle to master his new role as King. So I guess I have to wait for Season 5 to pick up. I guess that Tara will become BT’s new nightmare and Sookie will have to figure out what to do without the Bill and Erik’s help. It just seems a bit underwhelming.

  20. I still enjoy the show and at times, immensely. Still, I was finally able to nail what is wrong with the show- way too many pretty people.

    Remember that first scene in the first episode? The fat redneck vampire at the gas station? Then we see the intro and hear the song. My family is from south Georgia and that entire intro looks like it could be the town my Dad grew up in. Then the show starts and we have one hottie after another. Good Lord. There are NOT that many hot people. All the vampires are smoking.

    B O R I N G ! ! ! !

    Bring back the dang pudgy, mundane vampires. So sick of the whole sleek crap. Some of it is okay, but they go WAY overboard with it now.

  21. Maybe some complain who have been in for the long haul and hope if enough people do complain maybe someone will notice. My complaint….. Isn’t it about time to make a monster series for guys? Granted Supernatural is that, but we could use one on cable without all the censors…..All these vampire series here and on regular tv are basically soaps that in Ann Rice fashion appeal much more to the female. I think the nasty monster stuff is basically to keep the guys somewhat interested……How about the really scary Vamps from 30 Days of Night? No love story between Vamps and their food group in that one

  22. Maybe some complain who have been in for the long haul and hope if enough people do complain maybe someone will notice. My complaint….. Isn’t it about time to make a monster series for guys? Granted Supernatural is that, but we could use one on cable without all the censors…..All these vampire series here and on regular tv are basically soaps that in Ann Rice fashion appeal much more to the female. I think the nasty monster stuff is basically to keep the guys somewhat interested……How about the really scary Vamps from Thirty Days of Night? No love story between Vamps and their food group in that one

  23. I loved it. It had its flaws but there’s so many characters that you’re bound to be entertained. It’s a crazy fun rollercoaster ride. There’s nothing else like it on tv.

  24. I always love this Season no matter what. and seeing JAson with only door as cover hhomatgad its more than enough reason for me to stay round. Eric northman is smokin third degree hawtness.

  25. I have been a die hard TB fan since the first episode, but have become disappointed because of all the disjointed storylines. I think it is okay for dedicated fans that have become disappointed to voice their opinions. As a fan you have expectations and when the series starts not to live up to your expectations you have a right to vent your disappointment.

    I think most true fans of TB came to love it because it had something for everyone. It was a love story, an action thriller, a supernatural thriller, and a gory thriller all wrrapped up into one great show. The interchanging lives of the main characters were intriguing as they tried to deal with the new threat to Bon Temps that was introduced with each new season. The secondary characters like, Pam, Andy, Holt, etc. added to the build of the storyline as these characters supported the MAIN characters. However,starting with the third season, when the show’s creators started to go more indepth into the lives of the secondary characters and then they went further in depth with the GUEST characters, the storyline and growth of the MAIN characters began to suffer. This has resulted in a lack of continuity and centralization of the storyline. It now feels like there are all these individual short stories going on and it does not give a viewer enough time to garner any sincere interest in any of them. I was hoping that the creators would realize this and go back to the style of seasons 1 and 2 when they captured their audience. But, from what I have seen in the first few episodes of Season 5 it looks like they will be maintaining the short stories. Its been very disappointing. Instead of waiting for Sunday night with anticipation of seeing a new episode, as I used to do, I now DVR the show and watch the episodes when there is nothing else on television. By the end of season 5 it probably won’t even make my DVR paylist.

  26. I am absolutely in love with this season I think that it is by far the best season of them all. It always has me on the edge of my chair waiting to see what happens next, and of course everytime its disappointing at the end when the episode ends. It will be a sad day when TB ends for good. Keep them coming for the ones that do enjoy the series!

  27. What’s up with True Blood this season. It’s seems very PG to me this season. There hasn’t been and nudity at all. The producers are going soft. I have watched this show since day one and it is one of the many reasons I watch it. This season reminds me of all the other censored crap on television.

  28. What’s up with True Blood this season. It’s seems very PG to me. There hasn’t been any nudity at all. The producers are going soft. I have watched this show since day one and it is one of the many reasons I watch it. This season reminds me of all the other censored crap on television.

  29. I think that the storytelling his picked up quite a bit actually – though I was looking for something different as we hit this almost-halfway point last night. The danger of killing a character like they did last night, is that there was a LOT of tapestry that would have been painted. I’m eager to see where this season takes us, but I thought that was a misstep.