‘True Blood’ Renewed For Season 5; Plot Details Revealed [Updated]

Published 4 years ago by , Updated September 17th, 2011 at 4:19 pm,

True Blood Season 4 Teaser  True Blood Renewed For Season 5; Plot Details Revealed [Updated]

Update (8/11): True Blood has officially been renewed for a fifth season. Look below for a press release regarding this announcement.

Love it or hate it, HBO’s hit vampire series True Blood shows no signs of slowing down – especially now that show creator Alan Ball announced today that he has just signed a new contract with HBO for another season.

Speaking at the True Blood panel for the summer Television Critics Association press tour, Ball laid to rest the rumors that fans have been spreading about True Blood coming to an end. Following True Blood season 2’s premiere, HBO quickly renewed the series for a third and fourth season. With that move, fans began to speculate whether or not season 4 would be his last.

Making his intentions clearer than ever, Ball stated, “I have no desire to leave. Doing the show is more fun than anything else I’ve ever done.”

Even though Ball’s contract renewal means that True Blood will almost certainly return for a fifth season, HBO has yet to officially announce its plans to renew the fan favorite series for another season. That being said, fans should take Balls announcement as a sign that the series will continue.

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To add fuel to the proverbial fire, Ball also revealed that the writers are already working on stories for True Blood season 5. While Ball wouldn’t go into much detail, he did say that one of the stories would include viewers seeing how one of the vampires was made.

Updated: HBO has officially renewed True Blood for a fifth season. Below you’ll find a press release of the announcement.

HBO has renewed the hit show TRUE BLOOD for a 12-episode fifth season, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming.  Created by Alan Ball, the series will begin production of new episodes later this year in Los Angeles, with debut set for summer 2012.

“I am thrilled that TRUE BLOOD continues to enjoy a phenomenal reception from both subscribers and critics,” noted Lombardo.  “Alan Ball and his gifted team have devised the greatest thrill ride on TV.”

“I remain amazed and delighted by the enthusiasm of our viewers,” says Ball.  “I can’t imagine having more fun than this.”

Mixing romance, suspense, mystery and humor, the Emmy®-nominated show takes place at a time when vampires have come out of the coffin, and follows the on-and-off romance between waitress and part-faerie Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), who can hear people’s thoughts, and 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer).  Series creator Alan Ball (creator of the Emmy®-winning HBO series “Six Feet Under”) is also an executive producer of the show, which is based on the bestselling Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris.

Following the disastrous third season, which was rampant with poor character arcs and a compete mishandling of the series’ ever-growing cast, fans were more than worried about what they might see as the fourth season began.

Fortunately, it appears that Ball has figured out how to perfectly handle the fantastical storylines and numerous cast members – but does that mean a fifth season will do the same?

burned russell edgington true blood season 5 True Blood Renewed For Season 5; Plot Details Revealed [Updated]Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) is already confirmed for True Blood season 5

As True Blood settles in its pseudo-soap opera nature, many fans are beginning to wonder whether the series has become too fantastical. With vampires, witches, gods, ghosts, shapeshifters, werewolves, werepanthers and fairies (phew!), the series, as it currently stands, is much more “grandiose” than when it humbly began.

Of course, that can be said for many series. As shows progress with age, the storylines and characters tend to grow – and it’s typical for them to lose some of the audience that originally trumpeted a premiere. With Ball only slightly basing each season of True Blood on the books, we’ll just have to wait and see how the series makes its transition into season 5.

If anything, we can at least look forward to Russell Edgington’s return, as Denis O’Hare has already stated that the producers intend to bring his character back at the beginning of the fifth season.


True Blood airs Sundays @9pm on HBO

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  1. It would be foolish to think that it wouldn’t get a 5th season. It’s HBO’s most popular show right now. With that said, I hope they dial things back. It’s great, but there’s too much stuff going on. Witches panthers, warewolves etc. What’s next, aliens?

    • Per Bill fairies are aliens.

    • I don’t think there’s too much going on, a lot of these storylines (minus Tara and Jesus/Lafayette) are relatively in tune with the books’ storylines. Alan is definately creative though, I enjoy the twists!

  2. Yeah I agree. I love the show, but I also think there is too much stuff going on within it. Love the main characters, and want them all to stay, but the whole witches and fairy/goblin thing is a little much. There’s already enough going on in the show. That been said; I am happy that it is being renewed for a 5th season and hope for more. Keep TrueBlood on for many more season’s, but let’s take a step back and get back to what made this show this popular in the first place…

  3. I think the fourth season is the best since the first. It’s really entertaining!

  4. Way to many stories going on this season for just 13 episodes. Everything seems kind of rushed and it shows in the stories.

  5. Instant way to make True Blood

    get rid of any sub plots involving Sam and Tommy, and Arlene and her evil baby.

    the time jump was a huge mistake.

    • I actually like Sam, but I would agree about getting rid of his “family” story-line, dump Tommy totally. I don’t agree that the time jump was a mistake, what I do believe is a mistake is all the different story-lines thrown in that people have to try to keep up with. That makes things too chaotic and confusing. They don’t have to follow a book per season (that is a mistake)…to do some of the story-lines justice they should stop limiting themselves to having to fit everything into ten episodes.

    • Agree with first two line but not the last. The Sam and Tommy thing is so lam as is Arlene and her evil baby. the time jump saved the show from certain doom after season 3 which was pretty weak.

  6. If you read the books the series is based on you’d understand that all the sup’s play a part in the story as a whole. If you read the books you won’t feel so lost. Alan Ball puts his spin on the stories but he uses the books as the foundation. Each season is based “loosely” on an individual book. All the fans of the books knew that as season 4 is based on the 4th (best by far) book it would be an awesome season.

  7. im loving true blood the only thing that saddens me is that sookie is with eric i am hoping he dont follow the books and bill gets back with sookie

    • How can she come back to him after he violated her and nearly killed her?

    • The whole series is based around the books?
      If she went back to Bill what would she gain? She’d just be in more danger as he is the King of Louisiana (Which is a fricking Joke)

    • I’m hoping Bill gets killed off myself, I’m absolutely sick of him. For that matter, I’m sick of Sookie in this series too…she’s not so over the top in the books. I am a fan of this show, never miss it and normally I like Anna Paquin, but she’s playing Sookie too over the top for my taste. I like Stephen Moyer normally too, but I just cannot seem to get into him as Bill (and I’ve tried). I really enjoy Eric, Pam, Tara, Lafayette, Terry…and well, pretty much everyone else…but those two have gotten really old for me. Honestly, I’d like to see Bill get the stake!

  8. I think the story lines are good but they’ve over contemplated with complexity of the character and mythical creatures. This is what happens when you stray too far away from the books. To regain a little more control in the series I think they should add more episodes to each season in order to fan out the amount of supernatural in one episode and also it allows more room for the books to have impact in the series

  9. Lets get back to the first season acting and storylines. Third season was a train wreck. Fourth season is good so far but in all honesty is seeming to become far fetch’d even for this kind of show. They should kill of Hoyt, just saying. In the 5th season they should go along the lines more of the book, even though there wasnt much to the book. Focus more on just vampires, werewolves, and humans. or even just vampires and humans.

    • Really, for me the 2nd season was a train-wreck with that whole Maenad story-line. I always tell people just to skip season 2 if they want to start watching the show.

  10. I just tell people who ask about the show that it is a Supernatural Soap Opera. While I still enjoy the show it has gotten so over the top that it is more comical than anything. And to be honest I enjoyed season 3. When Russell was all burned up and chained I was falling over laughing. Not to mention when he pulled the spine out of the newscaster. Funny stuff…

  11. i like the fourth season even WITH the many stories, but i get why there IS so much story lines. i mean the reason why lafayette’s/jesus’ story is on the screen is because one of the two will have to face off against marnie. and i dont know why arlene’s story is existing…

    • Alene’s story will find resolution in the August 28th episode. I won’t reveal any spoilers, but I will say that Lafayette & Jesus play a big part it in.

      • sweet! thanks!

  12. I forget what book it was but I hope they do the nationwide Vampire convention thing where all the Kings and Queens gather together and then the subsequent action that takes place at the end of the book. Also, Quinn would be sweet.

  13. well, i am enjoying season 4 but i agree with everyone. the story lines thrown in are too much to concentrate on and they have deviated so far from the books in relation to the characters how will they keep along the same line? like Sophie Anne at the convention and quinn? its all getting a little much but i am LOVING Eric!!

  14. I actually wouldn’t mind learning more about the relationship between Eric and Pam. I’d like to see the events that lead to her creation.

  15. The way they explained Arlene’s baby’s possessed doll was silly, the lady leaves the baby with her sister and her lover comes and kills the baby while she is out buying a doll, ugh. It would have made more sense if her house had been burned down and she could not save the baby she could only save the doll or something along those lines. Sookie and Eric’s romance is lacking, the passion with Bill was more intense but then from my understand Anna and Stephen hooked up on the set so with them being married I guess you would not want a repeat, lol. Last season I only enjoyed seeing Russell and his lover so I am glad he will be returning.

  16. I personaly quite enjoy the show a lot, whether it be to the story line or not, it is by far the best show. I do believe we should kill of the whole “sam’s family” and Andy’s V addiction, it’s just adding more than be needed. Also i’d like to see Bill find somone else, and have Eric remember and leave Sooki. Though overall, amazing show and hope it goes on for a very long time.

  17. Everyone is so critical of True Blood. I honestly think that no matter how crazy the show gets, it keeps you interested and it tells a good story along the way. I’ve personally loved every second of every season so far, it’s just a magical and enchanting series and it makes you feel like you’re a resident of Bon Temps, going through the craziness that comes Sookie’s way. And if you guys are so critical about the show, why do you still watch it? If you’re not along for the ride, stop watching it. Either way, it’s gonna be a highly viewed series each season for HBO. Long live True Blood!

  18. I’d love to see a regular cast member (or any new character) get turned. It’s been since Jessica since viewers have seen the making of a vampire. Time for some ‘new’ blood! As well, I’d like to see the Sookie / Eric / Bill love triangle play out for an entire season.. those three are hot. If she gets involved with anyone else it will feel very unfocused and way too much like a soap opera (hence, please don’t get involved with Alcide now!) Anyway, excited for Season 5. The show is a blast to watch.

  19. Is it my imagination or should the Fellowship of the Sun be making a reappearance? The book’s plotline with the bomb at the conference would televise extremely well although there would have to be a back story on Barry the Bellboy…..

  20. I love this show!! The only problem with it is I will have to wait till summer of 2012 to see it!

  21. who will be playing Quinn?!

    • I hope they cut the quinn part out and just make sookie go out with alcide

    • No one, I hear he’s not going to be in the show at all.

  22. i love yhat anna$ bill are realy marrie on jimmy kimmel if ony bill was aaaaaa true southern! best show to date

  23. Too grandiose? All those creatures are in the books. An ongoing television show is the perfect place for so many different storylines. I am addicted to this show for some inane reason. I have read all the books and think, although the show takes a few too many liberties, it’s a pretty good dramatization. And at least season 3 didn’t screw up like season 2 did. Why take the main focus off the main character for more than half the season? Marianne’s character SUCKED. I mean, I’m a man, and I like sex as much as the next guy, but “redneck Caligula” was REDICULOUS!!!

    • @justinlutz579

      I’m with you man, Marianne did take too much space on the show, which the Maenite story took barely a few sentences in the book and the orgies was too much for my taste. I remember thinking episode 11 was not necessary in season 2. Season 3 is better than season 2 for sure.

    • um…nope, I totally disagree with that statement and believe Mary
      character was great, was fun, and added a little adventure to the show. I think the books are by far better then the show for a multitude of reasons. Season 1 and 2 of True Blood was interesting and fun, and now Alan and the writers have done so far off the grid that the show doesn’t the same anymore. They’re attempting to do too much too soon. Fortunately with season five they’ve made a somewhat pleasant return.

      • yeah but you always have to relieze no book is ever the same as the movie they are always going to be different….

  24. love the show and Anna Paquin WOW she is so sexy

  25. I believe “True Blood” is one of those shows that can have a good 10 or more season and still have a great plot. Hopefully Alan Ball will continue even after season 5. Mr. Ball if I were you I would continue to put your best of everything in this show and continue it for a very long time. If you continued to have the same cast and continue to have a good plot throughout the seasons I don’t see why not to keep the show going. You will always have a lot of fan support so keep doing what you do. Also, keep vampire fights in there. Those are the most exciting ones.
    Good luck on season five

  26. I am a big Eric fan, and I loved it in Season 4 when he and Sokkie fell in love, however ….. I can not help but think that Sokkie and Alcide just fit perfectly for each other….

    • I think bill should leave sookie alone and eric and alcide should fight it out for her

  27. I wonder if there will be a true blood movie out in theaters in the near future

  28. I think Sookie should forget about Bill and Alcide and Eric and Marry QUINN!!!!!