True Blood Season 5 Finale Review

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true blood season 5 finale True Blood Season 5 Finale Review

Like in past seasons, the True Blood season 5 finale sidesteps the typically energetic seasonal ending – which was ostensibly contained in its penultimate episode – for the familiar, chaotic character wrap-up, angling towards setting up an exciting next season. However, unlike in seasons past, the overlap of so many of its character story-arcs lends itself to a much more engaging, fluid viewing experience, replacing the typically separate (and nominal) storylines with four, then three, to encapsulate the series’ ever growing now dwindling cast.

In an attempt to regain some control over True Blood’s expansive cast, more than a few of Bon Temps’ more eclectic inhabitants have been more-or-less unceremoniously written off, either through an out-of-nowhere move to a new locale or through (the true) death. Though the True Blood season 5 finale does show how a smaller cast can benefit the series, the means by which many of these characters have been removed leave much to be desired, both emotionally and logically.

Taking time to continuously highlight Russell Edgington’s obsession over fairy blood, and the power that it contains, viewers received only a slight glimpse of its results before a quick ending is brought to the character’s journey, which we spent (many) hours following. Without revealing any true representation of what exactly fairy blood can do to a vampire – other than shielding it from an onslaught of fairy power, which itself doesn’t kill vampires – what currently remains of this multi-season story thread is the fact that every vampire comments on how good Sookie smells to them, not what the power of her blood can truly do.

As the majority of the series’ characters begin converging on the Vampire Authority, the typically Sookie-focused storyline is refreshingly transitioned into an earnest ensemble piece, allowing each character to not only shine in their combined moments, but to also convey more character depth than past seasons unfortunately allowed. With Tara finding love, Alcide taking over the pack, Eric remaining resolute, Sam exploring his familial hopes, and Jason (somewhat) finding himself, the producers have provided more than enough compelling reasons to not only continue tuning in to the series, but to also be excited about what’s to come next season.

Though Jason’s (hopefully skewed) visual representation of his parents is never explained, and their comments serving to be more hateful than hurtful, their appearance does allow the character to take steps towards emotionally identifying himself, while also providing him with the foundation to explore and justify his personal wants and needs, even if some of them may still be awry.

true blood season 5 finale bill True Blood Season 5 Finale Review

However, even though True Blood has exponentially matured in its ability to tell so many concurrent storylines, a few remnants of awkward storytelling still remain. Taking a trip back to Merlot’s, everyone’s favorite sheriff, Andy Bellefleur, is now burdened with four fairy children, from a character we briefly saw, from a relationship which was anything but developed. So while the glowing birth of fae children did provide an exceptionally comedic moment in what is generally a more serious finale, the lack of viewer attachment to the circumstances surrounding it left many viewers feeling as perplexed as Bellefleur was with having to raise four children on his own, even if only two need to survive.

As the True Blood season 5 finale reached its climax, it was an all-out onslaught on the Vampire Authority, providing an exciting convergence of compelling storylines, leading to an even more compelling cliffhanger. Now that Bill’s motives have become increasingly crazed and dire, his disastrous goals of taking on the power of Lilith are perfectly extenuated by the emotional attachment that viewers have built up for the character over the past five years, to help make each and every action of his even more impactful.

Still not without its flaws – namely Jason’s “crack shot,” the Vampire Authority’s lack of capable security, and the Steve Newlan transition – it’s hard to fault the series for adding some exciting moments into what was already a highly-anticipated finale. Additionally, the producers’ ability to bring (almost) everyone and everything together in a single location should be applauded, as it helped to clearly define the landscape in which True Blood exists, rather than presenting sporadic story elements which viewers themselves must make attempt to piece together to form the proverbial “big picture”.

true blood season 5 finale andy True Blood Season 5 Finale Review

Taking his final steps in becoming the most powerful vampire in existence, Bill’s transition into the manic monster provided a terrifying conclusion to what was generally an enjoyable season. Playing on the few remaining emotional attachments that viewers have for the character, Bill’s brief death was surprisingly impactful and shocking. Seamlessly transitioning the scene into Bill being reborn under Lilith’s power, the brief pause viewers previously gave the scene quickly turned into suspense, as what came out of the pile of blood appeared hell-bent on causing destruction – something that the Eric and Sookie also felt as Eric’s shouts of fleeing ended the episode.

And with True Blood season 5 coming to a close, fans must bid farewell to series creator Alan Ball, as he decided to leave the series following the end of this season. While many might wonder what will come of television’s beloved vampire series, it’s clear that Ball has left the series on a high. After being on the air for five years, the remaining cast and crew, writers and producers, are more than capable of carrying things on in his absence.

Helping to slim down the cast, as well as bringing wholeness to a series of many parts, Ball has helped to perfectly transition True Blood into a legacy. As every television series deals with growing (and aging) pains, it takes a competent mind with a talented team to make sure a show can continue years into the future, without its creator. So while we’ll have to wait and see exactly who Warlow is, as least we can rest easy in knowing that True Blood is continuing on the right track.

Now let’s just hope that it stays on it.


True Blood season 6 will premiere on HBO in 2013

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  1. What am I gonna do til true blood comes back on!!!!? Well …game of thrones ;)

  2. This season was a welcome breath of fresh air compared to last season. I can’t wait to see what happens in season six

  3. This season went down the drain far as I’m concerned as one of the worst of the series. Too much jumping around amongst characters. The authority is absolutely useless as Eric & Bill can apparently manipulate and kill them off with ease.

    The entire storyline of mainstreaming with Christopher Leoni… was a total waste. They build that all up and it turns out that every one of his chancellors is against him.

    Why did they let Russell live anyways ? His death was very anti-climactic as it seems like the writers didn’t know what to do with him.

    The whole smoke monster thing coming for revenge… why ? Ok the red headed waitress and the crazy former soldier dude (forget his name) are suddenly fine with the fact that her husband essentially committed murder blowing a guys head off and a giant demon appeared out of nowhere… but hey they’re happy now.

    The writing is horrible and seems like its being made up as they go.

    • Yup… 120% agree. 3000 yr old vampire who can fly and moves much faster then bullets lets a 1000 yr old vamp blind side him and instantly dies… 3000 years of staying alive and this guy is stupid enough to just instantly die to some much younger vampire? What an anti-climatic end to a great character.

      And another thing… jason stackhouse vs vampire security (many who are probably > 100 years old) and he one shots them one after another? What the f***? Talk about disbelief. I hate plot armor… sigh.

      • RE: Russell, you do realize he was drunk off his ass on fairy blood, so that’s probably why he was easily killed.

        And you do remember the whole Jason training with an anti-vamp paramilitary organization, plus after all the v he’s drank, he’s probably still got some in him

  4. Though I found him to be very grating throughout this season, I was completely shocked when it looked like Bill was dead. The image of him emerging from the blood and roaring, will stick with me. Even though this season left much to be desired, I still didn’t want to miss out on how it ended. But, my job at Dish requires that I work late, so I watched the episode with the help of my Hopper. Its 2,000 hours of recording space have been a blessing with my busy schedule. If one thing is clear about the finale, it’s that the old Bill is gone; and I think the people of Bon Temps should be afraid of what’s in his place.

  5. This show is so bad, it’s good. Found myself laughing my ass off through most of this season.

  6. While I enjoyed the whole season this year I was kind of hoping that Bill really was dead. Hello Eric! In responce to the fairy blood – it was explored somewhat in Season 4 when Eric drank up Sookie’s fairy god mother. Remember, it let his be in the sunlight for a time which also explains why fairies where nearly extincted by vamps because of that.

    I thought there might be more from Christopher Meloni and was dissapointed that he met the true death so early in the season.

    Hopefully, we will see more of Lafayette – I love him – next year! More Jesus too.

    Can’t wait till next year….

  7. “Bon Temps’ more eclectic inhabitants”? Sorry, and with all due respect, what do you mean by that curious use of “eclectic”, exactly ?
    As for True Blood, well, it really began to droop this season… and what the hell happened to Mr Ball’s welcome inclusion of LGBT characters and same-gender romance/eroticism? We were left with Lafayette, queening around like some sort of fey stereotype of a kind I hope we’ve left behind. That’s all. No gay couples, no same-sex romance. If I want such vapid, vanilla soft-core, well, I can watch Showtime after any midnight of the week.

    • Did you even watch the episode? What do you Call Pam-Tara then?

  8. I have to say i was little let down this season. It seemed like only the few beginning & ending episodes were great while most in the middle were lacking compared to previous seasons. Christopher Meloni was killed off too early in the show i thought. After that, the whole Lilith ordeal with the vamps seemed too familiar like Mary Ann of the first half of season 2 that dragged. I couldn’t think of better way they could of killed Russell off but knew i wanted the character to be finished this season. I hope season 6 will be better. Alcide finally kicked more ass that i liked to see more in season 5. Hope to see more of that aswell next season.

  9. I have been a True Blood fanatic since season 1 and have read all the Sookie Stackhouse Novels. But I have to admit, this season was just kind of silly. I was disappointed in the way that Bill was portrayed. The whole “Authority” crap got on my nerves! I hated how they made Alcide’s father out as a low life! I know Hollywood has to spice things up and can not follow the books line for line, but they have went so far away from the books. Hopefully next season will be better!

  10. Personally, I thought season 5 was one of it’s finest. Let’s be honest, the whole love triangle WAS getting old and it was only a matter of time until True Blood lost many of it’s viewers. So they had to change it up and it remarkably transitioned smoothly.
    We all knew the situation with Bill was only going to spiral out of control the moment Sookie rejected him completely at the end of the 3rd season. He killed the queen, gained power as king, overpowered the witches, got taken in by the authority for killing another authority (or by the point, ex-authority) member, then went bat s*** crazy when his religious views were tampered with and he began doubting everything he ever believed in. All in all, Bill has grown hungrier and hungrier for power these past two seasons.
    Now, Bill rose up from a pile of blood as a Vampire God. We’ve passed the point of no turning back and things are only going to get worse.
    The disintegration of the authority has only made the show that much better and it’s set up a lot for the 6th season to come.
    Edgington’s death was a little too rushed for me though.
    Luna will be fine, I’m sure, since skin walkers have always fallen ill after they shift back into their own body.
    The werewolves didn’t do much for me this season. It was more like filler. Every character was connected somehow and the weres just had their own separate story. I wasn’t too keen on that take. They need to intervene the weres with the vamps again like they once did before.
    It’ll be interesting to see what Steve Newlin will do next, which side he will take or if he will disappear all together then come back later in the 6th season.
    Warlow will be the next be revelation, next to Vampire God Bill, and I’m intrigued to see what is to come.

  11. I love True Blood and I hope Eric and Sookie will get back together next season.

  12. The first season had promise. My own person opinion is that this show has been getting progressively worse each season. Very disappointing. I feel badly for the actors. I truly believe this show is on its way out.

    The actors who play Pam, Tara, Lafayette, Jessica (her ex boyfriend, Eric and the gentleman who plays a werewolf may wind up with future options in other movies and/or shows.

    I wish all of them the best.

  13. We’ve been responding to a torrent of feedback about the season and the bottom line is: Television networks don’t give LESS episodes because showa are doing well. :)