‘True Blood’ Season 5, Episode 2: ‘Authority Always Wins’ Recap

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true blood season 5 chris meloni True Blood Season 5, Episode 2: Authority Always Wins Recap

Picking things up from the final scene of the True Blood season 5 premiere, this week’s episode,  “Authority Always Wins”, begins with a recently-turned Tara attacking Sookie outside of her house.

After taking a painful hint from Pam (and her rules), Tara makes of mess of Sookie’s house and forces her and Layette to handle their undead friend, with the help of silver chains and a slit of the wrist. Finally getting her settled in Eric’s former basement habitat, Lafayette, standing over Tara, contemplates staking her.

Elsewhere, Bill, Eric and Nora, after being recently captured, find themselves at the headquarters of the Vampire Authority. Finding themselves in cages next to a former baby doctor vampire, the high-tech equipment makes sure that no vampire life is safe in their underground prison.

Attached to a special liquid silver drip, Bill is questioned by one of the councilmembers of the Vampire Authority. Holding an ancient manuscript of vampire text, the Vampire councilman wants to make it absolutely clear that Bill knows the position they’re in: Humans are made for food, not for love.

Unable to eat from Marcus, Alcide is confronted by the former pack leader’s mother. After telling the pack to find a different pack leader, Alcide makes him way back to town. Later making an appearance at Luna’s house, Marcus’ mother attempts to visit her granddaughter. With a visibly beaten Sam waiting then, Marcus’ mother is turned away – but not before she stresses to Luna the fact that her daughter is part wolf. After making her exit, Luna makes it very clear to Sam that he either “has her back or not.” Upon hearing a noise from her daughter’s room, Luna finds out that her daughter has transformed into a werewolf.

true blood season 5 jacob hopkins True Blood Season 5, Episode 2: Authority Always Wins Recap

Flashing back to moments of his military career, Arlene finds a sleeping Terry Bellefleur standing over her. After mumbling a warning, we begin to see glimpses of what may have happened. Later on, a brief pan-fire at Merlot’s causes Terry to accidentally push Arlene against a stack of metal tray. Looking for answers, Arlene visits Terry’s old war buddy. Leaving with just as many questions as she had before, Terry shows up to break up their meeting and to warn him that a former friend is not as dead as they initially thought.

Continuing to look to the past, we flash back to see Pam’s vampire origins, how she met Eric and how she eventually became a vampire. Working in a brothel, it was Eric who came to her rescue, after a human attempted to kill her in an outside alley.

Still enjoying his recent conquest, the newly-studded Andy Belfour and Jason come across an abandoned vehicle on the side of the road. Containing a small vial of “V,” Andy mends to fend off his need for the blood. Back at the station, Jason is confronted by the son of a woman he slept with. After being accused of breaking up the kid’s parents and visiting Hoyt, Jason begins to realize that he may have lost his way.

Looking to still get ahold Jason, the recently converted Steve Newlan attempts to pry Jason’s protection out of the hands of Jessica. Unfortunately, the Vampire Counsel’s new mouthpiece wasn’t able to make a deal with Jessica.

Attending a meeting of the Vampire Authority (while in chains), Roman (Christopher Meloni), the leader of the council, decides whether or not Bill and Eric lives. Before being able to make his decision, Bill promises to trade their lives for that of the recently released Russell Edgington. Intriguing the council, Roman accepts their offer for Russell’s retrieval.

A shot of the healing Russell Edgington closes the episode.


True Blood airs Sunday @9pm on HBO

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  1. Boring with a capital “B” is how I sum up season 5, episode 2. From less than vamp-tastic Tara to the Authority, with their verbose protocol and rituals, I was yawning – literally yawning – throughout the show. The saving grace for me was Pam’s history flashback and Terry’s seemingly PTSD although I seriously think there’s more to that story than just PTSD. No doubt “friend” Patrick’s intentions in Bon Temp are not of the savory variety.

    Jason, as always, my favorite: “You get to eat the pie without having to buy the cow.” Snuh? Poor Jason…he just can’t quite get a full handle on those epithets.

    • umm did you mean ‘cliches’ cos that phrase sure isnt an epithet

      Definition of EPITHET
      a : a characterizing word or phrase accompanying or occurring in place of the name of a person or thing
      b : a disparaging or abusive word or phrase
      c : the part of a taxonomic name identifying a subordinate unit within a genus
      His charitable works have earned him the epithet “Mr. Philanthropy.”
      Many were offended by her use of racial epithets.
      a group of angry people hurling epithets at one another

      i do agree poor Jason is definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer haha

      • Well shoot! Epithet is incorrect. Cliché it is although aphorism could work too, although with Jason it would be a jumbled aphorism.

        Thanks for setting me straight.

        • lol lots of other characters are guilty of using epithets i admit.. yw for the clarification :p

          • btw i could have done without Terry’s PTSD storyline.. then again ive read the entire series of books to know TB has deviated drastically on several points that being one of them… personally i like the background of vampire laws and such… Tara isnt my fave character either tho(the actress is great but she is bound by the given script after all lol).. im guessing they are using the fact she had severe head trauma just prior to being turned as the reason for all the mayhem with her.. like any other show or story tho we cant pick how it happens… we are merely along for the ride … sumtimes the scenery isnt to our taste but let’s hope we all can sit back and enjoy the journey despite the less than stellar moments

        • mixed metaphor works too lol.. glad ur not offended unlike sum but the dude writing this does need to proofread and edit stuff before posting

          btw u might enjoy sum of the other recap sites.. nj and wsj .. they tend to get quite detailed in their synopses … very fun to read

      • Really? You went there? Everyone understood the inference. You had to go english teacher on Red? Really? Debi, you seem to be anything but “delightful”!

  2. Damm filler episodes. Can’t stand them!

    • id say this was more of a ‘fill in sum of the blanks’ kinda episode myself… none of this show is hard to watch for me however.. i am a diehard TB fan as well as a devout fan of the books the show is based on…unlike the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles.. there are no long truly boring stretches
      and what lil blips and diversions are no problem for me to be able to enjoy this story/show… what would you have done differently?

  3. geez doesn’t anyone PROOFREAD anymore??? first off… tis Merlotte not Merlot.. Bellefleur not Belfour.. Newlin not Newlan… these are regular character names, not new so wtf?

    Terry accidentalLY shoved Arlene into a rack of metal trayS

    no idea how Andy ‘mends to fend off’ taking the V… how about Andy fought off his craving and handed the V to Jason… or just handed it over despite his addiction?

    did the writer intend to say ‘get a hold on Jason’ or ‘a hold of’?

    either way this article seems to be written by a grade school student(the ‘newly studded’ description) not a journalist. i expect professionally penned pieces, not garbled bits… please try to check over what you write to post for all to read… im an expert on the show but not everyone is to be able to know who and what you are writing about in this recap.

    • WATCH OUT Y’ALL!!! Here comes the fun police…

      Also please do not attempt to correct other people’s grammar mistakes when you can’t even use capital letters to start your sentences.

      Have a nice day now!

      • lol im not the one being PAID to write this article so i do not have any obligations to use correct capitalization in my comments… these mistakes make it sloppy and seem like the writer is stupid … either that or too rushed to post his thoughts… when i write anything that is meant to be professional i can and do use very proper grammar and more.. however i had hoped to read a more polished piece than i got in this instance.. i had 2 other people read it who haven’t seen this episode and they were totally confused as to the story line just by what is posted here. i doubt ill even bother with this particular site’s recap next week … i do check out several and the rest are well written usually… now and then i see a glaring plot or character error so i try to point it out for the writer to keep in mind for future reference.
        hopefully this guy takes 5 min to read the whole article before posting it …journalists used to be fined by their editors for submitting work that gets published with errors like these… as for my writing and grammar skills… since i taught school for a few years.. ill match my professional level work against anyone … these comments are not professional but this article is supposed to be

  4. btw rather than ‘unable to eat Marcus’ id say Alcide was UNWILLING as he appeared thoroughly disgusted with werewolf pack politics.. esp the more savage rituals favored by the Shreveport pack… nothing in the books about eating their dead… packmaster or otherwise… this pack seems to be more aggressive and less attractive IMHO

    one other point.. Emma is a bit young to be shifting into anything.. Sam didnt start turning til he was 15… the books and the show say puberty..
    and Emma is nowhere near that old… more like 9 or 10.. possibly as young as 8.. why deviate that far from generally accepted facts? guessing another twist to ramp up the drama with Martha/her pack and Luna eh?

    • Because Emma is a Werewolf not a shifter.

  5. The whole thing is getting too silly to watch anymore. First season was great. It has been in decline ever since. Vampires, demons, ghosts, fairies, mediums, werewolves, shapeshifters, werepanthers, witches, maenad…and we’ll throw in serial killers to boot. Seems to me regular humans are the minority. Where were all of these creatures hiding before the vampires “came out”? And the laws/rules as far as what adversely affects vampires seems to vary from season to season, episode to episode; depending on what fits that particular situation. Not consistent at all.

    • I so agree with you. Apparently, the first season was the season closest to the actual books (I have not read the books). Alan Ball and the writers have apparently strayed. Perhaps if they were to get back to the actual story or hire new writers they could redeem themselves. Otherwise, I think this will be the last season for TB.

      • If it is the last season, I honestly wouldn’t miss it.

        • I haven’t read the books; I have a friend who’s read them all; I’m bored with the show; she’s not. The point I’m trying to make – albeit inarticulately – is I’m not sure following the books would necessarily make the show better.

          I know this is Alan Ball’s last season. Perhaps a new producer will provide better material.

      • Maybe it would be a good idea to end it before it becomes even more cartoonish.

  6. Time to bring in the Winchesters for some good old fashioned Vamp hunting. Now that would really start to make the series interesting again.

    • LMAO! Excellent!

  7. I agree with Rick, it’s gotten to silly. I partially agree with Red, I’m bored with the show (no longer anxious for new episodes on Sunday night I’ll catch it on the DVR if I have time). Way to many story lines causing Sookie’s air time and role to be greatly reduced when the books and show are based on her life!! If they can’t wrap all the storylines around where they all connect, not only to each other, but also to Sookie why bother continuing the show? It’s not the same creation it started out as.

  8. I was a die hard, have read the books and enjoyed them enough to begin with, (but Charlaine Harris just wants them finished now and puts nothing into them and will end them predictably and boringly with little regard for any of her old story lines ). Alan ball gave the books dimension, sex and energy and for four seasons I have hung out for my fix, This season seems like a parody of itself. A thousand characters but every one rushed, wooden or overdone, I yawned, I drifted and I am starting to just not care. I loved loving this show, I hope it brings itself back. I will continue to watch as I will continue to read the drivel that the books have become reduced to, I just hope it rights itself and the writers of the show at least, care.

  9. I think it’s long past due far a vampire and other monster series to come out that’s actually geared towards males. Something like a super charged rendition of Supernatural that’s basically uncensored. All these vampire series are written with women in mind, and eventually they will become weak trying to be both a soap and a suspense. The soap always takes the front seat. Please make a monster series guys can get into…

  10. Total awesomeness! True Blood is the best vampire drama on TV, ever! Nothing compares. It’s hot and exciting.

  11. Thats no true Erik is hot and I’m only 12 so he is my tupe