‘True Blood’ Season 4 Premiere Review & Discussion

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true blood season 4 premiere True Blood Season 4 Premiere Review & Discussion

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Following last season’s lack-luster finale of conflicting character story-arcs and poor story progression, the True Blood season 4 premiere attempts to beautifully refocus HBO’s hit vampire drama with an entertaining storyline and masterful handling of the series’ ever growing cast.

As Sookie (Anna Paquin) gracefully traveled into the mysterious fairy world in the season 3 finale, fans of the series were left wondering what the outcome would bring to the series’ proverbial femme fatale. With the absence of any overt cliffhanger, the opening scenes of the True Blood season 4 premiere highlights what could have been a wonderful way to end a not-so-wonderful season 3 – and perhaps that’s what should have happened.

Even though the fantastical world of magic-infused fairies deliveries a beautiful facade of enchantment (with enough “power” throwing to satisfy any fan of the preternatural), the overall inclusion of this plotline feels like an anecdotal transition connecting these two seasons. This notion will become even more recognized when viewers realize that the next appearance of anything fairy has been pushed until the very end of episode 3.

That being said, the apparent segregated fairy storyline provides a perfect emotional disconnect from any bad taste that may have been left from True Blood season 3. While television’s often misused “time jump” is regularly pulled out as a symbolic “get out of jail free card” for producers attempting to distance themselves from a poorly received season, its use in the season 4 premiere feels like a pure and honest progression of a logically occurring phenomenon – made even more so by the brief appearance of Sookie’s long-lost grandfather.

Despite the fact that True Blood’s time jump results in several instances of cringe inducing, on-the-nose dialogue serving to pick-up certain characters exactly where they left off in season 3 (Lafayette stating that it’s been “10 months” since he messed with anything magical, for example), the manner in which the story confidently progresses itself leaves little time for those watching to second guess the series’ motives.

true blood season 4 sookie lafayette1 True Blood Season 4 Premiere Review & Discussion

With at least 10 different storylines being included in a single episode, it appears Alan Ball has finally figured out how to perfectly manage True Blood’s ever-growing cast and deliver a competent storyline without impacting the fluidity of the series. While some might say that the series’ lengthy hiatus may present a faux appearance of an evolved handling of the characters, the subsequent episodes serve to highlight this aspect even more than the premiere.

Considering the lack of character balance and time management (in regards to the story) was one of the main problems that many pointed out in regards to season 3, it’s nice to see the series be able work out its flaws – especially when it’s a flaw that could completely derail True Blood from its heights of fanatical praise and almost certainly lead to future sentiments of a “long-overdue cancelation.”  Even though it can be said that the inclusion of vampires, wolves, fairies, witches, and whatever else Bon Temps has now become home to may weigh on the side of including more plots (and subplots) than any one series could handle, everything presented feels complete, focused and, more importantly, entertaining.

true blood season 4 bill True Blood Season 4 Premiere Review & Discussion

In the series’ cavalcade of cast members, each included storyline feels important. While it’s true that many may not be intrinsic to the main arc that follows Sookie, their inclusion never feels contrary to the purpose of wonderful storytelling. For each proverbial step that we take in Sookie’s journey, we also take that same step with the supplement characters that surround her. Considering the simplicity in being able to use single-lines of dialogue to evolve a character that’s not the series’ overall main focus, one must both acknowledge and praise Ball’s ability and interest in fully developing as many of the series’ additional inhabitants – something that is much easier said and done in the Charlaine Harris novels that True Blood is based on.

Even though True Blood season 4 is just beginning, and this past year of television has proved that any series can instantly, and unceremoniously, make an about turn in terms of its ability to deliver quality storytelling (Cough: House), it’s hard not to believe that this is the season for True Blood to not only redeem itself, but to also secure its future as one of television’s continuously great fantastical dramas.

…and from everything I’ve seen (3 episodes), it appears that’s exactly what’s happening.


True Blood airs Sundays @9pm on HBO

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  1. That was crazy!

  2. Oh my god, Alan Ball needs to abandon the project and leave it to someone else. That was so terribly bad, it made my soul hurt and I was counting down the minutes until 10:00 so I could turn off the television. Season 1? Wonderful, captivating, awesome. Season 2, still great, exciting. Season 3, the end of a great show, everything starts going a million ways, ridiculous. Season 4 (so far), seriously a waste of time. I don’t know why he isn’t going along with ANYTHING from the books. If he wanted to write his own show with it’s own unique plot, THEN DO IT! Don’t rope us in by taking the characters and starting out by following the books and then completely killing it! So frustrating! I wasn’t remotely interested in ANY of the story lines. They are seriously just putting in lesbian sex in order to fill their boob-quota because sex sells. Well you didn’t sell to me Mr. Ball and I will definitely NOT be tuning in for the rest of the season. Doesn’t Hollywood know by now not to mess with original stories? Apparently not. This was a giant suck-fest (and by that I don’t mean bloodsuckingly awesome). True Blood is dead. I will mourn her.

    • I agree with you 100 percent! I was so disappointed with the episode that I told my friends I was done with it. I was yelling the entire hour! KING BILL…SERIOUSLY!!! I love this book series and enjoyed seasons 1-3 but this is too much. I understand that things have to be changed to make things better for tv but this was too much. I might watch the next episode to see if it gets any better but from the previews for the coming weeks, I don’t think so.

      • I haven’t read the books and I have zero problem with keeping up with the multiple storylines and don’t get my panties in a bunch because of story changes. It’s a fun show about supernatural creatures – it’s not Hamlet. lol

        • After season one I enjoyed the show and picked up the first two books. Let me tell you jesnketch you are not missing out. The books are awful and written by a barely capable writer. It’s about as bad as the Twilight books.

    • I totally agree with you Cassandra! I was so disappointed in the direction Mr. Ball took Tara’s character. I think he is toying entirely too much with homosexuality and lesbianism. Don’t get me wrong, in the 1st 3 seasons, it was a spicey twist to things, now it’s going completely overboard. I almost feel like it’s being shoved down our throats for acceptance. Heyyyyy, I love gay folks just like the next person does, but Alan Ball needs to understand that everybody is not gay, nor does damn near everyone of his characters need to be. *sigh* I need more creativity out of him. This is now lack luster dribble.

  3. I thought it was awesome!!! Loved this one, I think it is the best yet. They told more in this episode then they did all season last year, hope it keeps going like this!!

  4. How many episodes in Season 4? On HBO Canada it only shows the episode going to July 31st. Weird…

  5. I thought it was a really great start to the season. I loved how many different story lines are developing. Alan Ball took a mediocre series of books and turned it into a wonderful television series.

  6. I have to agree with Cassandra. As a lover of the books first and foremost, this episode and the preview of episode two had left me disappointed. I almost feel like it is a disgrace to the integrity of the books to say this show is still based off them. Yes, I understand they don’t want to just do a recreation, but the characters story lines have just gone too far off track for me. I will still continue to watch the show for my love of the characters and cast, but disappointed I am.

    • People with expectations tend to get disapointed…Boohoo!
      Alan Ball does what he does best, and that is making quality television.
      Free your mind people…television is television and books are books.
      It is like deciding what you like best ; True Blood or Twiligt. But there is no comparison. Be free and let go for a change, maybe then you can enjoy the series again.

      • While I do agree that because I have read the books it has ruined the show, I hardly believe that is the only reason I think the show has gone sour. Cheap gimmicks and a highly dysfunctional plot, even apart from the books, is hardly what I would call quality television.

        The show started out as smooth and all the characters were integrated into each other. Now every single character is off on their own tangent storyline and nothing is related to one another anymore. Does Arlene having an evil baby have to do with Lafayette’s witchy romance, Sookie’s year disappearance, Tara’s cagefighting, Budd’s sudden V addiction, Jason’s Hotshot attack, Sam’s random horse trotting session, Nan Flannigan’s mission to set vampire culture straight, or Bill’s mysterious entrance into Russel’s palace. No way! Nothing has to do with each other and all these story lines are giving me plot epilepsy! Cheap gimmicks like a random lesbian sex scene, Sookie being naked when Eric pops in, and some drunk dude getting a peak at Tara and her lady’s make out session are just thrown in there as an intended “wow” factor. It’s lame and unneeded and does nothing to progress the plot. In the first 16 minutes we were introduced to YET ANOTHER character (Sookie’s grandfather) and was simultaneously killed, bringing us back to point zero. Was I supposed to be sad when he died? Cause I wasn’t. It was a lame attempt to appeal to my pity. Judging by the rest of the character’s stories, I was waiting for Ball to give the Grandfather his own supernatural romance and plot line segment :P

        • Bell has stated the tv series never was intended to follow the books completely, the books are the books, the tv show is the tv show. Harrs also said she as the author doesn’t mind the divergence it’s not her tv series. I like the show for what it is.

          You mean people have their own lives and are hinged at the but to the next person. You are right layettes life doesn’t always intersect with bills, in what real world does every persons action intersect with the next, this to me is authentic. Moreover how much do you read, take for example game of thrones, if you read the books, it’s exactly written this way, and the hob series is great as well and it has many stories going on.

          • I completely agree with your point here.

            The characters are part of the story, but just because they all know each other, doesn’t mean that there stories all have to completely intertwine.

            Besides that, one thing of note is that Budd’s V addiction isn’t sudden, they hinted at that towards the end of season 3, it’s now a year later, so Budd obviously took the V regularly enough for it to become an addiction. I don’t see it as sudden, it’s just a progression of what he was doing at the end of season 3.

        • *applause* @ Cassandra! I couldn’t have put it better myself. The cheap “gimmicktry” of it all is entirely disappointing.

    • Reading the books before watching the series probably did give me unrealistic expectations of what I wanted to see happen. I could just as well say read the books and maybe others could see what we are talking about. I don’t believe it has any thing to do with letting go of the books so much as I just don’t like the direction some of the characters have gone. Having read the books or not, I still feel as though this first episode was off track. I have every intention of tuning in week after week to see what the rest of the episodes bring to the table.

  7. Sigh… Alan Ball THIS was an EPIC FAIL on your part. I actually am calling my cable subscriber so I can drop HBO. I stayed on after Game of Thrones to watch True Blood but this? Pathetic waste!

  8. loved it.Tara is a cage fighting lesbian all right.The only complaint is I thank that there turning bill into a bad guy.I loved the back and forth between sam and tommy.

  9. I disagree with the book lovers, I must admit I’ve never read the books but I still think looking at this from a bipartisan viewpoint. I was totally sold on the first episode of season 4 and in Trueblood fashion the season only looks like it’s going to be even better. I trust Alan Ball, he’s provided us with awesome shows and movies such as American Beauty and Six Feet Under. He is the king at developing memorable characters that change and grow. Characters have to grow people and to write such an awesome show off and threaten to cut off cable is very stupid. I can’t wait for the next episode and the other seasons. Book or not it’s still a great show!

  10. One word. DISAPPOINTING! If the rest of the episodes are similar to the premiere,then TRUE BLOOD will not be on my “must watch” list.

  11. WOW! You guys are basing ONE episode on the whole season?? LoL If they would’ve gone by the book, True Blood would’ve been predictable!! Get over yourselves!!

    • No…that would be basing the whole season on 1 episode.

      • Ahhhh thanks Tom!

    • How does hoping the show would be remotely related to the books it’s supposed to be based off of mean I need to get over myself? Lord of the Rings was predictable, but amazing. Schindler’s List, Harry Potter, One Flew The Cuckoo’s Nest, Willy Wonka, etc, all books translated into great movies, but all “predictable”. I’m pretentious because I had hopes the show would follow along the same path as season’s 1 and 2? Boy, I am sooo self involved.

      • The book is ALWAYS better than the movies or tv. the tv is just there for when we don’t want to think. You know chill time!

        • Not really. Jaws is better than the book, so is There Will Be Blood. I also enjoy Dexter more than the books, since it went all supernatural and stuff.

          • Agreed. Though I haven’t watched the episode and am not yet making a judgment about the watchability of the season, I have had serious misgivings about the show since season 2 (I didn’t know orgies could be so tedious in their ubiquity).

            Half of the people on this site would burn you at the stake if you wanted Game of Thrones to diverge from the books, but if it’s True Blood, you apparently aren’t supposed to want any sort of fidelity. I smell the sweet and rank stench of hypocrisy here. In any case, the books are now almost entirely gutted of their original developments in their transformation to screen. How can anyone be surprised by fan frustration? Martin’s agent is obviously more savvy than Harris’s. This is what happens when authors don’t protect the integrity of their artistic vision, I guess.

            And I agree with your assessment of the titles you mentioned. I enjoy Dexter on TV more than I enjoy the books. I can’t say that this 100% true of TB.

  12. You guys have to keep in mind, that supposedly a YEAR has passed!! You can’t really expect everything to be connected. Like I said, it was only the first episode atleast give 3 more episodes before throwing it under the bus.

  13. What a cop-out, why flesh out your characters and do some character progression when you can skip a year.

    Aarlene is pregnant, bam already had the kid. tears off barbie heads = evil

    Sam is lonely, find his crappy family almost all are gone (I think)…bam Has a new social club of shape shifters (becoming a horse is better than alcohol /fact)

    Tara is a emotional wreck, can never find a man and a terrible character, bam she’s a stone cold MMA fighter who’s into chicks.

    Bill is dumped no plans…bam king

    Lafayette doesnt have a mowhawk :( , bam wish granted

    I’ll give it a chance, last season had it’s moments but wasn’t that great. Just seems like Alan Ball is full of himself, at least this seasons seems to be a bit more intriguing.

    • skipping a whole year? All my life i am familiar with elves and fairy lore. When you are called (or taken) to their realm, time moves different: One hour in fairyland could be 100 years in the human world. (you like books? Read “Rip van Winkle, it’s a fairly common tale in fairy lore) The creators of True Blood (and by that i mean the tv people)are really into it and have done their homework about the folklore of the creatures they visualize on our screens.

      Yes Arlene had her baby. It takes 9 months for a baby to be born, and a year has passed. Storywise this was very smart. We don’t need to see that Arlene is pregnant and sick (you know what pregnancy involves, i hope) It would be very strange to wait another season for the baby to be born. No?

      What’s your point about Sam? What do you know about his story from this point out? Nothing! You even talk about his birth family being gone and all, which is bullsh*t. If you keep on watchin’ you know what i mean.

      Tara has found herself after all she has to go through. Is it strange that she isn’t looking for the love of a male? Not at all. Is it strange that she found a way to express her inner struggle and anger? Nope! That there is an intimate scene between two woman, only makes it official.

      Bill is not just ‘bam’ and ‘king’.

      What was or is the point exactly of your comment? I do not get it.
      This was the first episode guys. After a year it is nice to see where everyone is at that point. The year-break in the land of the fairies was a FANTASTIC move which makes the story more authentic.
      Also…i read a lot of reviews of people who already watched the second episode (via HBO something) who stated that the 2nd episode is great, even much better than the first, and that the 2nd episode explains a lot about the first one. Maybe some good news for some people.

      • Well thanks, I didn’t realize how stupid I was. Please tell me more about your vast knowledge of the Fairy Realm, haha sorry it was just a very odd thing to write. I get why they did it, but the timelapse is overplayed on TV, that’s why I love shows like Breaking Bad because they almost always pick up right where they left off. Oh and a Baby takes 9 months? News to me :D

        The body of the comment was an attempt at humor, apparently it was wasted on you. For that I am sorry

        I couldn’t remember what happened to Sam’s real mom & dad, I don’t watch this show religiously. I knew his brother was still around, b/c you see him.

        And while I really liked skipping the pregnancy, I would really like to see how all the characters got into the situations, it’s my hope/belief that they will flesh it out throughout the season.

        I totally get Tara’s transformation, it’s just kinda a shellshock when you have a pitiful character do a 180 personality wise. Admittedly she’s my least favorite character on the show, I like her being rough n tough, just need to see more to sell it for me. And it makes sense she’d look towards her own gender for love because thus far all the men she’s been romantically involved with have failed her in a multitude of ways.

        It seems like your really into the show, so I kinda get you getting all defensive about it. But understand where I’m coming from, I like the changes, I just would’ve like to see them happen on-screen. And though it fits the storyline, the time jump to me seems like lazy writing, which is what made the show sub-par last season IMO. But like I said I liked the changes and am back on board because it seems intriguing.

        • I never said (or pointed out) that you are stupid. You said that yourself. I do not even know you, otherwise i would have figured out that you probably were joking, right?! I guess we both have a different kind of humor then, or maybe it is because i’m from the smallest country in Europe and not that familiar with the english language. I can not always put in words what i like to say (or how). Anyways…

          Yeah i like fairies (a lot). They’re not all like how they are presented bij us, humans. Most of the fairies people know of, are those little girlie thingies with wings, but there is a complete encyclopediae full of those creatures in all their sizes and looks. And you really don’t wanna mess with them, ’cause they don’t take lightly and a prank of them can kill ya. Alan Ball could make a series out of it. :D

          I wasn’t defensive at all. I thought your first statement was just dumb (even though you had a different intention by it). Mostly i read fora, i never react, cuz what’s the point? I watch True Blood for myself, and what other people like or dislike is their own business. No one knows where season 4 is heading, and when i noticed that a lot of people were more than just complaining after only one episode, i had to say something. Sometimes i have such cravings, it’s beyond my control :p Like reading what you had to say about Sam’s family, and in the same breath you clarify that you don’t even know for sure what happened to them. In the latter of your contributions you share with us that you even aren’t a regular viewer, which makes your first contribution even weirder to me, except, in case that you were joking of course, like you stated.

          Like i said at the beginning of this; We don’t know eachother whatsoever. Don’t always think that people get what you are getting at. It’s a mistake that i made one too many myself. Nice to be on the other side of the line for a change.

          Have fun next week!

          • I agree I was pleasantly surprised with the time change factor and I’ve done a lot of personal studying of the actual celtic folklore of “fairies” (actually called the Seelie and Unseelie Court, Tuatha de Danaan, and Fae — etc)

            It’s humanity’s oldest stories in the Western Civ culture. Older than Greek Myth, about as old as Sumerian and Babylonian gods/goddesses. It’s deeply rooted with nature/animism. It’s also generally unsullied by religious dogma, and that makes it all the more interesting.

            But I digress.

            I like this show – because it’s basically some version of The World of Darkness on TV, and that’s cool :)

            Honestly, you’d think White Wolf publishing would be freakin PISSED off by how much people just rip.

          • Ok, that makes sense. I didn’t even know Screenrant was that big that non-english speaking countries visit. I know you didn’t personally call me stupid, but at the time I found your comment very condescendin, so at the start of writing back to I was kinda mad haha, I get it might be annoying to diehards of the show for someone to forget what happened at the end of the previous season. But it’s not really a big deal IMO. Now ask me anything about Dexter, or Breaking Bad, or Mad Men I could tell you, because I follow them the way you seem to follow True Blood.

            So I hope we’re on the same page, no hard feelings? Internet handshake? Maybe an Internet hug? :D

            • Everything is a matter of perspective, and we all live in our own worlds. We should all be telepathic, ’cause words are corrupt and have a different meaning to everyone.
              Btw, i can not imagine myself being annoyed over someone who may or may not forget what happened in a previous episode or season.

              Yes we are still on the same page (there’s just no end to this page it seems).

              How ’bout a kiss?

    • LOL that made me die laughing! So true! You hit it spot on!

  14. i totally agree, it’s a big change being gone for a year that felt like 15 min.people aren’t gonna put their lives onhold all that time, especially when they think your dead! it’s a good pick up spot to jump into season 4 and having already seen episode 2 it only gets better! if you have hbo.com and or rogers on demand you can watch episode 2, maybe with bell too not sure! don’t drop it until you give it a chance.

  15. When did we all become such desperate, low expectation TB viewers that we giggle in delight, so grateful for absolutely anything Alan Ball decides to give us regardless of the quality?

    Alan Ball seems determined to write his version of the books like REALLY BAD AMATEUR FAN FICTION LEAVING US WITH THE BAD TASTE OF A 1950′s SYFI “SWAMP THING vs GODZILLA” matinee!!

    It’s even a stretch to be kind and just call this show “Campy”, when the glaring evidence just shouts ” C-R-A-P-P-Y “!!!!

    It also shows by comparison, what great possibilities COULD have been done to HBO’s True Blood when you compare the CARE given to the writing of HBO’s Game of Thrones interpretation to this Sookie Stackhouse mess!

    It’s sad really, but I’m sure Alan Ball is laughing all the way to the bank!!!

    • Hahah, you can’t compare the True Blood novels with the Game of Thrones novels in the craft of the written word department at all. There is a reason why Game of Thrones is better TV. Better source material=better show.

      • I think the point that many of us who read and loved the books are trying to make is that we will never know how good the books could have translated into TV because Alan Ball has so completely and utterly annihilated the story line. I read Game of Thrones, and thought the HBO show was a fantastic retelling of the story. That is what I expected from True Blood all along, and have been pretty disappointed. Why even call it True Blood if you only use 1% of the story line? You don’t seem to think highly of the books, you are entitled to your opinion, but there is a reason this series was a New York times best seller…A lot of people really loved it, and to see it mauled like this is just plain infuriating. Season 3 sucked, and even with the “One year later…” reboot, I do not thing this season is going to be any better. Judging by that ridiculous farie sceen that started it off, it is going to be much worse.

  16. The first 15 minutes with the fairies reminded me of a really bad sci-fi I watched earlier in the day. We were actually laughing while watching it! But the rest was okay. It’ll be fun to see how these stories flesh out. I’m glad they skipped the year. It saves us from having to yawn our way through the progression of the stagnant story lines from the end of last year. I may have been a bit disappointed, but I’ll keep watching. It wasn’t THAT bad!

    • I’m with you Lindy – it was like – what the hell is this? HHAAA

  17. Just Jump the ship all together…..
    Can you imagine what the poor brow beaten co-writing team (under of the supervision of Mr.Ball) must have been put thru trying to RE-COOP this year’s season into some kind of comprehensible order?

    I bet one of these poor saps was the one to DELICATELY assuage Alan’s (out of control )ego by offering up the idea of

    “Hey, I know, maybe we could make the excess stories all go away and clean everything up by using the ole’ “AND ONE YEAR LATER….” THANG !!

    I also bet those same (temporarily relived) co-writers just about pulled out their hair screaming when Alan Ball then preceded to “FILLING IN” that CLEAN SLATE with EVEN MORE STUPID STORIES!!

    WOW!!!! I sure wouldn’t want MY name on the True Blood screen credits for this show!!!!

  18. I think there needs to be room for a little artistic improvisation. Ball is successfully utilizing his right to digress from the original plot of the books. I LOVE the show; it does exactly what it is intended to do. It entertains me for an hour. The books are okay.

    Bottom line: Wishing for the book verbatim on screen is a waste of energy. It’s never going to happen. Ball takes the material and uses what’s good and scraps what’s not while adding his own flair which in IMO, is cool. Sure, Season 3 wasn’t the best season of all. But I think Season 4 is going to be amazing.

    • You have obviously never read the books. They aren’t great literature, but the story is cohesive. Fans wouldn’t have to want a faithful adaptation to be appalled by all the changes in the name of cheap spectacle. The show really is not even in the spirit of the books any more. Do realize that this is manipulation of audience at its peak, worse even than tugging at heartstrings. Hell, they know those techniques won’t work with this audience. They use the carnivalesque and rely on spectacle instead. I won’t say that’s an inappropriate path to take, but it’s not just a minor journey off the beaten path. Ball is on a different map altogether. Can’t blame book fans for being frustrated by this campy theatre of the absurd, however much it landers to it’s Showtime audience. The fault lies more with expecting too much from this production company, I believe.

      • Lander=panders.

  19. I WISH that this series would stick closer to the books I want to see Sookie’s Godmother in a postive light and I want to see eric loose his memory. I am hoping that it wont be this jumpy all season I want a plot and I want to be able to keep up with everyone. Having said that, I did enjoy the show, it keeps me guessing, even when I was becoming a book snob on the couch. I wish Bill was more whimpy like in the books, and I wish that Eric didnt own her house because I feel like it is taken a big part of the books away. I liked that the house is where Sookie has all the control…

  20. I thought it was a joke! Where is the books in all this, I understand that one book is not enough to make one season and it’s fine to put more then one book in to one season but they have worked them self so far away from the books they can’t dig themselves out!

  21. Man what a let down and like all HBO series they have zero live after the second season – I love this series and I will give it a few more episodes, but seriously – the whole Fairies, then the witches thing – man they have really strayed form what made True Blood really cool. Now it has returned to let see what we can put into this mix next. I thought a last year was lame – it seemed to pick up where it left off. But I will give it a few more shows to make my decision. I do not have high hopes, but the ending made for a good switch. It would seem that Erik is the main focus this year – or as the previews would make you believe him to be.

    • Sorry but this is where the book (Dead to the World) this is where the series is starting and yes witches are a big part of this book and Jason gets kidnapped and a witch puts a spell on Eric and he loses his memory and Sookie falls for him instead of Bill and Bill becomes the bad guy in this series , so the book is right on target

    • Hello,,,,,,,, the show is based on the books, duh!!!! Season 3 kicked butt. True Blood is still very cool. The whole concept of true blood is based on the series, which is all vampires, shapeshifters, faeries, telepaths, and witches. The show totally rocks! And yes, there is a major story arch with Eric this year…..based on the books!!!!!!!

    • To be honest i think your critique is a little harsh. True blood is all about the supernatural, if it just focused on vampires solely it would become boring after awhile. The inclusion of all the other supernatural forces are a fun way to spark up interests in others who dont necessarily like vampires. I am a big fan of the show and think what they do is brilliant. For you to say that there is zero life to the show is pretty arrogant with all the things that have happened thus far. I think you should probably stop watching the show just because the show needs real fans who appreciate what they do and not overly judge and criticize, especially with judgements that fall on the lesser end of the spectrum when the show does increasingly well as it goes along. Stick with CHarmed, i think thats more up your alley.

  22. Coming back to this conversation of sorts, I thought I would clear something up for the Book Readers vs. Non Book Readers argument. The people who read the books know what I’m talking about, but for the people who just watch the show, I want to try and let you see where we are coming from maybe.

    Out of the entire premiere of Season 4, I would say 1% of what happened is actually drawn from the book. That 1% is merely the fact that there are some of the same character’s in the show as the book. For example; if I were to create a show called, I don’t know… “Potter” and take some of the characters from Harry Potter, even some of the ones who died in the first book, and call it a show based off of the book, but then have Snape and Harry go out bowling, Harry Potter’s mom and dad still alive and hunting elk in the woods, and taking Draco and making him a ballerina. For having so many expectations of seeing the books we loved being visually represented, or at least acknowledged on screen so our favorite characters and story would come to life, none of that ever really happened. All of my hopes were squished now that Ball has decided to do his own thing. Fine, do your own thing, write your own plot, but don’t borrow characters to do it. If I were Charlaine Harris I would be pissed and confused that my books were even associated with this show.

    • Im sure Charlaine Harris got a pretty penny for borrowing her characters and somewhat story-lines.
      Alan Ball says right out they do not totally follow the books, and i’m glad they dont. I find her books to be alittle drab….
      Alan gives the characters the imagination and deepness to make a crazy down south soap opera a believeable story line.
      You cant help but love the characters, and you have two choices. You either love them and tune in weekly. OR simply change the channel. Maybe
      just pull the books out and read them again……….

    • Im reading (Dead to the World) now and the series is starting off like the book , where sookie’s brother gets kidnapped and Eric will lose his memory to witches and he becomes nicer to sookie and she will fall for him instead of Bill , we all know Bill and sookie are not meant to be , she will be with Eric whick is better anyways , I never liked bill to much he always looked like a sneak to me LOL !! As for the rest I dont know havent read that far but I will now !!

  23. I read and loved the books (except maybe the last one). The TB series started great but has now done a total face plant. I was disappointed and not looking forward to the 2nd episode. Maybe I will watch Bravo instead.

  24. I think the show was confusing but if that was director’s and writers intentions, then they did a good job. From what I get the viewers mostly follows what Sookie sees. Being that she has been gone for over a year, when she gets back a lot of things have changed.

    Sam has new friends, Bill’s king, and all types of things are going on that we did not get to see unvail. It’s just bam this is what’s going on now. And like a person who has missed a year of your life, you need to get caught up on things.

    If this is indeed the creators intentions then it was executed perfectly and made feel like a person who lost a year in my life, while the world move on without me.

    As for not following the books, it was told from the beginning of the show that only a few elements will follow the book and the tv series will stand on it’s own.

    It works both ways, staying true to the books works and taking elements from a certain title and changing things work. I have seen it do well in each format.

  25. Here’s one for al the ‘mad because it wasn’t in the books’ people.

    Alan Ball talks about the fairie world, the V-addiction of Andy and where it is heading. Flashbackscenes about Terry and Andy’s past and the link to the Compton family. The true motives about Tara’s choice of new life (and possible consequences. He also explains the reason why Bill is king and what will come out of it. Even a detail about the role Katie is playing in this season and the fact that Nan now is a regular for this season. He spoils a little bit about Rosemary’s baby…i mean Arlene’s baby, and it might not be what you think that is going on. He mentioned the grand return of Alcide called by our damsel in distress. And he (more than) hints about what will happen with Hoyt and Jessica. In the interview he gives a lot away about the Eric story arc which will follow the book completely…fans of the books will be pleased to see all that they want to see.


    You will also find a link at the bottom of the article where you can watch episode 2, which will make things that happened in episode 1 more understandable. I am not gonna watch ’till september. Rather watching the season as a whole, so after this walla i’m outta here. So, fellow people from planet Earth, i fare thee well…


  26. I think it was a brilliant idea! I thought one of the poor acts of season 3 was how weak they made Bill. Now that he is mysteriously king of louisiana (I love it) he can enjoy shifting around his own weight! The other plots seamlessly have worked as well, with my only concern being Jason’s storyline, but hopes are high. I do hope in the end all of the characters come together to fight a common foe!

  27. True Blood is awful now..with that being said,I will tune in every week.Maybe all of that magical hooey has hypnotized me.Who knows?

    • Same here, I couldn’t wait for the fourth season to begin and now I’m so disappointed!Still, I cannot prevent myself from watching new episodes. And damn, they’re bad! Mystical, huh? ;)

  28. I don’t exactly agree with the disappointing sentiment, not after one episode. I was disappointed after seasons 2 and 3, but I think this “Fresh” start, at least to some extent, has potential to really improve on thigs. Check out this very relevant blog post I ran into while reading all I can about True Blood. it captures things quite nicely: http://www.babblingben.com

  29. I can’t believe the writer said that Season 3 of True Blood was “lacking” what is, he crazy. Season 3 was the best so far. If Bill continued to act like an idiot any longer, and Sookie to continue to put up with his selfish behavior…..well let’s just say I’m glad that she has moved on. Season 3 story line lagging…..huh? It was totally awesome and I think that the increase in viewership would agree. Anyways when all is said and done, it is one great show that I love to watch. It is a serious competitor that I believe will last the “test of time”. As in people are still talking and comparing vampire shows to Buffy, and I believe that True Blood has and will continue to reach that length.