‘True Blood’ Season 4 Casting Update: A Witch, Cage Fighter, & Shapeshifter

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With one week before production begins on True Blood season 4, actresses Janina Gavankar, Alexandra Breckenridge and Vedette Lim have joined the familiar Bon Temps family.

Additionally, Jessica Tuck, who plays American Vampire League spokeswoman Nans Flanagan, has been bumped up to a series regular for this season. Although, no information has been provided as to what Tuck’s newly boosted role will entail.

Kicking off the flurry of new casting for the HBO hit series is former star of The L Word Janina Gavankar. Gavankar will play Luna, an extremely attractive school teacher who also happens to be a shapeshifter. The character of Luna will first maker her appearance at an informal gathering of shapeshifters. No word yet on whether or not Sam will also be in attendance. Although, after where we left him in the season 3 finale, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Alexandra Breckenridge, who is best known for her roles on FX’s Dirt and the struggling CW series Life Unexpected, will play the character of Daisy. While not much is revealed about her character, we know that she will be an integral member of a Wicca group that was founded by Marnie. As we previously reported, Marnie will be played by Harry Potter alum Fiona Shaw and is described as a depressed and incompetent local medium/palm reader who becomes possessed by the spirit of a powerful witch.

Rounding out the new character additions is former As The World Turns actress Vedette Lim, who will play the fierce cage fighter Naomi. Like Sam’s younger brother Tommy, Naomi participates in underground fights for money. Although, unlike Tommy, she won’t have to turn into a dog before each match.

While the addition of new cast members to a series can provide some refreshing stories and intriguing character interactions, one has to worry when it comes to True Blood. Out of all three seasons, last year’s was easily the worst. Something that many chalk up to having too many story-arcs occurring simultaneously, which resulted in many characters and story lines having to share the same 52 minute episode.

true blood sookie fairy True Blood Season 4 Casting Update: A Witch, Cage Fighter, & Shapeshifter

On top of that, one can’t forget the conclusion-less season 3 finale. When True Blood returns for season 4, they’ll not only have to somehow wrap up all the lingering storylines, but also introduce these new characters. Unfortunately, many have felt that True Blood is barely keeping its proverbial head above the water as it is – in terms of delivering a satisfying story with fully realized characters.

If the past has shown us anything, it’s that Alan Ball and company already had a hard enough time juggling the large cast that they put together for season 3. Could the addition of these three characters (on top of the four already announced) serve to overwhelm the already struggling storylines and inevitably sink this juggernaut series?

If it does, there’s always the True Blood movie to look forward to.


True Blood season 4 will premiere June, 2011, on HBO

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  1. The books are better. The show is getting stupid.

    • The books are very entertaining but the last book was ABSOLUTELY AWFUL! And the ending of it was so sloppy and poorly written. It’s as if Charlaine Harris was short on time and had to come up with the ending at the very last minute just to meet the deadline. Very very disappointing.

      • That’s actually exactly what happened

    • The books are written to have their plot reach a definite conclusion usually at the end of a book or anthology. A ‘series’ can not do that. If it did, It would either be a movie, mini-movie or a mini-series.
      So, to follow the storyline in the anthology of trueblood wouldn’t be in the best of the t.v. show.

  2. I really don’t understand this show. The plot is so shallow, there are few or no connections between each episode and the main plot. If I watch the first and last episode of each season, I will roughly figure out the whole plot. This show is really a waste of time, in my opinion.

    • “there are few or no connections between each episode and the main plot.”

      This is exactly the problem with the show. I wish Allan Ball could read that sentence you wrote. The episodes don’t always “connect” with one another. It’s confusing and tiring to follow so many different plots. MOST PEOPLE MAINLY WANT TO SEE THE ERIC/SOOKIE/BILL TRIANGLE. And then let the rest of the cast SUPPORT the 3 main actors.

      The white trash werepanther Jason dated (Crystal?) and the whole Hotshot town was just a complete waste of time. And how stupid at the end that Jason had to become the chief of the town and look after them because their leader got shot by his own son. Jason of all people?! They barely even know him, he’s not a shifter or werepanther, and he has zero leadership skills. I just couldn’t buy that. It was so bizarre and unbelievable.

      • I could see how that story line with Jason would be confusing, but if you read any of the CH books you would know about Jason involvement with the werepanthers, Crystal and Hotshot. Although, Alan Ball didn’t follow how Jason came to be member the werepanters to the letter, I do appreciate that he is attempting to keep some elements of books in the show. I think the show would get boring very quick if all we ever do is follow around Eric/Sookie/Bill.

  3. i really couldnt stand the ending…
    sookie isnt that much of a fairy in the books and now she shoots light outta her fingers? WTF?

    too many character storylines, such as sam shooting people for his money
    again WTF? alan ball is AMAZING for season 1,2
    but the third was just stupid.

    Bill is so BLAAAAAHHH
    now eric, oh my sookie and him better get together.. im sooo sick of bill and sookie.

    Dead To the World is my favorite book, and if they completely switch up the story line of eric and sookie ima be MAD!

    i cant wait for season 4 even though i cant stand the fairy story line in season 3… not even close to the books, LAME

    Dead To The World is my favorite book,
    he better include the sookie/eric storyline and keep bill and sookie apart

    nuff said :D

  4. best show on tv by far…

    • could not agree more!!

  5. I hope they keep it all about Sookie and her men: Eric, Alcide, and Bill. This is the way the show works best. Showcase the other actors but don’t lose the main focus which is Sookie and her lovers. That’s what makes the entire book series work and it’s what made the earlier seasons work as well. The sexual tension and sexual drama between the human female and the supernatural males that desire her is what attracts people to the show.

  6. I yawned through Season 3. I’m tired of all the secondary character plot lines, with the exception of the vampire king, ’cause he’s just CRAZY!! Sookie is falling too far into the background–behind Jason(!!) even, and Tara needs to go on a LOOOOONNNGGG vacation from Bon Temps! She is ANNOYING!! I haven’t read the books, and probably won’t until the end of the series, but I understand that Alan Ball wants to use the books only as a template. The book-readers need to stop yelling that the show is moving away from the books plot. But, AB should consider that the stories still need to be cohesive and coherent, even if he isn’t going to work within the confines of the book storylines. This show needs to improve FAST or else it is doomed! Vampires and Werewolves are so 10 mins ago….

  7. I was disappointed in Season 3, too, many plots and not enough substance. We enjoyed season 1 & 2 but season 3 was very slow moving and it would accelerate only to let us down and be ho-hum. I hope there is improvement in the fourth season so the show will remain alive and not get cancelled.
    It can be very interesting and Alan Ball has the know how to do it…Six Feet Under was a great series. I will read the Sookie Stackhouse books after the series has ended it will be interesting to see the differences.

  8. I think True Blood is exciting, riveting, and very anticipating. I am a sci fi person. I have started all my family on this movie, and friends from work, it keeps us guessing what and who the actor or actress is going to do. It is the only reason why I buy the movie channel. I think they need to bring back more imaginational movies, we need it. Like more Tarzans, Sinbads, Godzillas, and Martian movies. I hate they took off Reaper, that was so funny, not your network, just wanted to add. Thanks for making my life with something to look forward to.

  9. Trueblood is undoubtably the best series on television to date. Every episode is absolute eye candy from the cast, to the sets, to the storyline. What Alan Ball has created from the Charlaine Harris novels is creative, mind warping gold. The series inspired me to begin reading the books and I anticipate the season premieres year round. Trueblood is well worth the wait.

  10. Reading all of the previous comments have def. made me feel alot better ! I thought I was the only one that did not like season 3 at all ! I’ve hooked majority of my family, friends and their friends to this show, and none of them understand my disappointment. ( I guess its because they need to see season 1 and 2 first ) Anyway, I plan on reading the books too soon, and because I know how frustrating it is to read a book or series, be excited that its going to the big screen, and then to be let down because the storyline is changed and your favorite characters aren’t the same or no longer the main focus. I just hope season 4 comes back strong, because I think we can all agree a whole year is too long to wait. Its like, when I finally turned 18, after the long one year wait being 17, to learn Im still too young for the “hotspot” clubs. SMH !

    • I love the show and I recently starting reading the books. I am now on the 7th book. The books are an easy read and very enjoyable, the show I love. Season 3 I thought was still very good. I agree there was an awful lot going on and it would be good to trim down some of that but I don’t see how people thought it was terrible. I do agree the last episode was a let down episode 11 was much more exciting. I like the differences between the books and the show and AB is doing a great job. I do also hope they develop Eric and Sookie. Sookie’s relationship with Bill is based on lies so it should go away. I would like AB to take her relationship with Alcide further than the books did that would be interesting. Wouldn’t be upset if Quinn storyline didn’t make it to the show at all.
      Keep on doing what you are doing. I so look forward to June ;0)

  11. I actually really enjoyed season 3. The Crystal/Hot Shot/Jason as ‘leader’ of inbred town story I just omitted from my memory banks but every other character I feel went a little deeper into their experience as more ’rounded’ characters on a soul level. I love how Eric was revealed to be anti-hero of sorts but not really. Season of the Witch…hmmm…I wonder… :P

  12. I agree I really enjoyed Season 3- so many people in Australia have gotten into True Blood during season 3, so it is getting a following here.
    Eric is to True Blood what Spike was to Buffy the Vampire Slayer!
    Alan Ball you are brilliant!

  13. I’m really glad to see Vedette Lim land this role. I saw her in an indie comedy a while back & she caught my eye. Kicking the Dog I think it was called. She only had a small role. But she has a really unigue look, & has some provocative scenes from the way it looks. I hope season 4 outshines sason 3. No home box for me, so I’ll be waiting on the DVD’s.