True Blood Season 3 Premiere Review & Discussion

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true blood season premiere True Blood Season 3 Premiere Review & Discussion

After 8 long months, HBO’s hit series True Blood is finally returning. Although, I’m sure the barrage of teaser trailers, teaser posters, collectible posters and minisodes HBO has put out helped quench your thirst until the third season premiere.

Thankfully, the third season premiere is upon us and with that, fans will be tuning in to find out the answer to the second season finale’s enormous cliffhanger: What happened to Bill Compton?

Of course, the kidnapping of Bill was merely one of the many cliffhangers that fans were left with. Don’t forget that Jason killed Tara’s only love, Eggs, and Andy was forced to take responsibility for his death. There was also the break-up of Jessica and Hoyt – which forced Jessica to take her first victim as a vampire. While Eric is still getting over the death of his maker, Godric, he also has to deal with Queen Sophie-Anne selling vampire blood and the repercussions that may come from it.

These are just a few of the storylines that Alan Ball will need to include in the third season.  Oh, yeah… and werewolves! Even if you were one of the many fans that read the “Sookie Stackhouse” novels or our True Blood season 3 spoiler post, you should know by now that True Blood is always full of surprises.


As you can see, our review has yet to be posted.  In the meantime, you should take a look at some of our previous True Blood related stories below.

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If you have already seen the third season season premiere of True Blood, feel free to start the discussion below.

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  1. It was a freaking blast….all the while a crazy thunderstorm was looming outside in our area. There is not much on the small screen that is even worth watching….at least Sunday nights for an hour will be entertaining. Rouge has grown up and that is worth the price of HBO every month.

  2. That episode was freaking awesome! True Blood is a great show! i cant wait to see more! and at the end, werewolves! woah! they’re just normal wolves tho.. and i dont suppose they’re much stronger than vampires since Bill was surrounded by what? 4? 5? and he started attacking. even though he had just fed. i really enjoyed the season premiere :)

  3. Meh. I really thought the episode itself was just ok. But then I can’t stand Tara. She should sorta’ fade into the background like she does in the books. True Blood has made it truly a pleasure to go from reading the books to watching the show and leaves me constantly guessing. That’s quite a feat! I am most eager to start meeting more shifters like Alcide. I really hope they put his crazy ex gf in the season. I liked her. She was bat s**t crazy! FUN!!!!!! I also really liked the casting of Evan Rachel Wood as the queen, but she just didn’t work for me here. She’s been in it for so little that I’m afraid the more we see her the less I will like her portrayal of Sophie. IDK. Any other opinions on her????

    • To be honest i’ve found Tara to be just in the way of things, but then again i find her sometimes funny. so i dont really mind her. it might be cause i was so excited for the premier that i just liked it no matter what. but yeah im not sure about the queen.. i felt like she was just there, but i didnt mind her presence at the same time as it didnt excite me. we’ll just have to see the rest of the season:)

      • I thought her reason for selling vampire blood was sorta lame and anti-climatic. I haven’t read the books so I don’t know if that’s how it was originally written or what, but it left me thinking, “Really? Seriously??”

        • Well actually in the book it is very briefly mention about sell vampire blood. But I was not a stress as it is in the show.

  4. This episode was ok. I wanted more but to start things off, it worked. I have always been a fan of the werewolf over the vampire. I am hoping that they will not be so weak compared to the vampire. Physically, I’ve always thought of them more dominate. You know, sharper claws,longer teeth,quicker and stronger but it loses it’s mind because of rage.
    The vampire is physically capable as well, just not as strong, has dark gifts, and able to keep there wits.
    These werewovles seem sort of weak, I mean, it is kind of cool that its not a half wolf, half man hybrid. I hope they can really be some kind of a match for the vampires.
    My bad, enough personal ranting, the episode was solid and I am really eager to see what is ahead for this season. Nice way to kick off the show.

    • Problem with werewolves over vampires is this, a vampire is a vicious and calculating killer every night whereas awerewolf is only like that for a few nights a month.


  6. This is seriously the most awfully written, popular show on tv.

    The second that i realized it picks up right after where the last episode left off, i knew it was going to suck. There are so many random story lines going on, none of which i find myself caring about:

    1)So Bill is a threat to this V dealing ring that was mentioned briefly in a few episodes, but thats the main plot now?

    2)If you want us to care, you need to show some real consequences, not just tell us its a big deal (hey TB writers, watch Breaking Bad and learn how to create a compelling and believable drama).

    I was really hoping that they would clean the slate and start fresh this season because last season was the biggest waste of time (The church plot was solid, but of course they ditched that for 8 episodes of mary anne orgies). The story is just such a clusterf**k that i can’t even tell you what happened in that episode and “maybe we’ll find out next episode” works, but not when thats you’re only justification for EVERY EPISODE.

    I recently got into Breaking Bad and it made me realize how bad the writing is in TB. BB’s plot moves forward so organically, just when you think “thats the story that will be resolved in the finale” it get’s resolved within the episode. They don’t jerk you around, they take you on a journey instead of punishing you and making you sit thru a whole season of crap.

    Sorry for the rant, but i’ve tried to like this show, but it’s just soooooo bad. Anyways, if you like TB and Dexter type shows, watch BB… it’s hands down the best show on TV.

    • I’m glad someone else hated the whole Maryann/”god” plot from last season. And I agree, the Fellowship of the Sun was really good, especially with the whole Eric/Godric story.

    • I have to agree this seasons writing bad. I have watched every episode so far and I was really dissappointed with three episode it looks like they put no thought into what they were filming. Maybe it is because I have read the books but i was expecting more of the werewolf bar? Just to name one disappointment

  7. I do like True Blood and i love Dexter and i thought breaking bad was also very good, although i stopped watching after a couple of episodes, i was kinda busy and i forgot about it. the same with dexter, i didnt really like it at first, i watched 2 episodes and i stopped for a month, and then my friend made me watch it more and i started to love it.

    but i disagree, i think true blood is a good show. maybe its because i’ve gotten attached to the characters that i ignore the writing but i really like the show. yeah.. but i hate the cliffhangers.. :)

  8. The premier was terrible….

    • learn how to spell..premiere! it was actually great! and seeing eric naked was a huge plus!

      • Please give me a reason (besides reasons that also make Twilight popular) why it was great?

        • please open up yr eyes, what you said a few comments above i completly disagee…the thing is you might of found it boring, but you still watched it all didn’t yaa? cause you wanted to find out what happens? yes.
          i understand why the think the things you do, but you get to know the characters and you get emotionally attached,there is something of EVERYone in TB (violence, dirty scenes and excitment i could go on and on), thats how you want to carry on watching TB, i also think that a LOT happens in one episode. xx

  9. This show is gettiing way too much about sex and less and less like the books. I know that they can’t be exactly the same but they aren’t even close, if it wasn’t for the names of the characters I’d have no idea they were even connected… Shame on the writers and Charlene Harris for letting this happen to such a good series of books

    I am emmbarassed to watch it with my wife do to all the unessasery nudity, I feel like I am asking her to watch a softcore Porno

    • I agree a bit to what you’ve said. the characters are far from the same really. but to be honest i think the series is just as good as the books. theres maybe not so much sex in them but there are some, but yeah its too much unnecessary sex.

    • Hi totally agree with you there Danthefan, I LOVE the books, but the series is so far removed from it now, and I really hate that they are pandering to the masses by using sex and nudity to sell the series it totally undermines what is essentially a great sci-fi story. I dont mind nudity if its part of the story, but it really isn’t in this case, i find it patronising and unecessary. And I really dont want my partner to watch it either! Such a shame, i hope they clean up their act, someone should tell em sexual tension isn’t about what you see its about what you dont see!

  10. The first episode of season three really wasn’t the best, but it still kept my attention. I still love the series.

  11. I was disappointed … the werewolves are much too weak to really be a threat.

    • agreed x

  12. It has been good so far. But I’m also disappointed by how weak werewolves are. As of now, they pose no threat to stronger vampires which is pretty lame. Hopefully this changes down the road.

    • I also agree. In the books Weres seem more powerful. However, given that down the pike there will be werepanthers and weretigers, who are bigger, I guess you have to keep things proportionate. On another side, keeping the size of the wolves to normal helps the show anchor itself in its fictional ‘reality’–it is already over the top in many ways!

  13. First two episodes were just ok, I really don’t care about the newfound brotherhood between Jason and Andy. Jason is supposed to be self-centered that’s part of his charm so I hope the writers remain focused on that concept and keep the conscience stuff for Jason to a minimum. As for Tara, she just needs something or someone to do and I think that’s coming- besides her dialogue with Lafayette is always entertaining. The main draw for me is Sookie and Bill and we already have them apart for two episodes. Let’s reunite them soon, although I am interested in what Eric and the new bodyguard Alcide have to offer her….. should be interesting. Either way I will be watching.

    • couldn’t agrree more!!
      jason should defoo keep his charm, lol yerr tara makes me laugh ;)
      i also misssssssss sookie and bill together, but yaa HOPEFULLY alcide and the HOOOOOOOOOOOOT eric will have a lot (maybe even more) to other then billl….wooo sookie has a loottttttttt of super nateral beings after her…and what do you think she is? i certainly don’t think she’s humen.
      i don’t normally agree with EVERYYthing someone says about TB but you have some very good pionts. xoxo

      • DEFOOOOO!! hmmmmm i reakon sookie’s a human but has powers, beyond and better than allll the super-nateral beings in this show…can’t wait for the next episode :D oomg you know in tht episode ‘it hurts me too’ you know when that baaaaaaaaaad new vamp took out tht head! arrrhhhh cringe much! :O xxxx

  14. weaky wolves, no halfman-half wolve form means, this werewolves for season 3 s*** is the new is whack… they need werewolve viciousness like that of “underworld: the movie”….. ” I would really prefer a supreme ancient werewolve to come in the scene, that can transform into standing werewolves, as compared to” weak doggys against super undead human “…

    I thought since season 1, they had been saying werewolves, are frightening and such…Even Vamps, dont try to against werewolves, but all i’ve seen in Season 3 is wolves that can be even hunted by teenager with a shotty… they are just wolves…..

    I loved season 2, I wish that MAry Anne woulve actually brought forth her Destruction GOD, but we may never witness a powerful foe like mary anne, ever again….

    I can’t even imagine vamps, trying to take down, MARY ANNE, that was the whole fun about it….

    But, these s***** werewolves dogs, are just DOGMEAT for almos any vamps….

    WE WANT LYCANs, that even , make VAMPS F.E.A.R!!!

  15. Sorry, but this new season of TB is dreadful. It’s just a lazy, campy, soap – on a very thin rope.

    Every single character has lost their charm (except, just about, Lafayette – and that’s only down to the actor). The writers, directors, actors miss the mark every single time. Every line is so lacking in nuance or mystery or style. You can always tell when a show is losing it because they shove music in to beef up weakness.

    As for the story: BFD. They should have had the courage to jump forward a year or so and start afresh. The loose ends from season two could have been tied up in side-conversations or flashbacks. Who really gives a s*it about Eggs any more? Who really cares about Sam’s difficult childhood? Who really cares about Sookie and Bill, TBH? The thing standing in the way of their union was vampirism; but Sookie has accepted that. They should, by now, be a solid couple, and any trials should not be about “will they/won’t they?” Their trials should be about the rest of the world, against them. As a couple.

    I’d been so very much looking forward to this but I’m afraid I won’t be watching any more. It has all the depth and class of “Dynasty”. I’m frankly surprised at HBO. I hope for better.

    The big problem, as ever, is finding the writers. If you look out for certain names (as I do) you soon see that there are only thirty or forty really good writers in the entire tv pool, and shows start to smell of decay when they don’t have three or four of those writers per season, to keep the drama salad fresh. TB was absolutely fantastic when Alan Ball was writing. Then it went okay. Then it went meh. The same was true of Six Feet Under.

    Bottom line? There ain’t enough Alan Balls in this world…

    • I am actually beginning to wonder if people even know that this series comes from a book series. Read the books, HBO is way off.

      • So true, Tabi. It is really starting to annoy me just how far they have taken the show from the books. A lot of that is due to the tv structure,which requires three plot lines per episode. This means characters in the books who had little to do have to be written up and given plotlines. Tara has almost no plotlines in the novels, yet this one is a big part of the show. Having said that, I can forgive this one, because the character is always a hoot and Rutina Wesley is a pleasure to watch. All this dreck about Sam and his family though–that is COMPLETELY made up and is nowhere in the books. Should have stayed out of the show also.

        In the books, Russell Eddington has a vampire wedding with the King of Kentucky, and is not involved with Sophie Ann. That was the King of Arkansas, who doesn’t exert force upon her to marry her but does plan to coopt her kingdom. She prevents it and then there is a quick and bloody war. We’re probably heading toward something like that. What I can’t figure out is where are all those great minor characters around Sophie Ann, her bodyguards Siybert and Weybert, Andre, etc? These are missed.

        And the introduction of Claudine! The books do it way better, I think, unless they are going to move into that following that whole ‘glimpse of faeryland in the hospital’ schtick. Not to mention the poor casting of her on TV…oh well, I could go on and on, and probably will, but at least I’m interested, right?

        • i couldn’t agree more… i like sooo much the novels of charlaine, and see the tv series… it’s soo diferent! I love the couple ERIC and SOOKIE!

  16. Thanks Kate :) As for your observation about Sookie, I definitely agree- they have to tell us soon what she is exactly because the whole mind-reading and her reaction to Mary Ann means something cool-I know it!!!! I just hope it’s legit and they don’t give us some ridiculous explanation. Then I will be way past upset.

  17. The 3rd season is so far off from the books it may as well be something completely different. It makes me laugh to watch these episodes. They are ridiculously far from the books.

    • Oh and I’m also not happy with the handling of Hadleigh, Sookie’s cousin, who is never seen alive and is supposed to be a (definitely dead) vampire by the time we see her through an ectoplasmic reconstruction…

  18. I have to agree the third season of TB is a total snooze fest. I’ve read all the books. I mean does anyone have any idea what the underlying plot here is that unifies all these tons of minor character stories. There is so much going on and no detail as to why its important that i can barely make it through an episode without losing interest. I mean it’s 8 episodes have passed and feel like most of the content is just filler to take up the hour time slot.

  19. Btw, TB has not been too far from the books. If you have read the complete series, in 8th novel or something like that, there is a king who usurps Louisiana after Katrina and weakening of queen Sophie Ann. The story lines have just been mixed and merged. But, yes, there are a lot of things which could have been better in the series. Even the fairyland could have been transformed into reality as in the books. The present portrayal does not give the feeling of reality and there is one less supernatural creature in TB.
    Still, I have been loving the latest twists and turns of the plot. Russel Eddington is just too good to ignore. And, other actors are also good. I loved Franklin and Talbot for their one-liner quirks.

  20. the whole season is epic n too the fans who want to c more of bill eric n wherewolves there plenty in store i would rate ten out of ten brilliant show