You’ve got to give HBO credit. When it comes to promoting their hit series, True Blood, they know how to keep people wanting more. Each week the veil is slightly lifted as fans get a better look at what to expect in the third season of their favorite vampire drama. With a new clip, posters and images to see, let’s not waste any time and get right to it.

New Clip: “It’s too dangerous!”

In the first season, we saw the lovable Jason Stackhouse get wrapped up in taking vampire blood with his then (crazy) girlfriend, Amy Burley (Lizzie Caplan). Jason’s tendency to get in trouble continued in the second season as he joined the anti-vampire cult, Fellowship of the Sun, and had an affair with the reverend’s wife, Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp).

That being said, is anyone surprised that the newest teaser clip from True Blood season 3 shows Jason in a situation where his female companion proclaims that “it’s too dangerous?”

Take a look at the clip below.

New Posters: Get Your Fill/Be True

HBO has released a follow up to their “nothing like a good cup of joe” teaser poster for the third season of True Blood. This one, while keeping with the same theme, takes things out of the home and into the workplace. If anything, it brings a whole new meaning to the term “water cooler talk.”

In a change of pace, HBO has moved from strictly teaser posters into character posters. One will be released each week until the start of the third season on June 13th. This week’s installment shows a diagram of shape-shifter Sam Merlotte’s former iterations. I wonder what he’ll turn into this season.

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New Images & Casting News

Wrapping up our True Blood news roundup we’ve got a bunch of new pictures from the upcoming third season. Not only that, but there’s also news that Don Swayze (Patrick Swayze’s brother) and Vincent Ward will be playing new characters Gus and Hollis. While not much is known about Gus, Hollis is not only a werewolf, but also the owner of a werewolf bar.

Take a look at some of the pictures below:

Uh-Oh… Bill is not going to like this

Looks like Lafayette is really angry

These two should not be hanging out together

I love Teen Wolf! Mr. Creepy Eyes, not so much

Mr. Bill and hairy chest man

To see all of the pictures in the True Blood season 3 gallery, head over to Bloody Disgusting.

If that’s not enough True Blood news to hold you over, next week will bring an all new clip and who knows… maybe we’ll find out who will be playing Eric’s father.

What did you think of this True Blood roundup? Anything pique your interest?

Don’t miss the third season premiere of HBO’s True Blood on June 13th.

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