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true blood logo True Blood Season 3 Plot SPOILERS


Last week the Paley Center for Media hosted an “Inside the Writers Room” for the hit HBO vampire series, True Blood. Before the event started, the folks over at Sci-Fi Wire caught up with writer/producers Alan Ball, Alexander Woo and Raelle Tucker, to ask them what kind of things we can expect to see in Season 3.  It appears that the showrunners may still be under demon-god Maryann’s spell as they have no inhibitions about revealing anything and everything about the third season.

Readers beware, WHAT LIES BELOW IS NOTHING BUT SPOILERS!!! So, if you’re the type that doesn’t want things ruined for you, turn back now. But, if you’re like me and can’t bear to wait until June 2010 for the next season, then enjoy.

First up is executive producer Alan Ball with news on kidnappings, werewolves and the vampire king & queen.

Bill’s kidnapping is going to last a while.

The last thing we saw in the season two finale was that Bill had been taken and Alan Ball says that his kidnapping will last around six episodes.

Just because his kidnapping lasts six episodes doesn’t mean that we won’t see Bill before then. Remember that in season two there was a lot of time spent with Lafayette and his captors…

(There are some Eric SPOILERS below)

Werewolves invade Bon Temps.

It seems as if this small town just can’t catch a break. Now it appears that the town is going full on “Team Jacob” as werewolves are the newest beasts to invade Bon Temps.

Ball explains what they’ll look like.

“They’re just wolves. It’s just people who can turn into wolves, but they’re slightly bigger and much stronger. Their eyes glow orange a little bit.”

Vampire Queen of Louisiana will be in hot water.

true blood season 2 evan rachel wood queen sophie ann True Blood Season 3 Plot SPOILERS

With Evan Rachel Wood signing on to return for a couple of episodes in season three, it appears that her fun nights of playing scrabble as the vampire queen of the Louisiana sector might be over – for good.

“Well, Sophie Anne, when last we left her, she was sort of behind this selling of  ‘V’ as a recreational drug on the streets, pretty much. That’s not something a vampire authority figure should be doing. If higher-up vampire authority figures figure that out, they’re not going to be happy.”

All hail the Vampire King.

If there’s a Queen, there has to be a King and as Ball stated, the Vampire King companion to Sophie Anne doesn’t look like he has same sense of humor.

“He’s older. He’s much more mature. He’s much more methodical and grounded. She’s kind of crazy. To me, she’s kind of like Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan, where she has a very short attention span and she’s very, very egomaniacal and very self-obsessed and doesn’t really think about her actions, whereas the Vampire King is very much an adult. He has an agenda. He has things he wants to achieve. I think he’s much more formidable than she is.”

Next up is Alexander Woo with news of a new character and some other creatures that might be stirring in the night.

New character impacts our favorite townsfolk.

It looks as if Bon Temps is going to have a new character by the name of Tommy Mickens and it looks like Mr. Mickens may become quite important to many of or favorite characters.

“Tommy Mickens is someone I don’t want to reveal too much about, because I don’t want to ruin the surprise. He’s a completely new character, but he plays very prominently in the emotional life of at first one and then, later, several other of our characters. He’ll be the first domino to push the rest.”

Vampires, maenads & werewolves aren’t the only things lurking around.

anna paquin in true blood True Blood Season 3 Plot SPOILERS

It seems like the Sookie’s world is going to get much bigger as werewolves aren’t the only things coming in the new season.

“The entire world is going to get a lot bigger. Not only the human world, but in Sookie’s eyes, she’s going to see the whole supernatural world. Luckily, since this show is through Sookie’s eyes, as an audience we’ll get to see a much larger supernatural world.”

Finally, Raelle Tucker concludes the spoilers with Sam’s family, Sookie’s Powers, Jason’s trouble-making, biker gangs, headgear and Eric’s screen time…

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  1. SWEET! ;)

  2. NOOOO We need more Eric! Hahaha.

    It really sucks that we have to wait 7 more months for the next season.

    I’m curious to see how Jason is going to stay out of trouble with the weight of him killing Eggs on his shoulders.

  3. Actually thw whole Eric/Sookie love affair starts in the fourth book, so its not too far down the line. Bill annoys me, and Eric is easily the most amusing part of the show.

  4. i just wish the show followed the books a little better, the shows are not even close to the books which were real good

  5. I agree Eric should be in it more he rulz & he was a sodding viking for christ sake

  6. i love how he says Eric wasn’t a big character ink the first two books. Since when have they really gone by the books?!?!? And hello Allan Ball Eric is very important in Club Dead (third book). Alexander is a great character and obviously a crowd favor. More screne time!!

  7. Alexander is a great actor not character sorry.

  8. Yes, I agree. Eric needs way more screne time, regaurdless of whatever some people may think. Hes just such an amazing character. I love his roles also!

  9. definetly gotta get more eric bill just bores me his parts done its time for sookie totaste the dark side.

  10. i wonder if this mickens character is supposed to be alcide i really hope ball doesnt exclude alcide from the series he cant he played such a big role in the book aww damn these next 7 months lol

  11. i hope this season is going to more like the books.sookies meets a werewolf and finds more trouble. the books are freaking great. i love this show

  12. I love a bad boy but eric is such an ass that I hate him. So for the first time in my life im picking the nice guy. Team bill!

  13. bill needs to end up with sookie even though eric is so much hotter..there’s this sexiness about bill too!! i would want to see sookie and bill end up together…eric is just cruel!

  14. also, i hate the that bill and sookie have to fight so hard for their relationship

  15. I want Bill and Sookie to stay together cause she loves him ye cant wish for more than that. But i hope Eric Meets a girl just as bad ass as him and theyy get the job done ;]

  16. I started watching the show first and then I started reading the books. I don’t think you can call the books amazing. They’re certainly entertaining enough, but not amazing.

    I’m excited for next season. These spoilers were sneaky. Slightly lesser character spoilers: nothing really on Bill, Eric, or Sookie. I mean you kind of knew from a simple story-telling perspective that Bill would be gone, Sookie would want to know what’s happening to her, and Eric would be mysterious and sporadic in his appearances.

    I love Jason and am glad they are getting him to try and clean up his act. It should be fun to watch. I also like that the show doesn’t have to center around Sookie and Bill. Sam is becoming more and more of a principle character.

  17. woo..can’t wait for season 3!!!

  18. ERIC RULES!!! There should totally be more of him! lol

  19. oh ye i love eric, he is so nice in the 3rd book. sookie should deff end up with him

  20. i am soooo hooked on this show!! and i love the fact that bill and sookie have such great chemistry i think thats what is addicting and you just want to see them be together…im sooo dreading until june…i need a fix..lol

  21. I actually like the direction of the show more than the books so far. ok with the exception of the maenad overtaking season2. I love what they did to Bill’s character. The struggle with his humanity is an intriguing contrast to the other vamps. i love how layerd he is. they need to bring that out more like in season1. Eric is definately a fun character, but it sounds like they will do the right thing for it.


  23. I'm a total geek for knowing this but the queen was playing Yahtzee, not scrabble. ;)

  24. spoiler alert!

    i just want to say that it's not true that Eric appears less in the books. in Club Dead he is by Sookie's side whenever she needs it. I think that he appears in almost 70% of the book. from the beginning when she realizes bill is out of the picture, then in Josephines (Club Dead) then in Russel Edington's compound, then in Alcide's apartment, then on the way home with Sookie. anyway, I think I can speak for all of us who have read the books, it's insane that Eric should have a lesser part in season 3. MAYBE THE SCREENWRITERS SHOULD READ THE DAMN BOOKS!!!!!

  25. love true blood cant wait to june

  26. I agree. I like Sookie's character in the books a little bit better. She has more grit and backbone. Hopefully the producers and screen writers will blend that in a little more!

  27. everything i've herd her doesnt sound anything like the book… i mean is this just going to be someting totally different or are they going to stay true to the book… the book was freakin awesome and im going to be highly dissapointed if the show does its own thing… but yea, nothing here sounds anything like the third book. not even close. sophean doesnt have a husband yet? sam isnt really even in the third book.. and sookie most certainly doesnt “explore” her powers.. this sounds like crap to me.

  28. what are the writers doing. They are missing really funny moments from the book and leaving eric out as much as they are sorry they have lost me bring on more books.

  29. I'm totally with you. I hate it that they are not sticking to the books, I mean yeah they can go around some but not completely. I don't know, I'll just wait and see. hoping to not be very disappointed