‘True Blood’ Season 3 Finale ‘Evil Is Going On’ Preview & Clips

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True Blood Season Three Finale True Blood Season 3 Finale Evil Is Going On Preview & Clips

“Trubies” across the nation are going into preemptive withdrawal as season 3 of HBO’s phenomenally successful and beloved vampire satire True Blood comes to a close.  The HBO marketing department does a tremendous job of stoking the fires of fan fervor while keeping the cliffhangers, hanging. Today’s clip and preview releases are no exception to that rule. They provide just enough information to get fans speculating on what the finale will reveal and how the show will lay the groundwork for next summer’s season 4.

Please note this preview does contain some potential spoiler elements.

From the looks of the trailer, HBO is continuing to stroke the fires of panic amongst “Team Eric” players. Though all can rest assured that Alexander Skarsgard will be returning as vampire sheriff and rake extraordinaire next season; the trailer is (understandably) cut to heighten the tension created at the conclusion of last week’s episode. A ghostly visage of Eric’s maker Godric, along with a shot of Sookie running from the entrance of Fangtasia with a silver chain, indicates some combined ghostly and fey intervention. This week brings back the otherwise mostly MIA Queen Sophie Ann (who is now the sole beneficiary of Russell’s Mississippi Kingdom), and escalates the Sookie le Fey storyline. Rene’s specter continues to haunt Arlene and the “Hot Shot”/Waco raid appears to be coming to a heated head.

True Blood Season Three Finale Evil Is Going On Preview:

Sookie runs towards her linage and is called back to her present by her “dark lover” Bill in the clip below.

Sookie Runs Through The Forest:

Sam contemplates opening the door to his secrets and past to Tara over bacon greased flap jacks in the second preview clip.

Sam Cooks Tara Breakfast:

One of my new favorite teams of hilarity Mrs. Fortenbenny and “Ms. Biscuits” herself Summer, join forces to perform a “blood lust intervention” on Hoyt in the third and final clip.

Hoyt Arrives At Work:


True Blood Season Three Finale Sookie True Blood Season 3 Finale Evil Is Going On Preview & Clips

True Blood season three’s conclusion promises to be full of all the blood, sex, guns, magic and mayhem that we have grown to love and expect from the series.

Source: HBO

The True Blood season finale Evil Is Going On will air this Sunday on HBO at 9PM/8C.

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  1. True Blood is great, however, it has become one of those shows, where the main character is so dull and boring, that it’s the supporting cast that keep it watchable.

    • Drsam I gotta say I’m loving the show, but not the biggest fan of Sookie either. I like Bill, Eric, Jason, and Hoyte alot though. Not a huge fan of Sam either, but i like him a Sookie alot more than Tera she annoys the hell out of me. She has such a bad personality it’s hard to believe anyone has ever been her friend. Her cousin is hilarious though and always good for a laugh.

      • Sookie is just plain annoying. You’re right, its Eric, Bill, Jason that really keep it going. I like Jessica too, oh yes!
        I’ve read the books, and Sookie has a lot more personality. I suspect its partly Anna Paquin’s fault, she’s not a very good actress.

        • She isn’t an awful actress, but I agree she isn’t good either. To be fair to her I loved Buffy The Vampire Slayer and really like SMG, but always hated Buffy she was mostly a whinny b-word as far as girls went Willow was more enjoyable until they made her a lesbian ruined the character for me. However, nothing ever ruined Anya she was always fun to watch and nice on the eyes as well.

          Season 2 really made me like Hoyte lol and Jessica. Their romance was cute and hilarious. I’ll be starting season 3 next week and catching up so I spoiled my self by watching those clips, but it doesn’t matter I had no idea what was going on didn’t spoil much. I saw Roth say ‘Team Eric’ I never visted a fan site for this show, but god I hope they don’t have teams. Seeing the phrase Team Eric though frightens me. Sam Please tell me that Eric and Sookie do not hook up in the show.

  2. The writers have made Sookie just plane irritating and whingey. They’ve introduced irrelevant and boring characters (Sam’s brother & Jesus), totally raped the spirit of the characters that ARE written in the books (Pam, Eric, Sam, Russel, Sophie-Ann, Debbie, Bill & Sookie) and its so gone off on its own tangent that it can’t even be claimed that it’s loosely based on the books.

    They’ve made the Fae just ridiculous and all the token sex scenes (gay & heterosexual alike) are just randomly put in there.

    Season 2 got a bit boring with the whole Mary-Ann plot line dragging out and now in Season 3 its gone so random its just boring.

    I hope that Alan Ball sticks closer to the books for Season 4 or we wont be bothered watching. I know many people who feel the same. We LOVE the books, liked season 1, season 2 was ok, but season 3 just stupid.

  3. Really enjoying this show.

    I find it hilarious that people always cry and whine when a TV show like this doesn’t follow the books perfectly word for word, but no one throws a fit about Dexter not even being close to the books that it’s based on.

  4. Love this show. Could care less about that bimbo Sookie. Lafayette, Jessica, and Jason are the main characters for me.

  5. Well, can’t promise sookie and Eric don’t get together on the show at some point, because in the books they do. Several times. But it’s not a team Eric/team bill kinda thing, because bill can’t disobey Eric for a start. And he never really tries to win sookie back in the books, he just let’s her be.

  6. Yeah i agree sookie is more annoying now. though i must say a lot of parts have been good with this season, but a lot hasnt. since i havent read the books i dont care about that, but the show has gotten worse, although its still watchable. a lot of the supporter characters are what keeps me watching now. especially lafayette and jason. but i must say, i’ve loved russel in this season! :)

  7. I think season 3 has been brilliant, season 2 was boring with the maryanne story way to long. Yes the books are very different and i think AB should stick a bit more to them.

  8. I am a fan of True Blood. I do not agree with how weak and frail they made the werewolves.I was really looking forward to them being more a factor in the series.

    This season Tera has been absolutely irritating. Other than that, this season has been alright.

    • I agree 100% about the werewolves, d-man. I was so excited when I first learned that the werewolves would be brought into the show this season. What a big disappointment, I cannot believe how weak they portray these creatures to be. And to see a fledgling vampire like Jessica making a werewolf beg for mercy was just ludicrous. Even the Twilight movies show stronger werewolves. Does Charlaine Harris have something against werewolves or it is Alan Ball?

      • Every book has a different author who sees things differently. If you think about it True Blood is just a more mature version of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries but they all have a love triangle and all have werewolves. But are all 3 very different! The werewolves in True blood are way smaller than in Twilight lol and it’s probably the same way with The Vampire Diaries. So ppl please quit b!tchin and enjoy the freakin show! I swear some ppl just don’t get it…

  9. am i the only one who likes the series better than the book. the characters r more develope in the series than book.

    • I completely agree! I haven’t read the books and I’m not going to cuz the show seems more interesting. I’ve went on Wikipedia and read some stuff about the books and I know you can’t judge a book by it’s cover but still I just like where the show is going and it seems to be more in depth and I think Alan Ball will add some stuff that’s not in the books to give the show more spice and surprise!

  10. I don’t know what everyone has against Sookie cuz I like her. Hell there’s a lot of ppl who don’t like Bella Swan either but Summit Entertainment doesn’t care about that lol. I’m excited for season 3 finale but I’m gonna do into detox waitin’ on season 4! Why Bill had to be so secretive cuz it’s srewin’ him in the end but Eric is really good lookin’ so I’m wanting to see some Sookie and Eric love cuz I know Eric has a thing for Sookie! Anyway ppl need to quit hating cuz what other actress could play Sookie besides Anna Paquin? NO ONE!! Just like what other actress could play Bella Swan besides Kristen Stewart? NO ONE!! HA HA

    • I like Sookie as well. She’s been through some serious trauma in a short time; of course she acts defensive. But she’s gotten funnier and, admit it, more bad*ss. Anna Paquin is a really good actress. She’s a natural, winning an academy award at age 11, doing the Southern American accent when her actual accent is New Zealand, and convincingly playing a girl who has never before had a boyfriend and who is very alienated due to her ‘gift.’

      I’ve liked all the seasons of TB and look forward to the finale and to S4.

  11. Oh I don’t see what the fuss about Russell is.. He’s a wimpy, irritating vampire carrying around his dead lover’s sludge! Russell was alright til Talbot bit the stick but he’s just pathetic now and I hope Eric gets his revenge! He needs to GO cuz that’s how it goes.. a villain comes along and then gets slain then another comes along and it’s a never ending cycle but if you keep the same villain on a show too long it gets boring!

    • Th same villain for too long? 11 episodes is too long huh?

      • Drsam that really depends on the villain doesn’t it. If it’s an amazing villain no 11 isn’t to long and you can keep going, but if the villain is boring it was to long. For instance season 2 had marrianne and she was just dull as hell. For her 4 episodes was to long they drug the entire thing out way to long and threw everything at you in like one episode.

        Switch over to angel where Wolfram and Heart was the big looming evil and it was handled so well that five seasons in it never got old. Take a look at holtz that’s a villain I say should of got more episodes 11 episodes would be far to short for him. Switch over to Buffy and look at season 7 with The First and it went on a bit to long. I was tired of it half way through the season. If you watched Heroes at all Sylar was a good villain that I could stand to keep seeing sadly the story telling got awful and alot of other characters couldn’t hold him to him.

        • Yeah season 2 had a wealth of problems, marrianne should have been there for one maybe two episodes.

          Ah Heroes, the show that slowly killed itself. Sylar was great but the writers just had no idea what to do with the character. Evil/good/redmeption/evil/good/redemption/evil/good. It was a cycle their unimaginitve minds got trapped in.

          With True Blood though, I like Russell as a villain, he can be charming and utterly evil. The bit with the news broadcast was one of the shows best moments. ” And now, for the weather. Tiffany?”

          • The Maryann thing dragged on so long because the whole Godrick and Fellowship of the Sun story arc took forever. Most of the supernaturals were out of town handling that fiasco.

            When Sookie Bill, and company got back they handled Maryann pretty quickly. I actually did not have a problem with Maryann as a character. She was pretty cool and powerful. A maenad is a creature that has not been overly used in these type os stories.

          • OMG yes that was my favourite bit – I love the dark comedy in the show!