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true blood season 3 finale2 True Blood Season 3 Finale Review & Discussion

As the new fall television season beings, it’s that time again for us to say a temporary goodbye to True Blood and our favorite residents of Bon Temps. With so much going on during the entirety of season 3, the gauntlet has been laid down for True Blood producers to make sense of all the storylines and character development, while continuing to give the viewers a reason to tune in for season 4.

The addition of Alcide (Joe Manganiello) proved to be a hit as his character added a new dimension and refreshing face to the series – hopefully he’ll receive more screen time next year. The King of Mississippi is completely charismatic and, no matter what happens, he’ll surely be around for awhile – he’s just too good of a character to let die.

Of course, with Alan Ball at the reigns, anything can happen and nothing is absolute. As readers of the Sookie Stackhouse novels can attest, this past season has been almost completely off-book, with so many elements taken from future novels that there’s no way of truly knowing what fate has in store for any of the characters.



With True Blood sporting the largest main cast on television (and Alan Ball deciding that almost every character deserved their own, separate storyline), much of the finale is riddled with short scenes and numerous jump cuts. This decision, while serving the purpose of including all the “required” plot progressions, has the tendency to, at times, leave viewers confused and annoyed as they’re being forced to continuously catch-up with what’s going on.

true blood season 3 finale tara mom True Blood Season 3 Finale Review & Discussion

This season 3 finale should have proven that there was a reason behind all of third season’s chaotic story telling. Instead, the finale is surprisingly even more disjointed and unorganized than the episodes that came before it. In lieu of coherent plot progression that would have left viewers feeling fulfilled and satisfied (especially after dedicating so much time to this series), they’re left waiting until next season to receive resolutions to storylines that should have been wrapped up in the finale.

Because there was such a lack of closure (and the fact that numerous storylines had to share the same hour of television), the producers felt the need to use cheap ploys to make certain scenes and storylines feel more fulfilling and exciting without actually dedicating the time needed for the audience to come to that result naturally. Sam “shooting” his brother and Sookie going mental with the garbage disposal are perfect examples of that, as these scenes are poor attempts to make up for the emotional build-up that a consistent, well-organized storyline would have provided.

That being said, one can’t deny that there has been a significant amount of wonderful character development throughout this season, but the lack of focus in the storytelling takes away from its importance as the audience has to, at times, struggle to even keep track what’s occurring throughout. Even Tara’s symbolic scene of cutting her hair was ill-received. While this was meant to signify that Tara has truly changed as a character, it’s hard not look at those two minutes spent on her homemade hairdo and think of it as time wasted because there were so many other storylines that could have filled that space.

true blood season 3 finale bill queen True Blood Season 3 Finale Review & Discussion

In the end, the only characters that actually received some sort of resolution were Tara, Jason, Hoyt and Jessica. Perhaps this is a sign of poor story planning by the producers, or that maybe the series should have a smaller cast. Either way, with the way they left things, if HBO and the producers were completely honest with their characterization of this season finale, they would have concluded it with “…to be continued” and announced that the upcoming season 4 will now be the second half of season 3.

At this point, fans of the series will have to decide whether the poor implementation of season 3 – and the finale – is a sign of how True Blood will be from now on or whether, unbeknownst to the viewers, the producers used this season as proverbial maintenance – a rebuilding year, so to speak.

Hopefully it’s the latter…


Final Thoughts

The season 3 finale of True Blood is a poor example of what this series has to offer. Unfortunately, viewers will have to wait until next year to know whether or not the producers have learned their lesson.

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  1. I’m sorry, but this was a terrible finale compared to the season.

    • I agree it totally sucked. I was so disappointed.

      • I third that motion. It was like that episode was filmed by a squirrel on crack. Everything was so jumbled…and what was with that part where Suki went crazy-like? I thought she was turning evil or something there for a minute. Just didn’t make sense.

        I’m not into True Blood so much anymore. It’s all good though, DEXTER is coming in a week! That should be awesome.

  2. I have to agree completely with this review. The episode felt more of a “Stay tuned next week kids” rather than an actual season ender. So much random unexplained things going on that the previous episode felt FAR more entertaining and exciting!
    Have to admit, while i love the show, I left feeling pretty let down by last nights ep.

  3. Absolutely unsatifying. And Ball’s comments were sophmoric. Geeeeez.

  4. I love this show so much but this was in no way a season finale. It answered nothing. I expect a lot from this and I got nothing from it all season long. Not much this season, at least for me, was great. I LOVED Russell and I loved how Eric was more important. On the other side I hated the Tara storyline. She was my favorite character and she slowly just getting annoying. I know what they want to do with the character but it’s not being executed right. So much in this show worked in Season 1 & 2 and it’s like they just threw it all out. I also think they’re trying to put way too much in our faces at one time. This season we got werewolves, more shape-shifters, more vampires, fairies, werepanthers and now at the end, witches. And I’m also having a problem with the time frame. All of this is happening over just a few weeks????? Anyone else notice that???

    I love this show so much but this season just let me down so much.I hope this isn’t becoming my next Heroes. Loved it and then loathed it. Ah well, here’s hoping Dexter doesn’t disappoint.

    • Did anyone noticed at the final scene (Queen and Bill) that the Queen has a reflection in the mirror!

      –Credit goes to my wife for catching that.

      • Well, a few episodes back it was mentioned that vampires actually do have reflections. That vampires just spreaded the rumor that vampires do not have reflections only to avoid being detected. So to deny the fact of being a vampire, all they had to do was show that they had a reflection. Vampires have reflections.

      • They never said vampires didn’t reflect on mirrors. In fact Bill explains Sookie that those were myths to trick humans into thinking they weren’t vampires so they could be allowed to come into their homes. Research before posting a comment!

      • Haven’t you been watching this show? These vampires can be reflected in mirrors!! Bill explains why in season 1

      • bill stated very early in season one that the whole mirror thing was a myth. it was something that vampires created so that they could go unnoticed in society. You must of missed that episode.

    • The whole season was basically terrible !! Evething was rushed and no time was allowed for character development. Almost too “busy” with new characters and plot lines to keep up with. We came to enjoy the fact of vampires and humans existing together along with getting to know the main characters. To throw so many new characters and story lines in so quickly took away form the whole series and makes the show even somewhat “childish”. The finale was espescially insulting with no true direction whatsoever and the writers are heading toward self destruction. If they can come back from this, they have truly “jumped the shark”. It would take at least a season of two hour episodes to put things in perspective and become a story worth keeping up with. If not, it will be tuned in just to see what is happening that week rather than it being important to keep up with the stories. I already lost my anticipation for next year. True Blood has went from Great to Excellent to Ok…………

      • I could not have said this better myself.

  5. If it’s good characters, plot, and finales you want, you’re going to have to tune in to Vampire Diaries.

    It’s really too bad “Diaries” is marred by the stigma of the CW network and possibly the original book series, because the show really has taken on a life of its own. Producers virtually discarded the books early on and crafted an amazing story with really interesting vampire mythos.

    Exec producer Williamson isn’t afraid to shock and surprise you as he kill off regulars and takes the mythos in interesting directions. Even the season premeire was jaw dropping good.

    True Blood…take notes froma series that does it right.

    • I tried to watch Vampire Diaries, but it was way to tweenager for me. It felt like I was watching Twilight. Almost the exact same story and aimed at a younger crowd just the same.

      • The pilot may have seemed this way, but they needed a springboard. After the first few episodes they got into the backstory and totally threw the book storyline out the window. Possibly give it another show another shot, because Twilight it is not.

        • I’m sorry but True Blood at it’s worst is much better than Vampire Diaries. Even later in the show it was still Twilight. My GF likes it just like she likes Twilight. I tried to watch it with her, but it was awful, but now I sit on the computer while she watches it. Sadly I can still hear it and once in awhile I look over and see it. That show is rotting away at my self respect. It’s One Tree Hill meets twilight.

        • Agree Vampire diaries is excellent, way better than true blood
          True blood is getting so pathetic, most side stories are actually boring only interesting bit was talbot and franklin and they killed them off

    • vampire diaries a good show?


      the CW sucks, everything on that network except Supernatural and the last 2 seasons of Smallville are terrible teenie bopper garbage.

      • Vamp diaries was awful in the first couple of episodes DUH – but hello?? Ian Somerhalder? SEX ON LEGS ;) thats the only reason i watch it

      • Clearly you haven’t watched Vampire Diaries for possibly more than a few minutes.

        What is even more amusing is the fact that maybe 2-3 out of every post in this thread basically hated the last season of True Blood. I’d be willing to bet that a review on Vampire Diaries would generate maybe 2-3 bad rather than 2-3 positive based on its last season.

        I also find it interesting that you send your praise to Supernatural, which I also think is an amazing show that people ignore due to it being on the CW. The tone of Vampire Diaries is right in line with Supernatural. They both are dark, mythos heavy, and have very pretty people on them.

        So, while your grueling through your poorly written vampire show on HBO, where they have no excuse due to budget, I’ll be watching an intersting vampire show with amazing finales and premeires on CW.

        • A review on a Vampire Diaries website would get positive reaction, but if they did a review of it here it would either be a lot of hate or just you posting.

          • I couldn’t disagree with you more on this comment. In a previous post, you mentioned your girlfriend actively watches Vampire Diaries…clearly, she has different tastes than you. I’d be willing to bet she also agrees that Vampire Diares isn’t even close to Twilight. The pilot had some of the same elements, but hardly the remainder of season one.
            In addition, this is a fan site, regardless of material. It wouldn’t matter if it is a review of True Blood, Vampire Diaries, or Twilight…the same crowd is attracted….fans and non-fans.
            My point is that if a review of Vampire Diaries season one was put up on THIS site, I’d be willing to bet that most of the fans would LOVE the season finale of Vampire Diaries, where as most the fans of True Blood hated theirs. There will always be preference and those who just want to hate on a particular topic, but the reality is that Vampire Diaries delivers what its fans want, and True Blood seems to NOT.

            • Actually she thinks it’s a lot like twilight. It’s one of the reasons she likes it. She is a twilight fan. She says not only do they have very very similar story, but even when the story is different the tone and type of film are exactly the same. It’s aimed at the same tween crowd. She does say it is slightly better than the twilight films, but not by much. However, she said the books are better written than Vampire Diaries.

  6. yeah guys I have to agree with you all, this was somewhat disappointing because I have read all ten books and can say that the first two seasons were close enough to them but this third season has just blown off the storyline in the books and Alan Ball made a salad out of all the plots. he has redeemed the Eric and Sookie storyline a little with this episode by making Bill less of a saint but I don’t see how the fourth book’s plot, the book I love the most in the whole series, will be integrated in the next season, I’ll wait and see but if they don’t give me and us Amnesia Eric then I’ll “rescind” HBO from my program list

    • should everyone “rescind”? it sounds to be like a funny word. ha..ha..ha.. rescind is a climax word, a tag line…. for season finale. :-)

    • I completely agree with you on the Eric storyline from book four. I loved the fourth book in the series and if Eric and Sookie don’t have their incredible, hot and steamy hook up, I will be MORE THAN disappointed. I love True Blood and will continue to support the show by watching but I was disappointed in the flow of the story and how they combined to many books into one season. It’s almost like they wanted to wrap up all the books in a few more seasons and be done with it. I love Sookie’s character in the books and hope that the writers can find there way back to the goodness we saw in seasons 1 & 2. Also, I would like to mention that I absolutely LOVED Franklin (hilarious) and I am impressed with the casting of Debbie. She is just the right amount and crazy.

      • Yeah the sookie and Debbie b**** fight was awesome but Debbie was a V addicted were instead of a shifter like in the books.

  7. I really didnt expect this to be a finale that actually satisfied me with all my questions and such.. i mean come on! they end every episode with a cliffhanger. the character development i must say is really good. i love lafayette and i hope next season he becomes more like in the first season. perhaps becoming a witch as well :) i mean it was an ok finale, didnt really expect it to be very good. this season hasnt exactly been super good, but better than the second i must say. mostly cause of the new supporting actors and villain. i expect next season to end the storylines they are on now with each character, and perhaps start new ones. to be honest i liked the sam storyline, about his past and how he seems to always be the nice guy, but now it comes to an end. i mean i both like him less but better.. probably doesnt make sense haha

  8. I have to completely agree with your review of the season finale. To be honest, the finale was a perfect representation of the rest of the season. Almost nothing happened. The problem is, is that Alan Ball is trying to service too many characters without connecting them to the overall main plot. Do we really need Tommy on the cast? Jesus? Do we really need to spend so much time on boring sub plots? NO. There is such a thing as having recurring characters. Not every character needs to be in every episode. Season 1 got it right. While I love Eric, he was not needed in every episode, so he wasn’t in them. This season, characters who were not needed in every episode were put in just about every episode just to give them screen time. The episodes felt disjointed because they lacked proper structure (ABC plots). It was like the writers didn’t know how to adapt the third book, which is strange because it would have been really easy. I mean, just cut back on the townsfolk this season and bring them back in more for next season. But the amount of time wasted on LaFayette and Jesus hanging out was ridiculous. And Jason and the quarterback? Absolutely annoying. And I won’t even start on the Sam plot (that one was the worst). Or even Arlene and the silly baby plot line. I mean, they couldn’t have actually thought these plot lines were good writing. They were boring. Sure, some people may hate Sookie and like that the main character doesn’t get a lot of screen time, but she is the main character. I hope the writers will learn from their mistakes next season, focus more on the plot and good storytelling, lessen boring sub plots, connect everything and all of the characters more, and if they are lacking in great ideas, for goodness sake return to the books. They are actually a good resource.

    • I agree with AT. it’s seem mess all up. the first season is very great especially for the beginning. but for the throughout the developing story, the statistic decline. I thought what’s wrong with the “essence” of True Blood? I think the responsible person who involve in this filmmaking should be think hard and aware. Just Focus in main plot. and give the right portion for main character. delete unnecessary character, annoying plot. well guy i think they have a bigger burden to satisfy fans. Is there a new season finale? :-)

  9. I havent seen this movie but I am tired of reviewers and their pompous reviews!! We should all just ban reviews!! Just because some guy with a website or TV show says a movie is good then we should give a crap?? I have seen plenty of reviews of movies that people said were GOOD or BAD and I ended up feeling the opposite. Its all subjective!! Its all your own opinion. I think its crap that you dont go see this movie or any moive just because this guy said it was only 2 stars!! Why should I care what you say…i care what I say…dont be a robot!!!!

    • Christ not surprised you have not seen the movie considering it’s a TV show.

      If you don’t like reviews don’t read them. I’d much rather read a review than read some one crying about how much he hates reviews.

      Reviews serve a purpose hardly anyone can afford to watch every movie that comes out a review can help us understand if it might be worth seeing or not. It’s not always about the stars. Try reading the review they lightly discuss the plot and give you and idea of the tone and pacing. I’ve read reviews for 4 star films, but based on the info in the review I learned it wasn’t for me. I’ve also read reviews that gave a film 3 stars but I read the review and it sounded like something the reviewer wouldn’t like, but I would.

      It’s fairly simple if you don’t like them don’t read them. Your not gonna get a lot of people jumping on your “boycott reviews” band wagon from a movie review site.

      • Just had to say your first sentance had me in hysterics as I was in bed at the time I had to put the quilt over my mouth for fear of waking everyone up.Awesome!!!

    • Huh??? – What the…………??? Must be up past your bedtime. We are discussing a Series on HBO which has been viewed by most of us for 3 years – NOT a movie in which the others have not viewed the same material.

  10. This was a horrible finale to a show with a good premise and poor execution. Was there even a point to the Tara storyline? In this season or last season for that matter? Neither led to character growth at all for her and if she isn’t going to grow at all, what’s the point? Having her stand around and be pissed off or crying all season doesn’t qualify as a character arc. I agree with what was written above, too many subplots with two many minor characters. The main problem I have with the show is a lack of chemistry between the leads.

  11. I agree also. TOO much:too many subplots bot enough time spent on the important character. Lafayette and Jesus had way too much air time and all Tara did was get pissed off or break down this season. Tommy and the Arlene story line suffered the same fate. One main plot and some subplots worked well the first and most of the second season. I certainly hope this next season improves. Although I am glad Jessica and Hoyt are getting on with it (life) and please let his mother go. She is just a pushy pain

  12. I AGREE, the FINALE’ Sucked and I was VERY disapointed after spending all season juggling WAY TO MANY UNIMPORTANT plots ( could have done with out Crystal /warepanther thing and Sams twisted family). The producer needs to stick to the important plots and MAIN CHARACTORS..REMEMBER THEM??? And less time on the Cooter’s and what’s there names. VERY DISSAPOINTING and a LESS THAN STELLER SEASON…Missed the drama and build-up of the Maryann Plot of last season……Get it together guys!!! One more thing,,The live BLOODCOPY chat sire crashed after the show and you couldn’t get in to the pod cast.

  13. What about Lafayette and Jesus. that could be a whole season in itself….Worst finale ever….

  14. I was dissapointed by this season.. but at the same time, i was also dissapointed that the season appeared so short.

    Reminds me of the opening joke from Annie Hall.

    There’s an old joke. Um, two elderly women are at a Catskill Mountain Resort [cough] and one of ‘em says “Boy, the food at this place is really terrible. The other one says “Yeah I know, and such small portions.”
    Well, that’s essentially how I feel about life. Full of loneliness, and misery and suffering and unhappiness, and it’s all over much too quickly.

    • Excellent “quotes” and execution……Brought a smile to a depressing day. Thx

  15. This was just plain boring… Hint to producers a) the season needs to be longer ( a 15 or 18 week season) and b) finales need to leave you feeling like you want more… Is there a season 4 spoiler???

  16. The problem is there are too many minor characters given major storylines. And that distracts from the focal narrative. The minor characters are there to provide flavor for the series’ Southern gothic setting. Season one got it right, until they introduced Maryann (Callisto in the novels) as a major character. Season two nearly got it right and should have kept its focus on the Fellowship of the Sun/Texas vampires/Godric storyline. (I love how Godric was rewritten for the series, even if he is not Eric’s maker in the novels). As good as Michelle Forbes was, the maenad subplot was too distracting for me to enjoy. If anything season two would have been more appropriate for Sam to investigate his past and his relationship with Tara between the Dallas scenes (though I would have written Sam’s storyline so much differently). Russell Edgington, though a minor character in the book, was a major asset to season three, so were the introduction of the werewolves. The werepanther subplot would have played out better with fewer scenes and if it followed the book more closely (they were not meth-dealers but owned a lumber company, Crystal getting pregnant by Jason, and the introduction of Mel Hart, the gay werepanther who becomes Jason’s best friend). I suspect the Jesus-Lafayette relationship will figure heavily in next year’s “season of the witch”. And good news – it was confirmed that Eric will “lose his mind” next season as he does in Book 4. But I am still Team Bill despite how he manipulated his relationship with Sookie.

  17. The season finale was poor, had no climax and no viable or interesting resolutions. Some parts were just plain silly, ie Hoyt’s mothers intervention, pulling Russel out of the sun, just plain stupid! Very dissappointing for such a fantastic show.

    I love this show. I even enjoyed sesaon three, until the finale. The writers need to do some main story lines with some of the characters that have depth to them, ie Lafayettes mom, Lafayette (the spirted one), Russell Edgington- all of which are magnetic on the screen! Franklin and Lorena were fantastic. Too bad they were killed off.

    I’m tired of Bill and Sookie needing to be in every scene. How many times can this story line be considered interesting. Tara is great. Finally she gets a new hair do, I couldn’t deal with those braids any longer. I like her fiesty!

    The queen is always disappointing, a character with more depth was needed for this role. We need some vampires of a ethnicaly diverse background in a starting roles.

    Finally, slow up on all of the creatures(werewolves, panthers, witches,vampires,shape-shifters, where are the normal people? pretty soon they will be no one to bite.

  18. You all have missed the point. This series isn’t about resolution, and that’s why you don’t get it in the season finale. Every character in shown in this season finale that they have done a complete 180 degree turn from their characters at the beginning of the season, and each episode of the season has led up to that. The first season was about introduction to the characters and the second was about finding all their strengths, and this one was all about their weaknesses, as is extremely mirrored in Russell’s outcome. I think this sets the next season up for a lot of interesting things to happen, instead of everything being tied up neatly in a bow for it all to have to unfold again down a different plot line. I definitely think this is the better way to go and a very bold direction to take. Thank you Alan Ball for giving us something new.

    • You know I had first watched the finale and felt disappointed, then I read your input and truthfully you made me feel different about it. I am still not happy that i now have to wait until the next season, but this could be a good direction and crazy start to a season 4 involving all the characters (who knows maybe tying their story lines together more). I mean honestly I like all of the story lines (maybe a little gay at some points but I’m over it) and don’t know if i could choose any one of the dozen characters to be written out of the plot.. I guess all I can say is we’ll see….

    • I completely agree. Everyone knows True Blood is all about cliff hangers. There were resolutions to the main story lines (ie russel and eric as well as what the deal with sookie is) and the story still revolves around the main characters. Honestly I think the show would suck if it revolved completely around Sookie because all she really does is go back and forth between loving vamps and hating them. The side characters really add spice and I love the character development with lafayette and jessica. ill agree the whole sam thing was a bit on the odd side. im ambivilant about the arlene pregnancy thing but i imagine it ties into the witches and the visions la-la is having. side note i wonder if since lafayette has been seeing visions (like blood on sam b4 he supposedly kills his bro and seeing arlenes ex tellin him he is inside her) if that means jesus is evil. i mean his first vision was of jesus with a monster face… cant wait to find out!

    • What is the point?….if you were to go to the restoom or even take your eyes off the screen, you would be lost (even at that, it may take several viewings to catch everything). It it too much – too fast for most anyone to get attached to the characters and almost impossible to follow a dozen story lines at the same time. It does not allow the viewer to become emotionally attached since it changes directions and adds new people so quick that it is impossible to do so. It is like watching alot of unrelated events of people you barely know. A show should not function like a strobe light. We “get it” – most agree that it is too much/too quick to enjoy the show as we should. It is simply “entertainment” viewing the scenes rather than being attached to the story and characters.

      • Well, for those of us who can keep up, it was a most enjoyable season, except, yes Corey, maybe the gay parts. I really thought season two droned on and on and it took forever to get to what we all knew was going to happen, and, yay, the good guys won. And, honestly, I felt there were less true emotional attachments that I had with the characters in that season, because everything was being manipulated so much by MaryAnn. This is the complete opposite of that and much more satisfying in my opinion. And I felt Tara was just as annoying in season 2, as season 3. At least we started to see a true change in her by this season finale. Everyone keeps asking, why is this in there or why waste time with that? And I just know there has to be a reason for all of it, but we just have to have patience. I just feel everyone is annoyed because there weren’t a lot of loose ends tied up like were done in season 2, and if it was a series finale, I would agree, but it’s not and this was something that leaves us a lot of open doors for season 4. I think many will be shut and many open to the fullest. But, yes, that does mean we do have to wait and see.

  19. They really need to kill off some characters, there is just too many people fighting for screen time. I know they had to change things from the books by focusing on more characters then Sookie but they have screwed themselves by continually expanding the amount of characters and their individual plots. Arlene’s story line baffles me, why give her a storyline at all? As much as I like Lafeyette(sp?), I don’t like how they have chosen his character to expand on the witches(which will be important next season). The handling of Jason was done much better in the books and I’m not a fan of Sookie actually going to the Fae world and I liked Claude and Claudine actually being around in the normal world. Oh well, there is always something to complain about. Still one of my favorite series and am already craving the next season.

  20. It felt like “pick Your Favorite Cliffhanger”.
    Very messy finale.

  21. This season was the worst yet. And the finale was disappointing and makes me worry of how badly the fourth season may be butchered.

  22. I felt the season was very strong with many SHOCKING moments that left me stunned and were downright awesome (Russel ripping out the spine of a TV anchor, Eric killing Tillbits (sp) while f**king him).

    But the finale felt off.

    First, Bill and the Queen levitating like they were in the matrix or a jet li movie was silly…this show is known for great action scenes…this was not one of them.

    I’m not a fan of what they’ve been doing to Bill’s character all season, making him out to be the bad guy and then making him worse and worse. I wish they would take his character in another direction.

    TOO MANY TARA SEX SCENES and shower scenes…I really did not enjoy seeing so much of her manly body…as a flaming heterosexual male, her sex scenes made me more uncomfortable than lafayette making out with his boyfriend. I know they’ll bring her back next season but I hope they don’t…she’s the worst/best “over”actress I’ve seen in a long time

    Jason’s storyline was downright useless. First he finds his purpose in being a cop and then they ditch that for a purpose of protecting a bunch of strangers? Bah

    Sam went from being one of the most likable characters to being kind of an ahole. Hope they turn that around.

    Love the Hoyt Jessica storyline only because Jessica is smoking hot…not sure where they’re going with it. Is it like the reverse Bill/Sookie?

    I actually enjoyed the Lafayette/Jesus storyline because it freaked me the hell out and it provided for some truly atmospherically scary and uneasy scenes. I just wished they developed it more.

    So, just like my above post, the finale was a little disorganized

    • i dont feel like the jason storyline is useless, i mean it shows how jason has developed very well. and i do think that they will continue with the storyline for like half of next season. but i agree i like the hoyt jessica storyline and i hope that they turn around sam to be likable again. although i wouldnt mind if they continued with the storyline, that his past catches up with him and he goes all bad. one thing i dont get.. is that i didnt think Bill could levitate.. i mean in the book he can.. but in the first season didnt he say that he couldnt levitate, but bring sookie back to life instead? anyway, i didnt think the ending was aweful, but it wasnt very good either. i did love russel and franklin though

      • Maybe I’m not seeing something with the Jason storyline. I liked his other storylines better so maybe I got spoiled bc they were very good.

        Yeah, the levitation thing is weird. I mean Russell can fly. Can they all fly or is just the really old vamps?

        • well there were other storylines that were better, but i didnt feel jasons was completely useless. but i dont know about the levitation.. some can and some cant.. it hasnt been explained properly, if at all in the show. russel and eric can fly yes. i dont think they can in the beginning (when becoming a vampire) but perhaps as they grow older they learn that ability, which i find very weird haha

          • lol yeah, it’s like people developing critical thinking skills as they get older but with vampires they develop the ability to fly haha

            • hahaha well i mean you have the supernatural package here so why just throw in the ability to fly as they get older! haha

  23. I felt that midway into the season everyone checked out. After Cooter was killed the season fell flat. It felt like the first season but in reverse (the first season didn’t start getting deliciously addictive till that mid-way point. Season 3 was started out that way, teetered off, then stalled). I’M PERSONALLY OFFENDED. This was the worst hour of television since Meth and Red. Sigh…I starting to think that the magic may be over.

    Second thought: What happened to Jason? He’s the leader of that dirty group? Am I the only one that hated Crystal? Is the reason why she was so intoxicating to him is that she left her scent on him? Could’ve killed her

    Third thought: I alway knew there was something to Bill, he was to stiff. I knew he was playing a character. He’s gonna try to kill the Queen off just because she knows his secret. He’s hiding something else. I’m glad they told the Queen to drop that horrendous accent.

    Fourth and final: Why did they kill Franklin. He was the best! (In my Franklin voice) Tara!

  24. I wonder if we will find out how Eric escaped from the cement. I thought it was really lame the way they did that. I really liked this season but the final episode should have been a 2 hour one. Good Times

    • Pam saved Eric from the cement. If you remember, there’s a short little scene where Pam comes out of the back room sorta drying her hair and she say to Eric that she hoped he killed Bill. Then she says something about how hard it was to get the cement out of her hair. It was so quick, I almost didn’t get it myself. Seems like maybe they filmed the scene with her saving him but decided to cut it? Anyway, it was poorly done, imo.

      • Thanks Natalie, that does make sense now. Good Times

  25. This season had lots of potential.
    But it crashed.
    The producers tried to squeeze the story, characters and plots of a 24 episode season down to 12 episodes.

    What a mess.
    It looked and felt squeezed and towards the end it was taking itself way to serious.

    True blood was the only reason I kept HBO and now I have no reason to keep it. So I canceled on Monday and doubt I will resubscribe in 10 months, when it comes back on. It’s a lot easier just to watch the episodes on the net on HBO’s website or one of the other services.

    I kind of see it going the way “heros” did, except at a much faster pace because of the (mini) season squeeze.

  26. I love True Blood & I do feel the finale was a bit of a mess. I feel like True Blood finale should be 2 hours. HBO this is one of your biggest series give it 2 hours on finales ! Come on HBO !!!!

  27. I felt this season was great up till the Finale. It was miles better than season 2. I liked season 2 but I loved season 3. The Finale was the only dissapointment. I give series 3 a 8.5/10. The last episode really dragged it down. Otherwise overall the seasonqw ould have benn a 9.5/10. Someone was right though, it felt like we saw half a episode and then it just cut off. Maybe this shows how much we really enjoy the program or maybe it shows that we really were teased with a non ending this year. Russel was great, the wolves while kinda offensive in how they were protrayed, were great.

    Season 3 was overall very enjoyable. I miss Franklin and Cooter and company already though. Something tells me season 4 will be season 3 part two so Ill just have to sit back and enjoy. To the producers dont every pull that non resolution turd on the fans again though

    Bills personality change was excellent as well . I just didnt like the ending this year. I do believe the program ahs a good cast and NO THEY DONT NEED TO REDUCE IT .

  28. The point is : Ini seharusnya True Blood. Not soap opera

  29. I think people are being a little too hard on the show as a whole. It’s still an amazing show that keeps getting better (except this finale). The character development is great, the action is great, the acting is amazing, etc. Let’s not get spoiled.

    That being said, I do hope the writes/producers listen to the fans and make the seasons longer and more focused in the future.