True Blood Season 3 Finale Review & Discussion

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true blood season 3 finale2 True Blood Season 3 Finale Review & Discussion

As the new fall television season beings, it’s that time again for us to say a temporary goodbye to True Blood and our favorite residents of Bon Temps. With so much going on during the entirety of season 3, the gauntlet has been laid down for True Blood producers to make sense of all the storylines and character development, while continuing to give the viewers a reason to tune in for season 4.

The addition of Alcide (Joe Manganiello) proved to be a hit as his character added a new dimension and refreshing face to the series – hopefully he’ll receive more screen time next year. The King of Mississippi is completely charismatic and, no matter what happens, he’ll surely be around for awhile – he’s just too good of a character to let die.

Of course, with Alan Ball at the reigns, anything can happen and nothing is absolute. As readers of the Sookie Stackhouse novels can attest, this past season has been almost completely off-book, with so many elements taken from future novels that there’s no way of truly knowing what fate has in store for any of the characters.



With True Blood sporting the largest main cast on television (and Alan Ball deciding that almost every character deserved their own, separate storyline), much of the finale is riddled with short scenes and numerous jump cuts. This decision, while serving the purpose of including all the “required” plot progressions, has the tendency to, at times, leave viewers confused and annoyed as they’re being forced to continuously catch-up with what’s going on.

true blood season 3 finale tara mom True Blood Season 3 Finale Review & Discussion

This season 3 finale should have proven that there was a reason behind all of third season’s chaotic story telling. Instead, the finale is surprisingly even more disjointed and unorganized than the episodes that came before it. In lieu of coherent plot progression that would have left viewers feeling fulfilled and satisfied (especially after dedicating so much time to this series), they’re left waiting until next season to receive resolutions to storylines that should have been wrapped up in the finale.

Because there was such a lack of closure (and the fact that numerous storylines had to share the same hour of television), the producers felt the need to use cheap ploys to make certain scenes and storylines feel more fulfilling and exciting without actually dedicating the time needed for the audience to come to that result naturally. Sam “shooting” his brother and Sookie going mental with the garbage disposal are perfect examples of that, as these scenes are poor attempts to make up for the emotional build-up that a consistent, well-organized storyline would have provided.

That being said, one can’t deny that there has been a significant amount of wonderful character development throughout this season, but the lack of focus in the storytelling takes away from its importance as the audience has to, at times, struggle to even keep track what’s occurring throughout. Even Tara’s symbolic scene of cutting her hair was ill-received. While this was meant to signify that Tara has truly changed as a character, it’s hard not look at those two minutes spent on her homemade hairdo and think of it as time wasted because there were so many other storylines that could have filled that space.

true blood season 3 finale bill queen True Blood Season 3 Finale Review & Discussion

In the end, the only characters that actually received some sort of resolution were Tara, Jason, Hoyt and Jessica. Perhaps this is a sign of poor story planning by the producers, or that maybe the series should have a smaller cast. Either way, with the way they left things, if HBO and the producers were completely honest with their characterization of this season finale, they would have concluded it with “…to be continued” and announced that the upcoming season 4 will now be the second half of season 3.

At this point, fans of the series will have to decide whether the poor implementation of season 3 – and the finale – is a sign of how True Blood will be from now on or whether, unbeknownst to the viewers, the producers used this season as proverbial maintenance – a rebuilding year, so to speak.

Hopefully it’s the latter…


Final Thoughts

The season 3 finale of True Blood is a poor example of what this series has to offer. Unfortunately, viewers will have to wait until next year to know whether or not the producers have learned their lesson.

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  1. Shouldnr russell have died almost instantly in the sun like Godric did seeing how old he was?

    • Hey Brady, the only reason both Eric and Russell did not die was Sookie’s blood. It only protected them fully for a short time but slowly wore off or they would have died very quickly I think. Also, Sookie is not full blooded alien fairy whatever. Good Times

  2. dissapointed yes somewhat, however the problem was for me my Wife and eldest Daughter have read all of the novels and have been kinda peeved and kept trying to be quiet as we watched every week……
    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    whatever we expect next season, in the books Sookie NEVER gets to Fae….but in the finale she gets there, and besides, we all know Sookie is not a full-fledged Fae….thus Sookie is not allowed there. Mr. Ball needs to fix this for Season 4.(besides Faes are bad asses, more wicked than any were or vampires.Beautiful yet ultra powerful warriors) Bottom Line: Faes are the most powerful and Mr. Ball has turned them into wimps. Dammit! And let’s not even discuss “Hotshot!!!!”

  3. First off I thought the whole season was a big flop I kept waiting for the same feeling seasons 1 and 2 gave me excitement, and the OH s*** I cant believe that just happened! It just kept dragging on and on with what seemed to be nothing of great importance and that whole Sookie being a fariy doing her stupid fariy dance was terrible it looked so fake. How many times does Sookie tell Bill to get lost then say no wait come back COME ON! Ughh I could go on about this seasons flaws but really I’ll be with the millions waiting for season 4 and hopeing that Alan Ball will get it together this time around.

    • i totally agree with you..i’m glad i’m not the only peerson who thought this season sucked

  4. I was not even close to impressed with this season finale. I guess that I am just spoiled because of Dexter. There is a lot about this series and I really enjoyed this season. For such a good season, it sure had a crappy ending. I really liked Russell Edgington. I am a fan of the books and I thought they cast him dead to rights. I could have done without all the gay stuff. There were a couple of episodes that was just extremely uncomfortable. I really hope next season is a little better.

  5. Sad. Was there another writer’s strike? True, there were glimmers of past brilliance (the King’s TV heart in hand moment), but REALLY, was there a focused intent to take Sookie, Bill, Eric, and Tara completely out of character??? Unbelievable cackles, unlikely expressions (facial and verbal), waxing and waning accents, and weak plot dilutions abounded. Season Three in a nutshell? In the words of once dear Tara, “Blah, Blah, snore…”

  6. I’ve watched every episode and thought the last episode of season 3 was TRUE BLOOD ON STEROIDS. Was their really a need to cram so much into a episode 12. WTF are the writers playing at. You can’t light a fire with petrol and expect it to burn evenly and slowly.

  7. I’m a huge fan of true blood. Although I have to admit that this was my least favorite season. In my opinion the only redeeming quality of this season was Russell. Every story line was way to jumbled up to follow. Nothing was really explained and everything was very rushed. Sookie was also a little annoying this season. I always admired her strong character in the past seasons and it seemed like all of the sudden she became extremely codependent. First Bill refuses to save her best friend from being raped because he’s busy boinking Lorena, then he chews on Sookie like beef jerky and almost kills her, then he allows Russell and Eric to take a bite out of her too and still allows him into her house. The only thing that finally makes this girl realize she’s got a bad boyfriend is finding out that Bill was sent to ‘procure’ her and let her get beat almost to death. Considering the track record of this season I’m sure this breakup will last a total of 48 hours, could be longer but only if it takes Sookie a little while to get back from fairy land. I want my ‘take crap from no one’ Sookie back! Oh and Tara really needs to stop crying, its getting annoying.

    • I aggree, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Sookie is so up and down she mite as well be a white Tara.

      Maybe the reason behind all the over the top stuff, is because the money men have got involved and they said spruce up the show so they can sell it to more networks at home or abroad. ‘cos I can’t see the reason being the writers have run out of steam ‘cos they’ve got the books to go off.

      Well that’s my theory anyway.

  8. complete crap so many episodies in season three had me at the edge of my seat but the season finale was nothing. i hate to say this but the season finale reminded me of the twilight series…

    • Patrick I’ve recently introduced my brother to True Blood, so I had to re-download all the episodes for him to watch again. So I inturn have ended up re-watching them also.

      First time round you don’t really notice all the trivial little things and just get on with concentrating on the main storyline. But Katie’s right in what shes says, Sookie character doesn’t really make sense in season 3 and Tara is bloody annoying always frikkin crying.
      Another point, the storyline didn’t really flow like in the first 2 seasons, and all this stuff with Eric and his vendetta just seems thrown in their for the hell of it, leaving to many unanswered questions about Godrick and Eric and the fact they hunted these werewolfs.

      So my Patrick, saying that the episodes had you on the edge on your seat isn’t really a good explanation of how you disagree with another persons comment. It’s actually quite lame, are you a 10 year old?

      • Paul77,

        First, you’ve been here long enough to know not to throw around the s-bomb in comments, what’s up with that? Second, I see nothing in Patrick’s comment that necessitates you calling his comment lame and him a 10 year old.


  9. This episode was a true let down…… I am still like WTF just happen! Mr. Ball has to really step it up, and hopefully next season wont be such a drag!!! It is a shame that we have to wait almost a whole year for one season, and season three is the crap we get…. Very upset

  10. It sucked. The episode it self was just horrible, it was probably the least exciting episode of the season. I agree with a lot of the comments about Sookie. She’s for sure my least fav character on the show. I just feel like nothing of significance really happened this season, besides finding out what sookie is (which we still know nothing about). We’re left exactly where we were left at the end of season 2. Bill and Eric still hate eachother and sookie is still stuck in the middle. The writers need to take chances, kill off a lead character, turn someone into a vampire! The possibilities are endless!

  11. So, this season 3 rly let me down, i’m from portugal and only recently i finished watching this season, i have nowhere i can see it on tv so i had to download it and i felt like it was a waste of time…
    Things were always being rushed around, other thing thrown up in the middle, points not being explained…(kind of like making an old fashion soup)
    I got to a point in the show where most times the only thing cool to look at was Alexander Skarsgard…honestly, i hope they’ll do a much better work with season 4, i mean, i read all the books (in english cuz we don’t have them all translated yet) and they were amazing, they have a whole lot to work with…
    This season, Sam was acting weird, did he rly killed his brother?? Sookie acted like my 6 year old nephew and Tara was crying more in a day than he does in a week, it was annoying…where the hell are those two strong headed characters that we all love?

    And btw, what’s with Pam complaining about having cement on her hair?? and Eric complaining about her killing that guy?? killing humans never bothered him before…I just don’t get it…

    • Pam was complaining about the cement in her hair to let the audience know that she is the one that rescued Eric from the cement. And Eric was not complaining about Pam killing a human, because she did not kill a human. She killed Eric’s hit man who is in fact a vampire (I forgot his name)when a-hole Bill called him up pretending to be Eric and told him to kill his prodigy. (aka Pam)

      • oh, i just thought it was a human because when she said she had killed him he looked kind of annoyed and it sounded like he was complaining, cuz i don’t remember too well but he said something about her being a killer or something like that…

  12. Season 3 = rubbish. Too many plots with no ending, poor scripting, poor acting – Alcide yuk, contradictions to earlier storylines, stupid Mickens family and poor Sam can’t ever catch a break Bill gets warned by Talbot about the silver door, another e4pisodes Lorena leams on it, pleassssseee). Only saving grace James Frain’s take on Franklin, wonderful, Theo Alexander as Talbot such a hoot, Denis O’Hare as Russell Edgington so good. Sookie = whiny cow, Tara and those eyebrows OMG beserk or what. Season 4 better be good or I’m through which is a shame it was my most beloved show, now give me Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy.

  13. AB and his writers should have spent less time on the blood, gore and sex and useless stupid subplots, less time on trying to dazzle us with different types of supes, and more time on developing cohesive storylines and continuity of characters.
    The main characters turn 180 degrees. Sookie goes from innocent girl to a maniac that laughs like a hyena. Bill goes from saint to obsessive compulsive, psychotic killer, and Eric from obsessive, compulsive psychotic killer bent on revenge to a saint warning Sookie that Bill let her get beat up and did nothing? Oh, please. If that was the case, AB should have spent more time laying the foundation for both of those events. Instead we get only minutes in the last episode.
    Eric and Bill seem to both have developed a major case of stupid too. Eric doesn’t stake Russel who swore to kill him when he could have, and Bill doesn’t stake Eric when he had the chance. Apparently both of them don’t seem to realize that their enemy can get out of wet cement.

    I don’t even want to think about the other stupid characters and even more stupis subplots.
    Season 3 and the finale stunk.

    • “Bill goes from saint to obsessive compulsive, psychotic killer, and Eric from obsessive, compulsive psychotic killer bent on revenge to a saint warning Sookie that Bill let her get beat up and did nothing? Oh, please.”

      I agree with some of your comments such as there being too many useless stupid subplots. But the turn seen in Eric and Bill is completely plausible and understandable. First of all, Bill was NEVER EVER a saint. He does care about Sookie but it doesn’t change the fact that he lied, deceived, and endangered her. Bill is a complex character and he’s both good AND bad. He’s been obsessed with Sookie from the very beginning and she’s the only reason he returned to Bon Tomps. His interest was first due to the fact that he had to secure her for the Queen and then because he fell for her.

      Secondly, it was to Eric’s BENEFIT to tell Sookie that Bill let her get beat up so that he could give her his blood and that he was sent to seduce her to deliver her to the Queen. Eric wants Sookie for himself and so revealing this truth to her will obviously separate her from Bill which is what Eric wants. This is to his benefit. It isn’t because Eric is now all of a sudden a saint. But he does show he cares for her by saving her from Russell. His interest for Sookie has evolved to more than just sexual.

      If you read the books you will understand this much better. There is no good vamp/bad vamp. Both Eric and Bill are bad AND good.

  14. I finished season 3 last Thursaday night. What a let down. I had to look for a review/sharing site!I really liked the whole season, especially Russell, Talbot and I was looking forward to a storyline that would involve war with the queen but no. I really have a soft spot for Bill and Sookie but I am tired of them going back and forth. Any normal couple would have called it quits by now. It IS NOT WORKING!! I am slo another one who wants to see the good Sam again and Tara stop crying man. Kill yourself or get OVER IT!!! And Jason, with this major hillbilly?? She’s a what a panther that can only suffer domestic abuse??? Come ON!!! It’s starting to feel like Days of Our Lives already.

  15. I am so OVER Beel and Sookeh. UGH! I am not kidding, they make me want to puke.

    More Viking, more Pam.

    • Yes! I hope to God that season 4 has much more Eric and Pammy. If you read the comments and reviews all over the internet, this is what the majority of viewers want to see more of.

      Also, less whiny shaky-mouth crazy-eyebrow Tara and more down to earth and calm and witty Tara.

      No more Crystal/Hot Shot townies/trailer park rejects. I couldn’t stand the “this is my b**** and I can beat her whenever I want” type of hillbillies.

      No more attitudey bratty Sookie. More of Season 1 Sookie who was funny, smart, spunky and witty.

  16. I LOVE True Blood! I got all 3 seasons from an expat and now I’m HOOKED. I just finished the last episode for season 3. One question: WHAT the fu*k is wrong with Tara? Woman, get a life and learn how to JUDGE peeps properly. :-)
    Sookie is a total CUTIE. :-) I love the sexy dresses she wears. And that Vampire Blood…where can I get a vial?? lol! It’s obvious the producers have done psychedelics because the depictions are AMAZING. ;-) Alcohol & nicotine are sooo uninteresting — keeping one from expanding one’s consciousness.

    And how did Eric get out of the cement? Why did he not kill Bill when he revealed all to Sookie in Bill’s presence?? Who wins the duel to the death between Bill & the Queen? Will Sookie ever learn to use her powers? Can this be used to fight the vamps? Surely her fairies have some power or do they just hang out by ponds near the meadow where life is PERFECT?
    Enquiring minds wanna know. :-)

    • Eric getting out of the cement is actually answered, though I can see why it would be easy to miss.

      When he gets back to the club and Pam comes out drying her hair she says she hoped he killed Bill because she was never going to get the cement out of her hair. So yeah Pam hauled him out.

      I have to echo what others have said, Eric and Pam(and Godric)are easily who I watch for the most and want to see more of out of all the shows characters.

      Infact I would go as far as to say I would love a spin off focused entirely on Eric and Godric over the centuries and Erics search for Talbot.

      • Just curious, how do you know that Godric is looking for Talbot? Is that in the books or have I missed something?

  17. Almost all characters in true blood have a mental change in season 3 , Bill becomes the bad guy Eric becomes the good guy , Sookie is love with bill , eric , alcide. Sam is killer . No one knows what the hell is wrong with Tara.Season 3 sucks ,this whole thing is bull ……. but i still cant wait to see season 4.

  18. To me, a huge fan of the books….season 2 with the whole maynad thing was a waste of a good season they could have done so much more. Season 3 was a huge disappointment except for Alcide. I did not care for Eric’s story line …hunting down the weres that killed his parents or the nazi weres in general. I watch the show because of Sookie, Eric, Bill, Pam, Jessica, and Hoyt. More for Eric and Sookies relationship than anything. Alcide and Sookie’s relationship should have been so much more involved. I dont know why Adam Ball feels he needs to bring in these other characters who were not in the books into the series. The books have all the elements you need for a smashing sucessful tv show. I think someone needs to reign in his artistic control and keep the show closer to the books…but that is just me

  19. I honestly can say I’m probably the smartest person here, considering I seem to be the only one that wasn’t confused by season 3′s plotline. It really doesn’t take much to understand what went down this season and so many people are calling it crap simply because SOMEBODY wasn’t paying attention. I enjoyed this season (As I did season’s 1 & 2) and followed it just fine. If you truely didn’t get it then I suggest you watch something else. Something that you can understand better, like Family Guy (watch out for those “I haven’t been this__since I___..” jokes cause they might cause some confusion on the episode’s plot [thats called sarcasm]). And I wonder why the director didn’t finish telling those stories at the end..hmmm.. wait isn’t that called A CLIFHANGER? And hmmmmm, wait a second, haven’t Ball been doing this “clifhanger” thing since, uh, THE VERY FIRST FREAKIN’ EPISODE? So does it makes sense that he left season 3 in a clif hanger (which is explained in season 4)? Uh, DUH! People need to stop comlaining & calling this show bad. It’s not terrible or hard to follow, you just don’t understand complex storyteling. I believe Family starts at 9 tonight. Goodbye.

    • Man, Why so Serious, that’s a LOT of hate.

    • You need to get laid….. big time.