True Blood Season 2 Finale: Review & Discussion

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true blood true blood bottle True Blood Season 2 Finale: Review & Discussion

Season 2 of Alan Ball’s growing-in-popularity adult vampire show came to an end Sunday on HBO. The True Blood Season 2 finale tied up the major plot threads of the season and set up several more that will be key story elements moving forward into the third season.

Join us as we look back on some of the things that happened this season and in the finale, and as we look forward on what things we could be seeing next season.

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead]

You’ve been warned – If you’re reading this, I expect that you’ve seen the episode, so some spoilers will be mentioned. Let’s get to it then, shall we?

The End of Maryann

The focus of the finale is on putting an end to Maryann Forrester (Michelle Forbes) and her wicked ways. As we know, she has the entire town under her control and sporting black eye contacts, the kind that makes people eat raw hearts and start community orgies.

Anyway, that craziness aside, Maryann is getting ready for her very special day, preparing to make a sacrifice to the bull-horned god of evil so she can marry him. Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) is the worthy sacrifice in her mind and her maid of honor absolutely must be the show’s leading lady, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin).

There’s a bunch of usual weirdness around this situation with them forcing Sookie to drink blood and lick a big ostrich egg, a nest that Tara and Eggs built on the bed of Sookie’s grandma, and a tree made of raw meat, but we’ve come to expect that from scenes involving Maryann. We also got to see Jason Stackhouse and Deputy Andy try to be the annoying heroes for 15 seconds before finally enlisting in Maryann’s zombie army against their will.

On the other side of town, good ol’ Bill Compton is back to help save the day and he joins with Sam to form a plan to put an end to Maryann. We don’t know what that plan is yet but we soon find out it involves poor Sam almost dying and Maryann getting horned to death and her heart getting ripped out. Poor Sookie didn’t know what was going on and we got a lot of her screaming and crying as Sam got introduced to Eggs’ ability to use a knife.

I was so thankful when Maryann got put down as I was not digging that whole situation all season long or her crazy interest in Tara, another character I wasn’t entertained by this season.

The Other Stories

With that plot thread finally coming to a close, we still had half the episode left!

During the main event, we also got a few scenes for the other storylines also taking place around that time. We only got one scene of big bad Eric Northman, played by rising star Alexander Skarsgård and that involved him getting owned in a game of Yahtzee by Queen Sophie-Anne, the vampire Queen of Louisiana.

Although it was only one scene, it was very important and has implications for the future of the show. The scene finally presented viewers with a purpose for the vampire mistress as she demonstrated some harsh negative emotion with Eric. As it turns out, that vampire blood that Eric asked Lafayette to start selling is actually hers and he was doing it under her orders. She was not impressed finding out that Bill knew that Eric had done that. This is something to be explored in True Blood’s third season.

The other storyline we got a bit of is that of Hoyt and Jessica’s relationship. Hoyt became a major player this season compared to last year where he played a guest role here and there. He represents pure innocence and goodness and he’s a good balance for Jessica whom we thought was on the right track. Unfortunately, Hoyt’s zombified mom ruined that for them and it sets them apart.

After the Maryann situation, Sam goes to his foster parents who abandoned him after the shock of him shapeshifting into a dog years prior. He’s on a mission to find his true parents who he’s warned against as being bad people from his foster mom. His dying foster dad however, gives him the info he desires.

Click to continue reading about where every character is left off, and info on True Blood’s Season 3…

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  1. Bring on the “Big Viking”

  2. What the hell happened to Eric? He was meeting with the queen to find out how to help the town and get rid of that witch. We didn’t get to see what happened to him at all. That was a little annoying.

    Completely agree on Tara. I hate her character with a passion. Who the hell created such a negative, sarcastic, foul mouthed, racist character? Is she like this in the books?

    Also, I would’ve liked to have Sookie’s “powers” explained a little more. Does she have “electrical” powers?

    Sam is definitely a great character and is awesome consistently throughout the show. Can’t wait to see what his backstory is.

  3. I LOVE TARA! I think she is funny as hell alongside Lafyette who i love even more… Im from shreveport Louisiana and Im so glad they have Characters like this in this show…

  4. @ ogb,

    Tara is barely in the books, most of what we see is specific to the show.

  5. Eric’s development was one of the best things in the season. I love book Eric–he’s different in the show, but every bit as cool. Love, love Pam and please, can we see more of her next season. Loved the development of Andy as a major character and his newfound comradery with Jason, who came off a helleva lot better this season–he and Andy need to be the comic relief and the writers should stop making Jason a sex symbol as he is better at other things. Bill didn’t come out too well this season, but the ending may lead into better things–I hope he sheds the saint role and becomes a vampire again–he needs some edge. Looking forward to Hoyt beooming a major player in season three–another great addition to season 2. Sorry, but Anna Paquin grates on my nerves–I don’t know why as I have always liked her in all her other work, but I find that I wish bad things would happen to her and I see NO chemistry between her and Eric, but yes, it is there between her and Bill, but it needs to go somewhere less happy. Lafayette is the best thing in the show, note I say show as Eric is the best thing in the books so it was obvious that he would be great in the show as well. Thank you for keeping him around and make him a vamp next year! Tara–don’t give a hoot. Love Sam and please give him more complexity and a decent girlfriend. If there is a moral center to the show, it is Sam, not Bill, who is trying to be something he is not–human.

  6. To me what makes this show great are the supporting characters. Sookie & Bill are boring and lame, what really drives the show for me are the eccentricities of the regular town folk and how they fit in with the mythology of this world.
    I was really disappointed with the whole Maynad storyline I feel like they could have explored more of the reasons behind her actions and possibly her origin. I can’t believe that I am saying this but too many orgy scenes were included that didn’t further the story line.
    I am really sick of hearing Bill say “Sookie! I am Vampire.” enough already. We all know how scary you are. Thank god he was kidnapped at the end maybe we will get a break his over the top acting and Anna Paquin trying to be sexy.
    I really like this show. I revel in it’s cheesiness but what keeps me watching is the mythology and I would like to see that explored as the series progresses.

  7. The show is so different from the books in many ways but it has really come into its own. Like the reviewer, I am so glad that the Maryann storyline is over.

    I wish there was more for Sam. In the books I am always rooting for a Sookie/Eric ending but in the show, I really like Sam a lot. There was a lot of chemistry between Sam and Sookie in the Maryann scenes.

    Ah well…

    I hate to say it but I agree with the poster who found Sookie a little annoying. I think it is something about the way Anna delivers her lines. There is kind of a lack of sincerity in them like she’s more focused on keeping up her silly accent than concentrating on what she is saying – especially when she say “I’m so sorry” (which she says quite often).

    Unfortunately, I kind of feel that way about Bill too… He feels a little stiff and over pronunciates every word. Sometimes I find myself cringing when he speaks instead of warming up to him.

    All of that aside.. I still LOVE the show and I can’t wait for Season 3!!

  8. @ Susan,

    Lafayette is definitely one of my favorite characters!

  9. So glad they got rid of MaryAnn – what a pain! I really like Eric, I hope he falls for Sookie. Bill needs some to get tough and act like a vampire – take his woman like they do in the novels. Eric is (Hot)and I hope he battles it out for Sookie. Lafayette is the best – he makes me laugh. I do hope they let Jessica & Hoyt get back together, calm her down. Tara – get rid of her – she is a nut case. That Queen vampire – she is a nut case too – she should seek the sun – she is all about herself. Can’t hardly wait for Season 3 – this will a long wait……………..

  10. Thanks Rob

    That makes me hate her character even more. Or maybe it’s the actress? Either way, looks like she’s staying lol

  11. I love the True Blood series but really wish they would’ve stuck more to the book for Season 2. I grew very tired of MaryAnne. I’m glad she was finally killed. I loved the finale but really wanted to see more Eric in the show (he’s my favorite character). Tara has really been getting on my nerves this season. She doesn’t play as prominent a role in the books, which I prefer. Don’t really care about Eggs either. I still can’t wait to see Season 3. If any of you like the show but haven’t read the books I highly suggest reading them. The books are excellent.

  12. Btw, is it me or did the actor playing Eggs suck (no pun intended)? Horrible acting.

    Good point about Andy and Jason team. Why was that in there? It literally brought nothing to the story. They still ended up being taken over. Jason’s dialogue was really hard to watch.

  13. I wish that the writers had stayed closer to the book also. The book was WAY better than the show this season. The whole premise of this season revolved around Tara and the maenad (yawn). Every time the story line got weak, it was let’s do another orgy scene. Now we have dumb and dumber (Andy and Jason) which I find more stupid than funny. I’ve about lost hope. I will give next season a chance.

  14. I’m sorry but did anyone even watch the finale, or was I watching something else?

    Most finales are an end to the season leaving you hanging and begging for more the entire time. I felt that the focus was way too much on MaryAnn in fact 46 minutes was dedicated to her, 3 minutes to Sam having issues and finding his real family and 4 minutes to Bill having a slow dance with Sookie, proposing and getting captured. There were of course a couple of extras such as Eggs dying, Jessica sleeping around but thats about it!!!

    I mean for a finale I was actually disappointed, I thought the Queen and Eric would have more to the show in order ot leave me hanging, and lets not forget the Church goers, they just disappeared…all is well?

    Do not know if the viewers will be as addicted in fact my radio station was taking in calls yesterday and I got a majority of disappointed fans ,glad to know I am not the only one I guess.

    I would expect this a finale in Season 7 or 8, but come on Season 2? Please take time this summer after the wedding to spice up True Blood for Season 3.

    Thank you

  15. I guess nobody caught it in the episode before the finale, but Sookie’s cousin Hadley (the girl playing yahtzee with the queen), asked Bill how Sookie was doing, but had no idea that her grandmother died.

    Ergo, she has met Bill prior to him visiting the queen that night.

    What does this mean? Well, Hadley knew Bill was going to “court” Sookie. But why?

    Because he was told to by the queen. The queen wants Sookie for some reason, and Bill was sent there to court her, and bring her to the queen.

    Anyways, I wish it was Tara instead of Eggs, or hell, kill them both. Maryann storyline was old and boring, and all the mystique about her from season one washed away slowly in 7 episodes of the local nastys like Jane Boathouse getting it doggy style and looking for Sam.

    The whole church of the golden sun plot was much better, and could have been fleshed out alot better.

    Jason is boring, but Andy is actually funny and a well acted character.

    Lets see….. overall, pretty stale season. They really need to get back to vampires because they are so much more interesting.

  16. The blood selling could be interesting as it wasn’t in the books. So it’s all new. And Bill being kidnapped. . . I really hope that one ends like it does in the books b/c vampire bill is pretty lame. Eric is waaaaaaaaay cooler and the book after the whole vampire bill rescue would make a super hot season!
    All in all, though, the finale was a total snooze. I was disappointed and it didn’t leave me wishing next season wouldn’t take so long. Meh!

  17. them revealing hadley was huge if you’ve read the book. kinda’ a big reveal in what comes from that . . . same being related to werewolves??? makes no sense. i hope they don’t do that. sam is a pure shifter. he can become anything. werewolves can only become wolves. like a werepanther can only become a panther, or a werefox. . . taking the story of the books and changing it to the point where story wise it doesn’t even resemble the books it dumb. play w/the story, don’t change it.

  18. Overall I did enjoy season 2. For season 3 I would like to see a little more “Vampire” Bill. He needs to get really pissed and do a little damage. Want to see him and Sookie together for sure though….wish he could take Eric on lol. Do like Eric as a character…he’s more evil minded in the show than the books. Hadley, I am sure, will be important. Wonder if she will go to Sookie and tell her the queen is holding Bill at her lair. If Lorena does have anything to do with holding Bill I hope Sookie stakes her…she’s gross and sad. I think Eric took him initially though. Would like to see Sam alot also. I have a feeling Weres will come out next season..maybe even help Sookie out a little. Overall I like the show better than the books…but I am a Vampire Bill fan!

  19. What is Sookie? Is she human or supernatural? She hit Maryann with a shock. Will we see that power again? I think she could use it to repel Eric if he tries to seduce her. Will it work on him since she drank his blood? Queen Sophie-Anne seems threatened by Sookie and warned Eric not to drink her blood. She knows something about Sookie’s power we do not.

  20. I’m a bill fan so I’m glad that from what little we’ve seen, the ‘on screen’ chemistry between sookie and eric is not so good… in fact she seemed uncomfortable in the dream… I’m sure stephen must be happy that their love scenes don’t get great reviews!

  21. Love Eric’s in the season, I wish something would happen between he and Sookie in Season 3. The relationship between Eric and Bill would be more interesting.

    Maryann – that’s too long..

    Would like to see more “Vampire things” in season 3

  22. Thank God Maryanne’s DEAD! I really got bored with her storyline. That being said, it didn’t stop me from watching the series regularly. I’m really hoping to see Eric (the amazing Alexander Skarsgard) become much more involved with Sookie, even on a temporary basis. I’d like to see what this actor would do with a personality change in Eric, tracking the storyline in the book. Let’s hope the series remains a ‘vampire’ story in season 3.

  23. that would be cool if on the next season there will be werewolves. The only reason why i started watching this show is because i thought sam was a werewolf. im more of a werewolf fan.

  24. I was so upset about Eggs getting killed & Bill getting attacked right after Sookie said “Yes” to his proposal.

    I hope season 3 has more of Eric and Sookie and Bill && lots lots more other vampires.

    Maryann was getting annoying but I think next season gonna be great!

  25. Sookie finnaly says yes and he’s gone? I dont think I can wait til next June for season three to come out. I so ready to fine out more on the reason why Eric wants Sookie so much. Marryann is dead thank God and almost everything is back the way it was then Egg had to die poor Tara. I also want to know if Jessica is saved by love

  26. I hope the third season will be more alluring, with more vampire drama. I like bill and sookie as a couple but i just love eric so dang much and want him to be with sookie at least for a little while.To be honest my favorite characters are hoyt and jessica,and of course lafayette.

  27. I thought this whole season was amazing. Even though the whole thing with Mary anne was long but it made everything connect more. In season one, after ReNea died, Terry and that chick which i have forgotten her name showed alittle intrest in each other and with out Mary Anne, i dont think they would have had a relationship. Sam was brought out alot more this season than the last one. Tara with eggs, well, i didnt really intrest me to begin with and i think it was about time he died. He had a record already so its best that he was killed to begin with. LaFayette dealing with V, hmm, he wanted to stop because of Eric and now he wants him to do it again? The Queen is a v ery curious creature to me. I think eric took Bill at the last episode because he even told the Queen he will handle him. This season was alot better than the first season and its going to get better. I have a feeling the Sookies powers will start show alot more this season coming up.Also, i want to see Bills ex girlfriend come back, it was actually more thrilling to see them argue and he tell her she is dead to him(even though she is already dead) Jessica is still growing but i hope her and Hoyt will get back together.Jason Jason Jason i dont know what he will do this season, maybe he will get revenge on Sarah and Steve. But thats it for now…

  28. I really loved the Eric Godric story.

    The Maryann storyline was too slow. It is unfortunate that ignored a great character like PAM for most of season 2. A night in the life of Pam could have been funny. She could have her own short stories like Lafayette had with Aides Burger and the senator during season 1.

    More Pam, Eric, Jessica and Sookie with a werewolf sniffing after her! The king of Mississippi, and Bubba! Please

  29. Hi. im gonna get HBO and i was wondering if there will be reruns of seasons 1&2 and when season 3 begins. If someone could tell me, id appreciate it. thanks!