True Blood: Season 3

Here’s what we know so far about what will be explored next season:

  • Eric is working for the queen who’s making him sell her blood. Why?
  • Sam Merlotte is on a quest to find his birth parents whom he’s warned are evil
  • We know werewolves will play a major part of season 3 – Does this relate to Sam’s family heritage?
  • Bill is mysteriously taken in the last scene while waiting for the very mean Sookie to return from the washroom with her response to his proposal – who took him?
  • Jessica, whom we were lead to believe was on her way to reunite with Hoyt and live happily ever after, instead went to a truck stop to feed – Will she continue this rampage or will Hoyt’s goodness save her?
  • What happens with Hoyt’s mom and Tara? They’re both emotional wrecks now, more than before if you can imagine it.

As I mentioned above, season 3 of True Blood is in development. The massive increase in ratings from when this show hit the airwaves for its second season and the successful sales of the first season on home video helped the execs quickly make sure they had more True Blood in their long term plans and after just a few episodes into season 2, season 3 was confirmed.

The End

Just to give you an idea of how much this show has grown, season two’s premiere had a viewership 51% greater than that of season one’s finale and 157% over season one’s premiere. Impressive, right? Not only that, but season 2’s premiere makes it HBO’s most-watched original program since the final episode of The Sopranos.

That being said, I’m curious as to how the ratings continued throughout this season and especially at the end. I have a feeling there were some big drops because a lot of people didn’t dig some of the storylines of the show.

A definite highlight of the season was some of the earlier stuff about the vampires and the rescue of Godric, Eric Northman’s maker. That guy was an awesome character with an infinitely interesting past, but he had lost his way and saw no more purpose in living after having lived such a long life and realizing the nature of both humans and vampires, not knowing who’s more at fault. That had a big impact on Eric and Sookie but by the finale, that had long been forgotten unfortunately.

Hopefully, next season we’ll get back to more of the vampire hierarchy. I’m excited for more.

What did you think about the finale and what are some of your favorite moments/characters of the season?

True Blood season 3 begins next June.

Sources: EW, The Live Feed

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