‘True Blood’ Movie Is In The Works

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True Blood movie in the works True Blood Movie Is In The Works

HBO’s hit TV series True Blood recently concluded its 3rd season and now its makers have something else in mind, besides a 4th season chock-full of freaky violence and naked vampires – a full-length movie.

Work has begun on the task of bringing True Blood to the big screen, which would likely not happen until after at least another season of the show has aired.  Series creator Alan Ball is reportedly eying the film adaptation as a potential directing vehicle for himself.

True Blood is well known for its edgy tone and adults-only content – a quality that the show’s cover for a recent edition of Rolling Stone magazine not-so-subtly alluded to.  Cable television series are not subject to the rating regulations that govern public access shows and have developed a reputation for (at times) going out of their way to include explicit and graphic material – shows like True Blood or Spartacus: Blood & Sand have both very much earned that rep.

Most HBO shows have high production standards and are virtually cinematic in terms of their design and structure – this week’s new series, Boardwalk Empire being a prime example.  True Blood is very much a professional production overall and it features numerous in-demand talents both in front and behind the camera.  Does the franchise stand to gain anything by making the jump to film (from an artistic perspective and not a financial one, that is)?

true blood season premiere True Blood Movie Is In The Works

A True Blood movie would likely focus more on the show’s main characters – especially that of Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and her vampiric lover Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) – and include fewer subplots and supporting players than that of an average 13 episode season.  Fans will surely be divided over whether or not that would be a good thing.

Alan Ball is only credited for directing two episodes of True Blood – both from season one – and his sole feature-length film directorial effort was the moderately-received 2007 pic, Towelhead.  The Oscar-winning screenwriter of American Beauty is still arguably the ideal candidate for creating a True Blood movie that feels like more than just an entire season of the show that has been edited down to a running time of two to three hours (a la the Sex & the City movies).

Do you True Blood fans out there agree?

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  1. A “for TV” film I can see without much issue here but a big screen film would take some work. We’re already well set with the characters (and the associated actors) that changing any of that would cause audience issues, still, there are plenty of Sookie Stackhouse novels to work from that haven’t been used in the series yet. I’m willing to wait and find out what direction they choose with this.

    • Alan Ball is only credited for directing two episodes of True Blood – both from season one?????????????? So what does he do on the show? It’s no wonder Season 1 was the best season. He should perhaps get back to work and not let other stand-in directors take over.

      • Alan Ball is the writer/producer for True Blood. It’s different kind of work than directing. Season 1 was based on the books, had fewer distracting storylines, and superior writing. That’s why it’s considered the best season.

  2. As long as Alexander Skarsgard signs up to play Eric, I’m okay with it. I would like for it to focus on the relationship between Eric and Sookie like the books.


    • I would love to see that work as a film as well. Alexander Skarsgard is an exceptional actor andl as most women and probably men know very attractive. MMM.. :)

  3. Well yay. Who knows what we’d do without another vampire movie…?

  4. If they could perhaps find a way to have the movie between seasons,
    and do it in such a way that it ties into both of them while still being able to stand on it’s own it might work. I do think there are several major plots in the books (one especially) that would be well served by allowing it time to develop between the main characters with out all the excess baggage.
    If you’ve read the books, I am a very big Eric fan, so you should know exactly which “plot” I mean. :)

  5. I enjoy the show but this seems like a bad idea

  6. I actually think if they followed the main arc & characters of the books, it would fit a film format very well. At least from reading the first three books that feels the case. The series amps up and adds a lot of subplots and side characters which bring a lot interesting to the tables, but aren’t a part of the main plot. Might be interesting to see that paired down, as much as I love the secondary characters sometimes they pact too much into each episode.

    Each of the first three seasons have been 12 episodes. If there is a 13th to any of them as noted, I need to find them pronto!

  7. I know my self and many others would stop watching if they followed the books closer. To many people want to see Bill and Sookie together not Eric and Sookie. Eric is ok as a character but I have no interest in seeing him with sookie if they get in a serious relationship In the show I’m done. They don’t fit well at all to me and I’m so sick of every vampire story doing a stupid love triangle.

    • It’s not just every vampire story… it’s every story. Every story that has a two people dating has to incorporate a triangle at some point. It’s how you know if you want your characters to be together forever. How they react in a situation where their relationship is threatened determines who they are and whether this relationship is good for them or if they are good for their partner.

  8. it would have to be done in a way to compliment the series and at the same time not to have knowledge of the show to enjoy it for it to work.

    if they can do that it may work.

  9. I don’t think there is any way that could allow a stand-alone movie during a currently running series. There is a reason that movies come after shows have aired their last episode. A movie is needed to tie up loose ends or visit beloved characters a few years after we’ve seen them last.

    A movie would be a bad idea right now. Wait until the show is over. It would suck to make people see the movie in order to understand what happens in the next season. I would hate to see a movie that spends the first half hour catching everybody up on the previous seasons (in case they just came to see the movie).

    Plus I’m afraid that the gratuitous sex and blood that makes “True Blood” so shocking would be significantly toned down in a movie. I know they won’t go for the PG-13 rating but I can’t help but fear that the element would be lost in translation.

    Television interpretation of books seems to be more amenable to change. I’ve read the Southern Vampire Mysteries but I wasn’t too upset with the changes from book to TV screen. It’s been bothering me more lately as Tara is not as active in the books (for a good reason – she’s so damn annoying) and Bill is too nice in the show (Eric actually staked the Longshadow character and Bill rapes Sookie).

    Fans want movies to have less wiggle room in the interpretation department. They have just over two hours to tell their story so why add characters and deviate from an already concieved plot? This “True Blood” movie just seems like a bad idea right now.

    • I don’t like the relationship between Bill and Sookie and believe that Eric and Sookie are a much better fit. Bill is a liar and a user. At least Eric comes right out and say what he wants. Matter of fact the only good story lines came from the newcomers: the King and Talbot, Alcide and Franklin Mott. The rest of the storylines, particularly the Mickles and the MethWeres were just hideously awful.

      I have not read the books and find it interesting that the writers have chosen to deviate so drastically from the original ideas. Tara was interesting in the first season, but after that, she should have been broomed. I was hoping the writers didn’t do a Twilight ala Melissa Rosenberg and completely butcher the books, but the more I read about the book versions versus the HBO version, the more it seems so.

      I don’t see how doing a movie would be a good idea. It doesn’t make sense.

  10. Eric Northman (played by no one else but Alexander Skarsgard) better be in this thing…preferably winning Sookie’s heart in the end.

    • wouldn`t that be in the catagory of being an event that would be hard to explain in the series to people who missed the movie?it wont be a bad idea but better for the series not a movie.

  11. HELL YES!!! but i want a eric sookie movie!!! eric is SUPER sexy mhmmm

  12. Umm no it’s not every story not even close. Also usually these crap vampire stories create a triangle that lasts forever it’s annoying as hell. There are plenty of stories that don’t use the triangle however most that do and don’t involve vampires don’t usually drag it out all that long usually if it’s tv it will last a few episodes maybe a season at the most. This new vampire triangle trend drags it all out until the end. Also to make if worse it creates people who consider them selves are part of a team. Team Jacob , Team Edward and now we get team bill and team Eric and a show I enjoyed slowly because twilight with nudity and curse words.

    • If a story with two people in a relationship goes on for long enough a third party will be incorporated that threatens to break them up. While most movies we see don’t keep us in the lives of the characters for the length of time a third party requires it is safe to assume that if a sequel is made tension in the realtionship will come into play.

      While the vampire stories incorporate a triangle early and make it last (usually the length of the series) is because the vampire genre comes in and out of popularity and it’s hard to determine when people have had enough to stop watching. The showrunners have to keep the audience engaged long enough.

      Plus a triangle helps the watchers to see two different sides of our protagonist. Sookie is the apex of the tirangle the Bill and Eric forming the other two points. Sookie admires different elements of these two men and in that we see different aspects of Sookie.

      I feel that when she’s with Bill she’s too restrained. He reels her in time and again. Eric has a more freeing way with Sookie. She is more likely to let herself be herself.

      I’m also against the “Team” drama. Isn’t the whole point to relate with the character so if they begin to have a change of heart towards a character it’s OK for us too as well? There is no need to have to choose between two complete polar opposites of fictional characters to the point of violence.

      • I really think it would be nice if maybe like in the books sookie had more of a thing with Alcide because he seems so outside the vampire love triangle. In a real life perspective sometimes its nice to take a break from what’s going on and think about what it would be like to be with someone you wouldn’t normally choose or have immediate chemistry with.

  13. I really can’t agree with any of that.

    Also my complaint about teams was simply about actually saying your part of a team and going crazy about it. I have no problem with prefering a specific person and hoping that character gets the girl as long as you don’t proclaim your on some type of team going nuts at other people or wearing a t shirt that says your on that team.

    For instance I prefer Bill. My reasoning is simple how I view sookie she does not at all fit with Eric to me it defies logic for them to be together. To me sookie with Eric is poor writing because it breaks character. Some my disagree but that’s how it seems to me.

    Anyway I liked True Blood at first but season 3 has made me a bit sick of it. The show is slowly becoming twilight with nudity.

    • If only this were Twilight with all the sex and male nudity! Have you read Twilight? The Twilight book series is excellent (I’ve not read Ms. Harris’a s I’ve stated). However, Twilight and True Blood may be about Vampires and other species, but they are vastly different. It’s like saying War and Peace is Gone With The Wind only with beards.

      A minority of Twilight’s younger fans border on the fanatical, I agree, but the majority of us are not that way. Don’t believe the hype.

      If you’re a hater and just trying to start a Twilight rant, I will not get into it with you, I just wanted to share my opinion. Twilight fans take alot of abuse just for loving a book.

      • “War and Peace is Gone with the Wind only with beards.”

        That’s hilarious! I too like the “Twilight” novels (one a lot more than the others). Most comments I make in defense are taken as fanatical. Excellent points BloodSuckingLeech.

      • I had no intention of starting a big twilight ran I was expressing my concerns with the direction that True Blood is heading. I honestly didn’t think that we actually had any twilight fan in here. I had intention of starting a war. I was just saying that I consider Twilight to be truly awful and I think True Blood is heading in that direction and is being way to much like twilight at this point.

        They are actually very similar. Not only do they feature vampires and werewolves, but they also feature the love triangle where the girl can’t decide who she wants to be with. Oh look at that one of the vampires even proposes. It’s not an exact copy, but the stories at this point are very similar. The first season was much better.

        I wouldn’t call my self a Twilight hater specifically I’m just a hater of bad literature or awful films.

  14. There is no possible way for them to do a movie without Eric Northman as the star. It is absolutely laughable to believe any one would show up and pay money to see s film based on Sookie and Bill.

    Impossible. It would be a failure and go straight to DVD.

  15. I don’t want to see a movie about Beehl and Sookeh. UGH!
    Bill was merely the catalyst to the introduction of the Viking.
    The Viking and the Telepath’s love story is something I would love to see.

  16. I think that a movie is a ridiculous idea. Way to get even more away from the plot portrayed in the books. I’m ready for TrueBlood to be portrayed the way that Charlaine Harris intended it to be. Just because Alan Ball likes Bill and Sookie together doesn’t mean that’s how it should be.

  17. I think a movie that is seperate from the series might work as long as they stuck to the books plot. Personaly I have read all 10 books and enjoyed that plot better than what HBO has done to it and can’t wait for the 11th book to come out.

    • i agree COMPLETELY about the plot. season 3 was my least favorite b/c it deviated so much from the book. not that the series has to match up word for word with the books, but i still like the story lines from the book better

  18. I would love a true blood movie. If it comes after season 4, then they could make the movie completely about the summit that comes in book 5. I loved the summit plot! Then season 5 could go from there.

  19. Trueblood is commercial free, HD television to start off. I believe a teaser movie could be appropriate to increase viewer ratings for the season, but not a movie series. The show is enough and is available on DVD, HBO, and online. Though, the box officemight enjoy picking up some of the stay at home viewers of the show. It’s a tuff debate but I say that a movie just wouldn’t cut it. The series is too good to be shortened on the big screen. Leave everything as is. No movie!

  20. Love the idea of a TRUE Blood movie but less of winey old Bill and more of Sookie and ERIC – comon – we’ve all read the books – get with the program! Eric eric eric

  21. Yes, “True blood” movie. You should definitely make a movie. YES YES YES 3D actually!

  22. truthfully the idea of a movie sounds great but think, we are used to a i depth storyline with lots of nail biters and high tension moments. in a usual 12-episode season we the viewers get a good twelve hours of entertainment. if it was a movie you would get three hours tops and you would lose alot of the details. it would also feel rushed. granted you would make alot of money from fans, but a lot would leave dissapointed. thanks for reading

  23. I don’t think they will do a movie until after the TV series is over, and IF they still need to wrap up storylines or need to tell one last story. Personally, I hope the show will continue for 10 seasons, and a movie will not be necessary. However, I will watch a True Blood movie as long as it has the same actors.

  24. Yes–a movie, directed by someone other than Alan Ball, with different actors than the True Blood series, and which more closely follows the books.