True Blood’s Joe Manganiello A Superman Candidate [Updated]

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joe manganiello superman candidate True Bloods Joe Manganiello A Superman Candidate [Updated]

[Update: Henry Cavill has been cast as Superman]

Stylistic action director Zack Snyder is poised to bring fans a new and different Superman movie in 2012 in Superman: Man of Steel. While we still await confirmation on how Snyder, the Nolan brothers and DC Entertainment will handle the origins of the Kryptonian hero and who his villain(s) will be, knowing that the movie will not be based on any specific Superman comics, we are edging a little closer to finding out what they’re looking for in their star.

Armie Hammer (The Social Network) has been mentioned by fans as an ideal candidate for the role of Clark Kent but when asked about it a few weeks ago, the 24 year-old said his people looked into it but that the studio is looking for someone 35-40 years old, someone like Joe Manganiello for example, who revealed that he has also spoken with the studio for the Superman role.

Manganiello is best known for his recent stand-out performance as the lovable new werewolf in Sookie Stackhouse’s life during season 3 of True Blood and, according to, he told fans he at EyeCon over the weekend that he was in talks with Warner Bros. for the Man of Steel but later revealed last night via Twitter that he’s no longer in negotiations for the role.

joe manganiello superman tweets True Bloods Joe Manganiello A Superman Candidate [Updated]

Since the actor verified that he was at least in talks with the studio, this may act as semi-confirmation that Warner Bros. is not going after the long-rumored fan-favorite Jon Hamm (Mad Men) for the title role.

Hamm certainly has the acting chops and his popularity is growing an an exponential rate, but Manganiello has the obvious physical characteristics and his breakout role in True Blood may help him achieve movie star status if given the chance.

Having just caught up in True Blood, Manganiello is most deserving of some major roles and the more I picture it, the more I find myself getting behind the idea of him as Clark Kent. The actor is turns 34 years old soon and is the perfect age and stature for the part. Make it happen, Snyder.

Here’s a fan-made render of Joe Manganiello as Superman from the SuperHeroHype forums (click to enlarge):

joe manganiello superman 280x368 True Bloods Joe Manganiello A Superman Candidate [Updated]

Can you see Joe Manganiello as Clark Kent/Superman?

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Superman: Man of Steel is being targeted for a December, 2012 release.


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  1. He’s a good choice.

    This all depends on the script though.

    • I agree not bad at all. I prefer Jon Hamm, but this guys is a pretty good second choice. He’s not a fantastic actor like Hamm, but he has the look.

      • I’d prefer Hamm as well, but I’d prefer Zack Snyder and David Goyer were nowhere near this project.

  2. He would be great.

    I interpreted those comments as meaning that he hasn’t gotten into negotiations YET, but he’s campaigning for the part and trying to get fan support. I’ve seen a few comments from him in the past that indicate that he is very passionate about the part, so I do hope that he gets it.

    Armie Hammer would also be great, if they’re going for a younger Superman (which it does not seem that they are).

  3. but superman doesnt have a big nose…. this guy does.

    • That’s your argument against him? Weak.

    • Well Wolverine isn’t 6 feet tall, but Hugh Jackman still played him.

  4. Wasn’t he Flash Thompson in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. He could work.

    • Thank you. I couldn’t figure out where I’ve seen him before. Now I know.

  5. I wish they’d just get It over with and announce who’s playing him

  6. I think that he definitely has the look,and the size,but the one thing that’s going to hold him back is the lack of name recognition.Sure,you could say the same thing about Christopher Reeves when he was cast,but that was the first big screen version of Superman,and I’m just not sure that having a less recognizable name will would work as well as it did back then.

    Either way though,it will make it’s money at the box office no matter who they cast.

    • Thats the best thing.He has no name recognition.That makes you see hi as simply superman/clark kent rather than someone else he’s known for playing,or seeing him as news making celebrity.He has the built and the look,so I would like to see him as Superman.Ive seen him on True Blood and he’s an imposing figure,so thats a plus.I hope he’s our guy.

    • The movie will have all the name recognition it needs with the names “Superman” and “Clark Kent.” Afterall the last film, which was mediocre at best, made over half a billion dollars with a daytime soap opera guy.

      • Exactly.For me,when you have characters like Superman,the Quality is the main concern.Even if the character is unknown,I think if you have a good picture thats not cheesy or cheaply thrown together in acting and presentation,it will be a successful.

      • I disagree with your description of Superman Returns as being mediocre. Any student of film knows that it’s the subtleties within a movies, the slight nuances that an actor uses to develop character or to create a moment, that create a great film, if all you’re looking for is how many explosions you can count or how much blood is spilled then just keep watching all the old Arnold movies of Friday the 13th and I’m sure you’ll be a happy camper but don’t pretend to be able to judge a movies greatness or mediocrity on a limited and (apparently) rather small measure of judgement.
        And please note, don’t take my comments personal, it’s just my opinion.

        • I agree with you comment. Most people hated Superman Returns because of the lack of action. Yet they had no problem with the old Christopher Reeve Superman films.

          My only problem with Superman Returns was the fact that they focused more on how everyone was dealing with him being back. Routh didn’t get his moment to really shine and show people he deserved the role. He knocked Clark out of the ballpark, but the writers didn’t give him enough dialogue as Superman.

          And the only problem with having a big name actor playing a major character like Superman is that said big name actor would be trying too hard to make Superman have their personality. Case in point, George Clooney played Batman as George Clooney. He made no effort to really play the character of Batman. IT made it look like you were watching George Clooney in the batsuit.

          The best part of a lesser known actor is that they have more to prove. So there is a much better chance of them playing the character the way they are supposed to be, instead of what they want them to be.

          • Well said Gary.

        • Actually, it’s interesting that you believe you can divine why I felt it was mediocre — and of course being way off in such a pretentious and dull way (dont’ take this personal, it’s just my opinion ;-) ). I believe it was mediocre because it had very little emotional pull (with the exception of the kid, if you like that whole “Full House” kinda emotional grab) in other words, the subtleties fell short (btw, my education more than qualifies me to make these judgements)… I walked out of the theater saying “meh”. the script wasn’t that great, and the casting I believe was not so hot. Another Lex scheme that seemed a bit old and dull. He’s supposed to be a genius, but surrounds himself with only a few bumbling embeciles to back him up?? Seriously (same issues I had with the originals)?? Quite frankly, I felt that Routh’s Clark was OK, but his Superman fell short. He just didn’t have the right spark IMHO. Explosions wouldn’t have helped.

        • Jonac I think most people here know I’m not an action junkie and I care about all the subtle things in a film and still I found Superman Returns to be crap. More action would be nice for a big block buster film with a guy that has Supes powers, but that’s not my biggest issues. My big problems are Brandon wasn’t a fantastic actor when he was in Returns he actually wasn’t that good. Not to mention him lifting the kryptonite mountain it was really stupid to watch a tiny sliver almost kill him and suddenly will power overcomes and he lifts a mountain. Nice to see suddenly Kryptonite is nothing more than a cold you can get over. Lets not even get started on supes becoming a stalker and having a bastard child. The story wasn’t at all compelling or even interesting. Lois was a terrible character that wasn’t even likable.

  7. Not a bad choice. I think this guy is on my possible candidates list of people to play Superman. I still would like to see Jon Hamm, but if he doesn’t do it than this guy would be an adequate replacement. Now they just need to get Tom Hardy to play Lex Luthor…

  8. hmmm….

    The way he worded that tweet almost seems like a trick…. like maybe he is not “negotiating” to play Superman… because he got the part. ??

    • Oooohhhh, perhaps so. But doubtful.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I like him in the role better than even Hamm. Best rumor on the role I’ve heard yet.

  9. I think he used the word “negotiating” to indicate that it is not a done deal yet.
    I wish we could get an exact quote of what he supposedly said at EYECon.
    It could be that a few people at WB are interested in him.
    But I dont think its over yet.

  10. Eh… Not “against” it, but I’d like to see some other options.

  11. I do not know much about this guy but he has the
    physicality and looks like someone Zack would cast.

    As for “negotiating”, an actor at this stage of
    his career up for such a role is not really
    in a position to negotiate and has
    to basically accept the terms
    of any possible offer.

    I imagine at this point inquiries were
    made to his availability and interest
    to which he responded positively.

    Joe writing Superman with a capital M,
    similar to Spider-Man without the hyphen,
    evidences a cursory familiarity with the character,
    not that being Superman aficionado is a requirement.

  12. ok people,

    Can I be up front and honest with you guys?

    It really doesnt matter who is superman at this point because of who is sitting in that directors chair. People are forgetting that we have a superficial director bringing superman to the big screen. I am just going off of the history of this director. Its not about character so I dont want to hear people saying so and so will be doing a good job as superman. ITs going to be about the visual look. That is what is going to make this film coming out in 2012. From the second you pick the wrong director it doesnt matter who your cast is. We truly cannot talk about what actor is going to bring something (ACTING WISE) to the project when you have this kind of director in the hot seat. Now, that being said this movie will be the most visually amazing film you have seen in a long time. Just dont expect anything more than that….

    Side Note: All Nolan is going to do is make sure the script is in tact. He aint gonna be babysitting snyder for the entire project.

    • here, here.
      right on.
      “You gave them eyes but yet, they cannot see.”

      • No, no…it’s JONAC, not JESUS.

    • Producers have a much bigger role in the production of a film than you think they do. You act like they read the script and say, “it’s good, or it needs work,” and then they go home and wait for release? They do a lot more. Why don’t you google search movie producers and find out what they do before you assume that Snyder will have free reign to do whatever he wants without any imput. And after seeing Watchmen, I can tell you I’m not worried at all. As long as the film stays true to the character of Superman and he has the right suit and personality, then I’m confident Snyder will give us a great film.

      And after making two amazing Batman films, I’m confident that Nolan knew what he was doing when he got Snyder.

      • But see gary. He IS without a doubt going to stay true to the genre. Simply because he doesnt know how not to. My problem is I want more than a visually amazing looking film. Even with watchmen, It looked so damn great that it was actually a main problem for the film. Watchmen is about the SUBSTANCE! Period! I look at night owl in 1985 and his constume looks like something from 2099. Fact of the matter is Watchmen was forgotten before it even left the theatres. It failed no matter what anyone says. Hence why snyder was reduced to that CGI owl film. WB would NEVER, and I repeat NEVER given Snyder Superman if it wasnt under Nolan’s watch. That seems like something that people keep overlooking. WB is trying to groom snyder into something he isnt. Simply because they can tell him what to do, and he will do it. 100% fully controlable director. Which is exactly what the studios want.

        • I have to disagree with you there. Watchmen was incredible. Snyder took a story with issues (as good as that story was, it was far from perfect) and actually made it better. It’s rare for a movie to best its written counterpart, and Watchmen did just that. Just because the art was so poor in the book does not mean we should judge the movie because it looks ten times better. It’s simply an improvement, pure and simple (and a very welcome one at that). I thought Snyder took a very ambitious project and pulled it off admirably (and unforgettably). I have great confidence in both story and style for this new Superman film. And I agree with the other comment that Nolan will have a substantial say.

          • Wait a minute. Youre saying Snyder made the watchmen story better with his movie??????

            • He certainly made the ending better…that alien squid was the one truly stupid part of the “Watchmen” storyline in the comic.

      • True. Producers actually spend a lot of time on set during principle photography.

  13. At least is isn’t Welling that’s in talks…

    Sorry DSB, I had to! :)

    • You leave my mate Tom alone! :)

      • LOL :)

  14. Alcide is superman LOL

  15. I am not going to prejudge Snyder ,
    We dont know what the story is yet.
    Anyway, I hope Joe M gets the part.
    I think that he would be an interesting choice.

  16. Looks more like Bizarro than Superman. Too big, not dorky enough, bring back Brandon Routh. I can’t be the only one who DOES NOT want Superman to look as idiotically over-muscled and dumb as he did in the Justice League show. Superman is powerful because of the sun, not because of his muscles.

    • Too big and not dorky enough?
      Lol do you know who Superman is?
      Manganiello matches Superman’s appearance from the majority of comic representions moreso than any other candidate I’ve heard.

      And the dorkiness is an acting trait, he doesnt have to look like a dork naturally.
      Superman isn’t a dork who pretends to be big and brave, he’s the Man of Steel who can pretend to be the opposite.

  17. Hey I’m loving the idea of a Joe Manganiello playing Superman! His version of Superman looks like he would WRECK any badguy! He looks like a Superman that does not F@#$ around! I’m so convinced about this Superman. Now I dont see anyone else being Superman except him!

    btw. to those that say “he has no name recognition”- it doesn’t matter. If he kicks butt as Superman and it translate to the people who watch the movie.. Name recognition will not matter. I never knew who Tobey McGuire was. Spider-man broke records right? like 3 times! Heath Ledger wasn’t what you would call Box Office Material when he played Joker- yet he totally took over that movie. Anyways, name recognition is not the end of the world, especailly if his star is rising.

    • Not to dismantle your theory but Tobey Maguire already had name recognition and Heath Ledger had already won awards for his acting so, sorry that argument doesn’t work, what matters is Superman and if you’re really a fan then you know that Superman has never been about ‘wrecking badguys’, he’s about truth, justice and getting the job done without the fanfare and hoopla of say…Ironman

  18. Not bad, I think he’s a better choice than Jon Hamm

  19. Here’s the thing, I can’t understand why there’s any discussion at all about changing the part of Superman from Brandon Routh,
    I recently revisited ‘Supermen Returns’ and each time I see it I am more amazed. Just look at when he enters the plane, where you first see him standing full on…that’s Superman!
    or when Lois first introduces him to Richard White and she says; “He saved the int’l division of the Daily Planet, he flys a plane and he loves horror movies.” Routh’s little hand shaking, ‘oooo’, type of response was priceless and as White is leaving Clark (Routh) is smiling but when White turns and leaves Rouths look turns from smiling to distain almost hate. There were so many things that Routh just nailed from physical type to perfectly melding the George Reeves’ almost macho Clark and Chris Reeves’ too cartoonish wimp Clark to bringing into perspective how Supermans’ years of ‘being among us’ made him almost one of us.
    For my money, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”
    Why tamper with the right thing just for ‘the flavor of the month’.
    It’s about Superman not the ‘popular guy’ playing him.
    Why not just bring Adam West back for the next Batman installment.
    Brandon Routh didn’t just nail Superman…he bought it and owns it! Yeah!

    • I loved Routh as Superman and the film itself, but we need a new guy. Casting Routh would make it feel like sequel to SR, and not a reboot. Just like casting Welling would feel like Smallville: the movie. I think Manganiello would be GREAT at the man of steel, but I’m curious to see how else is in talks.

      • Although I do agree with you in part, the greater side of that discussion is as to say that the next Superman movie is not a continuation of Superman’s return to Earth.
        It would be like after ‘Batman begins’ (reboot) that now every time a continuation of the saga is made that ‘new blood’ needs to be injected into the lead role to keep it fresh. You may be to young to remember but they already tried that and proved conclusively that it doesn’t work; i.e.; Batman;
        1. Michael Keaton (very good)
        2. Val Kilmer (bland, mediocre…at best)
        3. George Clooney (now that was just a stupid choice)
        Last example: football, when a rookie quarterback takes over a team in his first season, he usually either falls on his face or does alright, at best. Percentage wise, very few do really well their first time out. It’s the tempering, the getting down the timing, the persistance that makes one great. Same with acting; Jack Nicholsons’ ‘Joker’, it was entertaining but it was Jack Nicholson as the Joker, on the other hand, Heath Ledger became “The Joker” and that’s what came across onscreen.

        • I didn’t like any of the casting in the earlier Batman films to be honest.

          Keaton was good as Bruce Wayne, but not as Batman
          Kilmer was horrible as Bruce Wayne, but fit the part of Batman
          Clooney was just horrible as both characters.
          Bale was the only actor (IMO) to truly capture both personas.

          @”Same with acting; Jack Nicholsons’ ‘Joker’, it was entertaining but it was Jack Nicholson as the Joker, on the other hand, Heath Ledger became “The Joker” and that’s what came across onscreen”

          I have to agree with you there. His performance as The Joker is THE most over-rated performance in history. Not once did I buy him as The Joker. Ledger on the other hand creeped me out with his performance.

          • @Little Monster

            Bale was the perfect choice for the dual role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. He captured both sides of Bruce Wayne. From the stupid rich boy everyone saw, to the side only Alfred saw. The man haunted by the memory of the murder of his parents. Then when Bale put on the costume, whole different ball game. It wasn’t Christian Bale in a Batman suit like every other live-action actor to ever portray the character, Bale BECAME Batman.

            We need someone that when he’s on screen as Superman or Clark, you see the difference between both characters. Which Brandon Routh did in Superman Returns. They could use Routh for the reboot, now that he’s 30. And it wouldn’t look like a Superman Returns sequel. When people see the retelling of the origin, they understand it’s a reboot.

            Routh didn’t get a fair shot in Superman Returns. Too many people hated him from the get-go, just because they were comparing him to an actor who hadn’t wore the suit in nearly 20 years. Brandon Routh as Superman for the reboot could finally give him his shot to show people that he’s THE choice for Superman.

            Now I’ll admit, they need a new cast for all of the other characters. Maybe not Jimmy, I loved Sam Huntington as Jimmy Olsen, he did a great job. Spacey as Luthor was great, so I say bring him back too.

    • Routh didn’t get enough time to shine as Superman. He was there, but didn’t get enough dialogue to show he was Superman in more than just costume.

      With a reboot, they could use Routh and pretend Returns never happened.

  20. I don’t like him. He looks more like a villain. Too rude.

    • He is an actor. If the role he’s given tells him to be a jerk, he’s a jerk. If he’s cast as Superman and told to be the embodiment of truth, justice, and the American way, he puts on the costume and does it.

      You are judging his personality based off of past movie roles.

      • No. I am not. I am judging his physical aspect. If it’s all about acting, then put, for example, Al Pacino to play that role.

        Don’t judge my judgement, Man. ;)

  21. LOL! This is so wrong! i prefer Tom Welling as Clark Kent/Superman

    • I am totally with you Tom Welling is a great Clark Kent/Superman.

    • Keep watching Smallville then. That’s the only way you will see him in that role.

    • Tom Walling looks good as a Superboy …Superman needs a MAN!!

  22. Hopefully Routh will get the job back, but that’ll never happen, people just bash Superman Returns because there was no action, so it’s no big deal I still like it for what it was. I’m not gonna wait for the people behind the reboot including Zack Snyder to pick somebody else to play Superman when you got the guy standing right in front of you. He’s the only person I see getting the part, or that’s just me.

  23. I’m so glad that studios and directors don’t listen to the ravings of fanboys on the internet or we would have some really awful films. Routh was good as Clark, but not as good as Superman. The movie was a mess. Superman with a kid, sheesh. While it’s not Routh’s fault, he was the lead in a lackluster film. WB will not recast him as Superman. All the people pining for him to return should accept that Routh is NOT going to be Superman. Joe Manganiello is a great choice for Supes. I hope he gets it.

    • Actually, Snyder has listened to the fans about Routh, and that’s why he’s considering him as a possibility.

    • Andy S- I totally agree with you. Time for the routh-people to GIVE UP ON ROUTH. It’s time to move on- it’s a REBOOT people.

      Joe Manganiello would be GREAT! Jon Hamm another great choice.

      • Hamm is just TOO OLD for the role. He would be great NOW, but when a sequel comes around, then he’ll be in his late 40s (unless they rush it), and will need to be recast. It would be like when Arnold played the Terminator in Terminator 3. I don’t want to see Grandpa Superman. It would be smarter for WB to cast someone younger, and avoid that.

        • As long as they don’t give the job to some boyisch guy im good!
          For me Superman (and pretty much every well known Superhero) is in his late 30s+

          Jon Hamm and Mananiello are pervect!

          • I’m not talking about someone young like in their 20s, but someone young enough that can hold out for a trilogy (and you KNOW that’s what the studio is planning). Manganiello is the perfect choice (IMO) for that.

  24. I can’t pass judgement, aint a good close up picture of the True Blood star in Superman tights. I don’t have HBO anymore but from what i remember of him from watchin Season 3 episodes, He doesn’t sound like Superman nor look like he could pull off Clark Kent. Id wann see for myself in a test screening of him but that won’t happen. Im not too thrilled about the new film anyways, from whats been mentioned about Clark traveling the globe & and wondering if he should keep his alter- ego Superman persona, Kinda sounds like the plot of Superman Returns of him trying to find his place back into the world after being gone for 5 years. Plot thats based off a comic like Death & Return of Superman is great and all but id only interested of it on film if it was done properly which would never happen, it would be something like Superman: Doomsday which didn’t thrill me that much. And to do somtething like that would take atleast a trilogy to do it proper atleast or close to it. Imo, i just wish Superman Returns was ignored and have this film & any other follow what Donnor started again and then try rebooting.

    • A semi-reboot already proved to not work with Superman Returns (despite how much I loved that film). A complete reboot would be the best way to go, but I do agree the rumored plot does sound a lot like SR.

      • @ Little Monster

        Superman Returns I thought was good for what it was and it met with pretty good success. Only WB felt it should of brought in more bucks and they thought it was mostly due to lack of action that fans were probly expecting a physical threat. Of-course like anyone, i didn’t like the idea of Superman having a kid even though he does in the comics but on film, i find them makin more films more complex if Superman having a kid is involved. Reason why i stated i wished the new film would ignore Superman Returns is because im a big fan of Superman and loved the first two films and since those films introduced Lex Luthor & General Zod, id like to see other popular villains be seen in the same continunity whether its Brainiac, Darkseid who i really like to see on film or others. Plus i loved John Williams score & hate to see that change more. Singer had good intentions im sure, writers made some bad ideas.

        • I totally agree that they should use a different villain. I know Luthor is Superman’s main baddie but I think they’ve milked it for all it’s worth. I would Love to see Brainiac or Darkseid. Enough Luthor already.

  25. Wasn’t he in ‘How I Met Your Mother’?

    • Wasn’t he Flash Thompson In Spider-man?

  26. Nope. This guy is NOT Superman,if he’s cast then I WON’T be seeing the movie.

    • Well that’s mature lol

      Did you also think the gay cowboy was a bad fit for Joker? :P

  27. welling!perfect height,build(he’s actually really big),resemblence;grummet,jurgens, gemmil,frenz.superman in the late 80′s,90′s and some of 00′s welling fits him better than anyone.

    • Also, they could use Smallville as canon. It´s a reboot after all.

  28. this guy does have a resemblence to jerry ordways version in the late 80′s.

  29. I’m a huge fan of Tom Welling in this role, but I, unlike some, seem to be willing to accept that is never going to happen. Well, its not impossible, just very very unlikely.