True Blood’s Joe Manganiello A Superman Candidate [Updated]

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joe manganiello superman candidate True Bloods Joe Manganiello A Superman Candidate [Updated]

[Update: Henry Cavill has been cast as Superman]

Stylistic action director Zack Snyder is poised to bring fans a new and different Superman movie in 2012 in Superman: Man of Steel. While we still await confirmation on how Snyder, the Nolan brothers and DC Entertainment will handle the origins of the Kryptonian hero and who his villain(s) will be, knowing that the movie will not be based on any specific Superman comics, we are edging a little closer to finding out what they’re looking for in their star.

Armie Hammer (The Social Network) has been mentioned by fans as an ideal candidate for the role of Clark Kent but when asked about it a few weeks ago, the 24 year-old said his people looked into it but that the studio is looking for someone 35-40 years old, someone like Joe Manganiello for example, who revealed that he has also spoken with the studio for the Superman role.

Manganiello is best known for his recent stand-out performance as the lovable new werewolf in Sookie Stackhouse’s life during season 3 of True Blood and, according to, he told fans he at EyeCon over the weekend that he was in talks with Warner Bros. for the Man of Steel but later revealed last night via Twitter that he’s no longer in negotiations for the role.

joe manganiello superman tweets True Bloods Joe Manganiello A Superman Candidate [Updated]

Since the actor verified that he was at least in talks with the studio, this may act as semi-confirmation that Warner Bros. is not going after the long-rumored fan-favorite Jon Hamm (Mad Men) for the title role.

Hamm certainly has the acting chops and his popularity is growing an an exponential rate, but Manganiello has the obvious physical characteristics and his breakout role in True Blood may help him achieve movie star status if given the chance.

Having just caught up in True Blood, Manganiello is most deserving of some major roles and the more I picture it, the more I find myself getting behind the idea of him as Clark Kent. The actor is turns 34 years old soon and is the perfect age and stature for the part. Make it happen, Snyder.

Here’s a fan-made render of Joe Manganiello as Superman from the SuperHeroHype forums (click to enlarge):

joe manganiello superman 280x368 True Bloods Joe Manganiello A Superman Candidate [Updated]

Can you see Joe Manganiello as Clark Kent/Superman?

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Superman: Man of Steel is being targeted for a December, 2012 release.


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  1. I don’t see Nolan putting Welling or Routh in the Reboot. Not his style.

  2. I don’t know……not really feeling it with Joe. I think he has the build…but something about his look just doesn’t sit right with me. I could be wrong though. I will see the movie with whoever they cast….but i am alittle biased in that I love smallville and would want to see Welling get a shot….but i think I probably shouldn’t hold my breath. I would also take Routh back…..I mean they did a nation-wide search for the right look for superman returns…..I don’t think there is anyone else out there that looks the part anymore than Welling or Routh……

  3. Joe Manganiello, sure why not?! For those doubters out there. Did you ever think Heath Ledger would of been that good as the Joker when you first heard it? If the new reboot will have a more brutish, darker tone and atmosphere as in Nolans Batman, then Joe would fit well if supes and batsy should ever team up.

  4. He’s too good looking to be Superman imho. I would rather cast Zachary Levi or Matt Bomer for the iconic role. Both exude charm and acting chops to boot.

    • And both would have to bulk up in a SERIOUS way… Levi would bring a snarkyness edge to Clark, something wouldn’t fit.

      • I really disagree with this. The original Superman was built, not muscular. Levi and Bomer might need to bulk up slightly, but Superman should be muscular AND slender simultaneously, like, say, James Bond.

  5. i can see him in it-Zach Snyder has a thing for “manly” characters-maybe its his wife’s intiuition he’s going with, I mean look at his last few films at the main roles: “300″‘s Leonidas-Gerard Butler who beefed up for that and “Watchmen”‘s male cast-Patrick Wilson, Matthew Goode, Jackie Earl Haley and Jeffrey Dean Morgan- who has been having a pretty good career thanks to that film..he’s definitely going to go with a beefcake as oppose to a thespian..its just his way.

  6. Tom Welling should play Superman! This can happen without having the movie connected to Smallville.

  7. jodi….agreed. I think everyone who is opposed to Welling being cast in the reboot keeps saying the same thing that “we don’t want to see a smallville movie”……but it definitely could be done without being necessarily linked to the show……

    • The problem isn’t whether or not it would continue Smallville, but that the general audience (the ones who don’t read daily news like us) might THINK it’s a continuation of the show. They may not be able to disassociate the show from this reboot. The same would go for Brandon Routh, and thinking it would be a Superman Returns sequel.

      • True Little Monster…..but for big superman fans I am sure they would print a disclaimer in the news that although Snyder decided to go with Welling as superman/kent the movie will in no way be related to the Smallville series……But I agree with your point which is why I don’t think they will cast Welling or Routh…

  8. joe looks similar in respect both in looks and acting-if anything they should get him and keep the supporting cast from Smallville-at least that would make sense if they intend to keep the fan base to support the franchise..I mean lets be real-Welling isn’t interested in being Supes,if that’s the case give the role to someone on the up n up that that at least can take the character from the show to the big screen.Welling would be great however his past attempts at breaking into film have been pretty lame soo..

    • Vkatnyte……Actually Welling has said numerous times that he would be interested if given the opportunity to be superman….”but alot of elements would have to come together for it to happen”…not my words but exactly what he said in an interview when asked if he would be up for the role……

  9. I just read on the Examiner’s website John Cena is being considered for the role *face palm*

  10. @dee8

    I laughed when I first read that. Seriously, they aren’t even trying with that rumor. If this were Brett Ratner, then I would believe, but not Snyder or Nolan. I’m waiting for the rumor that Megan Fox will play Lois Lane to surface.

  11. Let Routh have it i had no problem with Superman Returns.

  12. Im sure im gonna get bashed for this but if reboot Superman & theres alot of people who wouldn’t mind seeing Tom Welling as Superman/Clark Kent whether the film follows Smallville series or not, but it would be easier & plenty of fans like me wouldn’t mind seeing a film set within the same universe when the show ends. Imo, i doubt it would be a problem if they used Routh or welling because im sure people will get the right idea by the time movie comes out. The way the plot is right now, people could ask later is a sequel to Superman Returns and Brandon Routh been replaced because his contract was up before filming? I can see people asking questions like that. Anyways, im still skeptical about this reboot.

  13. Im just thinkin outta the box but let me ask everyone this even though it may never happen anyways. Would anyone object to Bruce Timm & Co makin live film adaption films the way kinda like they’ve done with all the animated series or straight to dvd movies? And if WB was to ask them, if the accepted, wouldn’t be nice to see them be the ones to take care of every DC hero, especially if they WB plans to do what Marvel Studios id doin now? Imo i think Bruce Timm etc. would be the right people to from the small screen to the big screen when WB is ready to put DC’s Heroes in each other’s films that could lead up to a Justice League film.

  14. He’s better than the rumor going around the internet wrestling chatrooms about John Cena or the Rock being cast to play Superman and then a separate actor to play Clark Kent.

    Whoever the actor is, is going to have to be comfortable being in Reeve’s shadow while making Superman/Clark Kent his own. I think this movie is going to legen…wait for it because Joe Manganiello was on How I Met Your Mother…dary.

  15. mann super man is gay! he sucks!!..

    • He has some of the physical attributes down. But, there’s something about him that’s not quite right for Superman. IMO. He’d be ideal for:
      Capt. Marvel (I’m not kidding)

    • ……..and you know this because you’re………?

      • Magnetic eye….IMO means “in my opinion”….so he is not saying “he knows” anything…..go home.

        • @ scottgia

          LOL I am home. Where are you? So a troll posts “Superman is gay! he sucks” and I don’t have a right to respond? My reply was to luis enrique not Drusilla Prince.

      • He’s obviously a troll, just ignore him and he’ll go away.

        • @ Little Monster

          Are you calling me a troll? :-) I don’t think you are. I think you’re referring to luis enrique.

          • Yeah, my comment was aimed at him. Sorry, I thought it was obvious.

            • @ Little Monster

              Yeah sorry, I should pay closer attention. It’s just that initially your reply appeared under scottgia’s comment, the same way my comment appeared under Drusilla Prince instead of luis enrique. :-)

              Just wonder sometimes if the reply buttons are working the way they’re meant to.

  16. luis enrique should go home too….

  17. Routh

  18. Movieweb has intimated that Tom Welling is still in the running, and since they are not known to spread B.S., this makes me happy. Jon Hamm could make me happy too. If Manganiello is serious about getting the role, he’ll get a nose job to fix his broken nose. It’s a quick, routine surgery nowadays and would help him land other jobs too.

  19. I think he would be great tall big got my vote !!! I loved superman when I was young and if they cast Joe I love superman again

  20. No I can’t see him playing the role. I think Tom Welling would play the role perfect. Please make Tom the next real Superman.

  21. YES!!! I would love to see JOE as Superman. If this movie is a big hit,they can shoot the next sequels together. IMO Joe Mangaiello is a VERY GOOD CHOICE for the new Superman movie. He have got physical attributes and he looks tough. He is also a good actor..he just need to shed little facial water retention. Time for a real kick-ass Superman with Joe Mangaeillo.

  22. I think Joe Manganiello would be perfect for any updates of Tarzan.Best
    I’ve seen previously (at least as far as physical attributes go)were,in
    order Mike Henry and Miles O’Keefe.

  23. he was fit as batman! WELLING does not like wearing tights & ROUTH was less charm as superman, clark kent maybe!