‘Tron Legacy’ Team Remaking Disney’s ‘The Black Hole’

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the black hole poster 570x497 Tron Legacy Team Remaking Disneys The Black Hole

The remake/reboot/prequel game is now in full swing around Hollywood, but Disney has shown some promise in this area with the likes of the upcoming Tron Legacy, which made a huge (and somewhat unexpected) splash this past summer at Comic Con. If you haven’t seen the Tron Legacy trailer, then you probably don’t yet know why polishing up an old property can sometimes be a good thing.

Well, Disney is now dusting off another old property and giving it a modern polish – this time it’s the 1970s “groundbreaking” sci-fi adventure, The Black Hole, which is being put in the hands of the Tron Legacy team and the scribe of the upcoming Clash of The Titans remake.

The actual names behind this project are Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski, producer Sean Bailey and Clash of The Titans writer Travis Beacham. If you’re like me, and not all that familiar with what the original version of The Black Hole was all about, here are some fun facts:

  • It was Disney’s first PG-rated film (scandalous!).
  • At the time, the film was the most expensive project ever produced by Disney ($26 million – unheard of!).
  • It did fairly well at the box office ($36 million) and earned Oscar nods for cinematography and visual effects.
  • The opening credits featured the most elaborate computer graphics shot to date.

Much like Tron (the original version), The Black Hole seems to have been a bold foray into the filmmaking techniques of the then slightly-out-of-reach digital future. When you think about it like that, a modern remake suddenly makes sense, no?

As for WHAT they will be remaking, here is the trailer for the original:

If that informative trailer didn’t explain it all, here is an IMDB synopsis:

For five years the crew of the PALOMINO has ranged through deep space, searching for evidence of alien life–with no result. Then, their mission almost at an end, they discover a giant collapsar–the largest black hole ever encountered–and, drifting perilously near it, is the long-lost legendary starship CYGNUS…Incredibly, the ship is not a lifeless hulk. Its commander–the genius who designed the CYGNUS and planned its epic voyage–still survives, served by a horde of mechanical slaves. But Commander Hans Reinhardt has no desire to be rescued. He has a rendezvous with the incredibly hellish forces of the collapsar–and he plans to take the PALOMINO’S crew along on his doomed adventure.

LOL! Normally I’m the first to lambaste a remake, but the original version’s computer graphic space grid thingy could definitely use an upgrade! Though, I’m sure in 1979 seeing that grid ultimately form into a “black hole” funnel probably blew peoples’ minds! We’ll have to ask Screen Rant’s Vic Holtreman what his Senior citizen ticket cost for that film 😉 .

Maximillian Black Hole l Tron Legacy Team Remaking Disneys The Black Hole

For fans of the original, I can tell you that as of now, we know that the red robot “Maximillian” (seen above) will be returning for the remake. Does that make you happy to hear?

Slash Film speculates that (like everything these days) Disney will develop The Black Hole remake for digital 3D. We also know that the plot will be much more rooted in the “science of a black hole,” which has certainly progressed a ways since the original was made.

No word yet on when The Black Hole remake is looking to be in theaters or go into production, but we’ll keep you posted.

Sources: THR via Slash Film

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  1. Dude, the ending is “2001 a space odyssey”with a transdimensional voyage and it has zombies in mirrormasks and disemboweling robot… what more could you want?

  2. I remember seeing this in the theaters with my younger brother. He was freaked out. I loved it. Can’t wait to share this with my boys! What a great movie. GUSH! Hopefully the remake will be as good as the original.

  3. Yeah, this is one of those properties I was actually waiting to hear this news about – with anticipation. Most such announcements inspire dread, but if Tron Legacy turns out to be a step in the right direction as I get the feeling it will be, then we may hopefully see several of the elements that marred an otherwise solid science-horror film that the original was, get addressed and see an overall more polished result the second go around.

    I’m cautiously optimisitc.

  4. I thought they already remade it, and called it Event Horizon. 😀

  5. Yeah, Event Horizon had some similar thematic elements, but it was also crap.

    Here’s hoping that this crew will strike all the right notes in taking these ideas to a good end product.

  6. I remember thinking this was really cheesy even as a kid. The movie was probably 10 years old at the time when I first saw it.

    I guess this movie is one of the few remakes that might actually be better than the original.

  7. Wasn’t this basically 20000 Leagues Under the Sea in Space??

    Maybe the 20000L project was shifted to this?

  8. I thought the original was cheesy for sure but I am looking forward to a reboot. With today’s special effects and hopefully some great writing it could the field is wide open.

  9. It was 1979, just a few months after the release of ‘Alien’, ‘Apocalypse Now’ and ‘Mad Max’

    I still can’t believe it was ‘Disney Family Entertainment’ and had Anthony Perkins basically disemboweled by a robot with spinning blades. Killer!

    But will the reboot have a woman as beautiful as Yvette Mimieux?.. (a WOMAN….with breasts please, not some flat chested little punk with a foul mouth)

  10. …with a pierced lips and a butch haircut!

  11. I liked Event Horizon, who knew SamNeil without eyes could be scary?!

  12. Also Old B.O.B. and Vincent were the coolest robots.

  13. Can’t be worse than the original – what a ghastly movie. I was SO disappointed when I saw it. Stilted dialog, alternating some pretty cool F/X with heavy layers of cheese – but not “good” cheese.

    I’m not against Disney movies in general, but oof, what a stinker.

  14. Event Horizon is good popcorn fodder.
    I remember see the “Black Hole” in theaters back in the day,,, good film the ending was kinda cryptic as the bad robot seems to end up in hell? I don’t get that wtf deal?

    This could be a cool remake. I say hand it off to JMS, let him write the script!

  15. I think the ending was left for the audience to fill in the blanks. Unfortunately, the blanks left a lot open for interpretation. Reinhart appears to be inside Maximilian in some sort of Hell, or perhaps the burning wreckage of his own ship made to look like Hell. Someone said that Maximilian became Reinhart’s “survival suit”, and in an ironic twist, was held captive the same way he made captives of his crew by enslaving them through the use of technology. Whatever the intent, it was carried out with effective and vivid cinematography such that people who haven’t even seen it in a very long time (myself included) still have that scene creepily lingering around in our brains. It was effective, as was the overall ship designs and many of the practical effects work.

    It was a bold effort that ended up failing on some critical points, but succeeded on enough other points to be remembered as a kind of cult classic. Here’s hoping that the new one will fix the script, editing and directorial issues to elevate it to a deserving hit with broader appeal. I think only a subsection of film geeks really see it as something of a classic, if for no other reason than it tried to reach for something a little more visceral and thought provoking than Star Wars, which was the film that likely enabled it to get a green light in the first place.

    • Very well put. Enjoyed your write up.

  16. Yes!

    I agree with what someone said that this is one of my childhood movies that I have been waiting to hear about being remade! I loved this so much as a kid that I had the record with the big hole in the middle that you could play on a children’s plastic record player and read along with the book. Anybody remember those? I also had Disney’s Davie Crockette.

    B.O.B. and Vincent were the best! I haven’t seen it since I was kid and I’m almost scared to ruin the memory of it like I did with Neverending Story this past summer. ha

  17. NO MORE REMAKES!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously I am going to go Assassin’s Creed on every studio exec, they need to grow a pair of imagination balls!!!!

    • I know this post is two years old but, yes! “They need to grow a pair of imagination balls!!!!” Change ‘they’ to ‘Hollywood’ and ‘need’ to ‘needs’.

  18. It didn’t blow my mind in ’79. That ambiguous “hell” ending was the only thing I liked about it apart from John Barry’s score. If Maximilian became Reinhardt’s “survival suit” he must have had his legs amputated to fit into it! I parted company with the movie when that transit car halted merrily at a part of the ship totally open to vacuum. Not even a massive asteroid hit appeared to cause any explosive decompression either.

    I love the old “spooky derelict ship” scenario (lifted to variable effect by Event Horizon) and wouldn’t mind seeing this remade: enough time’s elapsed that it wouldn’t have to have the obligatory post-Star Wars lovable robots and Stormtrooper-clone laser shootouts. As Ty says above, the original was basically an SF lift of 20 000 Leagues anyway.

  19. Yes, the asteroid would have caused explosive decompression. That’s usually the second or third thought I had while watching it, the first being how awesome a practical effect it was to composite that shot the way they did. Even though the film is mostly a cult favorite, that shot is pretty famous.

    If there wasn’t enough positive about the film to distract me from the holes in the science, it would have bugged me more, I suppose. Even some of the best sci-fi flicks still have audible engines firing in space, it’s just that we’re usually sufficiently distracted from these facts in the better ones. For me, the Black Hole provided just enough in the way of ambiance and mood to make it a net positive, in spite of its obvious drawbacks.

  20. You’re right, jerseycajun – that’s the shot that sticks in everyone’s mind apart from the hell one. The first time I saw the film I remember thinking “WOH!”, then “Wait a minute…”

    Far more so than movies that are just flat-out rubbish, the ones that bug me are those – like The Black Hole (or Event Horizon, come to that) – that have a huge amount of potential and some good elements, and throw them away for whatever reason. Both those had a solid cast, great effects…but ended up being less than the sum of their parts for me.

    I’m definitely not so much of an anorak that sounds in space bother me, though. Even Alien had those, and Star Trek’s opening titles would be a lot less fun without the Enterprise whooshing out at you!

  21. Just watching a bit of the movie now on Youtube, and I completely forgot about the damaged tramway scene with the crew looking out over the exposed vent into space without so much as a stiff breeze. Yeah, in retrospect, it was an awful lapse in continuity, especially considering the greenhouse scene where a meteorite cuts open a gash in the ceiling and the whole compartment experiences venting and deep space cold. Later, they climb aboard the probe ship completely exposed to empty space. Inconsistency is one of the problems I hope they fix this time around.

    It’s amazing, because that scene takes place in the middle of a sequence highlighting the rather tense escape/destruction of the Cygnus that really achieved some genuine chills even as I’m watching it now. So paradoxical. To really dig a string of scenes, punctuated with scenes of discontinuous ridiculousness. Dialog is still stilted, but for the most part it seems not as bad as I remember it. Still could be improved.

    Hoping that any new V.I.N.C.E.N.T. model they use in the new one keeps a similar wit to what Roddy McDowel achieved. He had some of the best lines and upstaged the human actors in most scenes. Design was more for kids, so hoping they take just a touch of the cartoonishness out of it, while still maintaining a friendly, but earnest exterior.

    Yeah, there really is a potential gold mine of material to be used if they just fix the bugs. I’ll still ‘love’ the original, despite its flaws. Heck, any film that gets me to feel the same anxieties as I was a kid watching it is doing something right.

  22. Well to be fair to the folks that mentioned the new Tron a few times, the ‘remake’ of Tron is not a remake.. its a continued story or what happens like 20 years later or something to the same place. So its more of a ‘Tron 2′.
    The remaking of Black Hole sounds like an actual remake however. If its anything like what i saw the trailers for the latest Tron, i think it will fair very well.
    Also, while im against general *some* movies being ‘redone’ repeatedly, their are times when i think its a good thing. I think this will be one of those few times.