Garrett Hedlund Set for ‘TRON: Legacy’ Sequel; Production in 2014?

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tron legacy sequel garrett hedlund Garrett Hedlund Set for TRON: Legacy Sequel; Production in 2014?

Most of the updates on a TRON: Legacy sequel (or TRON 3, whichever you prefer) from the past year have been provided by Tron himself, actor Bruce Boxleitner. The slow progress is partly due to Legacy‘s moderate box office success – it turned a profit, but not as much as Disney wanted – and lukewarm reception from the general moviegoing population; though, some members of the fanbase were much more pleased and have been anticipating the new installment for years now.

Legacy helmer Joseph Kosinski has been busy making the sci-fi flick Oblivion with Tom Cruise (check out the trailer), which is the other main contributing factor holding up development on another TRON. Kosinski is regarded as essentially a lock to come back for the Legacy sequel; the same goes for stars Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde (should the project indeed happen, that is).

Hedlund was promoting next week’s Jack Kerouac adaptation On the Road when Next Movie pressed him for details concerning the third TRON installment. The actor confirmed that he is indeed onboard, but otherwise kept quiet when it came to revealing more about the project – simply saying that “Disney’s very excited. That’s about that. You know, yeah, I’m very excited, Disney’s very excited.”

Disney is said to have put the Legacy followup on the fast-track for development, now that it has recruited Jesse Wigutow to revise the previous script draft drawn up by David DiGilio (Eight Below). Earlier this year, Boxleitner suggested that principal photography should begin sometime in 2014; although current rumors back that claim up, nothing is set in stone yet (officially, that is).

TRON 3 Confirmed Garrett Hedlund Set for TRON: Legacy Sequel; Production in 2014?

The Legacy sequel was addressed on a recent SR Underground Podcast episode, where the SR crew consensus seemed to align with the feelings of you average non-hardcore TRON fan. That is, complaints about story and content aside, Legacy does offer up enough in the way of enjoyable spectacle and dazzling effects eye candy to justify a return trip to ‘The Grid’; hopefully, one that builds on the plot and character elements introduced in Legacy.

Hedlund’s return indicates that could very well happen; not to mention, the door’s been left wide open for Cillian Murphy (The Dark Knight Rises) to expand on his Legacy cameo and become the central antagonist in the sequel. So, all things considered, there is potential for TRON 3 to be an improvement on its predecessor.

Screen Rant will keep you posted on TRON 3 development as more information is released.


Source: Next Movie

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  1. More Daft punk, more colour and more fun please.

    And no 3D

  2. As far as story is concerned I would like to see something about Grid society and how the return of Quorra is interpreted by that society. Essentially it would be like one of us going to heaven and then coming back to earth. Additionally what if Sam and Allen or others change the grid from the real world? On their return to the grid how does that figure in?

  3. legacy imo dragged pretty hard at some parts. The combat stuff was awesome to watch. I had more fun in the grid in dream drop distance than the movie tron legacy haha.. I really dont care if this guy returns, I found him about as interesting to watch as Hayden Christensen (sorry if thats harsh) the return of Jeff Bridges however is a must.

  4. I loved the 3D on TRON:Legacy. It everything pop out in the GRID. But definitely want Daft Punk to be back for the score. The movie was pure fun. I don’t need anything as deep as The Matrix but maybe a little more story wouldn’t hurt. I can wait to see TRON back in full force. The Tron cartoon show is actually decent.

  5. Also having Cillian Murphy come back as the main villain would be really cool.

    • Agreed, he would make a great villain. Can’t wait!!

  6. I can’t wait. I loved Tron Legacy. The Daft Punk soundtrack awesome and the 3D was one of the best I have seen since Avatar. If we go back to the grid, then the 3D would be awesome to have again. A little bit of a better plot would be nice and having Boxleitner & Jeff Bridges return again with bigger roles would just make it epic.

  7. Awesome.

  8. I want jeff bridges back. I do not care if this means a Clu 3.0 or if consciousnesses is wondering about the grid after forging him self with Clu 2.0. He has to return some how.

  9. By the way… I am never seeing another 3D movie until Tron 3 is out. Tron legacy was the perfect movie for 3D.

    • Didn’t the leave the real world scenes in 2D and only made the computer world scenes 3D?

      • This, to me, was one of the most underappreciated aspects of the film. I’ve talked to people who feel they got cheated paying 3D prices for a film that wasn’t all in 3D. But they didn’t appreciate the concept behind the decision.

        In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy goes from the black and white of Kansas to the color of Oz. It was done to create a greater sense of wonder and awe in Oz. People praised it. Legacy used it for much the same reason. In the real world, it’s dingy, 2D, flat. The Grid is vibrant, 3-dimensional, immersive.

        However, at the time of Wizard, color was still fairly new and intriguing. Not to mention, people actually APPRECIATED cinema back then. At the time of Legacy, 3D was expected and ticket prices were high. So instead of people in awe of the middle section of the film (like with Oz), they were upset with the beginning and end for being in an inferior 2D format.


    • Heck yea it was. Tron is the best 3D I have seen since, Captain EO. It wasn’t blurry, and everything was just smooth.

  10. I remember Kofi writing on this site that Tron: Legacy wouldn’t get a sequel because it wasn’t successful in the cinema, and a bunch of us commenters saying that it was successful and should get a sequel, and that basically it made as much money as X-Men First Class which was getting a sequel.

    I feel kind of vindicated now :)

    • I agree. For some reason, the term “success” was seen differently for Legacy. It made almost half a billion dollars. That’s not exactly a failure. I understand Disney went loco-dinero with the marketing campaign, and that ate up more of the box-office gross than a normal film release.

      And yes, I’ll be the first to talk up its flaws of story and characters. But has anyone actually watched the first Tron? It was a cheesily acted, campy film of technical (for 1982) brilliance. But it was fun. Legacy suffered from a muted tone and darker concept, so it wasn’t exactly “fun.” But that doesn’t suddenly make the original a good film. I love Tron, but I’m only 30, so I came into it years later. Perhaps my lack of true nostalgia helped me put the two side by side with a clearer focus.

      Either way, Oblivion looks decent. Hopefully Kosinski learned some valuable sci-fi lessons on set. Some of Legacy’s issues had to be attributed to Kosinski being a freshman director. He was more a slave to the script and probably lacked confidence and vision found in more seasoned directors.

      • Movies like this don’t need any advertising. Word of mouth, Facebook posts and tweets will do far more than spending hundreds of millions on ads.

        Get the people excited and they’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and so on and so on….

  11. Tron Legacy was fun but it didn’t have the heart of teh original. It didn’t work for me in IMAX as it kept switching screen size and half the time you couldn’t see half the action.. If they could make it in “D and it be great there is no need to do anything fancy in 3D, or IMAX at all.

  12. The only thing I didn’t like about Tron: Legacy was that it seemed to rehash much of the story from the first (original) movie; games, bike races, injured friend, right down to the floating battleship.

    The beginning was so promising, and there were a few epic scenes, but like some of you previous ranters, I’d like to see the Grid world more fleshed out.

    Cillian Murphy will make a great villian, and is anyone else thinking he’s the one who sent the text that sent Sam to the Arcade in the first place, hoping he’d get trapped or killed on the Grid?

    • Sorry, I meant ‘paged’ not ‘text’. 1982 didn’t have texting…duh.

    • CLU sent the page. He was trying to lure Alan into the Grid to open the portal, since Alan was the co-creator of the Grid with Kevin Flynn. But Sam came instead. That’s why CLU asked Sam, “Just you?” when they first met. It is, however, entirely possible that Dillinger was in contact with CLU as his real world emmisary. I find it more likely that it was Dillinger Sr. though, and Dillinger Jr. just does the dirty work from the inside.

      Time will tell though.

  13. I recently watched tron: legacy. I really liked it. the special effects were amazing.

  14. I hope they don’t screw it up. Tron Legacy was good, but it didn’t live up to its potential.

  15. Tron Legacy was a fantastic film. I love it. They need to get the third one made, so long as they don’t let the studio force a rush job. Those kind of happenings can be disasterous, as exemplified by Riddick. Took ages to get it shooting, when it happened they were rushed I guess…character wasn’t paid attention to. Script wasn’t paid attention to. The ball was severely dropped on that one, by many people involved. We don’t want that happening with Tron.

    I never saw Legacy in the Theatre..I should have liked to. But these days films in general have got to be so badly made, and Theatres are so expensive, I’m much more inclined to wait and watch something online for free – before deciding if I’m gonna buy the movie on dvd. I don’t think I’m alone there.

    I think many people do this now. But I like to go support movies I think deserve supporting. Interesting times now though, cause no matter how big a deal anybody makes about “box office” and “ticket sales” at movie theatres…The reality is you should imagine they’re doing about 20 times as bad as you are told they are. Because this is the truth of the matter. Times are changing. And it’s my belief 3D will not save the situation. Waffle ends. End of line. Lol ;)

  16. Its not tron 3, it’s tron 4.
    Tron (movie), Tron 2.0 (Sequel video game), Tron 3.0 (legacy), Sequel is Tron 4. Get it right, or give it up.

  17. Can we get an update on this? Will the sequel happen?