Tron 3 Already In The Works

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tron legacy trailer Tron 3 Already In The Works

Well, that didn’t take very long.

Heat Vision is reporting that executives over at Walt Disney Productions have already set in motion plans for Tron 3, a followup to their upcoming sci-fi sequel Tron Legacy.  Clearly hoping that they’ll have a mega-hit on their hands when Tron Legacy hits 3D and IMAX screens this December, Disney is wasting no time planning ahead for the future of the franchise.

Two of the individuals who worked on the Tron Legacy screenplay, Lost writers/executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, have officially begun writing a second sequel to the virtual-world pic.  No word yet on what the plot will entail, other than speculation from insiders that the two writers will try and round out the TRON Legacy storyline into a full-fledged trilogy.

Here’s a refresher of just what Tron Legacy‘s plot is, for those not in the know:

Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), the tech-savvy 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), looks into his father’s disappearance and finds himself pulled into the digital world of Tron where his father has been living for 25 years. Along with Kevin’s loyal confidant Quorra (Olivia Wilde), father and son embark on a life-and-death journey of escape across a visually-stunning cyber universe that has become far more advanced and exceedingly dangerous.

Stars Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde are already under contract to appear in any future Tron films, so expect to see the further adventures of Sam Flynn onscreen soon, should Tron Legacy be a massive hit in theaters.  No word yet on the involvement of director Joseph Kosinski or the original Tron star himself, Jeff Bridges, but that too is heavily dependent on the success of Legacy when it finally comes out.

Tron Legacy image 570x235 Tron 3 Already In The Works

This is a pretty confident move on the part of Disney however you look at it.  Tron Legacy has undoubtedly been an expensive project for The Mouse House, with a production budget at least near the $200 million mark of the studio’s recent 3D behemoth, Alice in Wonderland.  Remember that the original Tron came out in 1982 and was kind of a box office dud, grossing only $33 million.

Still, Tron has developed a solid cult following in the 28 years since it was released, and anticipation for Tron Legacy is pretty high amongst moviegoers overall.  Indeed, the Disney marketing machine has been busy promoting Tron Legacy for several months now, so clearly the company is doing its part to assure that they have a hit on their hands. And if the movie turns out to be good, wouldn’t we want to see another chapter on the big screen?

So what do you folks think?  Are you excited for the idea of Tron 3?  Or are you withholding judgment until Tron Legacy actually comes out?

Tron Legacy hits theaters in the U.S. on December 17, 2010.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Empire Online

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  1. I don't think its a bold or confident move on Disney's part. Its more of a preparation. How much does it cost to hire two writers? I'm sure the cost is negligible. And if Tron Legacy happens to be a dud (which I doubt), they can shred the script. Its not like they're beginning production or anything, they're just getting themselves ready.

  2. They should do this more often. Then, there wouldn't be this big time lag between sequels.

  3. If they stick the word Tron on it I'm gonna see it

  4. What if the word TRON appears on a naked, fat, hairy guy?

  5. I hope this is a sign that the studio thinks they've got a winner on their hands. As much as I'm geeking out about Tron Legacy, there's still part of me that thinks the trailer looks like Tron Lite, despite the awesomeness clearly on display.

  6. I pray to god they make a third one but Flynn is dead so it will suck! I really liked Legacy it was amazing!

    • I do not think he is dead. They never showed his actual dying. Just a big ball of virtual light. I think he is sitting on a virtual beach sipping on one of those glowing blue mimosas while running the grid the way it is supposed to run

  7. Flynn doesn’t necessarily die, he is absorbed back into the grid that he created. creative plot device by Disney; don’t kill off the reason everyone loves the Tron movies :)

    • Kevin Flynn wasn’t absorbed back into The Grid. He sacrificed his physical form to save Sam and Quorra. So Quorra actually absorbed him. The only way Quorra could take on physical form in the real world was to integrate with physical matter. If you watched the original TRON, they explained that the particles of zapped objects were suspended in the laser until they were reconstructed again.

      Only Sam’s particles were in the laser beam, so there had to be particles from another person for Quorra to become real. Kevin sacrificed his own body so that Quorra could become human.

  8. Man…. Legacy is one hell of a movie. I can’t wait for a third part !!!!
    Hey… is that millions of fans in light costumes in comic con? (fkd up future to come XD)

  9. Well, they have to make a third one to make up the way they dicked TRON in this one. Plus, Dillinger’s son (Sark from the first one) could play a key role in possibly bringing a new villain to the forefront.

  10. Legacy was absolutely astounding: great acting, character depth, a decent and somewhat unique plot line, and amazing actions sequences. I have already recommended this movie to 23 people. I can’t wait to get my hands on the blu-ray copy. I have to say I’m glad that their bringing back Sam and Quorra for the sequel, it will benefit the movie.

  11. When do I get to insert my USB plug into Quorra?

  12. Well I have to say, this movie was VISUAL ASTOUNDING. But the story line absolutely SUCKED. Yes they had character depth and I do understand about the ISO’s and can even go with that but what was this crap about building and army to come to the real world? They could have done more harm staying in the digital realm. I don’t understand really what CLU was trying to do. I was half expecting to here about some kind of computer virus, but o freaking well. BTW Tron never derazzed he turned back blue and was still sinking but never anything else. So he should be back for the 3rd. God I hope a 3rd will be made, to right this story line wrong. Other than that I would go see this again just to watch the affects.

    • CLU was delusional and was getting more and more desperate toward the end of the film, so it’s likely he didn’t fully understand the workings of Kevin’s data disc.

      • IIt’s de-resed (as in loses resolution).. Not derazzed! I disagree, the plot worked, if you listen to the speech Clue made to the army, he didn’t intend on physical form, but to expand the grid into our global network.

  13. A virus would be useless considering the fact that they are in a closed of system with no access to anything else. Clu was simply perusing what he thought it meant to create a perfect system, which was including the real world in his mind.

    • In TRON: Evolution, CLU releases a virus called ‘Abraxus’ that infects the whole system and starts killing off the ISOs.

  14. Tron has alot of depth and story potential that is yet to be seen or developed. Disney has a lot of room to work with here, and a couple more films are duly warranted. Despite poor reviews from critics (I’ve noticed with critics, if they say a film is bad, the general public loves it, and vice versa. Go figure), moviegoers are lining up in droves to see the film. Based on that, Disney would be making a big mistake in not giving us more to see.

    I also think, given the right development studio, proper arrangements and scheduling, a Tron MMO would do well if timed right (Perhaps debuting at the end of the last fim?) Some would argue that a Disney backed MMO wouldn’t have the nerve to treat Tron with the grittiness it deserves, but I think the movie disproves that line of thinking.

    In any event, I think it a safe bet we will all be returning to a “Grid Near You” in the coming years.

  15. Maybe with 3 they can put some use to Dillinger’s son, who had a strangely short amount of screentime for what they set him up to be.

  16. We need TRON 3

    Tron was still alive when he fell into the water. Plus Flynn stayed in the grid.

    There’s something to create there.

    Tron could be the enemy… maybe his user who took over the company ENCOM as chairman gets greedy and wants to take over everything. Who knows… but this user is as good as Flynn and Tron can be powerful.

    No matter what happens…. Tron’s character needs to be a more focal point if a third movie is made.

    • Nah, Tron won’t be the baddie. His colors turned normal, remember? Plus consider Alan in Legacy, trying to get Flynn to take responsibility and do the right thing. Alan / Tron is basically the incorruptible white knight trope.
      Plus, big name actor Cillian Murphy playing Edward, the son of Tron original baddie Dilinger Sr.? Hells yeah he’s gonna be our villain of Tron 3. Maybe even a Sark 2.0, hm?

      I’m looking forward to Tron putting the badassery that we witnessed in Legacy to good use for the good guys in the next movie.

  17. Marvel comics has two prequel comics to the movie that you party people might want to check out. They helped me flesh out the story a little better. But, everyone is right. The story was a little light weight with alot of loose ends. But, what do you expect? It’s a PG rated flick. I’m waiting for the Unrated Directors Cut on Blueray with some hot and sexy Quorra action. I did love “The Dude” on the Grid! “You’re messing with my Zen thing, man!” Quorra can mess with my zen thing anytime she wants!

    • About 25 minutes of completed footage was cut from the final release, so we’re likely to see that restored in a Director’s Cut and hopefully with a cache of further unfinished scenes.

  18. I just went and saw tron and it was amazing! I really hope they make a tron 3 with more action

  19. I saw this tonight at an IMAX… Immediately went home and began downloading the original and bought the soundtrack. I plan on taking my daughter to the movie next week after Christmas. Show me the line – I’ll gladly pay now for an opening night show of Tron 3

  20. They can make a spin off from the iso girl’s story and they could also include that there were actually a secret group or society on tron that had found another way off the grid before kevin had destroyed the system. Then they could add that this secret society had a connection to the iso girl’s past and are afterfor something like she is the key to saving there dying race or something and also they could include that that iso girl has super natual abilities when in the real world. I’m mean they could spinit so many different ways and 4 all we know kevins double could have created another double who infultrated this secret society group and had escaped with them i mean the possiblities are endly for this film.

    • They could also use the guy who fell into the water i think people are calling him Tron but whoever he is the dude got skills and who knows the water could have beenanother portal to the real world and what about the kid at the board meeting with the glasses he could have created another grid universe and found a way to incorparate some of that fantasy world into the real world and created a tron underground but nowthat i think of it that could be saved for Tron 4 after sam and the iso girl hook up and had a kid or even twins and say some how the two got separated and one ended up in the underground world imean i’m going crazy right now but this movie has unlimited potiential and i just hope that the directors explore it.

      • Just stop…

        • Less coke fella!

  21. I LOVED Tron 2. The story of the Programs wanting to get into our world and take it over, that was just such a unique story line, I was actually hoping it would come to pass. To see that big ship, those light cycles, tanks and ships battling our world, it would have been epic!!

    If Tron 3 is made (and I hope it is), I want this story arc to play out. Let’s get the Programs lauching an attack on our world! The Cyber War has begun…

  22. TRON 3 & 4 would be cool.
    Tanks next time please!!

  23. There are several open plot threads that could be followed for a 3rd installment. Tron survived the fall into the Sea of Simulation and the grid exists on the chip around Sam’s neck. Who knows what Quorra can do in the real world, what ISO’s really are? That could be an interesting line of thought, restoring ISO’s to the grid.

    Edward Dillinger, Jr. is also a potential villain… another potential Legacy to fulfill? Sam’s last yearly prank leaking ENCOM OS 12 to the web could prompt him to seek a little payback as it was his baby.

    If anything the next movie won’t be based completely in the real world, there’s no fun in that. The programs of the Grid getting loose on the open web however could be crazy! Look at how much of a danger the MCP was when he threated Dillenger Sr. about impeding his access to the neophyte internet of the 80′s!

    • get a life

      • Scooter313′s idea isn’t too far-fetched. There are plenty of seeds sowing in Legacy to come into fruition in the next. What? You can’t have a life AND have an imagination?

  24. I’m in for Tron 3, I’d see it in a heartbeat!

  25. I would have to say that before my uncle told me he saw Tron in the Imax i had no interest in watching the movie I never saw the first and it didnt really bother me to see the second since I hadnt seen any of the previews. What I discovered when watching Tron: Legacy was that this movie is the only thing that could have possibly knocked my number one favorite from its spot (The Matrix) I was AMAZED at the Music and Visual effects they were stunning to say the least I CAN NOT WAIT to see it again tomorrow and I cant wait to see the 3rd installment of the series if and when it comes to pass. But for anyone who doesnt like this movie go build yourself a bomb-shelter and never leave it or interact with the rest of the world because THIS MOVIE IS THE BEST MOVIE I HAVE SEEN IN A LONG LONG TIME! GO SEQUEL NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW

    • matrix = crap (for a long time now)

  26. That’s awesome!!! I loved tron legacy!!! But who will Jeff Bridges play, if Kevin Flynn dies in the end?

    • Kevin Flynn has not died, Sam has him in his necklace it shows at the end of the film.

      • Kevin Flynn died during reintegration with CLU, but I’m sure they could find a way to bring him back… provided of course that Jeff Bridges agrees to do another sequel.

      • Also, Kevin Flynn sacrificed himself for Quorra. When Flynn reintegrated with CLU, his body disintegrated and became the matter which Quorra used to become physical in the real world.

        That’s more or less what was said in the film.

  27. Tron was and is still a cult classic I enjoyed Legacy well written and the music sat so well in it the only letdown in my opinion were the 3d effects

  28. Daz Dilinger is definitely a good source for a baddie. He could re enter the GRID ala Flynns son, and wreak havoc as a user. Trying to turn the new Tron Utopia back into a Dystopia. This would play wonderfully with the good vs evil theme, and how each is but a cycle in creation.

    Tron has a unique setting to tell a spectacular story that ties in technology and spirituality. It has evolved to become so much more, now that the Isos have been introduced. I welcome any Tron sequel.

    If Disney was just planning to make a final sequel, I would make it about some type of Tron dystopia, where Flynn integrated himself but also became half evil Flynn and unable to stop himself from leaving the Grid with a big army set to conquer the world. It later falls upon Quorra and Flynn Jr in the real world to overturn the self appointed tyrant.

    But if Disney want to make 2 sequels, I would use a Dilinger plot device. Where he ventures in and wreaks havoc, much like how Tron defeated the MCP in Tron 1. This would create another unbalanced Tron world in the end, leading to the conclusion in Tron 4 dealing with how to rid Dilingers son. Perhaps even resurrecting the old MCP as a stopgap measure.

    • Would be nice to bring back David Warner as Dillinger Sr. in a cameo role for a future Tron sequel. I always felt his character should have been given a more fitting send-off in the original movie. I mean, he would be out of jail by now and either out for vengeance or perhaps even a changed man…