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tron legacy review TRON: Legacy ReviewScreen Rant’s Vic Holtreman reviews TRON: Legacy

TRON: Legacy has to be one of the most hyped, if not highly-anticipated movies of the year. It’s been teased at the San Diego Comic-Con for three years in a row – where the footage shown wowed the crowd. It’s obvious how much hard work and dedication went into the visual aspect of the film, but unfortunately that’s about all it has going for it.

The original TRON was released way back in 1982, and at the time was considered groundbreaking for its use of computer graphics in a live-action film. If you’ve never seen the film and watch it for the first time today, you’ll probably find yourself laughing at the “hokey” visual effects – but remember that back then they didn’t have the advantage of being able to create virtual worlds via CGI motion-capture that could be translated into a computer-based character, etc.

Those who love the original film (myself included) may be infected by a bit of movie nostalgia – it’s not a great film, but it’s entertaining enough and actually managed to explore some interesting concepts at a time where computers were still “new” to most people.

Legacy is a sequel that starts out about seven years after the end of the first film. Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) has taken over Encom and with the help of Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) has made the company wildly successful. Flynn has a young son named Sam, who he’s regaled with stories of his exploits “on the grid,” and he promises to take his wide-eyed son there one day. Flynn is also on the verge of bringing a “miracle” to the world that will redefine everything – science, religion, medicine, etc.

After sharing this with his son, Kevin Flynn disappears – never to be seen again.

Cut to Sam (Garrett Hedlund) at age 27, now a loner bad boy who’s only involvement with Encom (despite being the majority shareholder) is to hack into it once a year in an attempt to disrupt the now greedy corporation (as opposed to the wonderful, benevolent company it was when his father ran it) in one way or another.

Sam is led to a secret lab at Flynn’s Arcade, where he repeats his father’s last computer command on the dusty console – which transports him into the cyber-universe of the grid. Director Joseph Kosinski makes this universe seem even more “special” in an effective way: The “real world” scenes are in 2D, but once we move into the computer world the 3D in the film finally kicks in – and it really makes for an effective transition. Think about the scene in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy emerges from her house into Oz – on steroids.

Once in the cyber world Sam is understandably overwhelmed, but adapts quickly being the athletic guy we met in the real-world scenes. Sam soon meets Clu, the program his father created to run the system, who looks like a much younger Jeff Bridges (more on that, later). It seems Clu has turned into a dictator in search of perfection, and is not satisfied with pursing/enforcing it only in the computer realm.

Eventually a program named Quorra (Olivia Wilde) brings Sam to see his father, who has been trapped there since he vanished so many years ago. Of course Sam wants to return to our world with his father, but dear old dad is reticent because his “identity disc” contains the information that Clu needs to invade our world – and he doesn’t want to risk that. The trio race to find a way to stop Clu, and escape the cyber world, before Clu can execute his terrible plan.

tron legacy the grid TRON: Legacy Review

TRON: Legacy is a visual treat – at least until you get used to it. Visually, the highlight of the film takes place not long after Sam’s arrival in the computer world. The scenes in which the battles take place on the grid, both the hand-to-hand and the lightcycle racing, are truly amazing. As I watched that part of the film I thought “this is the techno answer to Avatar.” The 3D here is used to excellent effect, including a multi-level, transparent race track where the lightcycles do battle.

The musical score by Daft Punk is an excellent match for the film. Being an old guy, the first time heard of them was in reference to this film, but their techo-rock, pulsing soundtrack matches the otherworldly look of the film. As a bonus, they actually appear in the film (the club scene).

This world is much more detailed than that of the original film, reflecting the increase in computing and graphics power we have today compared to the vector graphics of almost 30 years ago. Updates to the ships and the suits worn by the programs are all well done and are visually impressive – there are also some new designs introduced  to keep things fresh.

There are many nods to the original film – I’ll leave them unmentioned so you can discover them as you watch the movie. However, there are also many things taken from lots of other films that came before – some so similar that it’s difficult not to think “rip-off” instead of “nod.” Those films include Star Wars, The Matrix, 2001: A Space Odyssey and more. In fact, in one scene I thought Garrett Hedlund was channeling Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker.

The world of the film is filled with many perfectly pretty people – and I felt little connection to most of them. If I had to pick one person who generated a sense of connection above the others, it would be Bruce Boxleitner reprising his role as Alan Bradley – and he was barely in the film. Michael Sheen as Castor had an excess of personality that made him seem like he was far more advanced than “just a program.” Olivia Wilde generated no connection and her character was no better. With a collection of the greatest written works of all time having been read by her (as provided by old Flynn), she professed her favorite author to be Jules Verne. Nothing against Jules Verne, but compared to the other books there and her apparent hunger to understand the real world, it seemed like an odd (lame) choice.

Then there was the quest to get home – was old Flynn’s data disc required or not? Was it important enough to guard with one’s life (because at one point it seems like an “oh well”), and do we even care?

tron legacy jeff bridges1 TRON: Legacy Review

Finally we get to the CGI recreation of Jeff Bridges as a young man. Have we finally gotten past the “uncanny valley” (where the mind/eye discerns that something is just not quite “real”)? Sadly, no. As long as young Kevin Flynn wasn’t talking, the face looked great – but as soon as he spoke, the creepy factor pops up. He looked like he had a face full of Botox – think Joan Rivers as seen recently on The Apprentice. One could argue that Clu was a computer program and should have been “stiff” compared to a human, but even in the opening scene of the film where we see the real-world young Kevin Flynn, the same effect is present.

Really, if you’re going to see the film, try to make it to an IMAX theater if you have one available – and if there isn’t one you really should see the film in 3D, as TRON: Legacy is an example of 3D done right. It was shot in 3D and there is use of both subtle and overt 3D in the film, an overall effect that looks impressive and adds to the feeling of being in a world that is not ours.

But if you’re looking for characters and a story that will draw you in, wait and go see that other Jeff Bridges movie: True Grit.

Here’s a trailer for TRON: Legacy:

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If you want to talk about the film without worry about spoiling it for others, head over to our TRON: Legacy Spoilers Discussion.

Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5
(Very Good)

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  1. And also wanted to add i wish you know who would of been saved at the end. and yes i know he was but that isnt what i was talking about.

  2. The main reason I even considered seeing Legacy was because, other than Olivia Wilde looking attractive and sexy as ever, I heard Daft Punk forged the soundtrack. I’m a self-admitted electronic music audiophile, and have been a fan of Daft Punk ever since they aired their “One More Time” music video on Toonami a decade ago. They certainly didn’t dissapoint this time around in their presentation of this badass pulsating soundtrack. (loved their cameo appearance too)
    While people may agree (myself included) that there’s room for improvement in the storyline, those who go to see this aren’t going because they want to sob at ‘The Notebook’. No, this is all about the cybersweet eye candy. This is how all 3D movies should be; with the three-dimentional effect fully immersive and creatively implemented. I get the feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg of things to come as far as near-seamless CGI implementation in movies goes. 4.5 out of 5

  3. The part in the review where Vic talks about how creepy the younger version of Flynn looks where they de-aged Bridges reminded me so much of “X-men: The Last Stand” and “X-men Origins: Wolverine” where they did that to Patrick Stewart.

    It was the funniest scene in Tron: Legacy. No one else in the cinema thought it was funny, and I got a few odd looks, but people have to understand that de-aging an actor or actress via CGI is the funniest thing to happen to movies.

  4. I concur. Your review is accurate. However True Grit was a let down as well.

  5. Speaking as a long time fan of the original I have some things to say
    First some complaints complaints

    1. To me the CGI on Clu looked like something out of Robert Zemeckis film (not in a good way.)
    2. The guy who played Castor really annoyed me. I watched him and though he was doing a Johnny Depp impression from WIlly Wonka.
    3. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about the dialouge in this movie. What were they expecting, Quentin Tarantino material?
    4. Wish they had more Tron.

    Okay now on to the good
    1. The 3D if fantastic. Finally a movie where it’s not done as a gimmick.
    2. Acting was okay.
    3. It really tied the movie’s plot together in some pretty unique ways.
    4. The action and special effects were everything I wanted and more.

    I think this does the original film justice and is a worthy sequel.

    BTW, it’s a hell of a lot better than Avatar.

    • Why all the hate on Avatar? I guess if you want a violent, bloody, shoot them up kind of movie, you were disappointed. But if you like movies for plots as well as visual, it blew you away! The best part about Avatar was no questions were left unanswered. I at first refused to see Avatar. I was under the impression it was just a anime movie. Boy was I wrong. It was fresh and new. I thought the plot more closely resembled the old “government against Native American” style. Being a Native myself, I can relate. My only regret is that I lost on seeing it in IMAX 3D. Even my brother, who is hard core blood and guts type, really enjoyed it. When people see a movie, they don’t seem to want a “message”. When I watch a movie, I want it to take me into the story. Give me someone to root for. Something to cry about, something to dream. Avatar did this, Tron:Legacy did not.

  6. On a side note on the way home from the theater me and my friends were talking about other movies that would be good in 3D, Matrix, Lord of the Rings, etc. I said maybe the Speed Racer movie would be good in 3D. My friend said that if that happened the last scene in that movie would make you blind!

  7. @ladyoberman

    Yeah I kind of agree. For all it’s faults Avatar at least had some sort of message behing it, although it felt a bit too forced and had been done many times before and a lot better – Dances With Wolves, Last Samurai etc, you could watch that movie and say ‘there’s a point to this’

    I think all critics of Tron Legacy – including myself – were never walking in expecting oscar worthy performances or screenplay. We all knew what we were going to get However what differentiates a movie from a music video or videogame is that you have a story and character to keep you engaged or compelled to watch.

    There was never any thrill or excitement to make it a fun experience.

    For me there was just so little to care about with Tron. If we just care about effects and 3D then why bother with plot or dialouge at all. Just then have the action sequences continoulsy roll after one another – which would then give us an extended music video as opposed to an actual movie.

  8. This was an awesome movie. I dont agree that the story was thin either. I had the impression the whole time that it was very relationship driven. Father/son, Flynn/Clu, Flynn/Quora. It seemed a very natural and organic flow despite the digital world. The acting was solid overall. Bridges was great, Hedlund was solid, Wilde was unremarkable but not bad. I also thought Sheen worked, even with his over the top style. He worked for me in the hyper-colorized world as a rogue program. I came in thinking it would be a letdown but I really like it.

  9. The effects of the film are nothing short of outstanding. I did not mind the “updated” look of the Cyberworld, because even in the original, I considered that with the defeat of the MCP the world got an “upgrade”. In addition, if a cyber-verse was in an early stage, it makes sense that as the tech in the “real world” advances, so does the cyber-world to some extent.

    I was at first ticked at the end regarding a character’s outcome; but when I left I wore off after awhile, for now if there is a Tron 3, I hope they not only address the issue of a man and machine merging interface (?) and—okay TRON only gets a minute or two of screentime himself. Let’s fix that. Bring back Yuri (Cindi Morgan) too who was AWOL.

    The review brings up an EXCELLENT POINT regarding “beautiful people”. If programs take on the likeness of the respected users (as seen in the first film) why would this rule be changed? It could be said that some programs can be made to look that way, but if we are talking about the actual “users” then this is a big plothole.

    The De-Aging Bridges in the Cyberworld is fine. But like the X-Men films, the de-aging in “the real world” is really distracting. How sad. That blunder could cost them of an FX Oscar. They will get a nomination, but there’s a difference between quantity and quality. What good does it do if 95% of the FX are outstanding, but that other percent is sloppy? It goes to the next film who may not have as much FX to razzle the eyes, but the FX is 100% and does not distract. That’s the difference.

    Tron Legacy will be a huge moneytaker. The planning and prep shows. The characters still suffer a little, It will be enough to warrant a third film.

    And this time, bring Ms. Morgan back. She was missed.

  10. My 2 Cents,…

    My wife and I enjoyed the flick. She hadn’t seen the original so the world was completly new to her. Me.. I liked it. I did find that the 3D effects were totally lost to me. I wouldn’t have bought the tickets except the other show was sold out.
    So, they got me for an addition couple dollars: I think the total was $30.00 for two of us. OUCH!
    Anyway, visually it was sweet! I loved the light cycle fights, but I loved the way they “called” up the vehicles.
    I was kinda wishing to see the tanks in action.
    The deaging effect didn’t bother me. Matter of fact, I thought it was pretty cool. What else do we have to compare it with, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?”……….
    The ending was the only part I didn’t like. Tron was a bad A.., but in the end, a wasted character.
    Bridges Jedi, hum…
    The only thing left to say is: deus ex machina

  11. i ABSOLUTELY loved the movie.
    there is a story. there is even a story within the story. consider this:

    the grid is a closed server with no connection outside so NO CONNECTION
    to users which explains why the programs are perfect. the
    programs ARE NOT reflections of actual users.

    it COULD also explain why tron/rinzler was easily taken over by clu.
    tron’s identity and sense of purpose is tied to allan bradley.
    programs also actually crave communion with their users.
    this is explained in the first tron movie.

    which probably explains why clu is the program with the strongest
    sense of purpose on the grid. even tho he cannot see flynn he
    can feel flynn. just like tron can feel bradly calling him in the
    first tron movie.

    STRANGE tho that flynn appears to be unaware of the IMPORTANCE of the
    connection between user and program. as evidenced by his
    creation of grid populated by programs without users.

    also NOTE that flynn despite his good intentions has created a
    grid where programs dont have contact with users.
    NOW compare it to the MCP in the first tron movie who DENIED
    programs contact with their users.

    of course you could say that flynn’s purpose in the first movie
    was to gather the file evidence against dillinger. freeing the
    system from the MCP was just a means to and end.

    what tron regarded as a sacred quest, flynn regarded as a way to
    get a random file location.

    it is probable that flynn (in the first movie) upon
    hearing all the “reverence for users” talk would
    think “maybe its just a program thing”.
    like a tourist who respects the religion of a foreign
    land, but does not take the time to assess how deep those
    beliefs go.

    this is a probable explanation for flynn’s obsession for
    the perfect system.

    and why flynn decided to ignore the importance of this
    user/program relation

    no wonder this lack of connection is also reflected in his
    relationship with his SONS SAM and CLU.

    maybe thats the reason for his meditations in his hideout, a
    belated acknowledgement of the existence of the intangible
    connection between user and program. sounds like a
    cautionary tale of power without wisdom.

    from techno-geek to zen. quite a drastic change. i wonder
    if flynn is feeling responsible over the near extinction of
    the isomorphs.

    here’s another thought on isomorphs, since the programs of
    flynn’s grid dont have users. the programs still have the need
    or craving for user contact. so there is a collective
    grid-wide mindset for the “NEED”.

    flynn’s perfect system responded by allowing isomorphs
    to evolve which flynn describes as “naive and WISE”

    like some sort of surrogate user. exciting for flynn.
    blasphemous for clu. because for clu, IN the perfect
    system there is only user and program -no need for
    a surrogate user.

    • Great explanations dude (big lewoski mode)! Totally agree with you.

  12. Yeah, this film was quite good actually… I must say, I was expecting Clu to get out mid way… anyhow, I’m sure they can resurrect anyone… are we forgetting that the system may have been backed up on the fly! There is so much that can happen with Tron 3!

    Anyhow, this film was immersible enough to enjoy and eye candy, wish I could shag that blond too!

    So yeah… it was fun to watch… and am I the only one who noticed the ode to 2001 in this (also Inception), how old are you kids these days!

    Matrix 0 vs Grid 1!

  13. by the way regarding flynn’s non-interference attitude. well
    the last time he exercised his powers he created a
    grid without users and a genocidal maniac that nearly
    exterminated a new life form.

    flynn’s zen thingy is probably the only thing stopping him
    from going biblical on clu’s ass.

    flynn’s godlike power, ego and indifference got him into
    this mess. i’m pretty sure his thinking “not again”

    maybe its part of his penance

    it’s ironic that the IRREVERENT flynn, we so loved in
    the first tron movie,- has chosen to
    play god on his grid only to have his perfect system
    slap him in the face.

  14. maybe flynn created the isomorphs unknowingly of course.

    flynn’s near magical powers is PROOF that the system
    responds to his thoughts and makes his thoughts into
    reality (within the limits of the system of course)

    so take your pick, the isomorphs is a response of the
    system to the collective wish of the programs for users.

    or the isomorphs is a response to flynn’s wish for
    perfection. or some other wish of flynn.

    either way, the fact remains, the system responds to thought.

    could be another reason for flynn’s zen thing. mental
    discipline is needed, if for example flynn’s random
    thoughts are being manifested by the system without
    flynn intending the manifestations.

    another cautionary tale? gods and their creations
    should not co-exist in the same reality? or you
    should not dabble in powers you dont understand?

  15. oh there is a error… after Flynn’s disc got nabbed by Clu’s guys…it was later seen on his back on that mass transporter to the portal before Sam went to steal it back from Clu’s possesion.

    • The disc on his back is the one Quorra gave him before she surrenders…

  16. After further consideration, I’ve bumped up the rating by a half star.


  17. something keeps bothering me: the page that allan bradly
    received. flynn claims that clu sent it. to lure sam.

    clu would not send a message to allan bradly. that’s the
    last thing he wants. if bradly accesses the computer from
    the outside, the first thing he will do is access his tron
    program. and if bradly finds an error in his tron program he
    will fix tron. clu can’t risk that. clu can’t afford to
    have tron wake up and join flynn.

    also- if clu sent the page, then why doesn’t he have
    guards posted at the entry point.

    also- if clu is expecting a user, why doesn’t his
    patrols test for blood, for every stray program without
    a disk (a simple scratch will do)

    after all- sam is important to clu’s plan to get papa flynn’s
    disk. why RISK mistaking sam for a program, and have
    him accidentally killed in the DISC games.

    it just doesn’t compute.

    i know allan bradly would not lie, he’s practically family
    to sam.

    that leaves quorra and flynn. i don’t have proof its flynn

    and THEN there is somethig about quorra.

    the scene of flynn and sam’s reunion – when sam said flynn
    sent a page to allan. you can see flynn wondering about
    the page.

    then quorra abruptly inserts herself into the conversation,
    and changes the subject by saying “clu had him on the
    lightcycle grid, i intervened.”

    also in the scene when sam was asking for plans on
    how to get home.
    when flynn says “thats why you’re here
    clu sent you here. this is all HIS DESIGN.”
    the camera shifts to quorra and she
    stands up at the words “HIS DESIGN”. almost
    like shes about to say something.

    also, why does quorra have a handy map to the
    location of zeus/castor- SHE ALREADY KNOWS how to
    get to his club- as evidenced by her timely save of sam.

    and gem conviniently meeting sam knowing intuitively
    that he’s looking for someone. and she just happens
    to know castor. it’s too easy

    off topic- what’s with flynn calling quorra
    apprentice, what is he teaching her.

    i’m telling you guys there’s something about quorra.

    if it turns out that there is something she’s
    hiding. well gregory house would be proud.

    • Umm, you have A LOT of ideas/questions here, and I don’t have that much time/patience at this particular moment to comment on/answer them all, so I’ll choose one:

      Quorra knows knows about Castor/Zeus because, as both she AND he said, they met and knew each other long ago. As for a map to his place, that’s only natural since Sam doesn’t know his way around the grid/city, AND the club would be known to everyone living there since it is a central location and a hotspot.

      None of that SHOULD be confusing…

      • quorra does not need a map to get to castor/zeus place
        she knows how to get there without a map.

        so why have a map in the first place?

        you only have a map when you know you’re going to
        give it to someone who’s never been to the grid

        like a user for example

        so how did quorra know that a user was coming?

        also flynn said “there are no guests here”

        what’s natural about having a map in a house
        that does not expect guests?

        • As for the “guests” concern, a lot of people in the real world have maps in their homes, even for places they know well (they did not ALWAYS know them as well), and Flynn’s home, being a user’s virtual abode, would have features he’s used to from his outside life (recall the books that are even more unnecessary inside a computer system).

      • ———————-
        Sam doesn’t know his way around the grid/city, AND the club would be known to everyone living there since it is a central location and a hotspot.

        None of that SHOULD be confusing…

        now THAT is confusing.

        a map to a place that everyone knows?

        • The map was for Sam, of course, and remember that they are in a VIRTUAL or ALTERNATE reality, so maps on the ‘net (which is OUR “real-world” representation/symbol of the grid) would be easily accessible or instantaneous to create…especially in a user’s (really, THE User’s) home. Of course, Quorra doesn’t need it for herself.

          • strange that quorra would allow a total noob (sam) into a
            city whose rules he doesn’t know. AND risk sam getting
            captured again ?

            why send sam at all?

            why can’t quorra get the info herself. she knows the
            in’s and out’s and would not have made that newbie mistake
            of getting the lightcycle captured and traced to its

            there’s a hundred ways sam could mess up.

            so why send sam at all?

            • so that terrible Rik Mayall wannabe could do that dreadful gay dance in the club to equally dreadful music.

            • Quorra wants Sam to go and start to make waves, to upset the status quo…It’s something she’s hoped Kevin Flynn would do for a long time, but he has refused to involve himself anymore. Quorra knows that Sam is not only a User but the son of THE User (the Creator of everything around them), so she has high hopes for Sam to be able to accomplish something and, MAYBE, even inspire the elder Flynn to re-engage in the fight.

              Quorra is not a User, AND she has (by this point, certainly) realized AND been reminded by Flynn that she is the last of her kind and cannot (at least YET) put herself into the thick of the fight.

              Quorra’s expressions and words show how clever she can be AND how much she’s trying to push the Users to fix everything from behind the scenes…probably a bit more subtly than she’d prefer.

              • ———-
                Quorra WANTS Sam to go and start to make waves, to upset the status quo…

                flynn does not want sam to risk his life trying to
                find a way to the portal.

                does this mean that quorra has made a deliberate choice to
                defy flynn’s -her creator’s- wishes?

                does this mean that quorra made a deliberiate choice
                to allow the newbie to the grid (sam) to put himself in harms way?

                Quorra WANTS Sam to go and start to make waves, to upset the status quo…It’s something she’s hoped Kevin Flynn would do for a long time, but he has refused to involve himself anymore. Quorra knows that Sam is not only a User but the son of THE User (the Creator of everything around them), so she has high hopes for Sam to be able to accomplish something and, MAYBE, even inspire the elder Flynn to re-engage in the fight.

                are you saying that long before the arrival of sam -
                quorra has concealed her lack of faith and confidence in
                flynn’s plan of “watch and wait for the unrest in
                the grid to maybe manifest into revolution”?

                are you saying that long before the arrival of sam –
                quorra was already disappointed with the deadlock
                between clu and flynn?

                are you saying that long before the arrival of sam – quorra
                wanted flynn to change his “watch and wait” attitude? ?

                • rimwall…

                  I will answer in the best possible way: YES. Quorra does not have Flynn’s patience, although she CLEARLY cares for and respects him. She WANTS to push change and sees Sam as the person to do it.


                  • now please consider WHO benefits from sams arrival:

                    quorra benefits because of sams potential to break
                    the deadlock between clu and flynn

                    clu benefits because as flynn CLAIMS
                    “clu sent that page. he wanted a new piece on the
                    board to change the game”

                    now please consider who benefits from sam going to the grid alone:

                    quorra benefits because you claim quorra wants sam to go make waves, upset status quo and inspire flynn to re-engage in the fight

                    clu benefits because as flynn CLAIMS
                    “with you he (clu) got more than he ever dreamed. this
                    is precisely what he wants- us together heading for the portal”

                    now if TWO people benefit from sams arrival
                    then flynn’s claims that it was ONLY clu who sent the page comes into question.

                    we have to ask -who sent the page?

                    we only have flynn’s word that it was clu.

                    unfortunately for flynn, it appears that clu’s
                    actions in the movie does not support flynn’s claims

                    • Ummm, WHAT does this have to do with what I just said…or were you talking to someone else?

                    • ——-
                      Ummm, WHAT does this have to do with what I just said…or were you talking to someone else?

                      the assumptions you made on quorras feelings- has made
                      her a likely candidate as a pager sender.

                      wasn’t all this -about a discussion of the identity
                      of the pager sender

                      i was following the indented replies and they all
                      originate from my post on the identity of the
                      pager sender

                      were you intending to start a new
                      thread not related to the pager identity?

                    • rimwall…

                      This is a reply to the response you gave me about the pager sender’s identity (there was no REPLY button down there):

                      I see what you were referring to now, and I agree that Quorra as the sender is a VERY good possibility. Thanks for the clarification…

                    • ——-
                      This is a reply to the response you gave me about the pager sender’s identity (there was no REPLY button down there):

                      I see what you were referring to now, and I agree that Quorra as the sender is a VERY good possibility. Thanks for the clarification…

                      thanks for your input and perspectives Archaeon

                    • this is just a general observation on the identity of the pager sender

                      whoever sent the pager message has a sure-fire way
                      to determine WHEN someone enters the grid:

                      just look up at the sky- the bright light in the
                      sky indicates the portal is open.

                    • great observations guys. i would only like to point to a seemginly innocuous scene in flynn’s home where Quorra looking at the board game states that her approach is much more aggressive in nature than kevin’s patience (would make sense then that she grew tired of the stalemate, and thus wanted to help flynn). She may have eanted to have flynn meet his son and actually was ready to give her life up for their return to the real world. a calculated risk, sure, but a selfless act none the less. Given this may reveal her true intentions (in order to further lend credence and thus support your hypothesis of Quorra as the true sender of the page)

                • The assumption that Quorra is Flynn’s creation is flawed. Remember Flynn said that the isomorphs were a spontaneous product of the rich environment that the three of them Flynn, Tron, and Clu created. She evolved out of the richness of the system. All the isomorphs did. Therefore she has quite a bit of independence despite how she acts in relation to what she says in the movie. The programs were created by other users. They were created by the employees of Incomm in the first movie. They weren’t just erased at any point they were allowed to continue…

                    • i agree about quorra’s sense of independence

                      as a matter of fact, among the many things that separates
                      users from programs is that sense of “autonomousness”,

                      we have to ask tho- why would the SYSTEM CHOOSE to create
                      the isomorphs?

                      if the system can create isos that are autonomous -
                      THEN does the system itself have SOME LEVEL of

                      if the system can create thinking isomorphs-
                      then does the system have (on some level) the capability to
                      think for itself?

                      also – remember flynn reprogramming the guard.

                      if flynn can do that – can the system CHOOSE TO
                      re-program programs as well?

                      if we think the isos are COOL – then what about
                      the SYSTEM that spawned them?

                      if programs (to some extent) and isos can display
                      a sense of self-preservation then:
                      does the system have this characteristic as well?

                      if the system has a sense of self-preservation-
                      would it allow flynn to just…die?

                      with flynn alive the system has purpose…
                      would the SYSTEM allow flynn to die?

  18. Sam is going to have to teach Quorra how to poop. Just a thought.

  19. Was pretty good but it needed more F-ing Tron

    The movie is called Tron and 2 minutes of Tron?


    • Lord Garth…

      Actually, Tron was in it much more than two minutes, since he was _______ (don’t want to spoil it just in case someone who wanted to hasn’t seen it yet, for whatever odd reason). Also, the film is “Tron” because the original was, as well. If you recall, THAT film was mostly about Flynn, but they didn’t call it “Flynn” or “User” or something of that sort. Tron and the idea behind his existence play very important parts in both films, so the name IS quite appropriate.

      To play with your own closer:


  20. when “flynn said our worlds are more connected than
    anyone realizes”

    it got me thinking- on some aspects of that connection.

    we alredy know that the system responds to
    thought. which of course implies that (on some level)
    the system can read thoughts.

    but the PROCESS is not perfect – which could
    imply that the system is a healthy CHAOTIC system

    the system can create building and recognizers
    and light cycles with a resonable amount of

    BUT when it comes to the programs, the system
    does the best it can.

    it’s been set as fact, that in the first tron movie
    programs take on the mental characteristics of their
    like: loyalty , sense of purpose, honor, integrity,

    remember gibbs in the first tron movie. he said “our spirit
    remains in every program we designed for this computer”

    well NOT THE WHOLE spirit, remember the process is
    not perfect.

    take the case of the MCP in the first tron. dillinger
    wrote the program. the system then reacts to dillingers

    the system copies from dillingers mind – the character
    traits that the system DEEMS will be needed BY the
    dillinger/MCP program- in order for the program to function

    which is why the MCP is power hungry. to function
    in our world dillinger needed to be crafty and power-hungy.

    a TEXTBOOK case of garbage in garbage out.

    now think of allan bradly who wrote the security program
    tron. allan has intense loyalty to his friends, a strong
    sense of right and wrong, and a strong sense of purpose.

    the system COPIES FROM allan SOME of the mental attributes
    his doppelganger/program needs to function as a
    security program.

    the system also appeared to have ADDED an athletic
    body and enhanced reflexes to the TRON body

    like i said the process is not perfect. the system
    INTERPRETS what the user wants.

    the parts that the user does not specify, the
    system FILLS IN. to meet the requirements of the program.

    easy- if programming a light cycle- NOT FOR PROGRAMS because
    the system usally utilizes interpretations of what THE SYSTEM
    THINKS the user wants.

    in short the user HAS NO control on what mental attributes
    the SYSTEM will copy.

    now look at clu. that strong sense of purpose is from

    remember clu’s coup -because clu thought he was right-
    kevin flynn did EXACTLY the same thing to dillinger.
    kevin fought for what is right and took control
    of ENCOM

    clu would NOT EVEN have that coup d’etat MENTALITY
    if it did not exist in flynn.

    and of course who can forget the flynn clu dialog
    at the end of the movie – with flynn saying
    “the thing about perfection is that it’s unknowable

    another cautionary tale? we have little control
    on the characteristics our children copy from us.
    even tho we like to delude ourserlves that we do
    have control.

    it also seems like flynn’s zen thingy is more than
    user/program connection. it seems to be ALSO
    ABOUT USER/SYSTEM connection. the sytem being
    everything program, buildings, mountains, rocks
    seas, the air, clouds, EVERYTHING.

    it ties in with flynn’s “remove yourself from the equation”
    ephiphany. i think flynn belatedly realized that
    (in some level) he should not be designing the grid
    FROM INSIDE the grid

    BUT THERE IS ALSO SOMETHING ELSE, there’s some sort
    of elusive balance on how to deal with the
    reality of the system.

    the view of the system from inside is a unique

    consider this scenario: if flynn was on his keyboard
    in the our world – when the isomorphs showed up, he’d
    probably think “hmm. some sort of random code maybe
    a glitch, i’ll erase it”

    so how to deal with these two unique viewpoints- one from
    outside the grid and one from inside, you cant
    just choose one – life is about balance –

    speaking of life
    did you ever wonder how much of the system is flynn’s
    creation and how much was FILLED in by the system.
    the isomorphs are obvious of course. BUT IS THAT IT?
    once flynn sets the stage– then the system is on its
    own it lives and breathes on its own.

    also note – lightning? clouds? outside the city
    it looks PRIMORDIAL doesn’t it? like new
    life is about to appear. leaves you wondering right?

    is that flynn’s doing? is it the system? is it
    both with flynn just getting the ball rolling.

    i seem to have read an article somewhere saying that
    lightning is somehow connected to evolution.

    here i was thinking the lightning is eye candy or a stage prop.
    only to find out days later that whoever wrote this
    did a good and subtle job.

    too bad flynn’s unique knowledge died with him.
    unless it’s in his disk- remember
    the games “everything you do or learn will be imprinted
    on this disk”

    side note – makes you wonder about the disk doesn’t it? it’s
    underrated? the disk appears in both the first movie
    and now in flynn’s private server. you’d think it’s
    just for the games. but tron also used it in the
    first movie to contact allan bradly. that disk is also
    a connection to our world, and it can contain code.

    so kudos to the writers. its deeper than i thought.
    made me uderstand the first tron better too.

    that you guys can make a movie that appeals to the
    gamer generation – and tie it up to the first
    tron movie (in a subtle way of course) plus
    the visual easter egss – good job, a worthy sequel.

  21. i like the idea of the SYSTEM responding to thought. user
    thoughts AND mass mind / collective consciousness of programs.

    i like this mass mind thing as a reflection of what is happening
    in our world -

    im pretty sure quorra would be impressed with the mass mind’s
    TANGIBLE manifestation in our internet.

    i have to give google credit. the search engine is so Ubiquitous
    we forget that their “PAGE RANKING” method CAN BE viewed as
    the IDEAS that a mass mind is thinking.

    and the concept of google trends. wow.

    i think movies should explore this COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS.
    then again maybe the BORG gave the idea a bad reputation.
    maybe wishful thinking for me to want a new twist to the idea.

    i know we’re individuals, but the net allows us to be a
    mass mind in an instant.

    you feel a LITTLE sense of it when visiting forums, various POINTS OF
    VIEW each with a “PIECE” of their own “UNIQUE” TRUTH

    then at the end (hopefully) a common truth emerges that
    “FEELS” right for everyone.

    sometimes it makes you wish there was a program that can mesh
    all the pertinent and different truths – and present it as
    a whole that everyone can accept.


    there’s something unpredictable, and CHAOTIC the way
    collective Consciousness operates.

    side note
    i also like the idea that this mass mind we have- is a good
    indicator of the kind of civilization and culture we have.

    look at the grids culture : gladiatorial games, a ceasar-like clu.

    despite the grid being wrapped in a techy world. their culture
    looks infantile compared to ours.

    no surprise its infantile – flynn is the only one who has
    unique perspective on actual civilizations

      • apologies to tron readers of course. my post is off topic

        …The more germane questions are can man’s brain be expanded and enhanced with an external memory?

        its definitely intriguing.

        your post reminded me of arthur clarke’s last odyssey novel
        “3001 final odyssey” which mentions a human computer
        interface called “brain cap” actually it was integral to
        the story.

        you have probably read it. if not, then kindly allow me
        to recommend it for some escapist fun.

        youtube is definitely useful.

        i hope youtube realizes that they are becoming a sort of
        VIDEO WIKI -now that tutorials and user made documentaries
        are available there.

        a video site and a wiki site are of course two different things.
        and with the hundreds of tutorials on youtube-

        im wishing youtube can do a better job categorizing
        tutorials of a specific topic.

        wading thru tens of different videos on a particular subject,
        makes me wish for something better.

        im thankful for the videos and efforts of the makers of course,
        just wishing for a better way to sift thru all the data.

      • We are the Borg…resistance is futile.

  22. BOLLOCKS! – (to this review)

  23. FLYNN’s young face was a bit of a disappointment- so expressionless and dead looking- with all the money they had- i expected more.

    • But that’s the point. A computer program has no real emotions. A program is cold, and only objective which is exactly how Clu acted. His “emotional” speech towards the end was like a script he had from his creator Kevin Flynn; he was imitating Kevin Flynn’s emotions of obsessive passion for the digital world. These programs are a lot like robots, and they are only a reflection of their creator. But I think the face being cold and fairly emotionless only helped the character development for Clu.

      And on another note, NOBODY has perfected this. No VFX team has made the perfect digital face. I’m glad that this movie had the balls to try it.

      But that’s just my little two cents…doesn’t mean I’m right, just the way I view it.

      Btw, I was very impressed with this movie. So many subtle allusions and symbolism. Definitely not a waste of time or money.

  24. Everyone has valid points…
    but ultimately, its a movie…its entertainment.

    I think everyone is digging too deep into a fantasy world trying to gain something more out of what was meant to be to hold your attention for a few hours.

    get with the real world, people.

    I thought it was a good movie and its was fun to watch. that is all.

  25. Of course the prevailing mindset would have you believe that it’s just a bunch of disposable ideas. Like everything else in this society, made to be used once with simple cavalier thought then thrown on a trash heap with the rest. I believe art whether in movies, plays, paintings, music, or any other medium has the potential power to not just entertain us but move us to action, to think, to engage in public discourse. It has the power to change the world, as much as any other field of endeavor. Some just hate to recognize that. They fear it because its power can be unpredictable, perhaps uncontrollable. We don’t want our ideas to get ahead of our power to control them. We might get a “Forbidden Planet” scenario, give the mildest mannered person’s Id the power to crush everything without a moments moral reflection. Then again, isn’t that enough justification to be colonizing other planets??