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Tron Legacy clip sirens undress Sam TRON: Legacy Spoilers Discussion

While we do have a TRON: Legacy review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss TRON: Legacy spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. icon smile TRON: Legacy Spoilers Discussion

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  1. I have a strong feeling that neither TRON or (KEVIN)FLYNN are dead.
    they set u up for a sequel lol.

    especially with Dillanger’s son being a character in the film. that was an interesting surprise and a neat little nod to the first film.

    and speaking of nods to the first film, i loved when Sam said quotes his father said in the first film like “now that is a big door” and “this is it…come on!”

    • I agree that Tron is alive, but I suspect Flynn and Clu are dead just because I can’t really see Bridges coming back to Tron. He said he wanted to do it because of the special effects, but it feels like his story is done.

      I am sure they set it up for a sequel though, and I can see Sam and Dillinger facing off in the virtual world.

  2. just got back from a second viewing and just realised that throughout the time Flynn loses his Identity Disc,there’s still a circular light on his back.
    i dont recall anyone having light on the disc holder behind every program’s back.

    • He didn’t for awhile, but then Quorra gave him hers and he wore that.

      • Befor Quorra gave him her disc he still had a disc on his back…even after his disc was taken.

        • OMG this whole disk thing is so damn confusing!!! it’s like playing an evil game of find the coin inside one of the three cups :P

  3. Is Tron even in the Tron world in this film?

    • Lord Garth,

      Yes, Tron is indeed in the cyberworld in the film. He’s a central, if unknown character for most of it.


  4. I am with Lord Garth on this one. Tron Legacy got 3 stars from me. It was good but it could have been great, perhaps is TRON actually was in it? It seemed like he was an after thought which left a bad taste in my mouth. I hope that anon is right and perhaps their not dead and there is a sequel in the making?

    • Tron was Winser (the ass kicking yellow dude that never talked or took off his helmet)….he even had the same block “T” pattern on his suit and towards the end he gave it away. The whole part of being titled “Legacy” was because of the world he left behind when he was reprogrammed into Winser, and if you pay attention his colors change from yellow back to its original whit/blue thus adding the possibilities there will be a 3rd movie which i personally hope there is.

      • His name was Rinzler!! not Wisner. But yeah, that was Tron. He even said “I fight for the users” near the end when he attacked CLU.

  5. My big question was what was the deal with the ISOs? I know they said they could change the world and all, and sure, I’ll buy that. But how? Seemed underplayed that a new life form had been created.

    • The ISO’S where just simply brought into being like Flynn said, no one had created them so they aren’t programs and are closer to being human then the programs ever could be (note the quadruple helix of Quorras DNA when they repaired her arm) and as far as the “miracle” about them is that they are pretty much impervious to disease or sickness they can even grow their own limbs back because they are a cross breed between human and computer….you can maybe even consider them as being an organic computer of sorts

      • The way i see it is if the iso’s DNA is similar to humans, and can be fixed and treated in the digital domain of TRON then surely a similar thing can be done with humans in that same domain. you can pull open the disc find the damaged dna and fix it. hey presto your impervious to sickness, cancer, aids and all sorts and if sam has a copy of the tron universe (i use the word tron lightly as he was the character not the virtual world) he can re-build it and look into this potential. im wondering though if anybody saw a secret ending after the credits or if there is one at all as i really needed the loo at the end and couldn’t stick around for the credits at the end :)

        • No secret ending :P sorry i stuck around for it. there was the disney icon at the end i thought that was a secret ending for a second until i realized what it was

  6. I wish they would have gone into more detail about the “miracle” Flynn discovered and what Quorra would bring to the real world. It seemed like a cool concept, just vague and possibly underdeveloped.

    • Iridium and Jerran,

      Yes, the “Isos” were one of the very weak points in the film. Seemed like little more than a plot device. HOW could they change the world? The fact that they are so “perfect” and arose spontaneously didn’t make much sense. How is Quorra’s being an Iso going to change anything in the real world?


      • It’s disappointing because the premise of the “Isos” was intriguing. I think there was a lot of potential there if they had decided to make it more of a focus in the movie and really dig into how that idea would play out. But with so many different storylines that didn’t seem to weave together, it got lost in the mix.

      • The ISO’S where just simply brought into being like Flynn said, no one had created them so they aren’t programs and are closer to being human then the programs ever could be (note the quadruple helix of Quorras DNA when they repaired her arm) and as far as the “miracle” about them is that they are pretty much impervious to disease or sickness they can even grow their own limbs back (you can literally pluck the bad strans or “corrupted code” out of them)because they are a cross breed between human and computer….you can maybe even consider them as being an organic computer of sorts

  7. Will it be confusing to watch if I havent the seen the first one?

    • no not really

  8. The review by The Chicago Reader is a laugher…they say that “Bruce Boxleitner reprises his role as the villain, and a digitally doctored Michael Sheen turns up as the second-string baddie, a fruity albino who tosses off giggly one-liners.”

    Um, exCUUUSE me?

    When was Boxleitner’s TRON character established as the villain in either movie?

    • Also, the “fruity albino” comment…isn’t that a wee bit prejudicial?

    • Oh wait…Boxleitner IS the villain, if you ask Dillinger…

    • He IS a villain through most of it, because he’s working with Clu. He just happens to redeem himself at the end, which makes him a good guy in the end. Just one of the many resemblances to Star Wars.

  9. @Vic

    I think the whole Iso’s is a a setup for a 3rd film. The way they did it they explained why Quorra was different from the rest even though she wasn’t a user/creator without getting too heavily bogged down in that mythology so that the end of the film would look more like a cliff hanger then an ending should a thrid film not come to fruition. Thats of course just a guess.

    I caught the early iMax show in Dallas today and it was breath taking. The first few scenes in the Comuter world, the ones just before he ius taken to his real dad are the highlight of the film (as detailed in Vics review).

  10. BTW – Did nayone pick up on the (possibly unintentional) contrast of the 2 worlds and the use of 3d?

    When in the real world there was no 3D implying a flat 2D experience. Yet when entering the flat computer world we are treated to a 3D experience. This resulting in a complete reversal of how the 2 worlds were projected in the film compared to how they really are.

    • i thought that part is a mention to like Wizard of OZ thing

  11. FYI – Seeing Gema in the oh so tight Tronfits of the computer world are a definate bonus treat during the film. Shes esepcially lovely eye candy in the club scenes.

  12. It was alright, but could have been better. The plot needed more focus on several things. Maybe watching the original (which I haven’t seen for some time) could clear up some things, but I felt at times I was missing something with the plot. I had some inkling of what as going on with the Isos, still felt a bit confused by how exactly taking her to the real world was going to change everything. A form of intelligent life generating on its own without being created by a User does seem like quite a big find.

    What was the central theme exactly to this?

    The early scenes are indeed the best part of film I’d say and I did enjoy the Games quite a bit.

    They were also pretty obvious with a lot of things. Quite a few Chekov’s Guns like Reintergration and the sunrise that I knew would come up in the end as soon as they were mentioned.

    I was unclear on a few things like what exactly happened on the end on the Grid. Flynn could potentially be alive I suppose, though he could just as easily been destroyed.

    Tron was confusing for me though since both my sister and I were positive he was going to make a reappearence. I took the blue lighting coming back on to be a sign he had survived, but maybe not. Did Sam copy the whole Grid onto that chip in the end? Perhaps he plans to rebuild?

  13. i didn’t like the way they included tron, i mean there was no explanation as to why he’s still alive (and corrupt).
    can anyone even come close to explaining that to me ?

    • Kevin Flynn explained toward the end that Clu couldn’t create programs, just re-purpose them. That’s what he did with Tron when the revolt happened and Flynn escaped.

      • ohh thanks :) but they could have explained it more fluently or even included tron in the movie for longer.

      • Yeah it was pretty well explained. When the ambush happened is when repurposed.

  14. btw i thought the cameo of daft punk was great, LOVE YOU GUYS !!!

    • Me too! I love how they just calmy kept changing the music to fit the mood. That whole scene was awesome

  15. cillian murphy in tron legacy…how big was his cameo and who did he play…anyone else thinks hes gonna be the next villian

    • Spider,

      Murphy was in the movie for mabye 3 minutes, tops.


      • Was he Dillinger (the son)? Yes, I believe he was. I say he’ll be the villain in the next movie

        • I think he was the one who paged Allen not Clu. Two reasons.

          1.He makes a comment it’s all part of the plan.
          2.After he gets up from the board meeting and they show a full view from a distance of everyone if you look quickly to the right he makes a phone call. I think that was the page.

          • 1. In order to make the release of Encom’s new OS12 not look like a mistake, he suggests they make a public statement saying that it was all part of the plan.

            2. Yes it looks like he makes a phone call as he is leaving. However, Allen tells Sam that he received a page from the arcade “last night”. When Sam leaves the jail, it looks like it’s the same night he released OS12.

  16. Honestly i loved this movie! It didn’t have the best plot in the world but when you watch the first one, that didn’t either. Both films are used to show off the graphical advances in the film industry for their time. What we go to see in these films is the Tron Universe, the effects and games, an actual story is kind of an after thought. While it is insulting to major story movies like Black Swan or The Social Network, that is not the point of this film. We all went to be amazed at how Tron was going to look in 3D and how it went along with Daft Punks score since this is what they have been working on for some time. While yes, we are dissapointed that Tron was hidden for most of the film, that was the point. He was to be used as more of a cameo and nod to the original while focusing on Kevin Flynn and his story from 28 years ago. Just like the few other nods like a model of the small data introduction program that Flynn first meets in Tron. These are to provide nostalgia and memory, and while it is called Tron, it has always been more about Flynn anyways, but they can’t really change the name to “Flynn Legacy”. I know movies these days aren’t supposed to be just about the special effects but honestly Avatar was pretty much the same way. The story of Pochihontas and Fern Gully with a major hollywood budget. If we accept it for what it is, I think that the movie is quite spectacular and will live on just as the original did.

  17. ok positives first.. overall i was blown away by the audio and cinematography.. it was BEAUTIFUL and i love daft punk… but as with so many, for some reason the writing suffers?? why does this have to happen?

    /rant begin**
    raaah! i was sooooo annoyed (angered even?) that Tron was basically not in this film (presuming they wanted to go with the bigger name of Jeff as the main actor rather than Bruce). But GUYS, Tron is Tron..

    I HATED that they made Tron a baddy ( and clu for that matter but i could get over that ::) they gave Tron about 5 seconds of explanation for his turn to the dark side after showing him saving Flynns life.. UGH cmon guys.. WEAK writing. The best writing was in the first 20 mins and i was really excited for a brilliant plot with them entering the grid to take back or free up the encom system. instead its a random grid in a basement which means nothing but essentially teaches sam a “lesson”. and then tron gets dropped into the ocean.. i was hoping theyd show him climbing out of the ocean at the end..

    there was some really weird editing going on too which left scenes feeliing disjointed – i point you to the very final scene – where sam sees his father die and is crying in the protal. then bam, he poops into the real world and hes not even upset anymore.. what?

    i also wished they had utilised the fact they were in a computer more as they did wit hthe old film – this is what made it unique, brilliant and brain tingling to watch. creating situations and characters out of different parts of a computer.. awesome writing inspiration. but this might as well have been any old fantasy space. computer or not. shame, do they think youth of today are THAT much more unable to take computer jargon than that of the 80s? considering how much tech we have now and our tech savvy kids – i think they missed a big oppurtunity here…
    /rant end**

    i still want to see it again, and that says something

    • I agree from a cinematography point of view it was amazingly unbelievable, I was hooked from the opening sequence

  18. Got back from an IMAX 3D showing a bit ago. Movie was much better then expected. The 3D was a dramatic and shocking letdown though. It was barely noticeable throughout the vast majority of the movie, save a couple scenes. Not sure why everyone’s saying the 3D is great. It isn’t. It’s far FAR too subtle for the vast majority of the movie.

    Tron: Legacy is, however, a better movie then I see most people saying in reviews. I think it’s worth a look.

  19. Loved it. I saw it today in a regular 3D theater (instead of Imax). Am I missing much not seeing it in Imax?

  20. I dunno… I think ppl are expecting Tron to be as good as Avatar, but if Tron would have come out BEFORE Avatar, i think ppl wouldnt be so harsh on it.

    The storyline was indeed a bit vague… but only because of the iSOs.
    And some characters just seemed to be thrown in from the first movie (ex: Castor and Kevin’s wife, even Quorra was in the old film.)

    Nonetheless, I loved it.
    I watched it in iMAX.
    The 3D WAS amazing.
    The action was breathtaking combined with the effects.
    And I do plan on watching it at least twice more with family/friends.

    Dont let these critiques stop you from watching a great film.
    Any TRUE original TRON fan would watch this and love it.

  21. Just back fom the cinema. Tron left me cold and emotionless…much like the film itself.
    I was really psyched to see this..I thought it would be a fantastic flick, but it was a major let down.
    The plot and continuity were both weak, the 3D was tame (I took the glasses off several times and only noticed the shimmer, but putting them on again I realised that the effect barely registered).
    Cinematography was good, and some “Dude” lines from Flynn were a highlight.
    Totally underwhelmed though.
    On a big screen, 3D, at home with a fat one I’m quite sure it’s good entertainment.
    The blonde stood out though….she was unbelievably hot…so much so I barely got exited about Olivia.

    • Oh yeah…Daft Punk…Awesome!! A definite highlight!

  22. 15 minutes of awesome; 1 hour 45 min of talking.

    • Patrick N,

      Dang, that’s a very concise statement that hits it on the head.


    • Patrick N –

      “15 minutes of awesome; 1 hour 45 min of talking.”

      I hear ya, i mean it’s the same reason i hate reading… not nearly enough pictures in books…

      now if it was reversed with 1 hour and 45 min of awesome and 15 min of talking my complaint would be, “no plot”…

      • @ mrrhadini,

        Reading requires you to use your imagination, so your mind can creatively turn descriptive words into images. Intellectuals such as myself and many-many other people who visit this site read novels. Without training your mind to become more creative, the world around you becomes hollow like the internet itself.

        • @Marcus

          My post was dripping with sarcasm.

          • *rereading post*
            D’oh! Lol… Sorry man. Like I said in a previous post, the internet is an emotionless place.

          • After rereading your statement, I agree with your assessment. “Tron: Legacy” has something in which many newer movies don’t. Its called a plot-line. I agree.

        • well quorra read books and she was pretty intellectual heck she thought that the portal thingy was a sunset

  23. I actually liked this movie. I felt I was missing some stuff because I haven’t seen the first one, but I KNOW there’s going to be a sequel because they left too much stuff open. As for people saying Tron wasn’t in the movie, are you stupid? I figured out Tron was in the movie within 20 minutes of Sam being on the grid. That was possibly the most predictable part. As for him not talking, is the original actor even alive? I liked the idea of silent ninja-Tron; he was badass. No lie, I now have a crush on Tron . . . sigh.

    • Bruce Boxleitner plays both Alan Bradley and Tron, so yes the actor is still alive.

      • cool, then maybe he’ll talk more . . . although now that I think about it, a silent Tron would be a better way to hind the fact that there’s a stunt double behind the mask. The original Tron IS an old man now.

    • Yes, Bruce Boxleitner who played Alan Bradley and Tron in the original film is still alive and in fact, played the same character (Alan Bradley) in this movie. Yes…. he was the old man with the white hair who basically became Sam’s foster dad and his real dad (Kevin Flynn) disappeared. The same as Jeff Bridges, as he played Kevin Flynn in the original movie too.

    • But there is one huge problem. At least for me, anyway.

      Flashbacks: Tron in an updated suit. Has the young (CGd) face of his user Brad. Clu and Kevin Flynn have the same face. So then:

      1) If a day in the Grid is a minute in ‘the real world’, shouldn’t Kevin be at least ten years younger than he appears in “present time”


      Why is Tron’s face hidden?

      • i disagree… several times the programs called there time as cycles. and a cycle there is about 8 hours. so 3 cycles is about a day. so i believe that a cycle is there day. so [3 day (GRID) = 1 day (Real World)
        just my thought on that.

  24. Looking at the bright side:

    TRON Legacy is still better than:
    1) Clash Of The Titans (awesome trailer, terrible outcome)
    2) Avatar: The Last Airbender (has been terrible since the day the first trailer arrived)
    3) Repo Men (since it is a sci-fi too)
    4) Fill in the blank….i’m sure there are more

    • I loved “Clash Of The Titans”.

      • oh well, I enjoyed it too, but for me, the end product is still inferior than I hope for =(

        • One thing we may agree upon – Io was beautiful. :)

          • Now it makes me itching to see Wraith of the Titans in 2012

    • I think both movies, Clash and Tron suffered from a very disappointing ending…if they made the ending big then i think this would have been a good movie…look at the 1st Ironman, lots of talking but a good satisfying ending….

  25. oh, anyone else catch the “Dumont” logo on Sam’s garage? SOOO cool!

    • Totally did! I pointed it out to my girlfriend…she rolled her eyes.

  26. micheal sheen totally came off acting as david bowie
    especially as the goblin king

    • he said in an interview somewhere that he purposely took his antics from David Bowie. He pulled it off pretty well, silly but still menacing

      • Yeah it was good (a little out of place) but it was good, I’m just saying Total Goblin King all the way

    • Sheen’s character was so over the top it brought me out of the film. And I was still wearing the glasses.

      • Who’s that Michael Sheen guy? Do you mean that Castor/Zuse campy thingy was not Tilda Swinton in drags??!!! Oh man, that’s gross.

  27. The movie was great. good follow up.

    i have only one question: where did they get the food? the drinks i can understand, they were in the first movie. but it looked like theyt were eating vegetables and steak. Where did that come from?

    • Cafe World from Zynga Games on Facebook?

    • I wondered the exact thing the moment I saw it.

    • Haha…I’m not so sure either…
      but we see a lot of blue water in the movie.
      Could be scoop up from the Sea of Simulation!!


  29. Maybe I expect more from a movie that boasts 3-D technology because after the initial awesomeness of the grid wore off the 3-D felt very under-whelming.

    If not for the Long Islands before the movie, I might have felt like the movie was a total waste of my time instead of just disappointing.