‘TRON: Legacy’ Spoilers Discussion

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Tron Legacy clip sirens undress Sam TRON: Legacy Spoilers Discussion

While we do have a TRON: Legacy review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss TRON: Legacy spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. icon smile TRON: Legacy Spoilers Discussion

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Discuss away!

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  1. i personally think it has something to do with the writers terrible writing capability of explaing certain things. but yes you’re right CLU should have exterminated those guys as well. but maybe it’s like an underground thing. maybe these programs are a lot harder to find than intendedly thought so CLU can’t exterminate all of them. like a computer defrag. these are just my ideas. but make due with your thoughts as well. we’re just at the mercy of compensating for the poorly written work and plot holes.

  2. Some comments:
    I was completely relieved that the 3D wasn’t blown way out of proportion like most of the 3D movies that are out. Ok, I don’t mind being wowed, but I don’t really like it when my eyes start hurting halfway through the movie and I can’t enjoy the plot because the 3D is so distracting.

    Food in the grid? Of course there is. If you see the original you will notice they scanned an orange into the system. So they probably scanned lots of other foods into the system, and taught it how to emulate foods. So when Flynn wants dinner, the system creates it for him.

    At the end, Flynn’s son can get out regardless because he’s actually human. For a program to get out they need a humans’ disk. In reality they could have used Flynn’s or his son’s disk.

    The disks: They are only required (originally) for programs that got impressed into the gaming grid. Normal programs wouldn’t have a disk.

    The bum: Well the siren was in the city…was she programmed to walk around the city doing whatever she wanted? Were all the programs at the end of the line club programmed to hang out and have drinks? So a program was chilling out in the alley…it’s the same thing. Programs are essentially people in the computer world that are programmed to do something, but still have their “off time” to do whatever. So have an open mind. LOL

    • how did the girl get out?

    • How did the girl at the end get out of the grid

  3. Sorry about coming to the party late but I waited until the IMAX crowds died down a bit before seeing it.

    So my 2 cents about the film was………it was ok but it had SO much more potential to be better. And for all the 3D effects I have to say I thought the action scenes in the original were more entertaining. Not that I hated the TL action but there was something that got lost in all the updated looks.

    There was also way too much scene dumping to get from the beginning of the digital world to the game grid. It was like, bam, bam, bam, you are there. They should have taken more time to get there and sped up the middle a bit.

    The things that disappointed me most though were the lack of “Dad” in action and keeping Tron as more a tertiary character even though it’s his name on the movie.

    I mean seriously, Kevin Flynn did some incredible things in the original and in this one all he can manage is a bit of deft re-programming and a field of energy to suck Clu in? Come ON. When he left the confines of his citadel I expected him to be doing much more butt kicking. He is the architect of the digital world and has become a “zen master” so to speak so I was thinking about things like being able to touch a program and it would switch sides and fight for him or use his will similar to how Neo in the Matrix had control of his digital reality. Would have made more sense (and been way less boring)

    Tron…….What I was really hoping for is something along the lines of “Dad” confronting Tron and Tron not being able to hurt him so he drags him to Clu but during the journey Flynn is able to touch him and purge him
    him of Clu’s influence. From then on he protects Flynn and helps him and his son escape and ultimately is the one to confront and defeat Clu. So many possibilities.

    As to whether Tron is alive….the answer is definitely yes (unless the Flynn explosion wiped him out) We know from the first movie however that once a program is too damaged they “derez” but Tron did not do that, he just changed colors.

    And between the Tron turning and Dillinger’s son being part of the board we have the elements in place for the next sequel, granted it is a financial success of course. It is sitting at 130 mil right now and will probably peter out nationally at 150-160 mil. But international market will at least double their earnings so my bet is it will be a financial success in the end and a sequel will be made.

  4. is Quorra Sam’s sister???????? is that her big seceret??????

  5. Some thoughts…

    - Dillinger Jr. working at Encom? No one in the real world finds that disturbing considering his dad’s actions? Does Sam not care enough that he allows this creep to sit on the board… or even rise in the company to get any where close to the board? Surely Sam is aware of the Dillinger’s.

    - Papa Flynn’s powers at the end… where was all this Jedi Obe Wan Kenobi/Yoda juice earlier?

    - When Sam is on top of the Encom tower after his prank and he is standing on the edge of that outrigger… do you really think that fat, middle-aged rent-a-cop is really gonna get up there? Pffft!

    - Anyone else get that Batman Dark Knight sense when Sam is cruising around town on his bike, sliding into his bachelor pad/ lair? Maybe it a bit to do with the score at that moment that reminded me of a Hans Zimmer track.

    Overall an entertaining flick. 3.8/5

  6. Having never seen the original Tron, I went into this one a blank slate. I remembered seeing the teaser trailer back in 08 and then the subsequent trailers leading up to the release. I’ll admit, I thought they were cool. Not ground breaking. Not revolutionary, but simply cool to look at.

    As far as the actors go, I couldnt have picked a better cast. Big fan of Garrett Hedlund and Jeff Bridges.

    As far as the story, I was pretty well sucked in from the beginning. Im a huge gamer and this really appealed to me, which surprised me a little. I was sitting there thinking, I wanna go home and play this!!! I got the game shortly thereafter and love it. I thought the story was well balanced with the action. There could have been some more tension between father and son but it worked out well in the end.

    As far as Tron being used in a minimal capacity, i could see where there would be gripes but Tron embodies the world, not just the security program its named after.

    over all i give it 5/5. i read theres a series comin next year and a new trilogy as well. im excited.

  7. I enjoyed the movie especially the underlying spiritual subtext. I wrote a blog post on it here:


  8. The movie was awesome and maybe the lack of the “jedi” force like powers werent in the original due to tech limitations of the era it was made.

    Just sayin….