New ‘TRON 3′ Viral Teaser; When Will The Movie Be Made?

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Tron Legacy Vehicles Featurette1 New TRON 3 Viral Teaser; When Will The Movie Be Made?

The second in a trio of TRON 3 teasers that will be included on next month’s Blu-ray release of TRON: Legacy has emerged online, offering fans another tantalizing but simple hint about the potential sequel. It’s a similar idea as that teased in the Legacy epilogue clip “The Next Day”,¬†which will also be included on the upcoming Blu-ray (but is sadly not currently online for viewing).

Don’t get too excited for another round of disc duels and lightcycle races just yet, though – a source close to Disney says that while the threequel could be made in the future, it’s not being actively developed right now.

Rumors about TRON 3 started popping up close to a year ago, when word leaked out that Legacy writers and executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis had reportedly been hired to pen a third TRON movie. Just this past January there was also insider talk that Disney was close to greenlighting TRON 3, based off both the theatrical returns of Legacy and profits from marketing tie-ins.

“Caffeinated” Clint over at Moviehole says that he has it on the authority of “a very reliable source” that another TRON flick could happen “one day,” but that Legacy wasn’t enough of a hit ($397 million worldwide gross on a $170 million production budget) for Disney to justify making a followup just yet.

That’s less than encouraging news for TRON lovers, but at least we’ll have a few teasers to dwell on in the meantime – including the clip below:

It’s a very simple teaser, no doubt, but one that once again sets up Edward Dillinger Jr. (Cillian Murphy) and his father as the antagonists for TRON 3. The clip also features that same shot of Sam (Garrett Hedlund) flashing his “Flynn Lives” shirt from “The Next Day”,¬† just after his return to reality at the conclusion of Legacy. There doesn’t seem much to read into beyond what’s on the surface, but feel free to speculate further as you will. icon wink New TRON 3 Viral Teaser; When Will The Movie Be Made?

“The Next Day” also featured the return of original TRON star Dan Shor as Roy “Ram” Kleinberg, who is presumably also poised to (theoretically) have a role in TRON 3, along with Hedlund, Murphy, Bruce Boxleitner as Alan “Tron” Bradley, and Olivia Wilde as the now flesh-and-blood Quorra. The casting of Murphy as an intellectual villain certainly seems like a good idea for the threequel – should it actually happen.

Tron 3 teaser Cillian Murphy in Tron Legacy New TRON 3 Viral Teaser; When Will The Movie Be Made?

Murphy in 'TRON: Legacy'.

With 3D filmmaking and motion-capture technology becoming all the more sophisticated, there’s no reason TRON 3 wouldn’t be able to match and surpass the technical prowess of Legacy. There’s plenty of room for improvement in the areas of story and character development as well – which means that a TRON threequel could be the rare third film that’s actually better than both its predecessors. If it ever happens, that is.

We’ll keep you posted on the status of TRON 3 as more information is released.

Source: Moviehole

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  1. I think that was the MCP possing as Dillinger’s dad. It had the same voice, and then there’s the line “End of Line”, which was used by the character. just speculation.

    Anyway, the video was great.

  2. Damn, they are making some serious effort with this one…
    Now the only one left is Quorra’s teaser.

  3. agreed

  4. This makes me excited. not going to lie.

  5. Oh I really hope that they make TRON 3. Now that they know their mistakes in Legacy the third has potential to be really great. Quit teasing us and start making it!!!

  6. I think this story line sounds much better then Legacy, and it would be perfect for the third, its a shame that Disney isnt going forward with this cause , I think it will be bigger then Legacy, not to mention Legacy has now bred more fans and should have more of an re-established base. i think that the third movie will move forward depending on how the DVD Blue ray sales do.

  7. I too would love to see this happen, but I think it will depend on continued merchandise sales, DVD/Blu-ray sales and the success of the DisneyXD animated series Tron:Uprising. If all (or most) of those do well, then I think Disney will see the potential in another film.

  8. I always said that the MCP will feature at some point in the new movies

  9. The news of no Tron sequel is disheartening. It took them 30 years to give us “Legacy” – I’m not willing to wait another 30 to see if Disney gets off their Mickey Mouse arses to give us a “tron 3″ – so far Disney has not substantiatd any rumors of a 3 – either way. Their silence on this issue indicates to me they will not do one.

    Don’t forget – Disney jumped ship in the midst of doing the Narnia series.

    Also Tron Legacy had a very conclusive ending. Tron drowning in the ocean, Kevin Flynn dies in an explosion along with the world her created as Sam leaves. The movie ended very conclusive to me. To me a 3 would have nothing to do with the now deceased Tron and Kevin Flynn. I would think Sam would have to go into the computer world to shut down Dillinger’s operation, not recover his dad – who is clearly dead. (People don’t usually survivie big explosions!)

    Also – didn’t Dillingr SENIOR get sent up the river for ripping off Flynn’s video games in the first movie? What the hell is he doing not behind bars in the story?


    • dude….so shortsighted. you clearly saw trons colors changing, also, I’m pretty sure that flash drive that sam had at the end had his father on it. think outside the box man.

      • Flynn blowed up real good. Also Disney is a company that is notorious for sitting on a movie for YEARS – they do this wit their animated classics all the time. Example– Cinderella- they will release it for 6 months then vault it for 10-20 years. They aren’t worried about a little money from a Tron sequel. Disney is NOT substantiating in any way a sequel – and probably by the time they do Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner – both OVER 60 ears old, will be too old to reprise their roles. And to have anyone other than these two in their respective roles is like NOT having Robert Englund as Freddy Kruger!

        Face it! TRON IS DEAD.

      • TRON IS DEAD.

        END OF LINE


        Also I got this for you! NO TRON 3 TRAILER ON BLU RAY OR DVD!

      • By the way…. no computer from the mid to late 1980s (as would be the case in Tron Legacy) would have any kind of interface for a flash drive!

    • Dude, did you even WATCH TRON: Legacy?! The Grid DID NOT get blown up at the end of the movie when Kevin Flynn reintegrated CLU, ONLY The Sea of Simulation and the stuff around the exit portal got blown up, NOT the entire Grid! -__- and Tron didn’t ‘die’ either, you CAN’T do a TRON movie without Tron, and as for the whole “they’re not doing a third movie”, well I’ve heard that they ARE doing a third one, the new CEO of Disney had made TRON 3 ONE of MANY priority movies because of the popularity of TRON: Legacy, the BluRay DVD sales and the popularity of TRON: Uprising, and the game, TRON: Evolution, they’re still writing a script for TRON 3 and the guy who directed Legacy has said that he’s DEFINITELY on board with doing TRON 3

  10. I just want to add one more thing — if they ever DO a Tron 3 – which I doubt – they should not bring back the OLD Dillinger. Didn’t he get sent to federal prison for stealing Flynn’s game programs in the first movie? Besides they should do something completely different like maybe have a computer virus or some kind of malware that threatens the “Tron” world. Would be interesting to see how they would characterize such a thing inside the digital realm and how a user entering the digital space could defeat it.

    • OH… and have it so Dillinger Jr programs the virus/malware so he can also get 20 years in the Federal Pen! haha!

      • Shut up loser…
        Get a life you virgin twat…

  11. I’m looking forward to it, i know people who have acsess to the disney film slates (i.e.people in their shops ASK! TR3N is set for 2013 as i understand it.)

    also thats not the origonal MCP voice [which is a shame] it sounds more like CABAL from Command and conquer

    but im likling a more charecter driven plot I’m a devote tron follower but legacy was lakcing outside the glitz the ARG flynnLives was awesome though so lets hope that comes back

    • Even if they do a 3 – the talk so far is not including Jeff Bridges returning – so I believe Kevin Flynn died in the explosion. Unless I see concrete fact from Disney stating Bridges will be back in Tron 3, I assume this is a correct assessment. Remember, Quorra told Sam that reintegration of Clu back into Flynn would kill them both. That’s what Flynn did to stop Clu from leaving to the real world. The explosion decimated the whole darn place. As for Tron? He was lost in the sea of simulation.

      Sam has no reason to re-enter that particular computer system again or return to that grid. He’d have nothing to return for.

      Tron is a computer program – he can always be “re-written”. Clu was! The Clu in the first movie got sizzled by the MCP if you saw it. So THIS Clu was a second Clu. Tron can be rewritten as well. Perhaps Disney can entertain the concept of “backup copies” of the original Tron? Alan loads a backup into a system and Tron returns?

      Just ideas. I could be totally wrong. Probably am. But it seems logical to me.

      I imagine a sequel would involve having to enter the digital world to deal with the Dillingers — but that is disappointing. Wasn’t Dillinger Sr. sent up for stealing Flynn’s game programs in the first movie?

      Also in the age of ID Theft, Viruses, Trojan Horses, Mal-ware, etc. I would be interested to see if a Tron 3 would entertain any of these concepts in the digital environment.

      What does “Malware” look like in the “tron” world? That would be neat to see them entertain that idea.

      I saw the original movie in the theaters when all I could think about was video games.

      Now as someone in Network Administration, I’m launching “tron” programs to “protect systems” all the time! So the fantasy takes on a whole diffrent face for me now. :-)

      Anyhow sorry to seem contentious- I’m always the skeptic unless I have reason to think otherwise.

      • Stfuuuu fag!!!! And stop being so technical!!!

        • You are aware that personal attacks are not allowed on here aren’t you?

      • I’ll say it again, TRON DID NOT DIE AT THE END OF LEGACY!

  12. Im going to say your wrong because if its a copy its not Tron….when they are exploringing the idea of computers/ programes with souls the idea of copies goes against that. also the Tron system as it was in legacy was Kevins legacy thats a good enough reason to go back.

    as for your other points they are all covered in the expanding Tron universe i.e ghost in the machine and tron evolution, wehere a virus reaps havock.

    yes i have seen the origonal and while CLU was brought back he wasnt quitethe same was he?

    • That’s like saying that two people running Norton antivirus on two different people aren’t running the same program, or Windows 7 for that matter. Versions may vary, but if you and me both have Windows 7 we have operating systems that perform the same functions. Tron is a computer program, he could be put on 1000 systems to do the same job. The “Tron” in “Legacy” was lost in the sea o simulation in a world that explded along with Kevin Flynn. Sam would create a new world.

      The door on the old has been closed, so the next movie should be all new, if there is one.


        • I mean that The Grid did NOT get destroyed

  13. and unless yourare a Mr J.Kosimski you cantsay there wont be a tron 3 as both disney and Odeon film slates have tron 3 on them.

    • To this day, all articles about Tron 3 are conjecture. Even this one makes the prospect of Tron 3 totally uncertain. Until official news comes out from Disney that there will be one, it is safe to assume otherwise.

      Just because an extra bit of footage is on the Blu Ray means nothing- just a ploy to get you to buy the Blu Ray not the DVD.

  14. They should so make one can’t wait for it it was so goood

  15. DISNEY NEEDS TO GROW A PAIR AND DO IT! Either that or f-ing confirm or deny the sequel already! They’re driving me crazy with this back and forth BS! JUST DO IT!

  16. I definitely see a “3″ coming. Think about this. The first Tron was all Dillinger Sr. Tron Legacy was all Kevin Flynn. Flynn created his own world with help from the laser from the first movie. The laser is still in Flynn’s office in the basement of the arcade. Only Sam knows the laser is there. What did Sam do before he left the office? He created a copy on a memory card. Sam can go back and see what actually happened by using the laser. Perhaps Tron did not die. Perhaps his Father survived. No one knows for sure.

  17. If it wasn’t for the original “Tron” being successful they wouldn’t have made Tron: Legacy. It’s the fans who made it popular and with the advances in technology today the third movie could be even sweeter than Tron:Legacy. It would be a shame if they didn’t make a trilogy out of it!!!!!!!!

  18. I think they would be fools not to make tron 3, its a good story/movie!

  19. Dude big fan . We need a TRON 3 .

    • Tron must return to it’s communicator for the last returning home rescue based on a clue!

  20. I absolutely loved Tron Legacy. Installed a 3D 120″movie theatre in my house to watch it because I missed it in theatre’s and only caught it after. I love motorcycles and this is a huge reason I fell in love with the flick. I have been trying to hunt down the discontinued Ducati Sport Classic that the kid rides in it. Found one on Craigslist but the guy wants a fortune. It even has original parts from his bike in the movie. Anyways… they better make a good Tron 3 and deliver us Olivia too or there will be one chocked rider. It was truly one of Disney best and a special effects master piece!

  21. Does anyone have the actual video of Quorra talking to the press? I never got to see it, I’ve only seen the one of Sam talking to the press, SOMEONE PLEASE SEND IT TO ME OR GIVE ME A WORKING LINK TO THE QUORRA VIDEO!

  22. What If Sam built a new Grid? That could be the plot for TRON 3? it would be so cool if they did but it most likely won’t happen!!

  23. It’s Not providing information But is obviously confirmed if its pending Modification :) youre welcome