TRON 3 Teaser Trailer Details [Updated]

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tron 3 trailer TRON 3 Teaser Trailer Details [Updated]

After 28 years, Walt Disney was finally able to take us users back to the Grid in TRON: Legacy thanks to the ideas and direction of Joe Kosinski. Legacy wasn’t just a sequel to the 1982 Jeff Bridges cult classic, but a relaunch of Tron as a key Disney franchise. From merchandising to a new cartoon show, Tron is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

From the outset of the lengthy and expensive marketing campaign for TRON: Legacy, there has always been talk of another Tron film being in the works, from ideas to early script treatments and more recently, a reported near greenlight for the project. Over the last week, rumors have been running wild that the home video releases of TRON: Legacy and the Blu-ray release of the original Tron would include a special teaser trailer for TRON 3 and now comes confirmation that it’s definitely happening.

Harry at Ain’t It Cool News was contacted by someone involved with the filming of the special bonus scenes and was able to confirm key details about the TRON 3 teaser footage in addition to two photos from the shoot. The source explains that the TRON 3 trailer would include at least three separate scenes [Trailer Spoilers Ahead].

Scene 1 – The Return of Ram

tron 3 ram TRON 3 Teaser Trailer Details [Updated]
If you saw the original Tron, you will definitely remember Kevin Flynn’s in-game friend named Ram, an actuarial program who joined Flynn and Tron on their escape during the lightcycle races but later derezzed (died) in a confrontation with a light tank. This scene sees the return of actor Dan Shor returning as Ram as he’s confronted by Bruce Boxleitner’s character, Alan Bradley. Ram is revealed to be the one responsible for running the “Flynn Lives” campaign and his real life incarnation must have met Kevin after the events of the original film.

Scene 2 – Quorra in the Real World

The second scene described follows Quorra (Olivia Wilde) in the real world as she arrives at ENCOM, driving Sam’s bike. The press catches on to her ride and attack her with questions – she reveals that she just saw Kevin Flynn the day prior.

Scene 3 – Like Father, Like Son

tron 3 ed dillinger TRON 3 Teaser Trailer Details [Updated]

Will David Warner return as Ed Dillinger in Tron 3?

The third scene brings back the villainous Ed Dillinger (David Warner) from the original Tron (sort of) through a text screen showing a chat between he and his son Edward Dillinger, Jr, played by Cillian Murphy in a memorable cameo appearance in TRON: Legacy. The text basically has them saying that “everything is going according to plan,” hinting at a large behind-the-scenes conspiracy.

Harry explains that he’s obtained “call sheets and location maps” for the production of the TRON 3 footage as well as these two photos:

If you remember, TRON: Legacy got its start as an early concept video which lucky fans were first witness to at San Diego Comic-Con three whole years ago. That kick-started the events that led us to where we are today and while this teaser footage goes to show some cool and exciting ideas for how to continue the franchise and tie it together with the original movie, it’s not official confirmation that the third film is a go (although we fully expect it to be given the official greenlight soon).

TRON: Legacy didn’t meet everyone’s expectations so now that the “wow” factor of the visuals, score, action sequences and new style of the Grid are familiar with moviegoers, TRON 3 needs to come with a damn good story to win people over.

What journey will Sam and Quorra go on in their next adventure in the Grid and how will Tron, Clu and Kevin Flynn play into it? Jeff Bridges has to be back in some form, right?

[Update 1: TRON: Legacy epilogue teases TRON 3]

[Update 2: TRON 3 viral teaser]

I’m looking forward to walking through the doors of Flynn’s arcade once again.

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Source: AICN

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  1. CBM covered this yesterday but I like this article better.

    CAN’T WAIT! – Bart Scott

    • Jeremy,

      Of course you do, how could you not? :-P


      • @Jeremy – That is because adults write for this site. :)

  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing Bruce Boxleitner play a larger role in the movie….that’s named for his character. Only seems fair.

    • Agree with Jason, I was let down that we didn’t get more of his CG character sans the helmet.

  3. wait, are they bringing back more old guys form the original, b/c i couldn’t stand the CGI face garbage they has going on in legacy, it was to distracting.

    i wont lie, i’ll only be seeing tron3 for the visuals and if daft punk returns the score. i hardly payed attention to legacies story, i found it somewhat cliché.

  4. TRON 3,,,

    Some time around 2015.

    Hang in there,,,

    • Not THAT long!

  5. as much as i liked “Tron: Legacy”, i really wouldnt mind waiting 28 years to see “Tron 3″

  6. Maybe this time Tron will modem out of the stand up arcade game? It just needs a hardline, and a modem,,,


  7. I want more of the character TRON! I mean the movie is named after him. Though they saved everything by that scene in the end of the movie when TRON suddenly realizes that he “serves the users” but I would have loved some more scenes with him.
    Ed Dillinger has to return. That guy is along the same lines as Ralph Phineas AKA Voldemort. We are in dire need of some good villains. I missed the first few minutes of LEGACY so could nto see the Ed Dillinger Jr. cameo. Damn. Cilian Murphy is awesome though. I mean 28 Days Later!!

    If Jeff Bridges does not later it would be very sad indeed. Jeff Bridges carries the film on his shoulders. He’s awesome. And that voice is what God’s voice may be like.
    I would recommend everyone to watch True Grit and Crazy Heart just for Jeff Bridges’ sake.

    Also the TV series sounds exciting! And more Daft Punk!

    • True Grit is coming to my dollar theatre. Will be there the first weekend!

  8. Oh no! Ahh!

  9. Awesome can’t wait!!!!!! Glad there’ll be more Tron and hopefully more daft punk!!!

    Any details on the blurays of each movie themselves? Special editions and what not? I know legacy is still in theatres but are both tron and tron legacy getting a simultaneous bluray releases?

  10. Very interesting news indeed.

    I like that they are using the original film as a base for the sequels, they could have easily just rebooted the series but they went down the sequel route, which is good.

    Plus, if Olivia Wilde is in Tron 3, I’ll be watching. :)

    • they decided to do a sequel because remaking It seemed a little harder (and less fun) to make so they decided Jeff bridges had to be in the 2010 movie turning it into a sequel

  11. Im looking forward to a Tron 3 , mainly cause i want to see Father and son take on father and son, which is where a Tron 3 should take us, Dillengers Vs Flynns, battle for the Grid. Listen I fully agree there where major plot holes in legacy, but overall it was a good movie. I also felt that the cgi face de aging of Bridges was pretty darn good, but felt that the 3D was a little underwhelming

    • I thought the 3D was far more subtle, I thought it was going to be really in your face stuff, but it did what 3D should do, it added depth to the background and amplified some effects.
      i agree there were plotholes, but in a movie like Tron plotholes hardly matter, its a film all about the visuals and it never claimed to be anything else, the visuals were mind blowing.
      Clu is one of the best special effects I have ever seen.

      • Completely agree. I was hoping the 3D, after seeing how immersive Avatar was, of The Grid would have been more overwhelming. Instead it, as you said, wasn’t in your face but to me the “depth” was still rather shallow. The light cycles were quite dope as was the air battle at the end but it felt just a bit too slow. While gorgeous and elegant, the 3D subtlety did border on boring and the plot holes didn’t help it much. Daft Punk pulled their weight many times over and was easily the best part of the movie.

        I do have to disagree with you on CLU. It looked off and could have been a lot tighter. I mean if Bruce Willis’s plastic look in The Surrogates (not top notch CG either) was more convincing than an all CG Jeff Bridges for a fraction of the production price, maybe all CG wasn’t the way to go just yet.

        Despite all that I’m on board for more!

      • I would prefer no 3-D in the new film. Not needed with High Def.

  12. Well I’m definitely a fan of David Warner and thought he was one of the elements that made the original so good so bringing back Dillinger would be great.

    It’s interesting to think though that still no one except the Flynn’s have any clue about this other ‘miniverse’ in the digital world and Dillinger was kind of getting played by the MCP. He didn’t have a clue what he started. That was something that was definitely lacking in Legacy, some sort of continual connection to the real world while in the digital world.

    I don’t know about bringing RAM back though. Seems more for nostalgia reasons than anything else. I mean RAM just happened to be a random program that was at the right place at the right time to be part of the show. Also not sure how someone goes from writing insurance risk assessment programs to heading up the “Flynn Lives” campaign. They seem like worlds apart but whatever. I would MUCH rather see Cindy Morgan, aka Dr. Lora Baines make an appearance. Seems more fitting since she was part of the original 3 cast and all.

    Definitely looking forward to this and the animated series more than I am another installment of Transformers, any board game made into a movie or all the other 70′s shows that are being made into movies.

    • Yes, bring back Cindy Morgan! Her character was important and could be more so (with women getting equal time in many films). I had hoped for thw whole gang and some new characters, and hated that several went missing in Tron:Legacy.

  13. Wow!

    How overrated and overhyped was Tron Legacy huh?


  14. The CGI youth-ifying didn’t bother me, and I love how girls on youtube are saying CLU is hot lol. I would love to see RAM and Dillinger back again. This would make it Tron, with appearances by some old characters, as well as the new characters of Sam and Quorra. Definitely cannot wait!

  15. “TRON 3 needs to come with a damn good story to win people over”…couldn’t have put it better myself Rob:P Dazzling visuals only go so far when the plot is holding it all up.

    While Legacy was bogged down with snore inducing nonsensical exposition, I’m glad to hear of the continuation of the story. Now that they’ve got a more captive audience (than just the die hard fans of the original) I hope Disney really makes this third one something fantastic.

  16. Cant wait, Tron Legacy was the best Film ive seen all year so far. Thor will probly be better lol

    • What other movies did you see last year? Just curious.

      • I’d put it in my top 5 of 2010.

  17. I’ve seen it twice, the visuals are amazing. I’ll be watching it in 3-D tonight. Can’t wait for the sequel!

  18. Don’t know if this has been mentioned here at ScreenRant yet or not but rumor s that TRON LEGACY is being relased to home market April 11th.

    • Can’t Wait!!!

  19. I can’t believe people are actually looking forward to another movie… what is wrong with you?

  20. has its fans, some of us dating back to the 80s when it was released (dating myself). Even back then, critics hacked on the film so surprised its happened again. I saw Inception and Avatar and wondered what the brouhaha was about for either. Nice that we all have different tastes so lost of films can get made.

  21. How did anyone not like Legacy? I thought it was amazazing! Now I’m going to go camp outside my theater til the 3rd one is there.

  22. I will never understand people complaining about the way Clu in Legacy looks. “He looks computer-generated!”. Guess what, he’s a freaking computer program! He lives inside a computer! That’s what the character is, he IS computer-generated! He’s SUPPOSED to look it!

    Other than that. Plotlines…both Tron and Tron: Legacy have plotlines that seem fairly shallow at first, but on repeated viewings, the nuances of them really come out. A digital fairy tale, a morality play, a religious parable and historical allegory, both Tron plots are all of these things, depending upon how you interpret them.

    Now granted, Tron 1′s plot was a bit more coherent and, elegant I guess would be the right word. Tron 2′s story was a bit more scattered and busy, with ideas all over the place, some of which were hardly fleshed out and seemed like they could have filled their own whole movies—but recall that Legacy was sort of a reboot of the continuity, and had to serve as not just its own movie, but a base for two video games, a tv series, several comic books, and possibly more.

    I have a feeling the plot of T:L will make a bit more sense and have less holes once we can see all of the supplementary material that goes to it.

    That being said, I like the direction Tron 3 seems to be taking. I hope it more involves the Encom grid/the web, the Dillingers, and an MCP 2.0!

  23. Tron Legacy is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen, definitely deserves a sequal.

  24. I want to know everything

  25. I’m crossing my fingers hoping there might be another TRON movie also make spin-off movies of the franchise… also, I know that made the second movie was from the videogame TRON 2.0 KILLER APP why not have the DATA WRAITHS play a role in the 3 movie and the person who plays Ed Dillinger play as their mysterious boss and didn’t Bruce’s character in the videogame have a son named JET that character should team up with sam and quorra… and what if sam and quorra make a baby wouldn’t that be cool?

  26. I love the old tron and the new one and it think they need to make this new tron movie because it is a cool movie to watch and it hope you will like the 3rd movie. If the 3rd movie comes out i will watch it. if you will like to watch it say lol for yes and for no is never