‘TRON 3′ Story Details From Joseph Kosinski

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Debates about whether or not TRON: Legacy truly constituted a financial success aside, it seems that Disney is prepping to move forward with a sequel, TRON 3, after all. What remains up in the air for now is the issue of whether or not Legacy helmer Joseph Kosinski will be returning to direct the third trip to The Grid as well.

Kosinski opened up a bit about the prospective plot of TRON 3 (or TR3N, if we’re going the SCRE4M route) and admitted that although he’s not a lock for the project, he’s hopeful about getting to call the shots on the threequel.

Assignment X sat down with Kosinski just a while ago to chat about the DVD/Blu-ray release of Legacy and learned the following, with respect to TRON 3:

“We’re working on the story right now. Once we get a script we’re all really happy with, we’ll take it to the powers that be and see if we can go back to the grid… I think we will pick [up] with where ‘TRON: Legacy’ left off with Quorra (Olivia Wilde) in the real world and what does that mean and the possibilities it opens up for the next chapter. It’s the relationship between the two of them that’s the next step.”

While Legacy may have ultimately been heavy on the eye candy and not much else, it was overall a visually well-constructed piece and featured some awe-inspiring modernized 3D versions of classic battle sequences in The Grid. So long as Kosinski is working with a better script this time around, I have no problem with him being at the helm of TRON 3.

tron 3 trailer TRON 3 Story Details From Joseph Kosinski

Those who have seen (or are familiar with) the TRON 3 teasers released with the Legacy Blu-ray shouldn’t be too surprised by the following from Kosinski about the planned role of the Dillinger clan in the third TRON movie:

“Dillinger [David Warner] was a really important part of the first ['TRON'] and felt like an easy way to continue that storyline and thread to have his son (Cillian Murphy) in ['TRON: Legacy']. That way you have people ask those questions of what the Dillinger legacy is in the world of TRON. We didn’t want to ignore it completely and it leaves a really nice springboard for some intertwining development for the next film.”

The dynamic between Dillinger and his son in TRON 3 would also serve as an appropriate foil to the relationship between Sam Flynn (Garret Hedlund) and his father Kevin (Jeff Bridges) that was touched on in Legacy. It would be all the more fitting for TRON 3 to feature the flesh-and-blood Dillinger Jr. as the antagonist, also in contrast to Legacy‘s Clu 2.0 – who could essentially be thought of as Kevin Flynn’s “digital son.” The creator/creation motif has been central to the TRON franchise so far, and TRON 3 doesn’t look to deviate from that approach.

Tron 3 teaser Cillian Murphy in Tron Legacy TRON 3 Story Details From Joseph Kosinski

Murphy as Dillinger Jr. in 'TRON: Legacy'.

While Kosinski remains attached to direct Disney’s reboot of The Black Hole and still looks to make his Oblivion adaptation in the near future, TRON 3 would presumably take precedent over both those projects – if Disney approves of Kosisnki’s plans for the pic, that is. Development of the script for the third film has been ongoing for over a year now, so we should hear hopefully hear some more official news about the project in the near future.

Do you like Kosinski’s ideas for TRON 3 so far?

Source: Assignment X (via MovieWeb)

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  1. Yay! I’ve just recently watched the Trons for the first time and they’re both great. I will welcome a third with open arms and a LARGE popcorn! :)

  2. I don’t want a Tron 3! Tron: Legacy was a nice, concluding end, and it was perfect the way it was. They really don’t need to make anymore. As for everyone saying Legacy lacked a plot, DID YOU EVEN WATCH IT?!?! (Not on here. Everyone on facebook and everywhere else says that…)

    • I read somebody say that Tron wasn’t in Legacy… And I was like “What? Yes he was”

      • LOL. I heard it all too. People whined about how Tron was never in the film, when he was just repurposed. They did a great job and making him being corrupted into a bad guy

        • I saw the movie in 3D in theatres. Am I the only one who thinks that Tron: Legacy was the best 3D movie since Avatar? Everyone I talked to who saw it in 3D said it was the worst 3D movie they ever saw. No, the worst 3D movie I ever saw was Coraline. Why the heck was that in 3D??

          • Tron:Legacy was my first 3D film. True 3D. I won’t even count on Clash of the Titans. Tron was superb in 3D. And if people want worse, try wearing those reb/blue lenses like we did in the 80′s… that was the worst

          • Tron Legacy was far more enjoyable than Avatar in my opinion. I think the 3D worked better as well, I didn’t feel like I was being forced to focus on specific things or beat over with a hundred 3D particles coming at me at once.

            Either way, I’m glad there will be a Tron 3, and I hope it comes out sooner, rather than later.

            Who wants to bet that if Kevin Flynn somehow is in the film again, there will be a Clu 3.0? Or Sam gets a Grid counterpart? Or, if Quorra is in the real world, even though she’s a digital creation, is it possible for her to create a Grid counterpart now?

            Idle questions and curiosities.

    • No mate…it’s not the end until I see Tron’s fate at the end.

    • My thoughts exactly, even though I wouldn’t mind another round in the Game Grid. It had a great story, and awesome action scenes.

  3. Can’t they just admit that the story will be this:

    A CGI-CGI attacks a lot of CGI-CGI’s, and then it all end in a CGI-battle and a lot of CGI happens. Then the CGI fades out, and the credits appear.

    • Haha!! I posted that as my facebook status, but I changed the “Can’t they just admit” line to “They’ve released the official Tron 3 plot!”

      • Hehe ;P

    • What ever dude!

  4. I hope they continues the story. Tron and Tron:Legacy are really amazing stories. People just don’t really get it much, since its about the computer world. I hope though, they can bring back David Warner as Dillinger also. I loved the sneak peek of the Dillingers talking to each other.
    PS: Disney, please bring back another ARG. We (FlynnLives members) had a great time with each other this year. That made the movie more interesting to us all :)
    End of Line

    • I do hope they make a Tr3n – I really enjoyed Legacy, and completely disagree with anyone that it lacked a story. However, the franchise has some serious questions to answer before this thing can go before the cameras:
      1. Did Kevin Flynn die? How will his life or death be depicted in a way that’s not too far-fetched?
      2. What is Quorra’s new role in the real world? Is she’s human, does she have the same skills she had in The Grid?
      3. Can the role of Dillinger be more appealing in this world than in the digital one? If they simply do more battles on The Grid without involving the political games at Encom, how is that not a mere extension of Legacy and is that entertaining or even desirable?
      4. In general terms, how do you make the real world more appealing than The Grid, as Flynn’s gifting of Quorra was a prime reason for getting Flynn home as well? I’d hate to see Tr3n simply return to The Grid because Quorra was too boring on the other side. I don’t think you can be as creative to the degree that The Grid affords, so I would expect to see us back there for this and Kevin reason I stated above.
      5. How will Tron’s rebirth be handled? Will Alan have a greater role?

      These are all questions that burn a hole in my brain on a daily basis, that make me appreciate how OG Tron and Legacy were crafted, and give me hope that Kosinski is smart enough to pull off one more gem.

  5. I just finally watched Tron: Legacy last night and loved it. The visuals and all. I thought the plot and script was just fine and I also thought the acting was superb. Jeff Bridges of course gives his “dude” persona to the role and I loved that. Garrett Hedlund as his son was also a great performance. Olivia Wilde was good, more eye-candy than anything.

    The only issue I had which wasn’t that big of a deal was how fake young Flynn looked. But, there is not much they can do with that haha.

    Bring on 3!!

  6. If Tron 3 centers on Quorra in the real world it will become off-center.
    For me Tron 3 has to be about Flynn and his return to the real world.

  7. I would like to see a balance of real world and computer world In the next movie. I like how in the first movie the movie would cut from Flynn sitting at the computer and then switch to his program inside the computer. They should have more of that maybe with other users as well. Maybe add some hacking and arcade or video game input as well.

  8. Oh, , I don’t know,.. How about actually having f-ing Tron in the film??

    The movie is called f-ing Tron and Tron was in the film for 2 minutes?????

    De-Age Captain Sheridan and have a heavy dose of Tron in um Tron

    • tron was just was in most of the film pursuing sam. he just was re-purposed. didnt you see him shoot down clu in the air twards the end then his lights go from redish orange to blue?

      • That was one of my biggest complaints about a film I was mostly very satisfied by: The integration of Tron “himself” into the movie seemed like a last-minute afterthought. But then, the first one had a similar problem: It’s called Tron, but the movie’s about Flynn.

        I would really like to see Tron 3, though, and I think it should focus on developing Quorra more. In the last scene in Legacy, Olivia Wilde really made me feel I was watching someone feel our wind and sun for the first time.

        Obviously any Tron movie is going to have to return to The Grid sooner or later, but I would hope the filmmakers wouldn’t be afraid to explore the mirror from the other side as well.

  9. Flynn lives.
    Please go ahead with TR3N, Disney.
    TR2N itself was awe-inspiring, can’t wait to see what’s more with The Grid.

    • yh

  10. I need more Tron! Not the Flynn’s, I need Tron! He kicked some serious ass in Tron: Legacy, but only for a short time. He didn’t show too much as Rinzler. Hes now back in blue and its time to make him the star again.

  11. Tron was always a secondary character. It was always Flynn’s journey through the grid not Tron’s. Obviously Tron is just a better name for the film. :)

    Tron Legacy, delt with some pretty obvious religious/creation symbology. When Clu sees himself in the silver apple in Flynn’s refuge, to when Flynn reprograms/heals Quorra. It was an amazing film. Bridges/Flynn, was a Christ figure to the Iso’s. And yeah I noticed the Dude comming through. Very Bridges,,, guys amazing.
    For those that missed it, Tron saved Flynn and his son multiple times. I thought taking out Clu’s airship was pretty obvious. ???

    “I won’t kill a user”, ring any bells?
    My prediction for Tron3, is your going to see Cillian Murphys character vs young Flynn in a battle for Encom’s new baby (whatever they call the Grid tech). This will take them both to the Grid where there probably going to face a new Tron and Clu and ultimatly Flynn in his new form.
    This franchise takes a lot from Star Wars and the Matrix but who cares, the visuals and characters are fantastic the sound track made the film.

    Tron Legacy,,
    5 out of 5 for me a perfect film. Besides the 3d it was flawless,,, (saw it in 2D) :)

    • I loved this movie, but by your description, we saw two different flicks. Tron saved no one until the skyfight near the end. Flynn’s reintergration of Clu took out the carrier ship.

      Anyway, I do want another issue since the end of this one was very much a hanger for a sequel.

      • Tron didn’t save Sam per se in the beginning, but his hesitation in killing him in the arena showed that the essence of Tron was always there in Rinzler, as he would not kill Sam… Also, he was going to kill Quorra, yet Kevins whispered words made Tron stop his actions of doing so, and instead he took her to Clu… I think that’s what the dude means when he says Tron was saving them throughout the flick… It wasn’t a direct action, it was inaction, or a change of focus on Tron’s part that saved them throughout the flick… I can’t wait for Tron 3, and it would be impossible to have it without somehow bringing Kevin back… There must be a way to undelete him, or maybe he made a copy of himself before he left to find Sam, or perhaps, since he is basically the god of the Grid, he was able to *pull himself back together* after the explosion from differing data resulting from the reintegration… I believe that’s what happened, otherwise why would the explosion implode afterwards, and there still be a light at the origin? In any case, my only question is, if you can make a copy of yourself, such as when he made Clu, then why is reintegration the only answer? Is that because he doesn’t allow himself Super User rights on the system while in the Grid, and as such, is unable to delete a program with elevated privileges, as Clu was given? If he was a full Super User, he would be able to override the security and open the portal from the inside… Just some food for thought….

  12. I’m all set for Tron 3. Legacy was a bit eye candy / lack of plot, but they did have to explain a 27 year gap. Also, I didn’t have too much trouble with Digi-Dude’s (CLU) creepiness because he was supposed to be a digital mimic of a real person and slightly in the uncanny valley.

  13. Yeah I agree Dano29.
    The only time CGI Flynn looked a little weird was in the opening scenes. After that his digitized look only played into his character.

  14. I had a few hopes dashed while watching TR2N, and while I really appreciate Kosinski’s archetectural vision for the movie, the script was lacking and the “action” sequences needed some help. An action/stunt sequence advisor (a la Yuen Wo Ping for Matrix) will be a must for TR3N. If the writers have been working on the script for some time now, it had better be a big step up. I don’t think they captured Kevin Flynn’s character well in TR2N, for example. For them to use Dillinger’s charater as a vice will require some real emotion to be invested into his character, which again I felt was missing in TR2N.

    • I disagree that Kevin Flynn’s character wasn’t well captured in Legacy. What you have to remember is that this is not the the man-boy from the first film.

      It’s Flynn grown wiser and more accepting of his obligations, both in our world and in the one he created. I think that was the right choice for this movie.

      I would definitely like to see Dillinger, Sr. back, provided David Warner returns to the role.

      • I agree, from Kevin’s perspective, he’s been stuck in the digital world for a thousand years… I think after that length of time, you would start to loose touch with the real world, and with reality, you notice at first he’s all weird and stuff, but the more he interacts with sam the more he snaps out of it, and by the time they’re on the solar sailer he’s pretty much a normal human being? Lock someone up and throw away the key and see how long it takes for them to loose emotion…

  15. Yessssss! Do it. It sounds sweet! Bring bsck David Warner!!!!

  16. It’d be interesting if QUORRA had powers of her own, thus continuing the User aspect while flipping it around within our own world. She could rewrite our genetic “code”, to heal the sick and injured, and possibly have Codified Likeness Utility children the same way Kevin created CLU. Dillinger could try to usurp that power in our world and the TRONiverse to become the Master Control User. Imagine if he tried to recreate the Grid in our world.

    • I believe that now that Quorra is in the real world, that she has now become a user, but she must learn how to be one, the same way that people like you and I have to learn how to code programs, it’s not a gift, it’s knowledge… Give someone physical access to a computer terminal and they can hack into it and gain access, even if that same machine is impenetrable over the internet, I think the same thing would apply, although I don’t think she would have to do anything on her part other than exit the grid for her to become a user, as when she re-enters it, she would be given whatever credentials the person running the digitization program gave them… Which is why Kevin’s disk had the code for the Portal and no one elses disk did, it’s because, when Kevin ran the program to digitize himself, he gave himself elevated privileges… Think of it like Windows 7, you can be a guest, and can’t change anything, or you can be an administrator, and can install programs, change settings, etc, but you have to have that stupid box pop up for the top-most permissions that allow changes to system files, etc…

  17. It feels like TRON franchise are the prequels to the Matrix franchise! LOL! Dont you see the connection or the possibility? Whe the TRON world gets out to the real world? Hahaha just a thought!

    • Quorra becomes trinity!

      • The real world gets destroyed then the TRON world becomes the real but fake world and its called the Matrix! LOL! okay i think i had one too many caffeine this morning!

        • Bottomline I love the TRON movie and am happy to purchse it on blu ray over the weekend! Superior quality HD pic on blu ray!

  18. Halfway through Tron Legacy I was thinking, what if Flynns arcade looses power, blows a breaker? :)

    • Or, what happens if someone forgets to pay the utility bill & they cut the power to the arcade?

  19. @Lisa M, Tron saved Kevin Flynn from Clu allowing him time to escape. Tron also saved Sam when he could have killed him in the disc wars…

  20. ^^^^ Agreed. During the disc wars when Sam bleeds, Rinzler / Tron realizes he is a user and doesn’t kill him.

    • “Focus first on the outer world and then do back and make a grid Armageddon to say the least. In the movie WI-FI was touched but never a focus , can you imagine CLU getting in the W.W.W. he would not need to get out, he would have the entire world at his feet. The grid is an enclosed world so how did new programs stray in?”

      Since when is The Grid a closed system? The MCP in Tron 1.0 integrated programs from all sorts of systems including govt. clearly not a closed system.

      • Since when? Since Kevin Flynn built his own machine and put it in the basement of the arcade, that’s since when? The new grid isn’t the same system that was located inside the Encom building, that system was connected to everything, not Kevin’s private system… If it was, don’t you think Kevin would have emailed Allan and asked him to get him out?

      • when you speak of new programs straying in i take it you mean the iso’s those just manifested them selves in the grid flynn created like a flame they just rose from the digital ash’s they didnt stray in to flynns new grid he created

        • and just to let you know flynn created a closed system from the internet because he was busy creating the perfect system and he didnt want anyone to know about it to steal his new idea it had to be kept secret or someone would profit off his new idea

  21. Tron: Legacy can either be improved based on what they do with the franchise, or will be diminished and forgotten compared to its predecessor. In my view, four characters must be crucial and drive the third installment: Tron, Sam, Dillinger Jr, and MCP 2.0! That’s right I said MCP 2.0!!!

    Essentially the real world tension must come from Dillinger Jr expecting to take over ENCOM, only to have Sam and Alan pull the rug from under him. Diminished, but still part of the company, Dillinger Jr’s only play is to unleash a new version of the MCP. Its important for him to do this against his father’s wishes. While Dillinger Sr was a crook and villain, he also took orders from the MCP, and was relieved when the computer was brought down. The difference between Dillinger Sr and Jr must be Jr’s lust for greatness and full readiness to follow MCP 2.0.

    Unable to take on MCP alone, Sam would search for and locate Tron. The relationship between Tron and Sam would help the former amend for his actions as the hacked Rinzler, and provide the latter an opportunity to truly become the leader ENCOM needs, much like Flynn did in the original. Sam must learn from Tron what it means to fight for the users.

    The B subplot to this would be Quorra’s discovery and search for a possible resurrected Flynn. While I agree Flynn must always be a part of the Tron legacy, I think it’d ruin the one great part of Legacy (Flynn’s willingness to remove himself from the equation) for him to just show up with no real explanation. Again, the presence of the MCP 2.0 and its desire to merge the GRID with a new, sophisticated web (could you imagine what the MCP would do with Facebook???) causes a series of events that bring Flynn back, and possibly as a merged Flynn/ CLU 2.0 (the wisdom and courage of Flynn with the perpetual youth of CLU). As Quorra searches for Flynn, she comes to rely of the help of Yori!!! I liked everything abut Quorra, but one thing fans disliked was the absence of Yori. Was that an oversight, or did Flynn keep Yori somewhere in the GRID for a special purpose much like he brought Tron into the GRID to protect it.

    There are two big ways to improve Legacy through Tron 3: send Sam on a journey of self discovery and let the bad guys win a film.

    The second movie was largely about Sam’s journey to find his father, and know Kevin Flynn. That was great for about half the film. Then the character of Sam faded into a series of special effects and doing stuff. At the end of the movie, I didn’t get the sense that Sam could run ENCOM the way Flynn could at the end of Tron. The blame cannot be placed on Garrett Heddlin who was brilliant in moments that truly revealed what Sam was capable of (the hack on ENCOM, the light cycle battle, and challenging Flynn’s choice to do nothing). The only one who can defeat the MCP is Tron, and Sam’s journey to find and help Tron is a journey to honor Flynn’s legacy and join Alan.

    Meanwhile, there also needs to be a compelling reason to bring Flynn back, and that could come in the form of Dillinger Jr and MCP 2.0 defeating Sam/ Tron in round one, banishing Quorra to the GRID so that she and Sam cannot change the world) and looking poised to win. This is what successful franchises do. What do Star Wars and Back to the Future have in common? Just when all the pieces are falling into place, and right is being restored Han is frozen in carbonite and Doc Brown is seemingly lost in time. Great franchises need epic villains, and epic villains don’t lose every round.

    I wholeheartedly agree that the franchise has to reunite Tron and Flynn. With all due respect to CLU 2.0, every Tron fan knows the greatest villain in the mythology is the MCP. Make Dillinger Jr./ MCP 2.0 so formidable that only the collective efforts of Tron, Flynn, and Sam can bring him down. Then end the franchise with the picture of Alan and Flynn looking on with pride as Sam and Quorra publicly introduce the real world to a digital frontier that shape the human condition.

    • I think I have a pretty good tie in for the Kevin Flynn resurrection… why doesn’t the MCP 2.0 obsorb him as root for it’s DNA?…
      Great Idea btw…

    • The way i see it is Kevin Flyn is gone he removed himself from the eqution and sacrificed himself to save his son and Quorra. With that being said the Flyn legacy lives on. Sam fills his fathers foot steps. The only way there could be a trillogy is if Dillenger Jr. creates a new, or reserects the old MCP at Encom and the MCP transports Sam back to the old system at Encom not the system that Kevin Flyn created on his computer under the arcade.

    • how about cillian murphy as dillinger jr and New Sark?

  22. Since when is The Grid a closed system? The MCP in Tron 1.0 integrated programs from all sorts of systems including govt. clearly not a closed system…….

    True,programs do stray into grid and taken over but the Grid seems not to stray into the W.W.W. remaining enclosed, by choice?

    Endofine… Love your idea!!!! It has to become EPIC….

    • The first system in Tron 1.0 was a completley difrent system than the system in Tron Legacy. The first system controlled by the MCP was an open system it was based on the computers inside Encom. An open system would allow the MCP to target world goverments. Thats how the MCP was able too keep obsorbing programs with difrent functions, if it was a closed system the mcp would run out of programs to obsorb very quicly. However the system in Tron Legacy is a closed system. The reason why it is a closed system is kevin flyns original funcion of the grid was to be a video game. The Grid he created was in the circut boards of his own personal computer in his office under the arcade. There were no programs going in or out of The Grid in Tron Legacy. The only things that came to being on The Grid was the ISOS. They were not created by kevin flyn they came from the sea of simulaton when the conditions were just right.

  23. I enjoyed both the original and Tron Legacy very much. The ideas Kosinski has for the 3rd part sound pretty good to me and I know there’s a few fans of the new one out there who would love to see the story continue.

  24. I love EndofLine’s suggestion. Even though, I really wanted to see what the ISO’s had to offer for the world. While watching Tron: Legacy at I-Max, near the end I was filling with excitement to see Quorra meet the world, thinking about how our world is going to change.

    But yes, I enjoy how EndofLine suggested them to come back to the grid. An epic defeat only for an epic return. I love the enemy faces made, so confused, and rather scared. I still want to see the eye candy effects though. I can only imagine how life would change, and/or how to apply amazing effects to it.

  25. sam shows up at encom and says im taking ownership of encom now. sam has a board meeting where he introduces the laser encom had been working on back in 1982 only a laser that is much smaller and compact now thanks to advances in technology in the past 30 years. sam shows everyone at the board meeting what it can do. then he asks quorra to come into the meeting and tells them that this is the new life that has been discovered inside the mainframe at the arcade by his father. then explains to them that were going to change the world!!! then he explains to them how it can be done. disease erraticated aging gone religion changes. he tells them the digital frontier is here and now. were now living in a world where robots can do everything for us. with the help of the robots we can speed up research and have a cure for the common cold sooner we can send isos into space to find out if theres life somewhere in the universe they can be jetisoned in to space at quite a dramatic pace without worry of losing fuel to soon and they can send us messages to let us know what they found. we can mass produce them and take trips into the computer realm. its sort of like sending a human into deep space to do our research and send messages back. but its not. its just a robot doing it for us. robots are the next step in human evolution and how the digital frontier transforms life on earth. with all this said this is how allen and sam pull the rug out from under dillinger junior. so now dillinger jr realizes hes not moving up in encom fury sets in. so now dillinger plots to stop sams medoric rise to the top. then it shows dillinger jr walking away from the conference room and calling dillinger systems to talk to his father.

  26. Whaaa where can I see that?

    • you can see it on tron 3 if they take some of my ideas and put them into tron 3 im just trying to help them come up with good ideas by posting my ideas at different websites about tron 3 im just telling them what i would like to see how tron 3 the movie later on comes out thats how i would like to see the movie happen tron legacy was excellent now i would like them to make tron similar to terminator rise of the programs and skynet tron legacy was similar to terminator in that the programs were going to come take over the world in clus ship but i see how they would like to keep the real world and computer hard to access because if you make it easy to come in and out for every one it would be mass chaos so it has to be a structured method to tron 3 to get in and out of the computer but it has to be surprises galore it has to have flynn in it to maybe a seen with flynn come back to life suddenly but as a cyborg half human half computer but they just use the laser to bring him back and make up some kind of physics accuse like energy can niether be created or destroyed like in thermo dynamics use the law of physics to bring him back or just like how a hacker can find deleted emails or deleted stuff on the c drive well they somehow find flynns information in there and zap him back to life with the laser this is another example of what flynn was talking about when he said the isos would change our world death would become a thing of the past. but you see what im saying im just trying to help out with ideas for tron 3

  27. Sequels are made to give you more of what the first film may or may not have given you, basically I am so dissapointed with Tron Legacy that I may not even be interested in a sequel to this one, Disney left so much out that you could write a series of novels about the black hole of epic porportions they left us with… “Tron’s Legacy” is not “Rinzler” so why isn’t it called “Flynn’s Legacy?” or something equally appropriate? ugh… the visual effects were outstanding, and the music was alright for the most part, don’t get me wrong, and I could even ignore the CGI Flynn for the sake of TRON, but if you’re going to mess with a good thing in lieu of a paycheck and charging us an arm and a leg for the Blu Ray copy… at least give us something to invest in…