‘TRON 3′ Story Details From Joseph Kosinski

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Debates about whether or not TRON: Legacy truly constituted a financial success aside, it seems that Disney is prepping to move forward with a sequel, TRON 3, after all. What remains up in the air for now is the issue of whether or not Legacy helmer Joseph Kosinski will be returning to direct the third trip to The Grid as well.

Kosinski opened up a bit about the prospective plot of TRON 3 (or TR3N, if we’re going the SCRE4M route) and admitted that although he’s not a lock for the project, he’s hopeful about getting to call the shots on the threequel.

Assignment X sat down with Kosinski just a while ago to chat about the DVD/Blu-ray release of Legacy and learned the following, with respect to TRON 3:

“We’re working on the story right now. Once we get a script we’re all really happy with, we’ll take it to the powers that be and see if we can go back to the grid… I think we will pick [up] with where ‘TRON: Legacy’ left off with Quorra (Olivia Wilde) in the real world and what does that mean and the possibilities it opens up for the next chapter. It’s the relationship between the two of them that’s the next step.”

While Legacy may have ultimately been heavy on the eye candy and not much else, it was overall a visually well-constructed piece and featured some awe-inspiring modernized 3D versions of classic battle sequences in The Grid. So long as Kosinski is working with a better script this time around, I have no problem with him being at the helm of TRON 3.

tron 3 trailer TRON 3 Story Details From Joseph Kosinski

Those who have seen (or are familiar with) the TRON 3 teasers released with the Legacy Blu-ray shouldn’t be too surprised by the following from Kosinski about the planned role of the Dillinger clan in the third TRON movie:

“Dillinger [David Warner] was a really important part of the first ['TRON'] and felt like an easy way to continue that storyline and thread to have his son (Cillian Murphy) in ['TRON: Legacy']. That way you have people ask those questions of what the Dillinger legacy is in the world of TRON. We didn’t want to ignore it completely and it leaves a really nice springboard for some intertwining development for the next film.”

The dynamic between Dillinger and his son in TRON 3 would also serve as an appropriate foil to the relationship between Sam Flynn (Garret Hedlund) and his father Kevin (Jeff Bridges) that was touched on in Legacy. It would be all the more fitting for TRON 3 to feature the flesh-and-blood Dillinger Jr. as the antagonist, also in contrast to Legacy‘s Clu 2.0 – who could essentially be thought of as Kevin Flynn’s “digital son.” The creator/creation motif has been central to the TRON franchise so far, and TRON 3 doesn’t look to deviate from that approach.

Tron 3 teaser Cillian Murphy in Tron Legacy TRON 3 Story Details From Joseph Kosinski

Murphy as Dillinger Jr. in 'TRON: Legacy'.

While Kosinski remains attached to direct Disney’s reboot of The Black Hole and still looks to make his Oblivion adaptation in the near future, TRON 3 would presumably take precedent over both those projects – if Disney approves of Kosisnki’s plans for the pic, that is. Development of the script for the third film has been ongoing for over a year now, so we should hear hopefully hear some more official news about the project in the near future.

Do you like Kosinski’s ideas for TRON 3 so far?

Source: Assignment X (via MovieWeb)

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  1. Consider if they actually continued the story, many younger people would have been lost. Many of my young brothers friends thought it looked so cool, and was dieing to see Tron: Legacy. Thirty years is a huge gap, and technology really developed. I’m not sure to many people would understand, let a lone care for something that ‘old.’ I’m pretty glad they brought something new to the plate, I ate it up. I still hope they bring back old enemies, as well as the new ones. I just figure there is a whole new generation to please, let alone the older fans, true to the original.

  2. I would love to see Tron 3, I loved Tron 1 and 2 ( even thought Tron should have taken his mask off at the end) in any case, we need David Warner back –we need more of Tron (bruce) and if possible –flynn.
    Sam can easily get his hand on Tron and a newer version of CLu. Dillinger and his son need to create a new type of software that Sam needs to shut down. Disney if you are listening—add this formula to the script—and you have the next big blockbuster. the MCP was a bad ass, a newer version of him would be so cool.

  3. Omg,i hope CillianMurphy is in the third tron movie!! It would be way more awesome if it did!:)

  4. Omg,i hope CillianMurphy is in the third tron movie!It would be way more awesome if it did!:)

  5. Oh my god,i hope Cillian Murphy is in the third tron movie!It would be way more awesome if it did!:)

  6. Oh my god, I hope Cillian Murphy is in the third tron movie!It would be way more awesome if it did!

  7. Angelica, I was hoping for some more insight on the movie, and perhaps s bit of opinion towards the script. I apologize for trailing off topic, but was it necessary to flood the comments?

  8. this is a question directed at mr joseph kasinski why dont you make a movie on that television show that came out in 1980 called the day time ended?

  9. For me, TRON 3 will just be picking up where Legacy left off, without the twenty year gap. Can’t be any more than a year before Quorra and/or Sam start to have some adventure.
    One thing I noticed during Legacy was the similarity between Clu’s speech and Flynn’s speech (in the newscast after Flynn disappears). Because of the Codified Likeness, no doubt.
    TRON is obviously a better name for the franchise than FLYNN. In Legacy, he is reprogrammed and renamed Rinzler, and who would be able to identify TRON to Legacy if Legacy were called RINZLER?

    • everyone notice that rinzler was tron because if you watched the film properly, you would have noticed that there was a sign on rinzler’s neck
      “…” the tron sign. everyone knew when tron appeared in the fight with sam
      : it was on his neck

      • it was on his chest just like superman has his s symbol only tron has his tron symbol on his chest

  10. I think Sam and Quorra should return to the grid and Ed Dillinger should go too and try to destroy Flynn’s creation. It would be cool if Kevin Flynn returns as well as Alan Bradley entering the grid. Tron should return or be re-written by Alan to help them in their quest to destroy Dillinger. Flynn should also write another CLU program to take the first steps while they go through the Grid. Dillinger should write an army to protect him along with the ISOs populating the grid again to help the heroes face off against Dillingers programs. In the end, Tron, the Flynn’s, Alan, and Quorra should all merge their discs together to kill Dillinger.

  11. As soon as young Dillinger finds out where Quorra came from he will put the pieces together and figure out how Kevin Flynn foiled his father and took over the company. With that knowledge he will create a plan to take revenge out on Sam and Encom most likely using Quorra as bate and holding her for ransom. Sam will have to rescue Quorra and defeat Dillenger. Tron3 should be a great movie and has a lot more potential for a more emotionally driven plot and story.

  12. I for one was absolutely touched by tron legacy.

    • Amen! Every time I watch that movie I feel so awesome. I think they did a great job

  13. i agree tron 3 will just not be the same without flynn because tron 1 was all about this computer hacker who did amazing things and it seemed like he was going to go on and do more amazing computer hacking in the future mr joseph kosinski you should know that every tron cult follower has this in mind just like how computers kept changing for the last 30 years and something new was allways in the horizon so should flynn and tron both have something new to offer in the horizon part 1 tron was cool because it was an all new idea of going into the computer part 2 was cool because it was about flynn gone missing and his son goes into the computer to save him but now tron 3 needs to show how this new invention that encom has invented back in 1982 will change the world im sorry but thats just how it is and its time now for tron to get on with it i know you can do it and i know it can be just as novel an idea as tron was im rooting for you you can do it

    • To the Disney Execs—,
      In my opinion here is a simple formula for Tron3 :
      Ed Dillinger(david warner) and son causing trouble
      new type of MCP—and way more Tron (bruce)
      and kFlynn. As for Same and Quora of course they are the heros of the flick.
      …now if you need help piecing the puzzle —glad to help.
      Loved 1 and 2….3 needs to be made.

  14. Personally, if it happens, that you make dillinger take quorra for ransom… i’ll be pretty upset and just leave the movie theater. lol. I’m not looking for something that has been done before. Ro22, what the heck are thinking? Really? A ransom? Since the beginning, the tron story has brought us something we’ve never seen… why would you put a classic ransom in there? ROFL. I agree with the above though. Tron has inspired more computer geeks and fantasy lovers over any other critic. We love and want to know that this is where our technology is heading. Bring the people back to the grid instead of destroying it in the future. We want to know how far the grid will go. ^^

  15. It should pick up where 2 left off, only while Sam was in the grid we find out that Dillinger followed him, found a backup of all the main programs (who wouldn’t have a backup) and took it. Flash forward… Dillinger’s been doing his own dirty work even recreated the MCP with the help of his father.

  16. Any good/interesting story will make Tron3 profitable. But for the structure of the “Grid” ask real programmers. After all this is digital domain. Avoid digital pigs and other digital animals. :)

  17. Legacy ended with the digital world entering our own. The stakes have now been raised. The threat of CLu entering our world and taking over was hinted at. For the story to continue forward, we must see a more evolved threat than what we’ve seen before. If Quorra can enter our world, then what else can?

    • they have to continue with everything flynn was talking about changing everything we know about philosophy religion and medicine changed by an iso quorra bio digital jazz but in tron 3 it is now time to unvaile the laser to the world and connect the tron world to the internet to have an open free system now is the time we all have been waiting for since 1982 to see how inventing this laser would change the world now that we all can go into a computer this is the big moment ive been waiting 28 years for to see this finally happen

  18. It would be great do see Kevin Flynn in 3, but didn’t he die in Legacy when he took Clu back into him?

  19. Okay heres my take on TRON 3.0 if any executives want to draw more out. :P

    Sam Flynn leaves ENCOM to Alan Bradley eventually so that he can pursue his life with Quorra.
    Soon after Alan Bradley dies and his son Travis Bradley becomes CEO, he expands ENCOM dramatically and tends to use his company as a privatized military company, specializing in electronic warfare. Despite international and local outrage.
    Bradley also uses his power and influence to surreptitiously buy up competitors and disassemble their companies leaving thousands without jobs. All while cutting the pay to his employees and raising the executive pay of his own company.
    Meanwhile in the meta world there is a major competition going on. Teams are assembled to fight against each other in the arena, the prize, is a trip to the real world.
    Emma, a long time friend, is secretly from the real world and got sent to the Meta World on accident and she is trying to get home. While Rezzer, a long time rival, is contracted by a mysterious person to win the competition.
    Both trying to convince the best Light Cycle rider around to join their team Travis Bradley.
    Travis likes competition but rejects both of their offers because he knows that at the end of the competition the team must turn on itself, for only one person can enter the real world.
    Rezzer threatens Travis to join or else something bad could happen, a threat Travis ignores.
    Rezzer furious about Travis rejection and also under contract to get him to join, proceeds to provide a reason for Travis to join. Rezzer and his crew de-rezzes(destroys) Travis’s dear friends.
    Ensnared by rage Travis enters the competition with Emma, he plans to get revenge on Rezzer and crew and then surrender once he has gotten his vengeance.
    The competition is brutal, betrayal happens within own teams. Friends are lost and pride is shattered. Towards the end of the competition Travis realizes Rezzer’s plan, he intends to take control of the gate between worlds and hold it open for an invasion from the real world.
    With the ultimate goal of merging both worlds.
    In the end, Travis fights Rezzer only to be interrupted by Rezzer’s boss Rinzler. An epic disc fight ensues between Travis and Rinzler revealing that Rinzler is really Travis Bradley from the real world.
    The meta world Travis is a fake created to help the real world Travis take control over the meta world.
    Emma comes to reassure the Meta Travis of his value and tries to help him defeat real Travis.
    However, the real Travis has once ace up his sleeve, he has re-infected TRON. Which is evident by their red glow. He then later proclaims he will make all worlds glow red.
    Tron and Real Travis are too much for Meta Travis and Emma until Rezzer decides to help out. He does so proclaiming to be upset about Real Travis interfering in their fight.
    Rezzer takes on his boss Real Travis while Meta Travis and Emma run for the gate with Tron in pursuit.
    Just before Tron can destroy meta Travis and Emma, Rezzer defeats Real Travis which disinfects Tron who lets them escape to the real world.
    Meta Travis is greeted by Sam Flynn who lets him know what kind of trouble real world Travis Bradley has caused. Sam also explains that he was the one who tricked Emma into going to the Meta world in order to help Meta Travis stay on the right track.
    Emma was real worlds Travis’s girlfriend until he dumped her, citing she was “too good”. Sam knew this and that’s why he used her.
    Meta Travis assumes the role of his fallen counterpart and proceeds to correct all the wrong doing of the ENCOM Corporation.
    Sometime later Meta Travis gets an email from Rezzer saying that destroying one Travis isn’t enough for him. He can’t wait to win the competition and visit him in the real world.
    Meta Travis grins and calls in his secretary, he tells her to cancel all meetings for a while because they are going on a trip to visit an old “friend”.
    The secretary is revealed to be Emma who grins and replies, “I’ll pack light.”


    Yeah I have about 10 good ideas like this per day I write them all down lol.

    • sorry but tron 3 has got to follow everything that flynn was talking about

  20. Cool but tron should make a better “showcase” becase of that scene in legacy and shark 2.0 should be the villan in tr3n or it shoud be called tron reboot becase of legacy ended the way it did.

    • what is shark 2.0?

  21. Joesph needs to consider adding the dance group Jabbawockeez to the film! They would add so much excitement to the film!

  22. I think Clu was actually an agent of either the MCP/Ed Dillinger. The MCP’s standard operating procedure is to repurpose programs… Remember when we see Clu building his army: they go, glowing blue, in one door and come, glowing orange, out the other? Where were they going?! We never see what is through that door. Also, remember in Flynn’s flashback Clu suddenly, inexplicably becomes “corrupted”… Flynn is led to believe that it was the quest for perfection that corrupted him, I think it was Ed Dillinger/MCP. There is one gaping question that goes unanswered in “Tron Legacy”: Who sent the page to Alan Bradley at the beginning of the movie? It could not have been Clu himself because he was locked in a digital cage with no internet access. Flynn says that he had been making secret trips to The Grid for years, it is not unthinkable that an embittered Edward Dillinger Sr. would have been watching Flynn like a hawk and, also, discovered the grid. My theory is that Ed Dillinger trapped Flynn on the grid to get him out of the way… but then Alan became a problem too, and so they attempt lure him, with a page, to Flynn’s Arcade, in order to trap him… but Sam goes instead and ruins their plan.

      • In Tron Legacy, the only way in or out of the grid is through the laser beam, that is why it was able to be used as a prison for Kevin Flynn.

        If Clu was able to send information from the grid then he would have, long ago, been able to escape.

        Dillinger would not necessarily have been sent to jail but he most certainly would have been disgraced.

        …and there is no reason to think Dillinger would not have made a back-up of the MCP. Tron merely destroyed the copy that existed on that particular console.

        • thats not true in tron one tron being the program that he was was still able to communicate with his user allen bradley through the input output towar with his disc tron just wasnt capable as a program to leave the computer through the input output towar so clu could only communicate with the outside world with his disc and flynn being the user that he was was capable of not only communicating with the outside world but also capable of leaving the the outside world also clu could not with his disc. as for dillinger what ever. as for the mcp it cost millions plus nine years to make the mcp so wouldnt it have cost millions more plus another nine years to make a back up copy of the mcp?

          • Clu may be a copy of Kevin Flynn but he is a stunted copy. He does not have the same abilities. If Clu can send messages, and communicate to the real world from the grid, then Kevin Flynn would have at least been able to do as much. In what was equivalent to more than a thousand years, why would Kevin Flynn have not been able to send a page or make a phone call from the grid, to call for help? The only believable explanation is that the computer they are on is a closed system.

            In regards to the MCP, there are 21 years between the end of “Tron” and the beginning of “Tron Legacy”. With the way technology has gotten better and cheaper, it would be plausible for Edward Dillinger to develop a successor to the MCP, especially if he had gone to a white-collar prison, he would have had nothing but time on his hands. Also, he wouldn’t have gone to jail right away, so he could very well have followed Kevin Flynn, and discovered the grid, before he was put away and then worked on a plan and used his son, Ed Dillinger Jr. to carry out his plan from behind bars. I could even imagine Edward Dillinger Sr. using the grid as a means to escape from jail. What a cool break-out scene that would be!




    • clu was derezzed in tron 1 by the mcp but in tron legacy clu comes back anyways to rule the grid so in tron legacy tron is heading down in the water but he changes color from red to blue but tron was not derezzed so there for a program can not drown in the sea of simulation because programs dont breath. as for clu coming back from tron 1 to tron legacy flynn just rewrote the same clu program again. as for flynn yes he is dead he was a user and users cant rise from the dead. tron 3 can do tron 3 without flynn as for tron he turned blue because he fights for the users and he dont breath so tron is still alive so there for tron will be in tron 3

  24. The source is from 2011, lol.

  25. “While Legacy may have ultimately been heavy on the eye candy and not much else”

    Say again? In the movie business we have a saying that goes something like this: Audio is half the experience. Tron Legacy had top notch sound plus an amazing soundtrack signed Daft Punk. That the author is bold enough to claim otherwise is totally incomprehensive to me.

    On a personal note: I, too, want to see Kosinski being at the helm of the next TRON chapter. While his Tom Cruise flick was meh, Legacy was more than acceptable as his big-screen directorial debut.