‘TRON 3′ Is On The Way

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Tron Legacy Vehicles Featurette1 TRON 3 Is On The Way

For Walt Disney Pictures churning out sequels and turning hit movies into blockbuster franchises is just business as usual. Long before the company unleashed its 3D digital extravaganza, TRON: Legacy, there was little question about the possibility of TRON 3 being made.

News about the animated TRON TV series was released last month and now reports are coming in that the Mouse House will greenlight a followup to TRON: Legacy soon, thus ensuring that the cyber world adventure franchise will continue to live on even longer.

This rumor comes from Ain’t It Cool News, which says that Disney is quite pleased with the returns from the TRON sequel so far. TRON: Legacy has amassed some $300 million at the worldwide box office, which almost covers its estimated $170 million production budget, since half of the ticket sales go to theater patrons. While Disney also spent another $120 million or so advertising the project globally, the company expects to make a bundle off future 3D Blu-ray and regular DVD sales as well.

Merchandising tie-ins are also quite important to Disney and TRON: Legacy has reaped healthy amounts of profit from toy Light Cycles, Identity Discs, etc. – not to mention the film’s Daft Punk score, which continues to rank as a bestseller. Between all the revenue already accumulated by the project and expectations for future profit, there’s little reason to doubt that Disney won’t profit off the TRON sequel at the end of the day.

Like James Cameron’s Avatar sequels, TRON 3 would also be a less expensive undertaking as the sets and costumes used to bring “The Grid’ to life in Legacy have already been constructed, while the necessary 3D camera/motion-capture technology – along with the software for realizing the film’s stylized visual F/X – has improved significantly over the last couple of years. So, really, why shouldn’t Disney move ahead with another TRON movie? icon razz TRON 3 Is On The Way

tron legacy recognizer TRON 3 Is On The Way

Disney is ready to revisit The Grid in 'Tron 3'.

TRON creator/producer Steven Lisberger revealed recently that development of storylines for TRON 3 has already begun and the story broke in mid-2010 that TRON: Legacy screenwriters/executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz had already been commissioned to write the threequel for Disney. As our Vic Holtreman pointed out in his TRON: Legacy review, the film is effective in its use of 3D and contains some stunning visuals, but ultimately “[it] is all about the eye candy, and not much else.” There’s little reason to suspect that TRON 3 won’t be more of the same, especially if it involves the same individuals that worked on Legacy.

While TRON: Legacy had its share of fun moments (like the Light Cycle race), the Identity Disc duels, or the End of Line Club sequence, it was often dragged down by scenes of characters delivering extraneous amounts of exposition to help flesh out and develop the history of the TRON universe. The sequel’s plot was overall rather muddled and thin, and, in my opinion, left us with little reason to want to see the series continue in TRON 3 – other than the fact that a second sequel would mean more snazzy 3D visuals.

Disney seems determined to press on with the TRON franchise and, from a financial point of view, it’s hard to argue that they shouldn’t. So, since TRON 3 now looks to be all but inevitable, how can the filmmakers improve on TRON: Legacy (besides coming up with a more comprehensible plot, that is)?

Source: Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. I still havent seen Legacy, hoping to see it at some point. But even if its all about the visuals, there’s nothing really wrong with that as far as I am concerned. Let other films have deep emotional cores, let Tron be cool!

  2. I’m just wondering how long it will be before the whole “lights woven into the clothing” (since it was real this time around) becomes a regular fad — maybe it’ll be the bell-bottoms/parachute pants/hemp & flannel of the 2010s.

  3. amen dr sam, its one of those few movies that can get away with a weak script, gimme visuals and awesome action from a film like this and let my brain rest from heavy plots once in a while

    • Yup. There’s nothing wrong with the occassional film like that, when you can just sit back, look at it, and go “WOW!”. Avatar was a film like that.

      • I didn’t rely think the plot was all that bad. I kinda liked the story.

  4. I have avoided Tron Legacy
    I will likely avoid Tron:Because The Last One Made Money.

    • Are your comments some form of cry for help? They are always so bleakly negative…

      • DSM,

        No need for that, dude. I was disappointed in TRON: Legacy myself after 3+ years of build up. All I ask is I get a little bit of story and character development served up with my eye-popping VFX.


        • I agree with you 100% Vic.

          • Honestly though the original tron had a much thinner story to it. After rewatching the first one and then watching legacy I was very pleased. Even though there are some flaws it’s still an enjoyable movie and I’m very happy that I may get to see more. It seems like after Inception and The Dark Knight everyone expects these big budget movies to be equally as epic.

            • Agreed. In my opinion, the plot was sufficient. Sure, it could have been improved, but what movie couldn’t?


          • I thought the movie was well scrpted considering. Ive been reading a lot of comments about Tron Vs Avatar, but Cameron had a fresh movie and had all the room to breathe while Tron had a frame already in place with its original.

            - a new reader of SR

  5. While Tron Legacy felt thrown together, If they can just believe in the world they’ve built there and kick some butt Maybe a third one could be the Tron we all want to see. Just trying to keep my glass half full.

  6. I hope so – I LOVED this!

  7. I like the idea. I want to see what happens to the girl once she enters the real world.

  8. Anyone couldve seen this coming lol :)

  9. NO MORE TRON MOVIES!!!!!! The first Tron was amazing all around, the second movie had great effects and an amazing soundtrack, but lacked a good story. You can’t have a Tron movie without Tron! It was stupid how Tron made a 2 min apperance and then died. Fraking writters….
    DISNEY: I love most of your movies and I love Disney itself but please…leave Tron (and while I’m at it, and Toy Story) alone!

    • uhm Tron was in the movie through out, just under a different name, and just cause the movies are called TRON doesn’t mean they are about him, even in the first film he was a side character, the films are mainly about FLYNN. And gee, maybe if they make a third film we can find out what happened to Tron and Flynn, cause I seriously doubt they are both really dead.

      • Tron had a much larger part in the first movie and I was over exagerating about him only being in it for 2min. it was more like 10 min total. The story could have been alot better.

    • I don’t mind another Tron movie as long as they address the issues in the last one.


      • vic more likely they will continuethe sequel, with alan himself showing in the grid, then tron finds out that his user is in the grid, and he will have to protect him,

    • ***** SPOILER ALERT *****

      Tron didn’t die in the last movie. When he fell into the water, the lights in his uniform turned from red to blue, denoting he was no longer controlled by Clu. When Flynn made the entire grid implode?, we don’t really know what this meant. It could have just been a way for Flynn to reboot the entire Tron universe.

  10. I don’t see what ppl are complaining about. how can u knock down a film for succeeding it what it was meant to be? A direct sequel to TRON, the first movie was more so about it’s visuals that it’s story. Both films had amazing visuals with enough story and characters to keep u going, and honestly if ppl want to compain about a 3D movie with a unsatisfying story, look at Avatar, not TRON LEGACY.

  11. I enjoyed “Tron” and I thought “Tron: Legacy” was awesome especially for a late sequel, not sure about a third movie seeing how everything got resolved and didn’t have any loose ends but if they do a third and they can pull it off then ok I’ll check it out

  12. Tron was good… I wanted more from it, I also would like to have seen TRON with a bigger role but all in all I was entertained and would go see another one… BTW did TRON die? I thought that was kind of left open???

  13. I can’t wait for the next Instalment I loved legacy one of my favs of 2010

  14. More games and less drama! I only liked the first half of the movie. Afterwards it was a snoozefest.

  15. Tron Legacy turned out to be a visual and audio feast. When you have music and live action interact the way that it does in this movie, it is forgivable for the plot to be ‘holey-er than thou’. I mean, remember the freeway chase in the Matrix Reloaded that (I’m not in the minority in this) merged the tension of action and music so eloquently, that was Tron Legacy–but throughout the movie.

    Plus, lets be real here. The first Tron wasn’t strong in the plot department as well, and having the studio bank roll a movie in the hundreds of millions of dollars while saying ‘lets retcon as much of the first movie as possible–essentially rebooting it and see what happens’. It looks like they said ‘at least keep the base happy and build from there—don’t have the base completely destroy this movie on word of mouth, which in turn would influence others who aren’t even fans of the original.’ (More than likely they said ‘Just make us some damn money’, but we can dream, can’t we?)

    It leaves them (the writers and the director)now with the option to either go for the same with the third movie now that they will have some leeway, or go for that script that addresses some plot holes and having faith the viewer can sit still long enough to understand the reasons why this is like this and that is like that in the Tron universe. Either way, I’m there.

  16. It felt like a 1980′s TRON movie. It was fine. It has character to it.

  17. I really wanted to enjoy Tron:Legacy but I kept nodding off in the theater. Even the cool visuals and 3D couldn’t keep me awake lol. Maybe I need to give it another shot. As for another Tron film, it’s not my money they would be spending so they make whatever the heck they want.

  18. They killed off the main characters, Tron and Flynn. So that leaves Sam and Quorra. I’d watch depending on the storyline but I want Tron back. If they can youth-ify Flynn, they can youth-ify Tron as well.

    If after that fiasco Transformers 2 (and I loved Transformers 1), why not do another Tron?

    • I don’t think they actually killed Tron; it seemed as if he was simply freed from Clu’s control (changed back from red to blue).

  19. I got excited about Tron 3 the moment I saw Cillian Murphy as Edward Dillinger in Tron. The guy is too big an actor to be in two minutes of the movie. The story will probably be something like Edwards creates his own grid by stealing Sam’s computer chip and using it as a template.

  20. I’m OBSESSED with TRON now, so this is amazing news to me since I was worried about Disney not liking the profits. I’ve watched the movie about 4 times now.

  21. i watched the original tron the same week i watched legacy, i did like the first tron for what it was, in the early 80′s the special effects were awesome i’m sure, but i did not think the story was super great, not bad, but not amazing. I really enjoyed tron legacy, mostly because of the cool special effects, after watching TLegacy i think i would have felt the same way i would have if i had seen the first tron in theaters, so in doing that, i think Tron 2 definately served its purpose, i’m game for a sequel.

  22. I personally really liked the original. It was an admittedly campy story that didn’t take itself too seriously while at the same time had a very unique premise behind it.

    Legacy seemed to lack that spark that made the original so endearing. Sure the FX were spectacular but it took itself too seriously with all the Clu, Zen Master Flynn, ‘evil’ Tron crap. The original proved the story can still be fun while still dealing with a dark theme like the MCP on the verge of taking over the digital world.

    I have to say I was most disappointed in Legacy because they really didn’t use Tron. I was hoping for some confrontation between Zen Flynn and Tron; Zen ‘matrix like’ Flynn skills vs Mr. updated martial arts badass battle. Tron is close to winning but Flynn does the ‘user touch’ thing and turns Tron back into a good guy and is the one who holds Clu off so the others can escape. If it’s going to be called TRON, then that character should play more than a minor role in the movie.

    If they are going to do a 3 they had better work harder on the story so it matches the brilliance of the visuals.

  23. ehhh this might be better then tron legacy

  24. Good luck with that sequel. I’m sure the animated series will last at least 12 episodes.

  25. YES

  26. I want to cillian murphy as a villain so I’m for a third but I cant imagine bieng interested much after that

    • I agree with u Sark66. Tron does rock, and ur right why did they leave tron behind a mask even though they should him once in a flash back. Why didnt they just leave the mask off?

      • showed, sorry dang computer