‘TRON 3′ Is On The Way

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Tron Legacy Vehicles Featurette1 TRON 3 Is On The Way

For Walt Disney Pictures churning out sequels and turning hit movies into blockbuster franchises is just business as usual. Long before the company unleashed its 3D digital extravaganza, TRON: Legacy, there was little question about the possibility of TRON 3 being made.

News about the animated TRON TV series was released last month and now reports are coming in that the Mouse House will greenlight a followup to TRON: Legacy soon, thus ensuring that the cyber world adventure franchise will continue to live on even longer.

This rumor comes from Ain’t It Cool News, which says that Disney is quite pleased with the returns from the TRON sequel so far. TRON: Legacy has amassed some $300 million at the worldwide box office, which almost covers its estimated $170 million production budget, since half of the ticket sales go to theater patrons. While Disney also spent another $120 million or so advertising the project globally, the company expects to make a bundle off future 3D Blu-ray and regular DVD sales as well.

Merchandising tie-ins are also quite important to Disney and TRON: Legacy has reaped healthy amounts of profit from toy Light Cycles, Identity Discs, etc. – not to mention the film’s Daft Punk score, which continues to rank as a bestseller. Between all the revenue already accumulated by the project and expectations for future profit, there’s little reason to doubt that Disney won’t profit off the TRON sequel at the end of the day.

Like James Cameron’s Avatar sequels, TRON 3 would also be a less expensive undertaking as the sets and costumes used to bring “The Grid’ to life in Legacy have already been constructed, while the necessary 3D camera/motion-capture technology – along with the software for realizing the film’s stylized visual F/X – has improved significantly over the last couple of years. So, really, why shouldn’t Disney move ahead with another TRON movie? icon razz TRON 3 Is On The Way

tron legacy recognizer TRON 3 Is On The Way

Disney is ready to revisit The Grid in 'Tron 3'.

TRON creator/producer Steven Lisberger revealed recently that development of storylines for TRON 3 has already begun and the story broke in mid-2010 that TRON: Legacy screenwriters/executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz had already been commissioned to write the threequel for Disney. As our Vic Holtreman pointed out in his TRON: Legacy review, the film is effective in its use of 3D and contains some stunning visuals, but ultimately “[it] is all about the eye candy, and not much else.” There’s little reason to suspect that TRON 3 won’t be more of the same, especially if it involves the same individuals that worked on Legacy.

While TRON: Legacy had its share of fun moments (like the Light Cycle race), the Identity Disc duels, or the End of Line Club sequence, it was often dragged down by scenes of characters delivering extraneous amounts of exposition to help flesh out and develop the history of the TRON universe. The sequel’s plot was overall rather muddled and thin, and, in my opinion, left us with little reason to want to see the series continue in TRON 3 – other than the fact that a second sequel would mean more snazzy 3D visuals.

Disney seems determined to press on with the TRON franchise and, from a financial point of view, it’s hard to argue that they shouldn’t. So, since TRON 3 now looks to be all but inevitable, how can the filmmakers improve on TRON: Legacy (besides coming up with a more comprehensible plot, that is)?

Source: Ain’t It Cool News

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  1. Enjoyed Tron…liked Legacy even more…& will be excited to see a third movie made. Particularly if they pour more sexy women into skin tight costumes!!! YOWZA!!!

  2. I’m not sure… ive seen both Tron and Tron Legacy and i must say i feel that the movie can just stay where it is. It’s done so well and a third would just be to much of a Gamble.

  3. make it they will come there must be a tron 3 please legacy was awesome

    • I know abit late. but watched tron 2 last night and its haunting for a part 3. so plesase disney listen to your people,read the comments. I bet your making a killing.

    • So many directions TR3N can go, and given all the possible elements, I hope they don’t make the mistake of trying to jam it all in and rushing the film. I can see this thing running 3 hrs easy.

      Personally, I think it’s time to take TRON to the next level, leaving Kevin Flynn and CLU behind. He died saving his son and it was a noble act. Granted, he’s the rock and foundation…hey, he’s the Creator! But, there’s no need to revisit his character unless it’s in a flash back scene, or Obi Wan style communication in the Grid.

      Some have posted about including more info on what happened leading to TRON: Legacy, but that story is already told in the TRON: Evolution game. If you’re a die-hard, play it! You’ll enjoy the story as much as,if not more than, Legacy.

      I can’t see how they would get around the main plot focusing on control of the technology within Quorra, the last ISO. I see that war taking place with Bradley, RAM, Sam, and Quorra on one side with the Dillinger’s on the other. I just wonder how it all leads back to the Grid and TRON within…last seen falling into the Sea of Simulation and switching back to himself. I do see the Dillinger’s creating or becoming some type of new master program or enemy bent on taking out the opposition at all costs of obtaining their goal.

      Endgame? The ISO technology is saved, but it has to have a very significant relevance in the real world to make the entire plot make sense.

  4. honestly i don’t think that disney should make a third tron, not just yet, and heres the reason (dear god please let the creators read this), when the original tron came out in the eighties, it was revolutionary in the special effects department, it changed the ways movies were made, then instead of putting out a sequel right away they wrote it and waited, waited til 2011, and heres why, tron legacy just like the first one, was revolutionary in its special effects, it will change the way movies are made once again, so i think they should wait another twenty thirty years, so that tron can once again change the way movies will be made

  5. no, and no they should not wait that long for the 3rd tron, no one is going to want to watch it in another 20 years, and the effects was ok but I seem better in movies

    Not sure if why they made tron evil, in some ways the first movie is still better

    plus who knows how long this planet has, earthquakes and all, plus 2012 is just next year, I hope that the world does go past 2012 but thats a gamble too…


    • For ur info my dad watched both the original when it came out and the new one, its a way they can get other generations interested, and before the earth has a chance to destroy itself the human race will blow itself up, 2012 is not the end. So in conclusion shutup when u have no clue what ur talkin bout

    • Only God knows the date of when the earth doesnt stand still.. lol

  6. I can’t wait. I hope they have another great ARG like with Flynn Lives. It was a great time, and it made the movie more interesting.

  7. My hypothosis is that the people and critics that say “the movie has no story” only paid attention to the CG effects and action scenes and just kind of turned off their brains and eyes during all the OBVIOUS story exposition through out the movie…

    Is it “perfect”? No, not saying it is, and I do wish alot of the material that was in Flynn Lives ARG’s narrative and aspects of comic book Tron:Betrayal, et all, was featured a bit more in the movie.
    But to say it’s “weak on story” or “has no story” is a over-exaggeration IMO.

    Garbage like GI Joe Rise of Cobra, Skyline, Jona Hex and a few others I’ve seen and were so MEH I can’t even remember their titles, ARE examples of movies that are weak on story. IMO Tron Legacy was *not* one of them.

    I for one LOVE TRON and hugely enjoyed Tron Legacy. I pray that a “Tron 3″ IS greenlighted. The animated prequel will fill in some more backstory and flesh things out further as well. I can’t wait to see them.

  8. I personally hope they make a Tron 3. There are many ties in Tron Legacy that are still undone. The movie to most people I know was a big hit. I even think it was better than Avatar. My family went out and saw the movie twice and went out to buy the DVD when it first came out. Who knows, maybe it will be the next Star Wars.

  9. I absoluty loved this movie, was awaiting it for awhile when i first learned of its release and did not think they were going to be able to rival that of the story of tron 1. I was wrong i loved it. This movie had no problems wrong with it at all. Just a couple of things i wish they would have put in but i guess thats how these movie makers are, want you desiring more. But what i wouldve liked to have seen were two things. Once tron said “i fight for the user” the mask to come off right there. That would have been great. And quorra and sam in the end to have kissed. But i guess since tron did fall into the sea of simulation they could bring him back in a TR3N i enjoyed both movies greatly and this one certainly wasnt a notch below the original. Im down for them making a third.. End of line.

  10. Tron was the best movie Ive ever seen and im going to be mad if they don’t make some more! TRON!

  11. I think they definitely should make another Tron Movie.

    Tron and the nature of the grid is a very intersting concept sort of what the Matrix could be said to be based on /// similar concepts.

    Make it a good one!!!
    If it is a lower budget, that is ok, sometimes you can do more with less :) It is all about the story line on a lot of levels… where you take :)

  12. I hope they bring Castor, Gem and Jarvis back! :)

  13. I think they should because its so intresting cool and I love the actors and actresses!!! and I want to know if the dad will come back? will Sam and quorra share a kiss? Is tron still alive? Come on!! Don’t you think there should?? And Garrett hedlund is super HOT lol.

  14. they left it off so that they had to make threequel since they need to get tron back and his father but also they might not need to because of the blow up of the grid

  15. Would absolutely LOVE to see a Tron 3!! Absolutely positively LOVED Tron!! #hugefan

    • There is ALWAYS a way!! :)

  16. My son 3 and me 26 would like to see another tron 3 movie I saw tron legacy when it came to the teatre and wish for my son to see one too he likes the movie he knows most of the movie words by memory don’t wait 20 years to make another one .

  17. I realy loved tron and didn’t want the film to end. I’d love to see anther made and hope there will be. I’ll keep one eye open for news of another ;)

  18. Can’t wait to see the threequel, i love the movie me and my grandfather seen the first one when i was a kid, and i will continue to watch any tron movie that comes out…just because of that memory and the love for this film.

  19. Looking forward to seeing the story continue but they need to pick up the pace…people don’t want to watch them sitting around a table eating awkwardly…I understand what they were doing but let’s get a move on now. People expect near nonstop action in a movie like this.

  20. The good thing about the net as long as you send data to it, it will never go away so Flynn’s “Master Key” is still in there, so Cue can still get out and try to take over our world, and Cillian Murphy”Edward Dillinger” will let him out once he hacks into the server that the Grid is on once he turns it back on!

  21. Yay! TRON 3 is A GO! We’re getting another movie :D it’s about time Disney! Thanks!

  22. As soon as I saw Tron Legacy in the cinemas I was in complete shock on what an brilliant film it was… The end credits music by Daft Punk really added to the emotion that I was experiencing. I really enjoyed the end of the film when Sam shows Quorra the sun, it touched me…
    Lets hope thet make tron 3!

  23. When will tron 3 come out approximately?

  24. Bring on Tron 3! I loved the original 1982 classic and Tron Legacy was a great film. I’ve watched it a dozen times and each time I pick up something that I missed the previous time. There are so many clues within Tron Legacy as to how Tron 3 could go that I just can’t wait until 2015/2016 for the next one!

    There are clues at the beginning and end of Tron Legacy that point towards a more expansive world for Tron 3. And we will see Kevin Flynn in Tron 3 for sure!

    I look forward to part 3!