‘TRON 3′ Could Begin Production By 2014

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tron legacy sequel production 2014 TRON 3 Could Begin Production By 2014

TRON: Legacy was meant to give rise to a new cash-cow for Walt Disney Pictures, but the 3D sequel failed to become as massive a hit as Mouse House execs would’ve liked. It still managed to net $400 million in tickets sales around the globe (on a $170 million budget), thus ensuring that TRON 3 could still happen… eventually.

Some six months have passed since Tron himself (actor Bruce Boxleitner) described a third installment as being a “done deal,” and we’ve yet to hear any official word on the matter. While that hasn’t changed, Boxleitner has since revised his previous prediction for when exactly the TRON threequel could begin filming.

I Am Rogue caught up with Boxleitner, and the actor (a fan-favorite for his parts in the TRON series and the TV show Babylon 5) confirmed that not only he is slated to reprise his dual roles as real-world programmer Alan Bradley and digital warrior Tron on the big screen, but that TRON 3 will indeed be a direct continuation of Legacy‘s narrative – seeing how (as Boxleitner puts it) “['TRON: Legacy] actually started the next movie and then went to black,” teasing the future adventures of Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) and a newly-human Quorra (Olivia Wilde) in the real world.

As to the status of TRON 3 in general, Boxleitner offered the following:

“It’s in the works. Anything could happen, but all I can say is, it’s in its formative stages. [Joseph] Kosinski, who is slated for it, he’s shooting another movie now, and then they’ll get around to doing that. I think somewhere around 2014, maybe.  I’m talking way out of school here, but they can’t shoot me because I’m Tron.”

tron 3 bruce boxleitner TRON 3 Could Begin Production By 2014

Bruce Boxleitner in 'TRON: Legacy'

That phrase “talking way out of school” should probably be translated as “this isn’t at all official,” but what Boxleitner is saying gels with everything else we’ve heard about TRON 3 to date. Kosinski is indeed currently busy working on his Oblivion comic book adaptation, but has reportedly been actively involved with developing the storyline for a third TRON flick (which is currently being scripted by Eight Below writer David DiGilio). As mentioned before, that planned plot for TRON 3 would pick up the narrative threads left dangling in Legacy, and possibly feature a new villain in the form of programming “genius” Edward Dillinger (Cillian Murphy).

Kosinski’s sharp eye for snazzy visuals and technical skills helped Legacy overcome some weak storytelling, so as to offer solid style-over-substance entertainment; it’s for that reason that his return on TRON 3 has long been a given, despite calls for a change-up in screenwriting personnel. Judging by its actions (or lack thereof), Disney seems to agree and isn’t so eager to get the ball rolling on a new TRON movie that the studio would begin production before Kosinski becomes available again.

TRON 3 Confirmed TRON 3 Could Begin Production By 2014

It’s long been said that part of the reason Disney is so hesitant to press ahead full-speed on TRON 3 is because the company first wants to use the upcoming Disney XD cartoon series TRON: Uprising – which bridges the narrative gap between the original TRON and Legacy – as a litmus test for how much demand there really is for this sci-fi franchise to continue on.

Obviously, the reception for the TRON animated spinoff won’t make or break the possibility of a third live-action TRON movie alone. In fact, so long as news for TRON 3 doesn’t start to resemble the “news” for Ghostbusters 3 (ie. where all the updates essentially come from one person) it sounds as though there’s a pretty good chance a third theatrical trip to “The Grid” may be on the menu after all.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date on the status of TRON 3 as the story develops.


Source: I Am Rogue

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  1. Cool! I loved Tron: Legacy (and the original). Can’t wait for this!

  2. Great news (wish they would start sooner). loved T:L. Still watch it occasionally. It is just an awesome world created by the director.

  3. original tron was movie who’s primitive effects give it it’s charm and that’s the reason i liked it that much, the new one just looked polished and fake.

  4. i loved tron legacy, i think it got way less credit than it deserved…one of the best looking movies ever made, the blu ray is amazing..i love the sound track…geat news for a tron 3.

  5. I have the xbox 360 tron controller. Its badass

  6. I have the xbox 360 controller. Its awesome

  7. The original Tron was kinda lame to be honest. It was an awesome concept, and was ahead of its time. However it was poorly made and restricted by the movie magic of its time. One of the main reason that it didn’t really capture my attention was that it had absolutely no music in it.

    If you have seen any Stephen Spielberg film, you know that the music can make the movie. I mean, what it Jaws without John Williams’ score playing in the background leading up to each attack? Yeah, thought so.

    Then Tron Legacy brought an amazing new look to the Grid and put awesome and fitting music in the background. Personally, I would rather have a mix up of Two Steps From Hell and Daft Punk because that would be amazing, but whatever.

    I am excited for this new Tron flick, and I really want to see if they can make something great out of this “tech-based lifeforms” story line.

    • Um, the original Tron does indeed have music, a fair bit I might add. It had a really distinctive ‘synth meets instrumental’ score and soundtrack (which has been available on CD for years) by Wendy Carlos..

      I don’t know how you could not notice the music, frankly. It was blatant.

    • Blasphemy!

      I’ll agree with you on the importance of the musical score. You are 110% correct It is 50% of any movie. You can get away with no score in “Found footage” movies but if you want to make blockbusters… You have to have an orchestras and a “pulse pounding” musical score.

      However, you have to give it up for the first computer generated movie ever made. This movie is literally the genesis of all you see today. It was not only a decade a head of it’s time. The original set the standard.

      In 1982 the academy refused to recognize the special effects in “TRON” cause they called it “cheating”. Oh how times have changed.

      • Your Comment made me JIZZ MY PANTS :D

      • I totally agree with you. I feel like people (these days) don’t realize that Tron was an insane step up of movies. I absolutely love watching Tron and immediately watch Legacy afterwards just to see how far we’ve come in movie making, seeing inside jokes from the first movie into the second (like the Big Door,) and comparing Young Kevin/CLU to the Kevin in Tron.

        I admit, Tron did need more music, but I honestly think we’re just comparing it to more modern day movies, which have like music 80% to 90% of the time.

    • exactly yes there were background tracks to the great tron original. And like any signature notes like vader’s march tune or the tuntun of the shark’s approach, if you let me hear any of those songs immediately i would go “hey its TRON!” hehe. Maybe you didnt watch the rest of the movie and only the beginning. Both movies are beautiful. All i need to say. :)

  8. About time we heard some news.

  9. Tron: Legacy WAS awesome and under rated. I love the Blue-Ray and I hope they DO improve on certain areas. (Such as more actual TRON scenes). It completely captivated my imagination (having never seen the original TRON), and made a fan out of me. I also recently watched BLADE RUNNER)for the first time, (Im 29 years old), and all I can say is WOW, I get it now….I get it.

  10. Can’t wait! I dress like Tron by sticking electrical tape to my pants and play frisbee. I went as far as putting colored duct tape all over my 1973 LeCar to make it look “TRON” futeristic!!!

  11. I watched the original Tron as a teenager. It blew me away but it was ahead of it’s time. Personal computers were non-existent and there wasn’t even the internet back then, but the original Tron story had the nerve to base the story on how computers work. So when I heard about Tron Legacy I couldn’t want to see it because I was thinking how much more computers and technology had changed since the original. And what did they do with all of the changes? Nothing. Although very fun to watch the storyline was horrid. I agree with the writer that they absolutely should bring in new writers for the next installment. There was a reason why this was not the huge blockbuster Disney had hoped… because the storyline sucked.

  12. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Tron Legacy. I mean i liked the special effects obviously and the 3-D wasn’t bad. The score was epic, The cinematography and the early presentation of the Disc-wars battle culminating in the confrontation with Rinzler was amazing.


    I kind of knew what was in store for the Jeff bridges character when i saw the poster and noticed he wasn’t on it. So i assumed a sort of “passing of the torch” deal was in order. But i tried to stay positive, and when it happened anyway at the end…It really pissed me off!!!

    See i was one of those loyal fans who was waiting patiently for a sequel to the original for like 28 years. The main selling point for me was Kevin Flynn and Tron. This sequel should have been called “SAM” cause i didn’t see any Tron in it unless you count that zombie dressed in black standing in the corner. I don’t know who this Sam character is neither do i really care about his story line.

    Sam’s story line was kind of tossed on us hardcore fans with no regard for the original. What about showing a little love to the fan base huh? Where is the loyalty? Where is the love?

    Despite my reservations i will probably see part 3 if the visuals sell it. BUT… If those visuals are not up to par. Forget it. No offense to Garrett but he’s no Jeff Bridges.

    • Agree with dana.
      Loved the visuals, Olivia, the music, and the rest but it lacked big time…which was expected since it was a Disney film. More Jeff and less Garrett would have been nice.
      I’ll see the next one only for the eye candy. Not getting my hopes up for anything else.

      • @jessSayin

        You know…

        If they had put a sequel into production in say 94 and did a third one in 04. Than passing the deal off to Sam wouldn’t have been such a big deal to me. cause the main character’s story line would have come full circle(granted it was told right). Instead Disney allowed a hack writer to literally canalize and finally abolish the previous story line in favor of a new one. In effect starting a whole new story thread with a whole new cast of characters.

        With no real “frame of reference” the movie starts off backtracking. Explaining itself creating a vortex of exposition. Any writer can tell you. When making sequels. Try to keep exposition to a “minimum” or your asking for trouble. Cause flashbacks rarely work(example: Kevin explaining the genesis of CLU2 and Clu’s revolution).

        As to what the other res ponders are saying. It’s kind of like doing Die-Hard 2 with a John McClane’s son and killing John McClane or killing off Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapon 2 and passing off the story line to Joe Pesci… Ugh?!

        If you didn’t really like the original i’m not surprised you don’t really care if the original was stripped in favor of a new design. I’m just asking you respect the original since it is the chassis for which this new sleek design is built upon.

      • Agreed. I thought the movie – to sum-up all my feelings in word – sucked. Also, they could have picked a better actor than Garrett Hedlund – his acting reminded me of Hayden Christensen in Star Wars…

        • *ONE word

  13. Tron Legacy’s character screen time grid——-lol
    Sam- 55%
    Kevin Flynn- 35%
    Tron himself- 10%……………Really?

  14. The TRON movies aren’t about TRON, they’re about the relationship and dynamic between Users and Programs. You guys take the title way too literally. Next you’ll say there wasn’t enough legacy in Legacy.

    As for Uprising, it’s been pushed back for this autumn. I just hope there aren’t any more delays, seeing that Disney is putting a lot of synergistic effort into tying the films with it, and who’s to say it’ll only last one season (though Avengers didn’t last long). 2016 (by filmmaking estimates) is a while to wait for TR3N. Though I am intrigued as to who “the next TRON” will be.

  15. Agree with above poster. Tron is a program, not a person. If you think about it, between Alan, the Tron scene and Rinzler he was in the whole movie. You have to admit that Garret held up his end of the bargain and carried the movie. I love Tron, but Legacy had a better story, better acting and an awesome villain in CLU. I for one can’t wait for them to continue the story.

    • ” Agree with above poster. Tron is a program, not a person. ”

      Ahha! But it is still a movie and you need characters to pull off your movie. If this is a video game where no character development is needed than by all means. But there is a reason why this movie didn’t set the world on fire. And there is an even bigger reason why the writer was stripped of his duties and shown the exit. Because his story line… SUCKED BIG TIME.

      How would AVATAR 2 be looked upon if Sam Worthington’s character was killed off near the end just because as your saying it is AVATAR and it is really a story about the Na’vi? It wouldn’t be that good because the story is told through the point of view of Jake Sully. He is the vessel for which we are exploring this world.

      Or better yet. How would you feel if they killed off THE DARK KNIGHT in DKR just to promote Cat woman or some unknown character making his debut?

      I bet you’d be having a fit. And rightfully so.

      Granted Kevin Flynn is not Bruce Wayne but. YOU-NEVER-KILL-OFF-THE-HERO unless you have no other alternative… EVER. BAD-IDEA.

      • Clearly not a Game of Thrones watcher, are you?

  16. I’ll pay $20 a movie ticket to see tron 3.

  17. lol the funny part is i thought tron legacy was a reboot so i thought legacy was tron 1

  18. Could they PLEASE give this film a decent story? I enjoyed both films, but neither of them have a decent story, just a CG fest.

  19. I just watched TRON Legacy for the 7th time last night, and I still love it! I really hope they make a third installment on the franchise. Both movies were great in my opinion, the first was ahead of its time and the second was just eye candy visually. The cast and story line of TRON Legacy was just what it needed to be so that people that didn’t see the the first movie would understand how it all came to be, and I’m sure if they didn’t see the first one after they watched TRON Legacy they probably had to see go watch the original “my little brother”. Any way lets keep our hopes up and fingers crossed for TRON 3!

  20. Well, I was but a young lad with a strong intrest in computers back when the original Tron came out, I was spectacularly impressed with the original movie. The story was very original and interesting, with all the newest technologies and gadgets in it. It became a classic in short order. However, Legacy was a complete and utter piece of crap. I am not gonna push blame at any one person, I see many people talking crap about the writer etc. The bottom line is whatever he wrote, Disney accepted, slicked up, produced, marketed the hell out of and then released. Some few people who never saw the original might have liked it, or people for whom story isnt important, im not judging, but a movie has to have alot more than flashy effects to impress me. I wont bother going to see tron 3, as I SO wish I had saved my 20 bucks and just watched legacy when it came out on hbo or something. Id have rather spent it buying a copy of tron 1 and sitting home and watching it than sitting for 2 hrs watching that crappy “sequel”.

  21. Yahoo! Disney bring on Tron 3 and give Boxleitner aka Tron some real heroic screen time this outing!

  22. I can’t wait to see the outcome.

  23. Legacy was dope also the original tron make tron 3. Will make a perfect trilliogy

  24. Both Tron films were enjoyable, understanding they were in different eras of film making.

    Personally, I would like to see Tron as more of the focal point, if a third movie is made. Sam & Kevin are critical, of course. But they drove Legacy. It would be more interesting (again, just speaking for myself), if Boxleitner was the main protagonist…with father & son Dillengers being the obvious antagonists.

    Tron saves Kevin inside the mainframe…while Alan Bradley saves Sam & Quorra in the real world.

    Oh…& without a doubt…more sexy babes in skin tight outfits. Please. That is as important to me than any special effect.

  25. I realy loved TRON LEGACY so much that i feel like i want to live there on the grid i mean the rides,the disk fights,the story,the colors of blue,orange,white,and my fav.green fyi i think green looks the best color in TRON I CANT WHAIT FOR THE NEW TRON3 i actualy hope it comes around 2013.

  26. They were just doing a different story of Flynn…hmm the name legacy meaning his son Sam get over it…what did you expect them after 20 some years bring Kevin and Alan back into a action movie and expect them to act like they can do everything they used to? They are old…people get old and you have to move on. Kevin is passing his legacy on to his son…everyone knew his son just never accepted it. Everyone just wanted another Kevin story well sorry times change and they said he was in there for atleast 1000 cycles. So yes in the movie and real life he is old Zen man. Feel like beating this to death but come-on people you honestly can’t expect original cast to be back to do everything they did before…that’s like saying bring Luke and Princess Leia back to do a Star Wars 7…they would need walkers and a IV drip during the movie…

    • Oh and like before Trim is just a program not a specific person…and this movie is about relationships NOT A SPECIFIC PERSON!

  27. Everybody keeps talking about how it’s questionable if ‘Tron Legacy’ made enough money to warrent another sequel… it made MORE money than J. J. Abram’s ‘Star Trek’ and I never heard anybody question if that movie was successful.

  28. Everybody keeps talking about how it’s questionable if ‘Tron Legacy’ made enough money to warrent another sequel… it made MORE money than J. J. Abram’s ‘Star Trek’ and I never heard anybody question if that movie was successful.

  29. Everybody keeps talking about how it is questionable if TRON LEGACY made enough money to warrent another sequel… it made more money than J. J. Abram’s STAR TREK and I never heard anybody question if that movie was successful.