‘TRON 3′ Could Begin Production By 2014

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tron legacy sequel production 2014 TRON 3 Could Begin Production By 2014

TRON: Legacy was meant to give rise to a new cash-cow for Walt Disney Pictures, but the 3D sequel failed to become as massive a hit as Mouse House execs would’ve liked. It still managed to net $400 million in tickets sales around the globe (on a $170 million budget), thus ensuring that TRON 3 could still happen… eventually.

Some six months have passed since Tron himself (actor Bruce Boxleitner) described a third installment as being a “done deal,” and we’ve yet to hear any official word on the matter. While that hasn’t changed, Boxleitner has since revised his previous prediction for when exactly the TRON threequel could begin filming.

I Am Rogue caught up with Boxleitner, and the actor (a fan-favorite for his parts in the TRON series and the TV show Babylon 5) confirmed that not only he is slated to reprise his dual roles as real-world programmer Alan Bradley and digital warrior Tron on the big screen, but that TRON 3 will indeed be a direct continuation of Legacy‘s narrative – seeing how (as Boxleitner puts it) “['TRON: Legacy] actually started the next movie and then went to black,” teasing the future adventures of Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) and a newly-human Quorra (Olivia Wilde) in the real world.

As to the status of TRON 3 in general, Boxleitner offered the following:

“It’s in the works. Anything could happen, but all I can say is, it’s in its formative stages. [Joseph] Kosinski, who is slated for it, he’s shooting another movie now, and then they’ll get around to doing that. I think somewhere around 2014, maybe.  I’m talking way out of school here, but they can’t shoot me because I’m Tron.”

tron 3 bruce boxleitner TRON 3 Could Begin Production By 2014

Bruce Boxleitner in 'TRON: Legacy'

That phrase “talking way out of school” should probably be translated as “this isn’t at all official,” but what Boxleitner is saying gels with everything else we’ve heard about TRON 3 to date. Kosinski is indeed currently busy working on his Oblivion comic book adaptation, but has reportedly been actively involved with developing the storyline for a third TRON flick (which is currently being scripted by Eight Below writer David DiGilio). As mentioned before, that planned plot for TRON 3 would pick up the narrative threads left dangling in Legacy, and possibly feature a new villain in the form of programming “genius” Edward Dillinger (Cillian Murphy).

Kosinski’s sharp eye for snazzy visuals and technical skills helped Legacy overcome some weak storytelling, so as to offer solid style-over-substance entertainment; it’s for that reason that his return on TRON 3 has long been a given, despite calls for a change-up in screenwriting personnel. Judging by its actions (or lack thereof), Disney seems to agree and isn’t so eager to get the ball rolling on a new TRON movie that the studio would begin production before Kosinski becomes available again.

TRON 3 Confirmed TRON 3 Could Begin Production By 2014

It’s long been said that part of the reason Disney is so hesitant to press ahead full-speed on TRON 3 is because the company first wants to use the upcoming Disney XD cartoon series TRON: Uprising – which bridges the narrative gap between the original TRON and Legacy – as a litmus test for how much demand there really is for this sci-fi franchise to continue on.

Obviously, the reception for the TRON animated spinoff won’t make or break the possibility of a third live-action TRON movie alone. In fact, so long as news for TRON 3 doesn’t start to resemble the “news” for Ghostbusters 3 (ie. where all the updates essentially come from one person) it sounds as though there’s a pretty good chance a third theatrical trip to “The Grid” may be on the menu after all.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date on the status of TRON 3 as the story develops.


Source: I Am Rogue

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  1. Seems to me we really don’t know for sure if Flynn really died.

    • Sam & Quora left with Kevin Flynn’s data disc (which contains a backup of a program’s memories) and then we see Sam loading something onto a USB flash drive, presumably Kevin Flynn’s mind. I think we will see Kevin Flynn return in the same way Obi Wan Kenobi returned in Star Wars, as a ghostly advisor.

    • Exactly! At the end of Tron Legacy, Sam has his fathers mind saved to the flash drive hanging from the chain around his neck. Kevin Flynn, at the very least, will return as a sort of ghostly advisor like Obi Wan did in Star Wars.

    • I doubt he did that would kind of damage the storyline at this point in the story. If so I’m sure he’ll reappear in Tron 3 in spirit form or an assistant to his son, with no physical appearance. I’m thinking maybe a digital hologram on his Disk.

      • LOL Seems others think the same I should of read the replies before I commented.

        • Plus he looks entirely too relaxed at the end of the movie for someone who just had something (his Dad) he’s been searching an answer for taken away from him when he finally got it. He’s just riding his bike into the sunset like he has no care in the world. LOL

          • If I had Olivia Wilde clutching to the back of my bike, I’d get over the blues pretty quickly too!

            • Well even earlier when he was talking to Alan right before they leave the Flynn arcade he was cheesing a little too much for someone who “lost” something to that degree.

              Olivia is a gorgeous girl, but I’d prefer those Sirens they’re stunning as well, program or not. I’ll find a way to humanize them I might keep some of their emotions close to robotic because women can be too emotional at times like excessive crying, making little situation into humongous ones, talking just a little too much, etc. I’ll add more smiling though.

              Tune some of the settings just right and we’ll have fun.

  2. “Tron Legacy” made more money than J. J. Abrams’ “Star Trek”, and nobody questioned whether that movie deserved a sequel. People just think it’s popular to put the hate on Tron.

    • Well said. The first was a cult classic, the second was an audiovisual feast, and some people still hate them.

    • There is a problem with your comparison. Yes, Tron made more worldwide. But we are not looking at a huge difference here. The worldwide difference is only about $14.4 million. Domestically, Star Trek not only made more money, but also made considerably more profit. Tron’s production budget was $170 million. Domestic box office figures have it at $172 million. However, Star Trek’s budget was $150 million, and the domestic figures have it at $257.7 million. So not only did Star Trek have a considerable lead in terms of domestic box office numbers, but it also made a considerable domestic profit. I LOVE Tron and Tron: Legacy. I really want to see a third. But when it comes to “home grown” movies, they are going to take into consideration just how well a movie did at “home.” Studios obviously are going to look to see how a movie did worldwide, but they are going to put heavy weight into domestic figures. There is no sense in green lighting a movie if its predecessor struggled to find an audience in its own country of origin. All that said, I am still hoping Tron 3 is a definite go. I’ll be there for the first show.

  3. This is great! I loved TRON! Which by the way, where im from. Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA. used to host the elecTRONica event fridays and saturdays which is where they had a Laserman spectacular show, an outdoor “rave-like” show where there were DJs and lights with characters that looked like Tron dancing on stage risers. So basically I wish Disneyland brings back the elecTRONica event because of the sequal! PLEASE DISNEYLAND do it!

  4. this is the biggest piece of sht article, they already announced it will be in thatres in the fall of 2013. dumbass.

    • Lol You got proved majorly wrong now didnt you {2015} I also think that if they did a third Movie it would be a massive hitter Legacy was for 80% of the Viewers a first time ever seeing it So ivecourse people arent going to go crazy but now people know and have a taste if they make even Just one more. People will be spending fortunes to see the movie It would be so amazing and a TR3N would actually have an even better story setup than legacy did.

  5. I think tron 3 would be a amazing see what happens to the rest of the cast and could show everything being rebuilt in the grid or whatever tron 3 needs to happen

  6. I think adding the dance group, JABBAWOCKEEZ to the film line-up would add a big spark of excitement to the film!

    • Stop being so Pinoy!


  8. Very good, found the project with a gift for the New Year, I hope that this is it will be my kalabashki_net promising in principle, there are people who not only think of themselves, and contributed to, even if not to me, but to someone lucky

  9. “Weak storytelling” in part 2? Did we watch the same movie?

  10. I hope they make tron 3 I’d be so happy!!

  11. Weak on story telling?! I think Tron Legacy is a rare gem where original story, original soundtrack and original visuals actually come together to create a movie like no other. If I want to watch something with bad story telling I’ll watch Avatar again. What a horrific non-stop cliché that was!

  12. I hope Tron 3 will be as good as Tron: Legacy, I am a huge fan of Tron and an even bigger fan of Legacy, because it had Olivia Wilde the most beautiful woman I have seen for a long while, the story was epic, the music was great ( I do hope Daft Punk continue making the music for Tron since they made a fantastic job of the music for Legacy),the visua effects were great and although many people said the acting was poor I thought it was really good!!! Anyway I hope Tron 3 is mighty successful because it has a lot of anxious and awaiting people reserving their cash for the cinema in 2014. :D

  13. Go TRON 3!

  14. Trust me. There are a great many studio execs that would love to have a ‘flop’ that pulled in $400 Million+ like Tron: Legacy did. That Disney is still hemming and hawing over a 3rd Tron makes me scratch my head.


  16. I myself don’t think Kevin Flynn died, he will be back, but not as a ghost or advisor. It is possible that every time Flynn went on the grid, a backup of himself was made and was stored somewhere. Another possibility is that Flynn recorded the moment when he and Clu merged. The only downside is, in order to bring him back, Sam must replay the ending of Tron legacy and try to save his father. However if Sam does save his father then that means that Clu will also be brought back.

    • when sam returned through the portal (Insert mid sentence)