Disney Moves Forward with ‘Tron: Legacy’ Sequel; Hires New Writer

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tron legacy sequel production 2014 Disney Moves Forward with Tron: Legacy Sequel; Hires New Writer

Tron: Legacy was visually spectacular, but left some audiences cold with its less-than-compelling characters and plot. Nevertheless, after the film opened to moderate success worldwide, Disney was quick to announce a sequel for the project. The company even released several teaser clips and an epilogue to Tron: Legacy to help generate interest in the film.

Despite the potential for the franchise, however, development on Tron 3 (as it’s currently being called) has been relatively slow moving. A year and a half ago, Disney hired screenwriter David DiGilio to pen a draft of the screenplay, but since then we haven’t heard much about the film. Now, it looks like Disney is moving forward again.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, new Disney head Alan Horn has put the project on the fast track, hiring screenwriter Jesse Wigutow to rewrite the script. THR notes that Wigutow is a known commodity at Disney, having previously worked with the Mouse House on an adaptation of Peter and the Starcatchers and another upcoming project called Parallel. Wigutow is also working on The Crow reboot.

Getting the script right is the first step, but there are a number of other things that need to happen before Tron 3 can move forward. With Disney pushing forward on the project, you can expect the company to lock in its three stars: Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges. Based on the teasers, Disney will also likely move to lock in Cillian Murphy to take on a larger villain role in the film.

Tron 3 lands a new screenwriter Disney Moves Forward with Tron: Legacy Sequel; Hires New Writer

Director Joseph Kosinski also needs to officially come aboard the project. Kosinski was involved in developing the story for the sequel and is definitely interested in the film, but he is also involved in multiple other projects. Currently, Kosinksi is finishing post-production on Oblivion with Tom Cruise, which comes out this spring, but I would expect Disney to lock him in soon.

Are you happy to see that Disney has returned its attention to the world of Tron, or would you have preferred the company delete this franchise altogether?

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Source: THR

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  1. Legacy was much better than I thought it’d be. Seemed as much a labour of love on Kosinski’s part as the original was to Steven Lisberger. I’m interested to see what they do with a third film.

    • I could not disagree more. It looked like every other Hollywood big Budget movie: overwrought and with nothing interesting in the script.

      Worst was the music. They thought they had scored a coup by getting Daft Punk and despite their game effort, there was more musicality in a one minute Wendy Carlos cue than in the whole Daft Punk score.

      Colorless, odorless, tasteless movie.

  2. Tron without Jeff Bridges… I don’t know if that’s legal. But it still will kick ass!

  3. Tron: Legacy is one of my biggest disappointments over the past few years. I was so badly hoping for a high concept franchise making adventure but was mostly left cold and it fell flat…
    So, there’s part of me that would want to see a sequel because I think there’s potential but I’d be pretty skeptical until I saw some amazing footage and heard some positive.
    There’s also a part of me that hopes yeah, move as fast as possible and lock up Kosinski because I don’t want Disney to pick him as the director of Episode 7. But that’s coming from the crazy fanboy that still lingers inside of me. ;)

    • Watch TRON: Uprising on Disney XD. Tron is certainly moving up and I really think they can get TR3N on the right track. :)

      • Just out of interest, what’s the soundtrack like on that, Nathan? I’ve only seen the trailers, which looked interesting, though they seemed to be using elements of Daft Punk (or something pretty similar). I’m one of the few who found their work on Legacy…okay, serviceable, appropriate, nothing special, and certainly not as swoon-worthy as some. Horses for courses I know, but I can think of a dozen people off the top of my head who I reckon could have turned in something at least as good.

        • I agree on the score. The only reason people fawned is because they’re a well-known pop act. Musically, there was absolutely nothing to the score. It was as boring as the movie.

  4. Can’t wait. Loved Legacy.

  5. Flynn Lives! I’m a big fan of the original and I loved Tron: Legacy. I’m excited to see the 3rd movie.

  6. I’ve been waiting for them to get started on the sequel since we saw the midnight showing at the IMAX. I am totally on board. I doubt Daft Punk will come back for the soundtrack though, unfortunately, which had an enormous impact on the quality of the film. If the TRON: Uprising show is any indicator, however, Disney will continue to make tiny alterations to the tracks thereby keeping the music similar enough to Daft Punk’s that it sounds like they composed it. As much as I’d love to see Daft Punk return, I think I’d rather see them make original material if soundtrack work is going to hinder that process.

    • If they can’t or won’t return, it’d be a huge mistake to have some hack producer merely fiddle around in a studio with what they’ve already done. It’d be an established sonic identity fighting a losing battle against the law of diminishing returns at that point. Personally I’d like to see someone else take a stab at the soundtrack now anyway. Daft Punk’s work was perfectly okay, but didn’t strike me as something so special that any number of electronic outfits/individuals couldn’t have equalled or bettered it in their own way, given half a chance.

  7. i’m down… it took several viewings of Legacy for me to not flat out hate it. I think that that Hedlund guy wasn’t very good as a lead though.

  8. I loved both tron movies, I think the 2nd one in 3D was fantastic, loved the soundtrack, my 12 yr old liked it, it would be great if they came into our world in the 3rd movie.

  9. While a bit lacklustre Tron Legacy had enough about it to be the foundation for a good sequel

    Master Control Program

  10. Have it star Michael Sheen and get the guy who did the Dredd soundtrack, and that’s an awesome movie. I say drop the lead from Legacy, he had about as much charisma as an actor from an Old Navy commercial.

  11. I was so excited to see Tron Legacy, the first trailer gave me butterflies….while I was somewhat disappointed with the overall film. I still enjoyed it immensely.
    I will be first in line for Tron 3!!

  12. Screw Heldund and wilde, they’re exactly why the first film failed.. they got screen time that SHOULD have been spend on proper storytelling and exposition.. as for the ending, I can suspend belief enough to accept a real person converted to energy, dropped into the grid and managing to leave (ok, accepted big jump, but it at least follows some kind of, warped, logic.. deconstituted then reconstituted, but her coming out of the grid at the end when she didn’t have a body in the first place?

    That ending NEEDS retconned or future movies, if any, will fail as a story and be nothing more except more shallow effects and nothing else, as THAT I will not pay to go see.

    • also, the movies stars are actually, Bridges and Boxlightner… how can you even mention Tron and ignore ol’ Brucie.

      • The SHIVA digitizer works by reconstructing the molecular layout of a being out of carbon materials. If it was told to digitize something that didn’t go in it wouldn’t care either way.

        But yeah, the concept is a stretch, much like transporter beams or lightsabers and The Force.

  13. Anyone who thinks Tron Legacy was bad writing needs to return to it and really watch it to get the subtext that they threw in there. The one where Flynn is God or creator and Clu is the dark angel or devil that is also created by god and is doing exactly as he was created to do. The devil corrupts every thing he touches in this movie but as you see near the end this become more obvious when Tron dies saving the users and returns to being light blue instead of orange corrupted. There are many hint to this sub story if you watch closely like how the main character is always known to the programs as the son of Flynn an obvious take on son of god. Watch it again. It has far better writing then people realize and it’s sad that it will be taken over by new people who probably wont put that effort into it.

    • Yep, picked up on that. Original had religious themes too. Legacy had ideas way over many people’s heads, sadly, hence “bad writing”.

      Here’s hoping they can get the mouth breathers on this one yet still do great.

  14. Yes make a Tron 3! I loved Legacy, Daft Punk have to do the soundtrack again, the Legacy soundtrack is a masterpiece..

    • Sadly, I cold not disagree more. The Daft Punk soundtrack was completely lacking in musicality.

      There were more musical ideas in a 60 second Wendy Carlos cue from the original than in the whole Daft Punk score.

      Sadly it’s something that can be said of most of today’s unpalatable film “music”.

      • I’m sorry, but what? This sounds like a huge troll comment, but I’ll bite.

        A sample of some of the great titles from the Tron Legacy Soundtrack:
        The Game Has Changed
        Adagio for Tron
        Disc Wars

        I mean, it’s one thing to not like the musical score, but this was recognized and nominated for 6 different awards. They won an AFCA award for best musical score and the album went gold after breaking half a million physical copies, so… yeah.

        • The fact a piece of music gets awards is as meaningless as when a movie or actor gets awards. These days, those are bought and paid for with PR money.

          I listened intently to the score and stand by my judgement. It was colorless and tasteless. I appreciated the effort to do a well-produced orchestral score, but it was missing anything truly musical. Listen to Wendy’s score to the original and you’ll hear a wealth of great musical elements, melodies, motifs and the like. The Daft Punk score was just plain vanilla music without musicality.

          In their defense, most current directors hate good film music and want “wallpaper music” that doesn’t do much.

          They fear a good score will obscure their genius. In the case of tron Legacy, it revealed the lack of talent of the director.

  15. really? man why? legacy was utter garbage!!! cg was cool, so what! that doesnt make up for the fact that the characters were horrible. The lead actor was prolly the worst lead ive seen in a long time! This movie will bomb if its made. If they are gonna do it, get a new director and screen writers, u know u might as well reboot it, cuz if they go with the same lead and director and writers, then it will bomb.

  16. I’m extremely pleased to know that a lot of you guys liked Tron: Legacy. A lot of critics/viewers butchered this film for its poor story and plot. DAFUQ! Okay, maybe the acting from the lead actor wasn’t that great. But the storyline was pretty damn good. Same goes with Tron: Uprising. Don’t you just get sick and tired of hearing other people say that TR2N was boring except for the visual effects? Onward, TR3N!

    • I thought it was boring INCLUDING the visual effects. All the life from the original was gone from the sequel.

      And having a bad lead actor is a pretty huge problem.

  17. Excellent news, I thought that since Disney purchased Star Wars they would give up on TRON. I really liked Legacy, yea yea, acting, writing issues. Isn’t that the same for Star Wars. I love the whole idea of the digital world. Legacy pulled in over 400 million world-wide, I wouldn’t call it a flop. I would also encourage bringing back Daft Punk. I’m sure the lead actor will improve also. Can’t wait, love TRON.

  18. That’s the usual Hollywood BS. Tron 2 was a resounding failure, which they spun as an OK venture in part by insisting they’d do Tron 3 since “why would they do a sequel if the original didn’t make money”.

    And that my friends is how Hollywood ends up making sequels to flops.

    • 1 year late on this post, but the film made 400 million in the box office and had a budget of 170, so I’d say that would be an incorrect assessment. A third movie, however, doesn’t really seem like a good idea.

      The movie itself was alright – As a film, 6 out of 10. The music is what did it for me. Most of the people I know who have seen the film enjoy it because of the music and visuals.

      • The mistake you are making is taking Hollywood’s numbers seriously.

        It’s been years since Box Office numbers were related in any way to reality.

        Similarly, budget numbers are not to be taken at face value.

        Does it mean it’s impossible to really know if a project was a hit? Yes it does. You can, however judge the impact of movies by the way people talk about them and how fast they fade from current discourse (except as a put down). Tron Legacy is never talked about positively in my experience and only rarely talked about at all, to show how bad sequels are.

        • These aren’t “Hollywood’s numbers”, they’re box office numbers, and they count big time. If a film makes more in the box office than it cost to make and promote, then it’s made money. If that’s in excess of 200 million, like this one is, then it’s very successful. Albeit, not the biggest profit margins Disney has seen, but is nonetheless profitable.

          * One note, the $170M budget doesn’t necessarily include promotion, but the profit is still there.

          Your original comments that the movie was a “resounding failure” and “why would they do a sequel if the original didn’t make money” are still incorrect.

          “Does it mean it’s impossible to really know if a project was a hit? Yes it does. You can, however judge the impact of movies by the way people talk about them and how fast they fade from current discourse (except as a put down). Tron Legacy is never talked about positively in my experience and only rarely talked about at all, to show how bad sequels are.”

          That may be how you judge a movie, but money is the production companies primary interest. It made money, so it was a hit. Public opinion and reviews are certainly good things to look at, but they’re not always going to fall in line with whether the movie was a “hit” or not.

          Look at all the films that get great reviews, but flop in the box office because what? They didn’t make any money and that’s what counts.

          With all this in mind, the movie was entertaining – certainly no amazing movie, as my personal review stated above, but it was good enough and made enough money to warrant a 3rd film. Not my choice, but let’s see what they do with it without Daft Punk.

          • Actually, I am quite sorry to tell you that you are wrong. Box-Office numbers are the studios’ numbers. There is no company that checks independently those numbers.

            The only real numbers in Hollywood are the Nielsens. Everything else is PR.

            Up until 15-20 years ago Box-Office numbers, as published, were reasonably close to reality because the great journalist A.D. Murphy (and I don’t say that about ANY journalist) who invented box-office reporting was still alive and monitoring the studios. Once he, sadly, passed away the numbers started their ridiculous inflation and are now on average triple reality (my estimate based on long-term trends of box-office figures since 1946).

            You seem eager to take the studios’ word of what makes money and what doesn’t and all I can say is you are terribly wrong and it’s quite sad to see you and so many others lied to so successfully.

            You also assume that the only reason to make a sequel is to make more money. 20 years ago, you’d have been right, but studio management has changed and studios are now managed by the top executives for their own self-interest, and if it takes making sequels to box-office failures to keep their jobs a little longer, it’s well worth it to them and they do it.

            The same is happening with TV where flops are routinely renewed so they can be promoted as hits.

            Up to the 2000s, they only announced sequels (like they did for Superman Returns) but rarely made them (like the Tomb Raider sequel justified because it sold video games!!!) but now it’s routine.

            I can anticipate you thinking “but are the owners that stupid?” Sadly they are. They are people who know nothing about the film and TV business, have hired “experts” to manage for them and lose incredible amounts of money due to incompetent management. It’s been known to happen (see the auto industry for a shining example of manipulated numbers aimed at keeping the good times rolling a few more years until it all comes crashing down).

  19. Awesome…..I thought Tron Legacy was brilliant and I’m glad they are moving forward with the 3rd installment as promised. I hope they bring back Boxleitner and bring back Cindy Morgan (Yori) and Dan Shor (Ram)from the teaser clips that were released on the Blu-ray Dvd. Adding David Warner back with Cillian Murphy would be awesome!