Joseph Kosinski Teases ‘TRON 3′ Official Title; Talks ‘Black Hole’ Remake [Updated]

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joseph kosinski 14 7 10 kc Joseph Kosinski Teases TRON 3 Official Title; Talks Black Hole Remake [Updated]

[UPDATE: We know who the new writer for The Black Hole remake is.]

TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski has been working the press junket circuit to promote his sci-fi project Oblivion starring Tom Cruise, which begins its theatrical run later this month. Hence, earlier this week, we received an update on the status of TRON 3 (which is developing under the “code name” TR3N) – in the shape of Kosinski’s announcement that a revised script draft is on schedule to be finished within the next two weeks.

However, a third TRON live-action movie isn’t the only gestating project Kosinski is currently working on for Disney. Today we finally have an update on his remake of The Black Hole, which the filmmaker has been linked to around three to four years now.

Kosinski has offered the following on the official title for TRON 3 (via Getty Images Entertainment):

“Yes, we do have a name but we’re not talking about it yet. It delivers on the promise at the end of Tron: Legacy in a really exciting way.”

Tron 3 Story Details Setting Daft Punk Joseph Kosinski Teases TRON 3 Official Title; Talks Black Hole Remake [Updated]

Legacy‘s ending has been a subject of discussion in recent weeks, following an interview with Olivia Wilde (who played Quorra in the film) about continuing the character’s story arc in TRON 3. The second TRON installment did have its fair share of narrative problem and thematic shortcomings – which is something I and my fellow Screen Ranters have, well, ranted about many times – but it also placed down the groundwork for more interesting developments in the third movie, which Kosinski previously said will pick up in real-time after Legacy.

The filmmaker has also expressed a desire to “blows the doors off this franchise” and make TRON 3 the “Empire Strikes Back of the series,” which is why he is remaining somewhat non-commital about the production timeline – until Kosinski has received, read and approved the script draft written by Jesse Wigutow (who’s also writing The Crow reboot).

“We’ve been working on the story for a few years now. I’m really excited about the idea we have but the script is in process right now… I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all comes together… it’s an exciting idea I can tell you that.”

black hole remake tron legacy director Joseph Kosinski Teases TRON 3 Official Title; Talks Black Hole Remake [Updated]

Meanwhile, the Black Hole remake is gaining traction, according to Kosinski:

“Yes, The Black Hole is on. We actually have some exciting, big news coming on that very soon. It’s a project that I’m really excited about… it’s a deep space trip into the centre of the galaxy and we have a really great idea for the Black Hole itself…”

The Black Hole, for those not aware, is a 1979 Disney live-action sci-fi feature about a 22nd-century spacecraft that locates a long-missing vessel (commanded by a mysterious scientist), which has managed to reside near the boundaries of a black hole without being pulled in by its massive gravitational force. It was new territory for the Mouse House at the time – being the studio’s first (gasp!) PG-rated film and costing (double gasp!) $26 million to produce, not adjusted for inflation – and has since become a cult classic of the genre.

Here’s what Kosinski previously said about updating the original movie (some three years ago now):

“I saw ‘Black Hole’ as a little kid..What sticks out most is the robot Maximilian. The blades and the vicious killing of Anthony Perkins. That freaked me out and that’s definitely going to be an element that will be preserved. The design of the Cygnus ship is one of the most iconic spaceships ever put to film. From a conceptual point of view, we know so much more about black holes now, the crazy things that go on as you approach them due to the intense gravitational pull and the effects on time and space. All that could provide us with some really cool film if we embrace it in a hard science way.”

Travis Beacham (Pacific Rim) was the original screenwriter hired to work on the Black Hole remake, but it’s not clear yet whether or not his script draft is still being used. However, given the positive early buzz for Guillermo del Toro’s blockbuster – and the news that Beacham has been kept on to collaborate with del Toro on a sequel - there’s a good chance Disney and Kosinksi are likewise happy enough to move forward with his Black Hole screenplay.

UPDATE: THR is reporting that the Black Hole script is now being written by Jon Spaihts, who wrote the original Alien: Engineers script that eventually became Prometheus, as well as The Darkest Hour. He is also writing the script for The Mummy reboot.


We’ll keep you posted on TRON 3 and The Black Hole as more information becomes available.

Source: Getty Images Entertainment

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  1. Yes!
    A Black Hole remake update! Nice job Screen Rant!
    I like what I’m hearing both about Tron 3 & the Black Hole. These two movies, especially Black Hole, have to be made.

    • I had a metal “The Black Hole” lunch box when I was a little kid. Just one of those nostalgic memories. *sigh*

  2. I loved this movie as a kid; just the thought of Black Holes and spaceships, etc.
    Remember, this was before you could google black holes and pull up 10,000 black hole images on your browser. This was before Stephen Hawking; Carl Sagan was still King of the Universe.
    It was less than 10 years after the moon landing and we still thought there would be human cities in space (or on the moon) by 2010.

    I’d love to see what they can do now, with all the new technology in the film and SFX industries, along with the advances in the knowledge of how the universe works (and theories on Black Holes in particular.)

    The original movie had Maximillian Shell as Dr. Hans Reinhardt. He always gave me a kind of creepy ‘Island of Dr. Moreau’ vibe with the work he did on his crew, and his I’m-way-beyond-genius-level theories.

    The religious overtones of the ending were spectacular too. No one at the time actually thought they would go into the black hole, but the writers and Gary Nelson surprised us all! Just imagine if Stanley Kubrick had done the film-work for the trip through the Black Hole.

    I’m really looking forward to this….

    • +1. the ending was indeed amazing and a very bold move.

  3. Can’t wait for tron sequel! I hope that it’s Olivia Wilde focused. She is amazing and not bad to look at. Plus I actually wanna see where the story goes and if cillian Murphy’s Dillinger plays a big part.

  4. Here’s the original trailer:

    Granted, many of the scenes in the original movie show things that would be patently impossible with our knowledge of space, but it was still a great movie!

  5. I, too, saw “The Black Hole” when I was just a kid. It was on a cable.

    As corny as it was ( part of the reason I love it so much ), it had it’s own great moments. For a Disney movie it was very atypical and dark. The ending in particular.

    I watch it at least once or more every year. It’s only on DVD and I’ve always hoped Disney would release a cleaned up version on Blu Ray. No such luck.

    Kosinski has talked about re imagining The Black Hole. I can only hope it finally does happen.

    I’d much rather see THAT than another boring Tron movie. It would be awesome to see Olivia Wilde cast as the Yvette Mimieux character “Kate McCrae.”

  6. I commented before I read the other posts and find it ironic that this article is primarily about this next Tron movie but most comments are about “The Black Hole.”

    So, what does that say? LOL

    Disney should take notice.

  7. It will be awesome to see the remake of Black Hole with today’s CGI Tech. The first as mentioned in the article is a cult classic. Lets just hope they cast the crew well. Speaking of remakes. I’d love to see The Last Fighter done. There has been talk awhile ago but haven’t heard anything in a long time. Anyone have any info on the progress if any?

    • Do you mean ‘The Last Starfighter’?..

      • LOL Yes! My Brain was to fast for my fingers!

  8. Love The Black Hole and I’d love to see a remake of that, simply because there are just not enough space movies out there! ;)

  9. A Black Hole remake would be awesome! I watched it as a kid but I don’t remember it! The remake is quite likely to be realistic as apparently the astronomer Neil Degrasse Tyson is on the production team (or at least be consulted).

  10. My theory is that Clu was actually an agent of the Master Control Program and, by extension, Edward Dillinger. There are four pieces of evidence that support my theory:

    1. Clu’s army of repurposed programs
    2. Clu’s mutiny
    3. Alan Bradley’s page
    4. Clu has a map of Earth

    In 1982′s “Tron”, the MCP’s standard operating procedure is to repurpose programs. In “Tron Legacy”, Kevin Flynn explains that Clu had suddenly become “corrupted”, and we also see Clu’s army being built out of repurposed programs. We see programs go, glowing blue, in one door and come, glowing orange, out the other. We never actually see an act of “repurposing” taking place on screen and we know that Clu is not, himself, repurposing these programs. We do not actually see Tron being repurposed as Rinzler either. So, what is going on through that door?

    There is another gaping question that goes unanswered in “Tron Legacy”: At the beginning of the movie, Alan Bradley receives a page in the real world, presumably from Clu, and also, Clu has a map of the planet Earth. This shows information going both to and from the grid and the real world. How is it possible for Clu to seemingly have the ability to interact with the real world when we KNOW that this is not the case — given that his end goal is to achieve influence outside of his digital cage which lacks an Internet connection. I think he had help.

    At the end of 1982′s “Tron”, Dillinger is removed from his throne at Encom, a position we know he achieved through shenanigans in the first place: he has got to be super-pissed! When Flynn tells his story, he mentions that he had been making secret journeys to The Grid for years. It is not unthinkable that Dillinger might have been spying on Flynn, and eventually discovered ‘The Grid’ and managed to have him imprisoned there to keep him out of the way. Is it merely a coincidence that in Flynn’s absence, Ed Dillinger Jr. just so happened to have made his way onto the Encom board of directors?

    At the beginning of the movie, we can see that both Alan Bradley and Sam Flynn are rebelling, in their own ways, against the Encom leadership. Is it unthinkable that Ed Dillinger might have wanted Alan out of the way, as well, so that he could complete his take-over of the company? Would he not attempt to use the same tried-and-tested method of “disappearing” that he used on Kevin Flynn? At the beginning of the movie, Alan Bradley receives a page designed to lure him to the Arcade and, I suspect, to be trapped on The Grid but, instead, the page is answered by Sam whom Clu is “still very very happy to see”.

    • END OF LINE, theory!

      Eddie D. had zero access to the Grid; it’s on an isolated (NO net access) mainframe in Flynn’s Arcade’s basement, **absoultely cut off from any other devices**, aside from somehow being able to reactivate the phone line (a logical weakness in T:L’s plot, as a dead phone line is DEAD; it must be reconnected physically by the phone co, not locally/electronically).

      The machine is either a modified backup of the original grid, or the migrated physical core components of the original ENCOM mainframe that housed the MCP Grid.

      In any case, E.D. had no physical or logical way to access the unit. We see the last login (still active) was Flynn (whoami: Flynn), and that session was clearly listed on the console as being open for 20 yrs and 11 days.

      CLU was just following his programming. That’s why hew felt betrayed by his “father” Kevin, who DIDN’T stay that course, and jealous of Sam, who Kevin preferred over him.

      E.D. got likely onto the board the same way his dad did; a bit of skill, and some treachery. Corporations, esp. when they are greed-oriented, as ENCOM again was, have little concern for right or wrong, so long as they d/n look bad. Jr. was not Sr., so it was not going to make ENCOM look bad to have him, and his ideas made them $, which they likely liked. HE was obviously a competent programmer, tho probably, like his dad, not the best.