Tron 2 Trailer, Name Change, Concept Art At Comic-Con

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tron legacy tron 2 comic con1 Tron 2 Trailer, Name Change, Concept Art At Comic Con

[Update: An HD version of the new Tron Legacy VFX test has been made available – Check it out Here!]

The third and final segment of Disney’s opening presentation, which also happened to Comic-Con’s first ever 3-D panel, involved the sequel to the cult classic, Tron.

Tron made a big surprise splash at last year’s Con by showing an exclusive test clip of Tron 2 which featured Jeff Bridges returning to his role of Kevin Flynn from the first film. Having that under their belt, we in the crowd expected a big show from them this year.

On the panel for this part of the Disney presentation, introduced again by Patton Oswalt – the MC for Disney’s 3-D presentation, were director Joe Kosinski along with Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and Steven Lisberger.

Lisberger, writer and director of the first Tron, is an important piece of the puzzle according to Kosinski, it was absolutely “critical” to have him aboard for the sequel.

Jeff Bridges received a strong welcoming applause when he came on stage and right off the bat, he was asked about Disney’s new official title for the film which was showing up on all the screens as Tron Legacy. Bridges explained that it has to do with the story about a son in search for his father, and that the sequel would be “superized,” a new term he coined on the spot which resulted in Oswalt teasing Bridges.

The film has been through so many name changes, I really don’t think another name change matters at this point.

Moving on, director Joe Kosinski explained that they didn’t have too much to show as they just finished principal photography last week but he did have some concept art to show.

The images featured some of the vehicles we’ll be seeing in the sequel, the city of Try and the cool looking arena where the 16-player disc tournament takes place. In the Disc game, each game takes place simultaneously and as each player gets eliminated, the board shifts to place the remaining players together and this continues till the final two have one large board to themselves.

I took some photos myself but Peter and his crew over at /Film did a fantastic job of nabbing better-angled shots so here a few thanks to them (continue through the pages for more! [Update: Trailer on Page 4]):

tron legacy disc arena Tron 2 Trailer, Name Change, Concept Art At Comic Con
The modular Disc Wars Arena

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  1. having Jeff Bridges onboard is a huge selling point for me. Disney may do something special with this. Lightcycles should legal in the real world.

  2. It looks fine.
    I am looking forward to this .

  3. I heard about the changes to the script from the last news leak. That, plus the involvement of key figures from the first go-around, and most importantly, the impetus from John Lasseter in getting the ball rolling has me piqued.

    I’m ready for a Tron that works not only as nostalgia, but as a good and memorable story to boot. Here’s hoping it all fits into place.

  4. Wow, ask and ye shall receive I guess, I JUST asked about this a little while ago in the Avatar article, alright, let me shut up and read the article…

  5. I’ve always hoped for another Tron movie and wondered how one would turn out if done today. This is a very welcome event! I am definitely a fan. It is great that they got Jeff Bridges to reprise his role. Any word on if Bruce Boxlightner makes an appearance as “Tron”?

  6. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be interested to see some footage.

    I hope this name change sticks, it was better than Tron 2 or Tr2n or whatever else they were throwing about.

  7. Those lightcycles look fantastic. Nice to see a sequel instead of a reboot. Tron stills looks great 20 odd years on and this is shaping up quite well.
    As John Holland says, I hope Boxleitner is involved too. 2011 is a long way off man!

  8. I’m glad its not called “TR2N” anymore…man that was such a weak title.

  9. there is a trailer up now for Legacy

  10. I think that is the teaser from last year just finally released for the rest of us. It’s not how the final product would look.

  11. I think the remastered version of the first tron had better looking lights. The lights seem very dimmed now, or there is a much more metal to lights ratio where in the old tron the glow of everything was part of the appeal.

  12. Well, it was part of how the original was made. They basically put reflective tape on things and shined lights at it and filmed it at low light sensitivity so only the bright reflections would show. That was their non-CG way to make things look “digital.” But now they can make things out of CG so you get more detail and not just from where there is tape… So I think the charm of the original was most likely inadvertant and not completely intentional, just a result of their limited CG ability. But it would be cool if they would simulate that effect with CG, but I think the new look is pretty cool too.

  13. I was 6 when Tron came out. It has been my favorite childhood movie ever since. I am glad to be alive (hopefully) to see the new Tron movie. Its always been a dream to see another one. Its really looking good.. errr Great. Glad Jeff and Bruce is back on it. Too bad no Cindy Morgan :(

  14. There is no way I would miss this movie. The game came out during my video game hay day (or hay ERA) as it is for many of you out there. I’m a child of the Pac Man era. I don’t care if this movie “seems” like it’s going to suck, I’m going to go see it. LONG LIVE THE VIDEO GAMES OF THE 80′S!!!!

  15. Wow, I’m so excited about this film! I can not wait to sit down in a theater and watch it.

  16. I guess the teaser was pulled. It says you have to go to Youtube to see it.

  17. great sound

  18. @John

    It just means you have to go to youtube to see it… :-P

  19. I love Tron but where is the god damn original Tron Blu-ray???

    Can’t wait!! But where is Capt. Sheridan?? He is friggen Tron.

  20. @Ken J
    Yes, I know, but I was at work and can’t go to YouTube. I got home late yesterday, after winning in an APA (billiards) match (yeah! 8) ), so didn’t get a chance to see it. Hopefully I can see it tonight.

  21. I always thought that the solar sailer was a ridiculously dangerous form of transportation. Someone moves a mirror into the light beam and the bugger drops! Then again the light cycles going 350 KPH and then a right angle? Your face would be a pancake against the inside of the bike. Does gravity work the same way inside this world? AND I wonder if the world of tron would be much larger now, not just a mainframe but the internet, a global network!!! AHHHH… I remember lining up my quarters against the glass screen of the arcade game, “discs of Tron”. I was UNBEATABLE!!!!

  22. @The Pitt Man

    2 things about your comment made me twitch with excitement. One was the suggestion that instead of a mainframe, they expand the world of Tron to the internet! Oh MAN, can you imagine them being able navigate anywhere within the entire net! The infinite levels of choices gives me chills. Also, when you talked about lining your quarters up on the bottom of the screen at the arcade; I remember that VERY well! People lining their quarters up to get the next turn. When you get a chance, do a google search for the phrase “i got next”. The 1st thing that will pop up is a documentary about video games. It was produced by a college student and is 100% free to download. It’s about the new school generation of arcade players, NOT home console players. I personally thought arcades were dead and buried, but there’s actually a new generation that was taught by us guys in our 40s and 50s that have kids in their late teens and 20s that carried on the tradition of going to the arcade to play games as opposed to sitting at home in front of consoles like the majority of the new generation does. The documentary follows a “Street Fighter” tournament where these new guys are among the best in the world at it, but they mastered it by going to the arcades to play it as opposed to learning it on a home console.

  23. @ Desolate one

    thanks for the info on the doc. I’ll check it out… and for Zaxxon and Wonder Boy 2, I got next dude!

  24. @ The Pitt Man

    Christ on a cracker. I was good at a LOT of games. There were a handful of games I could “turn over” with one quarter(for those of you that don’t know that old school arcade phrase, it’s when you can play a video game for so long that you flip your score all the way back over to zero, usually from either 999,999 or either 9,999,999). Some of the games I could play good enough to turn over were: Defender, Pac Man, Centipede, Tempest, Star Wars, Joust, and there are others but I can’t recall them at present. Also, I was able to get to the end of the cartoon games “Dragon’s Lair”, “Space Ace”, and “Cliff Hanger”, all with just one quarter.

  25. @ oh great desolate one

    your sending me into a flurry of nostalgia, My thumb is cramping and I haven’t held a joystick in years! You may have “turned over” a few, but in my part of the world we “rolled” the frigger! My Atari in my basement kept a dozen kids from getting sunburnt one summer, and centipede, defender… oh yeah, re: defender – remember when the thing went into mutant attack!! I was sweating bullets but I got through it. Have you read about the Asteroids movie on here? Rolled it, took a picture of the score on the screen, true story… really.

  26. @ The Pitt Man

    Ah yes, the mutant attacks. I’d make them chase me and cluster all together on the screen, then smart bomb their butts! OH! And remember on the higher levels when you’d warp to the next screen, and there would always be the 4 pods that would warp in with you? you’d try to make sure that all 4 would be on the screen with you at warp, then BAM! Smart bomb that had enough points to give you an extra man! I LOVED getting those 4 pods on the screen at the same time! But as long as they were CLOSED. Remember when you’d bust them open, and the little swarmers would come out? I HATED the swarmers! But the true menace was the BAITER. I swear, the baiter is the character that actually made you BETTER at defender. If you could kick HIS butt on a regular basis, you were good at the game, period. I haven’t heard about the asteroids movie on here, but I’ll do a search and see if I can find it.

  27. Solar Sailor risky? What about the random arcade night janitor coming by and accidentally knocking the power cord out of the wall…
    The entire Tron world hangs in the balance of a $3 dollar fuse and the DWP,,, 8-O

  28. Ok… I really need to know… after listening to the audio over and over…. Do I hear the ‘roar’ of a Ducati in the background of the Lightcycles? I gotta know! – Stark

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