Explosive New Terminator Salvation TV Spots

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terminator salvation poster 11 Explosive New Terminator Salvation TV Spots

A few brand new TV spots for Terminator Salvation have made their way online and they are awesome!

We haven’t seen nearly as much marketing for this movie as we have for some of its competitors in the month of May – specifically X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Star Trek but I’m sure they are about to gear up for the release as the summer season kicks off this Friday.

The teasers show off the finished special effects of the movie and emphasize the post-apocalyptic backdrop of the story. There’s a ton of new footage in these short trailers so check these two out:

Note the PG-13 rating at the end of the videos. It’s disappointing but understandable on Warner Bros. part.

I love the aesthetic design of the world presented in the trailers so far. I imagine it’s not too far off from what we may see in the potential Fallout 3 movie if that ever gets pushed into development.

The fourth installment in the Terminator franchise and hopeful beginning of a new trilogy is directed by McG. It stars Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin, Moon Bloodgood, Bryce Dallas Howard, Common, Helena Bonham Carter and Jadagrace.

What do you think of the footage shown in these spots?

Terminator Salvation opens May 22, 2009.

Source: First Showing (videos)

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  1. @ Daniel F
    when i put a exact number i don’t mean it will be that exactly but in a 15 million dollar range so if i say 350 i mean 335-365. Also i don’t agree with your transformers 2 or wolverine. transformers 1 made 315 million, and it was better than people thought it would be. So on that alone you could guess it making 350 million. but the trailers for the second one look far better than the ones for the 1st one. And as for wolverine how do you expect it to make the amount of money the second and third made. First off you see a steady incline of 50 million dollars since the first x-men. and this one is focused completely on the most popular character in the franchise. i cant really argue with star trek since i know very little about it, and your T4 is only a little bit behind mine.

  2. @ hud

    I haven’t seen it at $12, but some people here on SR have said they have to pay $12. It’s $8 where I am. And whomever is telling you that movies were $6 when T2 was around is either on drugs or are the same people paying $12 now…

    It was $3.50 to watch a movie around the 1996 – 1999 timeframe. I remember this because I used to go watch movies all the time back then during high school. In 1991, it was less than that. Maybe they are thinking about T3 because it was somewhere around $6 during the time period that garbage film was out.

    And about your guesstimations between you and Daniel F, do you guys have a bet or something going on? Are you going to win something? Or just the ability to come here and go “I told you so” when the numbers come out? If it’s the latter, remember the Price is Right rules, closest without going over wins. ;-)

  3. Hud, are your figures domestic or worldwide?
    Personally I don’t think “Wolverine” will ever see the numbers your putting up. Not because of the leaked work-print, but because the fanbase just isn’t that huge outside blogging circles…

    “Transformers” will more than likely dominate just based that its primarily a kids film. Parents are going to use it as a day care service throughout the summer…

    “Star Trek” could do very well, if it makes the hardcore fans happy. If not it will have a great opening then fade into May until Terminator pops its warp core…

    If “Terminator 4″, doesn’t mess with the established Terminator mythos too much, it could break records and unfortunately make McG very rich and successful.

    Its going to be fun to watch how these films perform. I personally will be in the theatre for Star Trek and Terminator, but couldn’t care less about Wolverine and Transformers. :-)

  4. Hud the problem is a lot of people thought Transformers was crap. There is a decent number of people who won’t go see it. I think the majority of the audience that was there to watch the first one will be there for the second one as well, maybe a few less people. I saw the first one in theaters and refuse to go see the second one even for free because I thought the first one sucked. There is a fairly large amount of people that agree and are in the same situation. Even if the second one makes more than the first it’s not very likely to cross the 400M mark.

    As for Wolverine. People liked X1 so more people went to see X2 and X2 was amazing so a crap ton of people went to watch X3 and X3 was horrible. So maybe no so many people go see Wolverine. Not to mention Wolverine was leaked a month earlier and isn’t exactly being praised as a great film.

  5. I don’t think there betting kim jong, there having a discussion…

    You should try it sometime…

  6. I know you meant “they’re.” ;-)

  7. Spelling nazi !!!

  8. i personlly did think any of the x-men movies were great my grades are as fallows
    X-men 1 B
    X-men 2 B-
    X-men 3 C+
    What i hated was most of the actors like the people who played cyclops, storm, phinox, iceman rouge, mystique, toad, senator Kelly, pyro. i also hated how just about everyone on that list portrayed character. the character/actors i liked were wolverine,sabretooth. I think a new movie with different side characters would do well b/c most the ones from the first 3 sucked.
    @ 790 figures were domestic also fan base isn’t that huge for x-men when they all made over 150 million and the amount of money they made increased with every movie. there fan base is steadily increasing. When a movie makes over 250 million dollars domestic the fan base is huge

  9. $3.50?

    10 years ago, the kids price was $4.50 and $8 for adults around here, now its $10-13 here in the Greater Toronto area.

  10. because you hated x-men 3 doesn’t mean the world does here are the ratings from IMDB.com
    x-men 1 7.4
    x-men 2 7.8
    x-men 3 7.0
    and from yahoo.com
    x-men 1 B+
    x-men 2 B+
    x-men 3 B+
    the third is a little less popular well according to 1 site anyway. So to say the reason there was an increase in money made because the first was good,(about 150 million domestic)so more money would be made in the sequel. the second was better,(about 215 million domestic) so even more would be made in a sequel. the third was crap,(about 235 million) so the sequel would make less. saying that is completely stupid. Yes the third was less popular than the others but by so little it would have almost no effect on the amount the next sequel will make. so to see an average increase of 42.5 million between movies would lead you to think wolverine will make 278.5 million, but i think with the movie focusing on the most popular character(wolverine) and having who was probably the second most popular character(gambit) in the movie would most likely mean the forth making even more dough.

  11. The third wasn’t just a little less popular. It’s widely considered to be crap. First of all your using rating sites to compare which doesn’t exactly work. Lets use your ratings though given that hundreds of thousands of people vote on IMDB .8 is actually a fairly large difference between films. You have any idea the number of people who have to vote negative about a film to get it down a full 1 ?

    3,059 gave X3 a 1 and only 952 gave x2 a 1. 18,451 people gave x2 a 9 and only 9,299 gave x3 a nine. Still despite that these sites shouldn’t be used for such a thing because they are not correctly rated. People who only think the movie is a 7 will give it a 10 to try and increase it’s rating if they think the over all is to low. Check out a few reviews. X2 was praised and X3 was bashed by prety much every reviewer in the country. Also check out actual comments. You could also take a look at the box officer number and see the major drop off that X3 had after the first week when everyone realized it sucked.I alson noticed you have yet to comment at all on the fact that the film was leaked a month early. Oh and a few more points for you. While Wolverine is the most popular character not everyone who likes Xmen likes him. Some people hate Wolverine. There are people who will watch Xmen movies and not Wolverine movies because they prefer Cyclops and are bitter toward wolverine for getting so much attention. Also people who use to sort of like Wolverine have been getting turned off the last few years from his over exposure.

    At this point I’m done with this agreement. Saying things like “saying that is completely stupid.” have pushed this conversation to end for me. I’m not gonna let my self get caught up in insult contests. If you don’t want to have a conversation like an adult that’s fine, but I do.

  12. @Daniel F

    I don’t think you’re going to agree with my Wolverine review. I didn’t think it was great but I went kind of easy on it. Some reviewers are skewering it.


  13. Why wouldn’t I agree with your Review Vic? I didn’t think the movie was terrible I kind of enjoyed it. It wasn’t great, but it was decent. From what you said sounds kind of like we would agree.

  14. @Daniel F

    Have you seen Wolverine already? I just thought you’d be more critical of it than I was.


  15. Yea I’ve seen it already. I thought it was decent it had some major problems, but it was entertaining. I would say if I had to place it with in the franchise it’s better than X3, but not as good as X2. I had some problems with it obviously the same problems most people will have but over all it was decent. Great acting for sure. There were a few narrative/plot issues and some major mis treatments in certain characters, but over all it was enjoyable something I wouldn’t regreat spending 10 bucks on. Yes I’m evil and I watched the leaked version and I’m excited to go watch it Saturday with Special Effect sadly from what I hear that’s the only difference is the special effects the rest of it is exactly the same shot for shot. I can only hope that I get the deadpoll secret ending. I haven’t heard what happens in it, but I heard it redeems the entire film even though it’s only a minute long.

  16. I think you’ll find that we pretty much agree on it, then. My review will be up in a few hours.


  17. Cool, I’ll be seeing it this (Friday) afternoon.

  18. Rob ? You will be seeing Wolverine? or Terminator ?

    Where am I ?

  19. @Rob, are those Canadian dollars? Because I can go to the theater right now and guarantee you it’s not $10-$13. And I went to the movies just about every week while I was in high school, and it was in the $3′s. But that’s US dollars.

  20. Ok I love them all,BUT I want to see Summer Glau aka Cameron in terminator 5 and 6. why? well because Cameron Phillips is the best thing to happen to John Connor.
    She is the best of all of the terminators, and the only one that John can truly trust.

  21. So far Wolverine is right on track with X2. It’s had a nearly identical opening weekend.