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Published 8 years ago by , Updated February 9th, 2012 at 9:27 pm,
transformers trailer Transformers Trailers  Media Blitz

I suppose if there’s one thing you can say about Paramount Pictures it’s that they know how to promote an “event movie.”

Over the last couple of days not one but two new trailers (one U.S, one international) for the upcoming Michael Bay-helmed actioner Transformers have been released and now there’s word that a third trailer with different footage will be seen with Shrek the Third.

It looks, of course, like an action-packed blast. I am totally NOT expecting any sort of serious storyline… I just hope that Bay makes me care about the characters. Couple of things that bugged me about the trailer:

Right off the bat, I thought the character that is Shia LeBouf’s dad is a complete prick. Who tells their kid they’re going to go buy them a car, and drives by a Porsche dealership just to say “Psyche!” What a butthead.

Second, I’m not a long-time Transformers fan, and I imagine that this will be as close to nirvana as those folks will get on-screen (much like I expect Iron Man to do for me), but I was pulled out of the action by how fast the robots were able to move. Maybe this is in line with the history of the characters, but the physics of having a robot as tall as a building move lightning-quick just didn’t set right. It looked cool, but my brain was saying “Something that big can’t possibly move that fast.”

Call it a minor peeve and it may not bother me in the movie, but it just didn’t look right to me.

You can head on over to /Film for more or click on the image above to see the U.S. trailer.

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  1. Aww, come on! I can totally seeing my dad doing that to me. And I would do it to my kid…When I get one…O_O

    Aww, dude that is a way minor peeve. I mean come on, nothing about a car turning into a robot isn’t plausable, not just the speed. It’s just good awesome, T-formers fun

  2. Well I *did* say it was a minor peeve. :-)

    And I wouldn’t do that to my daughter, that’s just plain mean if you ask me. I can think of some equivalent jokes his wife could pull on him to see how he would like it. 😉

    I’m sure the T-movie will be a blast.


  3. No, I wouldn’t do that to a girl in general. A girl would go off on you and throw you through the dealership and force you to sign your life away for a car…or so I’m told.

    I just got done watching the trailer and am falling more deeply in love with it as we speak

  4. LOL… now that’s funny. :-)


  5. Yeah, although Bay’s movies have made a gazillion dollars, I’m not usually a big fan. This looks like it’ll be fun though… we’ll see.


  6. I can’t remember looking forward to a Michael Bay movie in …. ever! This certainly blows my skirt over my head: this is what summer blockbusters are all about! I thought the original cartoons were cheap crap rushed out by a big studio (loved the action figures though) and I hate the way these fans go on about keeping it real etc. These CGI transformers look the business.

  7. Speaking as a long time Transformers fan, and as someone who has never yet enjoyed a Michael Bay movie, I am not looking forward to this one. This movie may have great looking effects, though the hideous look of the so-called Transformers makes that hard to tell, but that’s clearly all this movie has going for it. I don’t expect there to be anything remotely resembling characterization, so I don’t imagine I’ll be caring about the characters, and the story seems like the typical Bay movie, in other words non-existent.

    All in all, as a Transformers fan, for whom the stories and characters have always been at the core of what I love about the franchise, I foresee this movie being an insult to everything I enjoy about them.

  8. Flamestrike,

    I think it’s actually more difficult for fans of a non-movie-based character to enjoy the transition of that character to the big screen. People (myself included) can be very protective of the fictional characters they’ve enjoyed for a long time. Look at a lot of the response to the initial Spider-Man movie (organic webshooters!!! Gah!!) and then the reaction to Venom in the third film.

    Once in a while, a director DOES manage to make a great movie AND satisfy long-time fans (as I think happened with “Batman Begins” and looks like will be the case with “Iron Man”), but a lot of times changes are made for the big screen version.

    Sometimes for valid reasons, but sometimes not.


  9. I’m aware that changes had to be made. As a long time fan of Transformers, I’ve probably been through more changes to the characters than non-fans would ever realize. They were all re-imagined for each new series. I’ve seen Megatron in all kinds of different forms, from guns to tanks to sports cars to jets to a giant disembodied hand. Despite all of that, though, the aesthetic of the Transformer designs has been so nearly constant as to be as much a part of the franchise as Superman having that “S” on his chest. This redesign is so far from the aesthetic that this feels, to me, like having Spider-Man mutated into the Man-Spider for the first movie and saying “This is more realistic so this is how he’ll stay for the entire movie.”

    In addition, from my reading of the “incomplete, and not finalized” leaked script, the trailers and TV spots are sticking pretty damn close to it, and it’s not a good script. I’ve long since given up any hope for this to be even an entertaining movie, much less a good one. My fear is this movie will be a success, and Transformers will be ruined because of it.

  10. Flamestrike,

    I hear ya, but I still think the movie is going to be wildly popular and will make a ton of money. I feel for you, but I think I’ll probably enjoy it since I’m NOT a T-fan.


  11. Vic, your last comment is exactly why I’m so worried for the future of Transformers. We don’t have the following or recognition of properties like Iron Man or Spider-Man. This movie is going to be what people will see of Transformers, this is what people will remember, and this is what Hasbro will see being the biggest success for Transformers in a long time.

    I happen to agree with you that this will be a hugely popular movie, and I’ll be pleasantly shocked if this movie isn’t a huge success. When it is, though, I’ll also be shocked if it doesn’t become the model for all future Transformers products.

  12. There are still hundreds of toys that have yet to cross over into the movies. How about ‘Slinky’? Its about a spring that chases people up and down the stairs.