Brand New Transformers 2 Footage

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transformers 2 the fallen face Brand New Transformers 2 Footage

We have a brand new two-and-a-half minute video for you that shows tons of new footage from this summer’s highly anticipated Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The footage was presented by Michael Bay at this year’s ShoWest event and is now available online (after the jump).

The new trailer gives us a glimpse of many of the new characters and features a long scene with Shia LaBeouf telling his garage-dwelling friend, Bumblebee, that he’s off to College and not taking his pet with him. The good parts comes after that when the video flashes through a ton of different scenes throughout the movie.

This is all completely new footage from what we’ve seen in the teaser trailer and full trailer so far and I would guess a lot of this will be used in the second full length trailer that’s debuting alongside X-Men Origins: Wolverine in two weeks.

Watch the video and see what you think:

I’m not sure where to start – these scenes are a series of highs and lows for me.

Bumblebee is acting like a little immature child and he cries about this College thing? As in, literally cries with tears (lubricant) gushing from his eyes… Why can’t Sam Witwicky take him to school in the first place – what student doesn’t want a new Camaro as their ride? In addition to that, couldn’t he speak fine at the end of the first film? It was pretty random then how he all-of-a-sudden could communicate, maybe he randomly cannot again. Either way, that scene was a chore to watch and exemplifies what was bad about the first film.

The video also shows the blossoming of the relationship between Fox’s and LaBeouf’s characters but I find myself entirely uninterested in that – it’s almost as uninteresting as her stripping PG-13 style outside into a dress during Shia’s parent-to-child talk with Bumblebee who’s now a toddler.

After those weak points, we move into a tons of quickly cut action shots which show Optimus getting knocked around (again), Jetfire walking with a cane (why a cane?), and a tiny glimpse of Devastator and the twins among others.

I was very excited to see more scenes but I find myself more worried about the movie now. I was one of the few defenders here at Screen Rant of the first Transformers film, having enjoyed it after my second viewing – and I expected improvement in the weak points of the movie. Instead, this footage emphasizes more of those weak points and I don’t get it. Was I wrong in my hope?

At least the action sequences look awesome. I wish they’d zoom that camera out a bit though (another problem with the first film).

“I’m not gonna go without you” Mikaela says to Sam.


As more Transformers 2 news comes out, Screen Rant will let you know – If you’re a Transformers fan, be sure to check out our Revenge of the Fallen Character Guide.

So what do you think?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens June 24, 2009.

Source: Trailer Addict

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  1. ogb,Vic And Rob and all the other Screen Ranters havent tried
    to Instill negativity in their readers with these trailer pics or any other information they share here.
    There is a big difference .

  2. I know, but secretly I still find it kind of funny… oh wait, he can read this huh? eh, whatever, it won’t change anything…

  3. Oops, forgot to say @matt K, dammit, it should do it automatically, I keep forgetting that part…

  4. I’ll end this right now because this is not going anywhere.

    This will be my last comment.

    To sum myself up, and this trumps all your guys’s bs, I have an open mind. I watch a lot of movies/tv shows, there are a lot of parts I don’t like, but at the same time my brain tells me “Hey man, there could be an explanation for it, this might actually happen in the context of the movie/show, or maybe there’s something I just don’t know or missed”.

    Therefore, I’m mostly okay with those parts that I don’t like. And in the end, and this is the most important point, I enjoy more movies/tv shows/music/games than you EVER will because you guys are closed off to those explanations.

    This attitude translates great into real life, friendships, relationships, etc., and I’m a much happier person, not because I’m ignorant but because I’m open minded.

    That is all I have to say. Which means that’s your queue to gang up and bash me. So bring it on, but I will not be coming back to this discussion.

  5. I should have said ,
    Here at Screen Rant they ENCOURAGE independent thought .
    Or they at least encourage people to express their own opinions.
    oh and Rob didnt bash the trailer he CRITIQUED it.
    Big difference.

  6. We all are, Matt :(

    No more talk of that – comments from now in this thread can focus on the movie and trailers.

  7. Yah, all of our opinions have been trumped, it’s official guys, sorry. :’(


  8. Why can’t we all just get along?

  9. that scene at the begining, does that take place after a battle? b/c it shows the house across the street w/ holes on the side of the house

  10. stephen,

    i agree, its seems its almost impossible to comment on a couple minutes of footage w/o being insulted

  11. @ Matt, the way they were talking, it probably takes place in the beginning of the movie before any important events of the movie. Sam was saying “you’ve done your part” or whatever to that crying humping bumblebee seems like he’s referring to his actions from the first movie and they think it’s all over. I doubt that damage is from transformers since if that was the case, the entire house would be completely destroyed, lol.

  12. Just for the record ,
    Blurr is my favorite Transformer.

  13. you know one thing i do like about that clip was that sam says that he just wants a “normal” life, and then the transformers come back into his life and there is all that “what is you purpose,sam?”

  14. What I am not too sure about in the action clips, is all of the clips where our military stands and fights them with small arms and what-not. Don’t you think they would have long since realized that they are armored against small arms fire? I would think their ground units and light armored units would retreat and let their air support give a whack at it. I feel like they have all of those scenes just to show more carnage, but that means showing more and more American troops getting slaughtered, and I’m not too sure how I feel about that…

  15. Ken J ,
    you make a good point.
    I still cant understand how Will Smith outmaneuvered those alien vessels in Independence Day
    It would be nice to see the military adapt in this film .

  16. why independance day… out of all the films why that one. Cause he’s black right… what a brother can’t outmaneuver an alien aircraft or vessel how you said with one of our jets…in a movie thats not real.

  17. @gary
    sorry i just wanted to write anything so i can fill a spot then be the 250th comment… wooohooo!!!

  18. oh crap… i guess the one before it was the 250th one…”ah well”

  19. @ Gary,

    Because he flew through the Canyon, duh! (he was the only one to survive that air battle)

    J/K, I love Independence Day though, as a kid then, that was one of my favorite movies.

  20. LOL Gary, that was kind of random, haha. I should go back and watch that again…

  21. Hmnm
    I seem to have started a whole new conversation.
    I just thought he got awfully lucky against an alien spacecraft,
    It being the first time and all .
    Rob makes a good point about the canyon though.

  22. It more of a joke, but thanks!

    But as I think about it, he BARELY survived that – so yes, the canyon is why! – his best buddy didn’t last long so Smith was lucky :)

  23. From reading all these threads, I guess everybody but ONE person thought that actual TEARS from a CRYING robot was cheesy and ridiculous?? I’m getting the “Jar Jar” feeling from Bumblebee in that clip.

  24. Wow, this thread got way off subject back there, but, back to the subject, wasn’t that Bumblebee taking on Devastator? As much as I was displeased with the first, this clip has got me convinced to be there on opening night again. And is Blackout back in this one? And will there be any type of resurrection for Jazz? Can’t wait for a screenshot of Soundwave! Well if he can pee in the first why can’t Bumblebee cry in the second?………..

  25. dannyboy

    That was Rampage that bumblebee was battling – I think.

  26. does anybody get the idea that bay is trying to ripoff wall-e by having bumblebee not talk, i mean wall-e was able to have soo much character w/ soo little dialogue, and it just seems that bay is trying to do that w/ bumblebee, and did anyone else notice the tower sticking out of devastator’s left arm.

  27. My goodness, Rob, look what you’ve started! I’m glad to see it getting civil again but WOW.

    In the clip, I thought the crying scene was also a bit cheesy. Also, as someone who graduated from college, I remember Freshmen with cars on campus. What college disallows a Freshman to have a car on campus and why?

  28. Matt,

    Bumbleebee didn’t talk in the first one and that was created before Wall-E (Y)