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transformers 2 the fallen face Brand New Transformers 2 Footage

We have a brand new two-and-a-half minute video for you that shows tons of new footage from this summer’s highly anticipated Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The footage was presented by Michael Bay at this year’s ShoWest event and is now available online (after the jump).

The new trailer gives us a glimpse of many of the new characters and features a long scene with Shia LaBeouf telling his garage-dwelling friend, Bumblebee, that he’s off to College and not taking his pet with him. The good parts comes after that when the video flashes through a ton of different scenes throughout the movie.

This is all completely new footage from what we’ve seen in the teaser trailer and full trailer so far and I would guess a lot of this will be used in the second full length trailer that’s debuting alongside X-Men Origins: Wolverine in two weeks.

Watch the video and see what you think:

I’m not sure where to start – these scenes are a series of highs and lows for me.

Bumblebee is acting like a little immature child and he cries about this College thing? As in, literally cries with tears (lubricant) gushing from his eyes… Why can’t Sam Witwicky take him to school in the first place – what student doesn’t want a new Camaro as their ride? In addition to that, couldn’t he speak fine at the end of the first film? It was pretty random then how he all-of-a-sudden could communicate, maybe he randomly cannot again. Either way, that scene was a chore to watch and exemplifies what was bad about the first film.

The video also shows the blossoming of the relationship between Fox’s and LaBeouf’s characters but I find myself entirely uninterested in that – it’s almost as uninteresting as her stripping PG-13 style outside into a dress during Shia’s parent-to-child talk with Bumblebee who’s now a toddler.

After those weak points, we move into a tons of quickly cut action shots which show Optimus getting knocked around (again), Jetfire walking with a cane (why a cane?), and a tiny glimpse of Devastator and the twins among others.

I was very excited to see more scenes but I find myself more worried about the movie now. I was one of the few defenders here at Screen Rant of the first Transformers film, having enjoyed it after my second viewing – and I expected improvement in the weak points of the movie. Instead, this footage emphasizes more of those weak points and I don’t get it. Was I wrong in my hope?

At least the action sequences look awesome. I wish they’d zoom that camera out a bit though (another problem with the first film).

“I’m not gonna go without you” Mikaela says to Sam.


As more Transformers 2 news comes out, Screen Rant will let you know – If you’re a Transformers fan, be sure to check out our Revenge of the Fallen Character Guide.

So what do you think?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen opens June 24, 2009.

Source: Trailer Addict

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  1. Actually IF I close this down it’ll be only the third comment thread in over 3,000 posts.

    Not too bad a record for a guy who in the past been called a fascist who doesn’t allow discussion. 😛


  2. One day, i wanna hear that story Vic lol

  3. @ ogb

    Aww c’mon i actually loved transformers… Argued with ken j previously about it as well… Lol. I’d even rate the first one higher than you did with a 8/10 and i would even go higher if they hadn’t killed off jazz( the black one… Yeah i said it…lol). But yeah you shouldn’t get mad ken j or oscar… I’m pretty sure whoever was going to see transformers 2 is still going to it regardless.


    @ken j

    So how serious is you sis about the dude she going out with… ? Always wanted me an asian and i’m not white if that makes you happy…lol.

  4. 207

  5. 2 scenes that im baffled about.

    first one in the forest – Prime vs Megatron, Starscream and Blackout.

    second one in the warehouse – Prime vs Megatron and Starscream

    Can Optimus get some help or what? The man has taken many a beating.

  6. Always wanted you an Asian? What do you have an asian fetish or something? Why don’t you date someone you like on a more personal level? Geez… lol 😀

  7. Hey ogb

    I really don’t understand why you keep complaining about the same again and again. Seriously dude, just walk away if you don’t like a site that’s real different from others.

  8. @ken j
    I guess you can call it a fetish… But i just say like. And how do you know if your sister and i are on the same level… Unless you and your sister are actually one person and you control her part of the body as well… Lol. Wasn’t there a movie about that… ?

  9. @jago, I don’t remember a movie like that, but that sounds kind of creepy…

  10. @Cat
    To answer your comment way back up there Arcee was indeed in G1 Season 3. Season 3 occured right after the animated Transformers movie.

  11. @ VIC

    “”Why you aren’t capable of just saying “hey, I think a robot pissing on a high level FBI agent and making him look retarded is funny, but I can see how some people might see that as juvenile” is beyond me. How you think that you can use “logic” to defend idiotic humor is a mystery.””

    That argument is so full of holes it’s not even funny. This was MY point. WHY aren’t people capable of saying “This humor is juvenile but I can see why people would not think so and like it”…It’s NOT idiotic humor. YOU think so. It’s YOUR opinion. Why can’t YOU say that “I don’t like it but I can see that that other people would say it”.

    How am I not making this clear? You used my argument against me.

  12. @ IRON

    I love this site. It’s great for news. At the same time I do think it’s WRONG to bash a movie based on a clip or a trailer unless that clip/trailer is REALLY bad.

    This current clip was NOT bad at all.

  13. Come on,Jetfire has a cane because he is suppose to be old,
    what would you like him to do? Do nothing about it and complain? As for the crying bit with Bumblebee,he was just
    being silly and too dramatic,big deal. I personally deem the above complaints as epic fails. However,the rest
    of you are free to either get thicker skin or to adapat to these trivial gripes.

  14. ogb,

    this clip isnt that bad?

    you mean the clip where bumblebee is whining like a little girl or where hes “humping”?

  15. But ogb, when have ANYBODY said that we don’t understand that you and other people like the humor? That’s the point, everyone, myself included, have acknowledged that yes, your opinion is different, you liked it, we didn’t. Nobody has ever said that you have no reason to like it. YOU are the one trying to say that anybody who doesn’t like it must have some crazy agenda on their hands or that their reasons are “weak” or “not good enough.”

    My point, Oscar’s point, and Vic’s point through this entire thing is that you liked it, some people didn’t because of so and so reason. That’s it, nobody is trying to impose their opinion on you, you’re the only one making judgments about other people’s opinions.

    Why do you think I found it so funny? You kept going on and on about people imposing their opinions on other people, all the while you’re the only person here doing that, so technically you were complaining and arguing with yourself, lol.

  16. @ saad, so what is “old” to a robot? I guess in human terms, someone is considered old once they reach, what, around 80-90% of their lifespan? So what’s the lifespan of a robot, so what age is considered old? Are there teenaged robots? How are they born, are there infant robots too? I wonder if you need to burp them…

  17. ken j,


  18. As for the clip and montage of action,I thought they were pretty good. :)

  19. @ogb

    I don’t like it but I can see that that other people would say it. 😛

    And ROFLMAO – in the same paragraph you just said that I used your own argument against you and that it’s so full of holes that it’s not even funny.

    Think about it. :-)



  20. That… was just mean Vic… mean… 😀

  21. ogb,

    For the seventeen thousandth time, I will write this just for you.

    We are not bashing the movie, we have not seen the movie. We are bashing elements of this trailer that are weak and unnecessarily weak – the same elements that were disliked by the majority of folks who saw the first Transformers.

    If you have a while to spare, you should re-read my article and the 200+ comments that follow. You have been very hypocritical throughout but fail to see that (cyclical arguments all over my face, lol), while everyone else here does and have tried to explain – No need to be confrontational. People are all allowed to have their own opinions here, respect that instead of telling others what they should/should not do.

    Now, let’s discuss what’s really important. Who’s your fav. Autobot? I love Ironhide and Ratchet but fear that Ratchet may not get much screen time (again).

  22. @ Cat







    I read online that Michael Bay’s favourite characters are the twins and that his least favourite (to the point of ‘hating’) is Arcee and that she may be killed off.







  23. @ Matt

    You’re obviously not getting what is being said here. It is YOUR opinion that the clip is bad. But can’t you understand that there is a good and logical explanation for the things in this clip. It’s a freaking CLIP from a 2 hour movie…that’s almost 2 hours that can explain what you’re whining about.

    @ VIC

    Really man? You’re really searching high and low for something to make fun of me. I said your WHOLE reply/argument (as a whole) had holes in it and then I quoted a certain paragraph that said what I”VE been saying this whole time.

    What it comes down to is all this premature nonsense everytime a clip/trailer comes out. I UNDERSTAND this website is a BLOG that gives OPINION. But no where do you guys state that “hey, there might a completely logical explanation for this thing in the trailer that I didn’t like”. You’re instilling negativity into your readers. A clip comes out and I read “OOOOH boy, this is going to be bad” or “This is getting me worried”. First, there are completely logical reasons to explain all the things that didn’t make sense to you and second bashing a movie before it comes out is plain irresponsible.

    I NEVER tried to push others to change their mind about liking/not liking the movie. I was just asking the question “Are the things you bash in a trailer/clip really as bad as you think? Don’t you think there might be a completely logical explanation for it? Don’t you think other people with their own opinions might feel differently and actually like what they’re seeing?”

  24. @ ROB

    I say the same thing to you. For the ___ time, read what I wrote. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t make it wrong. Your condescending tone towards me is really unwarranted, but I guess that’s the kind of person you are when someone disagrees with you.

    Do you not see how trivial and pity it is to bash PARTS OF A TRAILER? Parts that have good explanation. Parts that A LOT of other people actually LIKED and it made PERFECT SENSE to them? Can’t you open up to the fact that there are other people that liked those parts? You can express your distaste towards those parts but to BASH them as if it is some universal truth that those things are just bad PERIOD? That has consequences.

  25. ogb,

    how do you know there is a logical explanation for whats going on in this clip? have you seen the movie?

    i dont get what the problem is here, i never said i wasnt interested in the film, in fact i cant wait to see it, but seeing scenes like a robot whining and then starts humping is just going back to that juvenile humor which was just unbearable about the first film, your right this is my opinion

  26. geez ogb, it was funny before, but it’s getting old. Nobody needs to ‘justify’ their opinions. There’s no “logical reason” behind what people dislike since it’s their OPINION (which can’t be proven or disproven) to like or dislike those parts of the clip or film. Really, is this so hard to understand? Man…

    People are saying they dislike this or that because of this and this reason. Just because YOU feel that so-and-so reason should explain it, that’s YOUR OPINION. In the other person’s OPINION, it doesn’t explain it away and they still dislike it, IN THEIR OPINION.

    I don’t know how else to explain it, if there was ways to draw it out, trust me I would have tried! lol

  27. ogb,

    its kinda funny how over 200 comments and you still dont get it, and its quite obvious you never will.

  28. ken j,

    your just wasting your time

  29. rob,

    to answere your question i would have to agree w/ you and say ironhide is my favorite autobot and starscream would be my favorite decepticon